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Article: 21 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Beer Gifts

21 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

21 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Get Crafty with Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Craft beer lovers, you already know who these people are. They are the ones in your life that can work hops and breweries into just about any conversation. You can also recognize these people from afar with their well-kept beards, flannel t-shirts, and vehicles covered in the stickers from their go-to beer emporiums. However, they only do all of these things because they have a true passion for their favorite drink. Plus, from time to time, even these people need a gift. But, what do you get someone who likes beer? What goes with beer as a gift? What do you even buy a beer snob? Don’t fret! We’ve been able to concoct the ultimate set of unique gifts for beer lovers. These unique gifts are one-of-a-kind ideas that enhance their drinking experience as well as being something that feels 100% unique to them and their passion. So, make this gift as memorable as their first craft beer, and get the best gifts for beer lovers!

Ultimate Set of Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Personalized Craft Beer Tasting Box Set

Start things off with everything a beer lover could ever want in their life with a whole box set of personalized gifts for a beer lover! This engraved box set comes with the best beer-tasting glasses which will make every brewski at home feel and taste like a night out at their favorite brewery in town! It even comes with beer nuts, so they can truly feel like they’re having a night at their go-to bars. Plus, they can either share this set with a friend and rotate between the IPA and craft beer glass, or have a beer night with themselves and three other beer-loving friends.

Custom Ale Sign

Custom Ale Sign is the Best Gift for Beer Lovers

If you can’t bring them to the bar every night, make sure the bar is brought to them! This custom tavern sign is one of the ultimate pieces of home decor for a fan of beer. Now, every beer at home feels like an occasion thanks to one of the best gifts for beer lovers. Add in a few beers from their local watering hole with this gift so they can feel like they’re officially opening their home bar when they mount their new custom sign.

An Extra-Large Mug

Large Beer Mug is a Personalized Gift for Beer Lovers

Sometimes, giving a BIG gift is a lot of fun. However, a lot of people see a large gift as one that is a beer gift basket or something crazy expensive. This personalized colossal beer mug is neither! It is a great unique gift for beer-lovers to enjoy in the comfort of their own home while feeling both satisfied and special while they do so. In fact, what they might not even realize is that this beer mug holds an entire liter of beer! That is crazy!

Stay Armed with the Best Beer Gift Basket

Ammo Can Set of Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Still searching for something that truly stands out as one of the most unique gifts for beer lovers you’ve ever seen? Well, feast your eyes on this engraved pint glass and ammo can gift set. You’ll have them armed to the teeth with not only some badass beer gifts but awesome cigar accessories as well as a survival knife. This is the perfect gift idea to give to a beer-loving dude who looks like he could easily take on Chuck Norris with one hand tied behind his back–and win!

Best Beer Flight Gift Idea

Engraved Beer Flight Tasting Set

There is a point in every beer lover's life that they simply need to try it all. They’ve begun experimenting and trying out different brews, flavors, and kinds of beer. Help them do their thing to the fullest with a custom beer flight! What better way to experience four beers at once than with a flight that lets them sample and compare their brewskis back to back.


Your Own Beer Fridge

Luxury Beer Refrigerator

What kind of beer nut would not want a quality refrigerator that is built specifically for their go-to booze? With one side perfect for cans and the other for bottles, this is a must-get for any beer aficionado’s home. It is sleek and stylish, making it perfect for an additional fridge in the home bar, man cave, or even the garage.

The Best Beer Board Game

Beeropoly Game Set

Finding the best gifts for beer lovers should be all fun and games! Well, at least with this gift idea it is. With a Beeropoly set, they can play the most fun beer-related board game possible! They can even replace the beer caps that the game comes with as playing pieces with caps from rare runs of beer or from their favorite brewery.

A Smug Mug Gift Set

Beer Mug Box Set of Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

Some may say that the pen is mightier than the sword but the mug is mightier than them both. A custom beer mug box set is just the set of beer gifts that you need. After all, nothing tastes quite as good as an ice-cold beer from a mug, let alone from a mug that has your name on it! Great for a beer lover’s birthday or special occasions, they’ll cherish these gifts and use them every single chance they get. In fact, you might be getting a toast from your own gift almost as soon as you give it to them.

Custom Beer Caddy is the Best Gift for Beer Lovers

Custom Beer Caddy for Beer Lovers

Never have them fear their six-pack ripping and breaking all the bottles ever again with a personalized beer caddy. This may seem like a simple gift but it is the perfect one that every beer lover absolutely needs! Whether they’re taking a six-pack from the brewery home or with them to the golf course, this custom caddy ensures they’ll arrive safe and secure. Hell, it even has a bottle opener on it, so what more could they really need in an epically unique gift?

Perfect Personalized Pilsner Pint Glass Set

Personalized Pilsner Pint Glass Gift Set

Give a memorable gift when looking for the beer aficionado with their own set of custom pilsner glasses. This set will be personalized with their name and initial and is easily the best way to make each drink feel special. After all, the only thing that can taste better than a beer is one that has your name on it! Talk about some of the best gifts for beer lovers! That isn’t even to mention yet that they can now easily share their passion and elevated taste of beer (thanks to the glass design) with their friends and family thanks to this four-glass set.

The Best Brewery Book

Craft Beer Brewery Book

Not every beer lover knows everything there is to know about beer. Educate them with Mark Donovan’s Craft Beer Brewery Guide to All 50 States as one of the best and most unique gifts for beer lovers. This way, they can make travel plans for all the best breweries in the United States with ease.

Tap Into Awesome Craft Beer Gifts

Beer Tap Handles are Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Make their home tap feel like their own home brewery by giving them a personalized beer tap handle. While they may have some of the traditional handles for macro-brews, giving them a custom-made handle for their own home brewers beer, some batch brews, or just for their own home bar flair will be one of the best things you can do to make a beer lover feel like they finally have it all!

Gunmetal Mug is a Unique Gift for Beer Lovers

Gun Metal and Engraved Beer Mug

Enjoy a brewski the classic way which is out of a gunmetal tankard. This classic mug is near and dear to beer steins of old but has a modern gunmetal finish. There is no way whoever drinks out of this mug won’t feel like an absolute badass and expert in the field of beer, especially with a pewter encrusted initial of their name on the glass.

USA Beer Cap Map

United States Beer Cap Map

A beer cap map of the United States is a fun and hands-on gift for any beer lover. It makes a great piece of decor but also one that they get to decorate themselves. It doesn’t matter if they love bigger brands like Budweiser or are going to find a brewery from each region of the map to fill it, they will love that this gift will become 100% their own thanks to the beer they drink. While there are some great sets out there, something they can enjoy looking at and creating is what makes a beer map one of the best gifts for beer lovers on the market.

Engraved Beer Tasting Glass

Tulip-Shaped Tasting Glasses of Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

Help them become a true beer aficionado with a set of personalized tulip glasses which are guaranteed to help influence their taste buds the next tie they have a beer. Much like the Glencairn glass for whiskey, the shape of these beer glasses are specially made to increase the amount of aromas and flavors brought to the nose and mouth. So, if they want every note of the micro brew they have to be palatable, they simply must enjoy their beer with these awesome tulip glasses.


DIY Beer Making Kit

DIY Craft Beer Making Set

Every fan of beer has talked about brewing their own batch, so put their money where their mouth is. A DIY beer brewing set is the perfect way to push their passion even further and is clearly one of the best beer gift baskets available. It has everything they need from equipment to yeast to premium hops for them to create their first batch of homemade beer. Who knows, maybe after a handle of batches, they might end up creating their own brewery?

Stainless Steel Growler is a Personalized Gift for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Growler

Growlers may not seem like the most unique gifts for beer lovers around, but when they’re made of stainless steel they surely are! This custom engraved beer growler is perfect for the adventurous craft beer fan. They can easily take their beer from the brewery to their house, but thanks to the tough nature of the growler as well as its insulating properties, they can also bring it with the to the tallest mountain top, the deepest ocean, or the driest desert, and still have an ice-cold drink by the time they get there.

Custom Beer Lover Bar Sign

Personalized Beer Sign

They can’t be a true lover of beer if they don’t have any bar-related decor in their home! Ensure their house reflects their personality with a sign that has a larger-than-life pint glass. Now, even a drink while watching television will feel like a comfortable night at their favorite dive bar.

Shadow Box Set of the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

Shadow Box Set of the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

A great thing about beer is it is a fantastic drink to make memories with. Beer is unlike bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and tequila which may erase a few memories, it is much easier to create some events with your friends over a pint. With this legendary shadow box gift set, you can give a personalized gift for a beer lover that they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives. Now, they can easily add a bottle cap from a memorable night inside their shadow box and reflect on that memento for years each time they walk past this custom box in their living room or office.

Soap is an Awesome Craft Beer Gift

Craft Beer Soap

The best gifts for beer lovers are able to take their passion out of the glass and into another area of their life. With this Dogfish Head beer soap, they can now smell like their favorite craft beer too! Get them a whole box worth of soap so they can enjoy smelling of hops for months to come!

Monogrammed Pint Glass Set

Monogrammed Pint Glass Gift Set

While a set of pint glasses may seem ordinary, when you give them as a monogrammed set of four they become extraordinary! The pint glass is the classic everyone thinks of for drinking beer, and with good reason. It works well for every kind of beer possible and with a set of four, that means that fans of beer can easily share their passion for a Tactical Nuclear Penguin or Citra Ass Down beer with their best friends.


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