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Article: 17 Unique Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

17 Unique Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

17 Unique Engagement Gifts for the Happy Couple

Congratulate the Happy Couple with Awesome and Unique Engagement Gifts!

Marriage, it is one of those occasions in life that has everyone excited for the happy couple. However, before either one can say, “I do,” there has to be an engagement which is just as much of a celebration of their love as the day the wedding bells finally ring. Help get their wedding off on the right foot with unique engagement gifts. These gifts are the perfect opportunity for you to make them feel loved, get them housewarming gifts, or even have unique items that they can use at their wedding. But what about traditional engagement gifts? How do you get them a classic gift while still feeling modern? Don’t sweat it! We’ve added in awesome traditional gifts such as glassware, kitchen items, or housewarming gifts, and you’ve got a sea of great gifting opportunities to sort through. However, like a beacon in the night, we will guide you to some of the very best choices for every couple!

A Classy Take on Traditional Engagement Gifts

Twist Whiskey Glass Set of Unique Engagement Gifts

The clinking of glassware should be the first sound any couple hears when they announce to their friends and family that they are officially engaged. So make sure that at their wedding or when they are having a nice night in, that they can toast each other with this gorgeously engraved twist glass whiskey box set! If her dress looks anything like these twist glasses, you can be sure the groom and the audience will be awestruck! Plus, a nice touch is that the box and glasses will come with their newly-shared last name personalized on them!

The Perfect Housewarming Gift for a Couple

Personalized Cutting Board for Couples

Be the first to start calling them Mr. and Mrs. with a unique cutting board that has their name engraved right on it! When they see their new shared last name on their gift, the fact that they’re getting married will really be setting in! Seeing that they are more than just a couple who is dating, but well on their way to being married will feel so much more real when they see it on their cutting board each time they break it out to make or serve snacks!

The Coolest Set of Unique Engagement Gifts

Etched Copper Wine Glasses are Traditional Engagement Gifts

Keep things cool in the wedding planning stages with this set of copper wine tumblers! Engraved with their last initial, this set is a modern take on traditional engagement gifts is a fantastic way for them to start their new glassware collection together! They can even enjoy perfectly chilled Riesling during the long hours of the night it takes to figure out every single detail of their upcoming wedding.

Engagements are a Fine Time for Custom Wine Signs

Custom Wine Cellar Sign

Personalized wine cellar signs make fantastic unique engagement gifts. They are sort of like a 2-in-1 gift. They’ve got a cool piece of decor to spice up their wine cellar or wine area but it is also one of their first housewarming gifts! If you get it to them early enough, it may even be the first thing they own that has their single last name on it, how cool is that?


Tunes for the Couple

Bluetooth Marshall Speaker

Does a unique speaker sound like a good gift idea for a couple to you? Sorry for the pun, but portable Bluetooth speakers make fantastic engagement gifts. Now, when they’re planning their wedding together or even hosting their reception, they’ll have a classy vintage-inspired Marshall speaker to play their favorite tunes! Who needs a wedding DJ when they can jam out to their go-to hits off a playlist they made on their phone?

Unique Engagement Gifts for Drinks Around the World

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Worried that your engagement gift might be something they’ve gotten before or already have? Place those concerns to rest with this vintage globe bar cart! There is no way anyone got them something that is as cool as this is nor as useful! Thanks to the sleek design, they can cart their favorite liquors and mixers from room to room to make their must-have cocktails! Who knows? They may even use the globe to plan their honeymoon as they enjoy Martinis or Whiskey Sours.

Sophisticated Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Decanter Set of Traditional Engagement Gifts

Check out this gorgeous set of traditional engagement gifts! A new glassware set is super traditional; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make tradition better by getting them an engraved decanter box set! There has never been a better or classier way to celebrate an engagement than with a decanter set that looks this good! Plus, with the extra two glasses, they can easily toast with their friends, family, or whoever else they want to brag that they’re being married to!

Keep Their Towels Toasty

Towel Warmer

The worst part about getting out of the shower is always feeling the cold air hit. Sometimes, even the towels make you feel those chills. Help the couple live a life so luxurious that they never knew it could exist by getting them a towel warmer that is also a rack for their towels! Now, even on the coldest days, their towels will be hot and toasty each time they leave the shower!

Wine Decanter for Perfect Wine Every Time

Unique Aerating Wine Decanter

Don’t just stop at glassware when shopping for traditional engagement gifts, go for something that is unique too! This wine decanter has got to be one of the most one-of-a-kind gifts that they’ve ever seen. Aside from being a gorgeous centerpiece on their table, it also helps to aerate their wine faster than any other decanter on the market thanks to the design. Talk about a useful and gorgeous engagement gift!

Unique Wine Glasses

Aerating Wine Glasses are Unique Engagement Gifts

While glassware is often traditional, check out this set of unique engagement gifts that pair perfectly with the wine decanter above. These uniquely shaped glasses aerate the wine even as it is poured, so each drink they go for will be as fresh as a decanted bottle of wine! You can be sure when they want a chardonnay or Merlot, they will be reaching for this awesome set of wine glasses from now on!

For the Couple Who Shares a Drink

Personalized Couples Drinking Sign

This couple doesn’t fool anyone, one of their favorite things to do together is to enjoy a good drink. Whether he is a whiskey guy and she is into vodka, or maybe he loves beer while she is a wine, it doesn’t matter, this engraved sign is the perfect gift! Now, not only will it be a fun sign for their house, but you can have this personalized with their last name as well as the year they get married, how cool is that?

Their Future is Projecting Brightly

Portable Projector

Whether they use this new gift for their reception to show off photos or leave it at home to create the coolest home movie theater, every couple will be ecstatic about a portable projector! They will love how useful a high-quality portable projector is. At their reception, it’ll be so easy to put up a slideshow of their favorite moments and at home, it’ll be just as easy for them to watch their favorite films together.

A Mix of Traditional and Unique Engagement Gifts

Custom Wine Tool Presentation Gift Set

Ensure that the newly engaged couple has everything they could ever need for a drink of wine together with this gorgeous presentation gift box. Not only does it have all the tools they’ll need but it also perfectly cradles any bottle of wine you decide to add. Now, they can sip on some Sauvignon blanc or Pinot noir with ease as they plan the finest details of their wedding.

Celebrate the Memories in the Moment

Champagne Glass and Shadow Box Set of Traditional Engagement Gifts

The engagement period of a couple seems to go by so fast. Just the other day it seems like he had just gotten down on one knee, but all of a sudden the wedding is fast approaching. Help them savor some of their sweetest memories with a champagne and shadow box gift set! Now, they can easily store and display what means the most to them while also having an awesome set of personalized champagne glasses for them to celebrate their future together.

Presenting the Perfect Set of Traditional Engagement Gifts

Monogrammed Liquor Presentation Set

There is nothing like classy glassware for getting a traditional engagement gift. However, this gorgeous monogrammed presentation set is a great way to give them the ultimate glassware gift. Not only is it a decanter set but it comes with a matching serving tray to make bringing their set out for a drink or to serve guests a breeze! A gift this good-looking will definitely become the best-looking centerpiece in their house in no time!

Help Them Map Out Their Honeymoon

Travel Pin Map for Couples

Go for a gift that does more than just decorate their home with one of these cork wall art maps! These are fantastic unique engagement gifts since the couple gets to customize it or leave it as is! They can add pins into areas they traveled and different colored pins to areas they can’t wait to take trips together to! How cool will it be to have a gift that helped them plan their trip to Peru or Quebec?

An Engraved Wine Glass Gift Set

Classy Wine Set of Traditional Engagement Gifts

You simply can’t make it through a collection of the top engagement gifts without getting a classy wine gift set like this one! Each piece is customized and equally gorgeous. From the crystal stopper all the way to the unique keepsake box, this sophisticated-looking set makes a perfect engagement gift. In fact, it is so unique and good-looking, you won’t even need to wrap it. Give it to them as is and watch their mouths drop in awe! Include a bottle of wine, and you’ll have an unbeatable engagement gift for any couple!


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