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Article: 23 Holly Holiday Gift Sets

23 Holly Holiday Gift Sets

23 Holly Holiday Gift Sets

The holidays are coming up and it is never easy to get a gift for the people you love but for some reason, this year seems extra difficult. Rather than getting that inspirational “Eureka!” moment, you’ve still been struggling with what the exact gift ideas you need for the holidays are. Instead of looking for a single gift, you need to be looking for holiday gift sets. These are unique sets of items that create a unique and memorable experience for the person you’re giving it to. Still, wondering what holiday gift set ideas look like? How to give them? Which fits your situation best? We have worked with Santa and his elves to find gift sets that work for every person!

Custom Decanter Holiday Gift Set

Custom Decanter Holiday Gift Sets

There is nothing quite like embracing the holiday spirit during wintertime. And there is no better way for you to get someone all holly and jolly quite like a custom decanter gift set. With a gorgeous keepsake box as the gift box, they’ll know they’re in for a holiday treat before ever laying eyes on the equally good-looking decanter and glasses. Now, they can have Hot Toddy’s or neat glasses of whiskey and share them with ease with their friends and family. So, whether you need to get holiday gift sets for one person or a whole group, you simply can’t go wrong with this decanter box set.

Cool Copper Glasses for Christmas

Holiday Gift Set of Copper Wine Tumblers

The weather outside may be frightfully cold but that doesn’t mean that their hands have to be while they have their holiday drinks. These copper wine tumblers are double-walled and insulated so that they can enjoy their drinks at a Jack Frost temperature without having to have chilled hands. Better still, they can open a whole round of presents and come back to their tumbler and still have their wine, cocktail, or anything else at the temp they left it at!

Monogrammed Holiday Gift Sets

Monogrammed Box Set for the Holidays

Part of what makes some holiday gift sets a great present is they are already boxed up. This monogrammed whiskey set is the perfect present to lay under the tree. After all, with their initials on each piece, the person you got this for will know immediately that it is meant for them and they’ll be blown away to find all the gifts inside that make their favorite vices even more enjoyable.

Grill in the New Year

Engraved Grill Tool Gift Set

For the person who loves to sear steaks or cook burgers, grill tools are fantastic holiday gift ideas. A new custom bamboo grill set allows them to do so even in their snow boots! These tools allow them to cook their famous Christmas steaks on the grill instead of inside. Also, they’ll never have to use their worn-out tools ever again. Instead, they’ll have this fantastic bamboo set that is lightweight, comfortable, and of course, stunning to look at!

An Engraved Presentation Holiday Present

Holiday Gift Sets are Whiskey Presentation Set

If you want to blow everyone away this year with a gift of epic proportions, look no further than an engraved presentation gift set. This is the show-stopping holiday gift set to top all others! Each piece of this set is engraved, giving it that made-to-order look to show them that you truly went the extra mile this Christmas to get a one-of-a-kind gift they can use to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because with!


Toasted Nuts Box Set

Toasted Nuts Holiday Gift Set

Nuts and fruit snacks are quintessential holiday gifts. After all, why else would nuts be mentioned roasting over an open fire in Christmas songs? Ensure that no one goes hungry this holiday season with a gift set that includes nine nut and dried fruit bags such as Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, dried Turkish Apricots, dried mangos, and more. Plus, the presentation of this set is sure to be a winner too. A stunning gift box with equally awe-inspiring packaging, you simply can’t go wrong with this box set for Christmas!

A Custom Game Set for Christmas

Monogrammed Poker and Whiskey Holiday Gift

Everyone remembers sitting around on Christmas enjoying games with their family. Don’t let that tradition end just because the person you’re getting a gift for has grown up. Instead, enhance the experience! With this monogrammed poker set, they’ll have everything they need to have a great time with their family once all the gifts have been unwrapped. Now, they can easily enjoy both their cigar and whiskey in one hand as they bluff, bet, and win big while using a poker gift set that has their initials on it!

Wine Tumbler Holiday Gift Sets

Personalized Wine Tumbler Gift Box Set

Got a wino who needs a whole gift set this year instead of a single bottle of wine? You simply must check out this stainless steel wine tumbler box set! Inside, they’ll have these modern stemless wine glasses (that hold nearly a whole bottle each) as well as a sweet wine tool. What more could any lover of Merlots, Rieslings, or Chardonnays want?

Emergency Holiday Gift Set

Emergency Holiday Gift Set

This emergency tech gift is a perfect small holiday gift set or stocking stuffer. Inside, they’ll find that they’ve got a miniature speaker so they can listen to music or their favorite podcast while they’re in the kitchen helping to prepare Christmas dinner. It even comes with an emergency battery so they are able to recharge their phone or speaker, no matter if they’re on a walk through a tree festival or on a sleigh ride!

Custom Christmas Whiskey Ammo Can

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Holiday Gift Idea

Help them celebrate all their go-to vices this holiday season with a personalized ammo can gift set! There is simply no better holiday gift set than this when you’re searching for the ultimate whiskey and cigar lover gift. With the glasses and cigar accessories, all they will need is a little liquor and a few stogies to be able to have the best Christmas ever. And thanks to the ammo can, you can easily throw in a few of those vices so they can use their holiday gift as soon as they open it!

Personalized Flask for the Holidays

Engraved Flask Box is Holiday Gift Sets

Some holiday gifts are better when they are given slightly before the festivities begin, take this personalized flask set for example. When they get this beforehand, they’ll be able to easily slip the flask into a coat or jacket pocket, ensuring that they can take some liquid holiday cheer with them everywhere they go. Or, if they have people coming to their house for the holidays, they can share their spirit thanks to the matching matte black shot glasses!

Delicious Holiday Snacks

Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

No one should go through the holidays without indulging their sweet tooth. So get them a holiday favorite with chocolate-covered pretzels, however, this gift set makes them more gourmet and delicious than they could have ever imagined. Dipped In delicious Belgium chocolate and rolled in nuts, candies, and chocolate drizzles, this gift set will have your mouth watering just looking at it, let alone seeing it on Christmas morning!

Great Growler Gift Set

Monogrammed Copper Beer Growler Set

Got someone who loves their beer? Make sure they can enjoy their local craft brew even during snowstorms when they can’t reach the bar with this gorgeous copper stainless steel growler and pint glass gift set! Now, they can have a “Hoppy” holiday while enjoying a stout, larger, or pilsner all season long or share a few pints with their family too!

Custom Decanter Box Set for Christmas

Custom Decanter Box Set of Holiday Gift Ideas

Want to give a Christmas gift that feels like a special gift all year-round? A personalized decanter set is a classy gift that they can enjoy, put on display, and simply fawn over at any time during the year. Whether they use it right away as to pour a Christmas toast, bring it out for date nights, or love using the set nightly for cocktails; one thing will be for sure, and that is that every time they see this set they’ll think of the best Christmas they’ve ever had.

Present Them the Best Wine

Wine Box Presentation Set

While a bottle of wine can seem like a great gift, you know there is more you can do to make it a fantastic holiday set. Instead of one of those boxes with cheap wine and snacks, presentation sets make for phenomenal holiday gift sets! These allow you to dress your wine bottle up and present it in a classy and meaningful way. This one even comes with tools in the lid so they’ll be ready to enjoy their Merlot or Chardonnay right away!


A Gift that Pops

Popcorn Popper Set

Part of the holidays is spending time with your family while watching your Christmas classics. From everything from the likes of Elf and A Christmas Story to less traditional Christmas films like Die Hard, you simply can’t go through your holiday films without popcorn! Give your next holiday movie a classic feel by using this popcorn maker as the most useful holiday set idea ever!

Smoking Hot Holiday Set

Monogrammed Holiday Gift Sets for Cigar Lover

Cigar smokers sometimes think they have it all figured out once they have an ashtray and a cigar tube or even just a cigar case. Show them that they can step their game up with this personalized cigar humidor gift set. Nevermore will they have to endure seeing their stogies fall to pieces because they’ve dried out. Now, they can save up to 50 of their favorite blends and enjoy them at their leisure while using their gift set!

Holiday Gift Sets for the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box Beer Set

Make sure that saving Christmas memories is as easy as having some liquid Christmas cheer with this custom shadow box holiday gift set! While they’re having a brew with their friends or family this holiday season, they can simply pocket a beer cap or two so that they can place them inside the shadow box to show off their memories. Now, when they look at their gift on display, they’ll always be reminded of some of the best times they had with their loved ones!

Unwind With a Spa Set During the Holidays

Spa Day Gift Box Set for the Holiday

The holidays can be full of stress, so one of the best holiday gift sets you can possibly get someone is a set that helps them unwind. Give them the experience of a spa day without leaving the comfort of their own home with this box set that comes with things like candles, bath soaks, facial steamer, eye masks, and more!

Cigars & Whiskey Set for the Holiday Season

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Holiday Present

While a fire may seem like the best way to keep warm during the holidays, a good stogie and glass of whiskey are hard to beat. Use a monogrammed holiday gift set as the perfect gift this Christmas season! They’ll love that there is finally a way for them to shake hands, give out hugs, even open presents while still enjoying their stogie and scotch, and it is all because of this glass! Better still, the gift set also comes with a lighter and cigar cutter, meaning that if you add in a few Padron cigars and maybe a few miniature bottles of whiskey, they get to indulge in their Christmas gift right away!

Badass Beer Mug Box Set

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Use this holiday gift set to take Christmas by the handles! Inside this fantastic custom beer mug set, they’ll find everything they need to make this Christmas extra holly and jolly. They can still get that pub experience even when they are spending time with their family thanks to the awesome mugs, cool bullet bottle opener, as well as delicious beer nuts. They can even use the keepsake after as the ideal place to store their beer gifts or they could also keep their Christmas cards inside!

A Snack Roasting on an Open Fire

Smores Gift Box for Christmas

Bring some gourmet fun into the holidays with this tasty holiday gift set. A S'mores box may seem a little unconventional, but they will have a blast using these luxurious ingredients to create the best tasting smores over their open fire right after opening presents. Even Santa will be jealous he only got cookies instead of a taste of these delicious snacks.

Glencairn Glasses for the Holidays

Personalized Glencairn Box Set

Christmas is the ideal time to give gifts that you know someone wants but has never gotten around to getting for themselves. For the aspiring whiskey aficionado, few things in the world could be better than an engraved Glencairn box set. These glasses will take their tasting abilities from ordinary and make them seem extraordinary! The unique shape of the glass helps to enhance the aromas, meaning all the subtle flavors and scents will finally be detectable to the aspiring whiskey connoisseur!


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