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Article: 17 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him

17 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him

17 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him

Birthday Ideas for Him Like These Will Never Disappoint!

Make finding birthday ideas for him as fun as celebrating his birthday with our help! Here, you’ll find some amazing custom, engraved, and personalized gift ideas that he’ll never have thought you would get him in a million years! Our unique mens birthday gift ideas will have you picking his jaw up off the floor when he rips the wrapping paper off to see something so unique. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can easily get him an unforgettable custom birthday gift right now!

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift Set

Ammo Can Pint Glass Birthday Ideas for Him

Give one of the manliest sets of birthday ideas for him with this custom pint glass ammo can gift set. You won’t want to wrap this birthday gift, instead, the personalized ammo can is the perfect birthday basket. After all, this gift still contains a knife, a real .50 caliber bullet as a bottle opener, and two matching personalized pint glasses. That makes this kit perfect for him to enjoy an ice-cold brew on his birthday while having the best birthday box ever!

Coolest Cigar & Whiskey Birthday Ideas for Him

Cigar Glass Box Set of Mens Birthday Gift Ideas

You can bet he has never seen a set of glasses quite like these engraved cigar whiskey glasses. Talk about a set of unique mens birthday gift ideas. For the man who loves cigars and whiskey, this set is all he could ever hope for on his birthday. Now, he’ll feel classier than ever when he has celebratory whiskey and scotch!

Unique Cigar Sign for Him

Personalized Cigar Sign

Guys always have a hard time with decoration. Although he has style, his walls are often bare. Help him show off just what kind of guy he is with this custom cigar sign. Perfect for his cigar lounge, home bar, or the garage, he’ll love looking up at this hilarious cigar sign each time he cuts and lights up one of his go-to stogies.

Luxury Wine Birthday Set for Him

luxury Wine Decanter and Glass Box Set

Bring a new sense of style and flavor to his next glass of wine with a gorgeous, luxury wine decanter gift set. These aerating glasses help to increase the flavor profile of each sip he takes. That also means that since the decanter has the same styling, this birthday glassware will have done everything it can to make his next Pinot Noir or Merlot taste as good as possible.

Ultimate Beer Tasting Box Set

Engraved Craft Beer Glass Birthday Gift Box

Got a craft beer-loving guy? These are the best beer birthday ideas for him! This engraved beer-lover gift box gives him four glasses, a bottle opener, and even peanuts to make his at-home beer experience as good as humanly possible! This is the perfect set for him to have tastings with or to share his passion for beer with friends and family.

Personalized Cocktail Smoker for His Birthday

Custom Cocktail Smoker Kit

Bring a whole new world of flavor to him on his birthday. Some men expect cake, but your guy has a unique taste and with this personalized cocktail smoker kit, he can create his own birthday flavors. This set allows him to infuse his drinks with a tasty smoky flavor and the best part is, unlike his birthday, he can enjoy this smoker kit and the drinks every single night!

Engraved Copper Tumblers

Engraved Copper Tumblers for His Birthday

Personalized copper tumblers are fantastic mens birthday gift ideas. They insulate his birthday drinks while also giving them a unique look. Great for wine and cocktails alike, you don’t need a specific guy to give these to. Any man will love the manly metallic look that these tumblers add to their drink of choice on their birthday.

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Man Cave Signs are  Birthday Ideas for Him

Let him lay claim to his room in the house in an official way with this personalized man cave sign. This is the perfect decor for his man cave, office, or even the garage. Wherever his favorite room is to hang out is just where this needs to be. Go the extra mile and surprise him by having this hung for him and just have him walk into the room to see his custom gift!

Custom Beer Mug Box Set for His Birthday

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Nothing quite says “Happy Birthday!” to him quite like clinking beer mugs together. With this engraved beer mug box set, he can toast himself every day of the year! Talk about a great birthday gift, this set has his name on the box and the glasses. Mugs are one of the favorite ways for beer enthusiasts to enjoy their beers, and now they’ll taste even better since his beer is being served with his name on it!


Monogrammed Glencairn Set of Mens Birthday Gift Ideas

Glencairn Topper Set of Mens Birthday Gift Ideas

Glencairn glasses are fantastic birthday ideas for him because as a whiskey-lover, it shows you’ve paid attention to his favorite hobby. These glasses have been monogrammed with his first, last, and middle initial, and so too have the toppers! These custom glasses will make him feel like a sophisticated whiskey taster each time he goes to enjoy his birthday bottle of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon.

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Vintage Globe Bar Cart Birthday Gift Idea

A vintage-style globe bar cart ensures that no matter what room of the house he is in that he can be the classy bartender he’s always seen himself as. The cart has room for glasses, bottles, bar tools, and even mixers. Add in the handy wheels at the base and he’ll never be in a room without what he needs to make his famous cocktails for himself and his friends.

Engraved Beer Lover Gift Set

Engraved Pint Glass Ammo Can

Talk about a unique set of mens birthday gift ideas. This ammo can is perfect for the manly guys out there who love what is best in life, surviving, cigars, and beer. Make him feel like a legend with this incredibly unique gift set that comes with a survival knife, pint glasses, and a real refurbished United States .30 caliber ammo can.

Personalized Whiskey Label Sign and Glassware Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Label Set of Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Give your guy everything he has ever wanted in life with one amazing gift, this personalized whiskey decanter and sign gift set. With his name on each piece, he’ll feel like he owns his own whiskey distillery and can even enjoy it from the comfort of his home. This birthday gift will proudly sit out on his home bar and he’ll have a toast from his glasses each time he sees that sign hanging up.

Wine Lover Birthday Ideas for Him

Wine Presentation Set of Birthday Ideas for Him

Mens birthday gift ideas should come with a certain expectation of effectiveness, practicality , and swagger. This custom wine presentation set clearly checks all the boxes. With all the tools he’ll need to properly enjoy a high-quality bottle of wine, all you have to do is add his favorite vintage for an all-in-one birthday gift for him!

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Monogrammed Cutting Board

For the man who loves cooking, a monogrammed cutting board is the perfect gift idea. He’ll love that his old nicked-up board got replaced while giving him a gorgeous piece of wood to prepare his world-famous BBQ or pan-seared steak!

Custom Whiskey Birthday Gift Set

Luxury Whiskey Decanter Box Set

This luxury decanter gift set will make him feel like he truly did something right this year to deserve such an amazing gift set. With four custom whiskey glasses and a matching decanter, this is a luxury glassware set to remember! He’ll put this glassware to use right away on his birthday to celebrate but that isn’t even to mention the tasty snacks that come with the gift set. Finally, check out the awesome gift box the set comes in. You don’t even need to wrap his birthday gift this year. How cool is that?

Caffeinated Mens Birthday Gift Ideas

Coffee Set of Mens Birthday Gift Ideas

A great way to start his day is with an awesome birthday gift! This monogrammed coffee mug and snack basket are chock full of epic birthday ideas for him. Waking up and smelling his gourmet coffee brewing will be a daily reminder of your awesome gift. That isn’t even mentioning the delicious caramel Stroopwafel that pairs perfectly with a steaming hot cup of coffee.


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