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Article: 13 of the Best Birthday Baskets for Him

13 of the Best Birthday Baskets for Him

13 of the Best Birthday Baskets for Him

Birthday Baskets for Him are the Easiest Way to Make His Big Day Memorable

Birthdays can feel so hard for men. They often say they don't want anything or have already bought what it is they’ve been after. Instead of getting frustrated with finding the perfect gift, shop with ease thanks to these amazing birthday baskets for him. These are luxurious gift sets that have been tailored just to his needs. He’ll love throwing his feet up at the end of a hard day to be greeted with one of these unique gift ideas and will likely use parts of his gifts on nearly a daily basis from now on!

Great Grilling Birthday Baskets for Him

Custom Birthday Baskets for Him are Grill Tool Sets

Bring him this set of awesome birthday basket ideas for him with a fridge full of meats so he can use these custom BBQ tools immediately. Every man has an innate love for putting food on the grill and with a brand new set of tools he’ll figuratively and literally feel like a fire has been lit for him to get out there and cook his favorite food in the world, BBQ!

The Ultimate Travel Whiskey Connoisseur Gift Basket

Travel Whiskey Set of Birthday Basket Ideas for Him

Allow your man to show off his whiskey knowledge to all of his friends and family with this travel-tasting kit. With a nearly indestructible case, he’ll be able to bring these custom Glencairn glasses and whiskey samples with him everywhere. For the aspiring whiskey connoisseur, this is a birthday gift for him that will take him to the next level.

A Crystal Birthday Basket for Him

Crystal Whiskey Gift Basket

Give a set of crystal birthday basket ideas for him with this awesome box set. This gorgeous crystal glassware gift set is a classic gift idea that he can easily enjoy anytime he wants a drink, from his birthday to date nights, to simply watching a movie–he’ll always reach for this awesome glassware set. This box set is the perfect manly gift set to give to any guy on his birthday. You can even go the extra mile by adding a bottle of his favorite whiskey inside the box so he can use his gift set right away!

Perfect Scotch and Stogie Pairing Set

Birthday Baskets for Him are Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Sets

Use his birthday as the day for him to truly experience luxury. This custom cigar and scotch gift set will have him feeling like Don Draper as soon as he gets a cigar and glass of whisky in his hand. He’ll love the personal touches on the gift basket, glass, cigar case, and cigar holder. As long as he has some good alcohol and stogies around, you know this will be the perfect birthday gift basket for him.

Smokin’ Hot Birthday Basket Ideas for Him

Cloche Gift Basket

Smoking has never been cooler than with a glass cloche. From drinks to foods, this awesome birthday gift basket idea allows him to infuse smoky flavors from various woods and herbs to create unique flavors. He’ll never have a boring flavor again thanks to your epic gift basket for his birthday.


Awesome Mug Set of Birthday Baskets for Him

Cracking open a cold one is always a fantastic way to start off his birthday. But what he doesn't know is that he can pour that beer into one of these custom mugs with his name, initial, and a line of text on it. That custom touch from a manly mug will always make this birthday basket the perfect gift and the right one for him to reach for each time he goes to enjoy a cold brewski.

Sophisticated Home Glencairn Set

Custom Glencairn Gift Basket

Bring his taste buds to a new level of sophistication with this custom Glencairn box set. Perfect for the aspiring aficionado to perfect their tastings at home, these four glasses can be filled with various whiskeys to test his skills or he can use the glasses to share a drink in style with friends and family. Whiskey drinkers can’t ask for anything much better than this for their birthday.

An Epic Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee mug gift set

He won’t just feel like a legend because his custom mug says so. He’ll feel like a legend because, with a delicious cup of coffee that he can pair with a sweet treat, he’ll wonder what he has done to earn such an amazing birthday gift. This all-in-one gift basket has everything your guy could ever want.

Best Beer Birthday Baskets for Him

Growler Gift Basket for Him

How many birthday basket ideas for him will keep your man at home? This awesome custom beer growler box set will save him hours of sitting at craft beer bars. Instead, he can enjoy his finest IPAs from the comfort of his home and even share a glass with you with his matching pint glasses. Talk about a convenient gift that he’ll love including on more days than just his birthday!

Custom Cocktail Smoker Set

Birthday Cocktail Smoker Kit

Birthday basket ideas for him can be super creative, they don’t need to be some stale gift basket. Be unique and let him show his creative side with this custom cocktail smoker kit. For the man who loves a good drink from time to time, this will let him infuse his cocktails with various smoke flavors. Soon enough he’ll feel like a real mixologist.

The Manliest Pint Glass Gift Set

Personalized Birthday Baskets for Him are Pint Glass Ammo Cans

Give a birthday gift that you know will put a smile on his face before he even sees what all he is getting with this engraved military ammo can. With a gift this badass, there is no reason for him to want it to be wrapped. He will love seeing his name engraved on the ammo can and will be bursting with anticipation before he finds the pint glasses, knife, and cigar gifts on the inside. Talk about the best surprise birthday basket for men!

Luxury Travel Coffee Gift Basket

Luxury Coffee Gift Set

Coffee birthday baskets for him are a guaranteed way to put some pep into his step. The only shame will be he won’t be getting this first thing in the morning to try out his new custom coffee mug or gourmet coffee blend.

Blackout Badass Birthday Basket Ideas for Him

Custom Wine Tumbler Birthday Basket Ideas for Him

Make every glass of wine feel like the manliest drink on earth with this badass blackout set of wine tumblers. Perfect for keeping his drinks chilled to perfection, the glassware is made out of double-walled stainless steel. Hell, that even makes it great for regular drinks too when he doesn’t want wine. After all, who doesn't love an ice-cold Coke during the middle of the day?


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