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Article: 23 Unforgettable Groomsmen Boxes

23 Unforgettable Groomsmen Boxes

Groomsmen Boxes

Your groomsmen are your closest friends and they deserve a fantastic gift as a thank you for being by your side from the day you met all the way up until your wedding day. But what should you give them? A box set! Filled with all kinds of cool stuff like glasses, their favorite liquor, or neat essentials to get them prepared for the wedding, you just can’t go wrong with these groomsmen gift boxes.

First things first, would your groomsmen rather have matching sets to commemorate their time together for the wedding (great option for friend groups) or do they all have different tastes requiring a more individual groomsmen set? Are you looking for a special gift for your best man or father-of-the-bride? Do you want to get them a personalized groomsmen gift box that they can use for the wedding? Relax, we’ve answered all of your questions with these awesome groomsmen boxes!

1. Luxury Groomsmen Proposal Box

Cocktail Smoker Gift Box
Torch flaming smoke chips over whiskey glass

Groomsmen proposal boxes are all about wowing your potential groomsmen. You’re taking the time and money to make your potential groomsmen feel special. While it is an honor to be so valued as to be there on their friend’s biggest day, you know you’re asking them for a lot of time. So, to thank them for being there for you and taking the time to show up to dinners, the bachelor party, the wedding, and the reception, this awesome cocktail smoker is a fantastic gift idea! They can use it when you guys hang out or even savor it for a treat when all the festivities are done. Either way, this is a proposal box they’ll never forget!

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2. Ale Horn Groomsmen Gift Box

Engraved Ale Horn Box Set
Viking style horn mug gift item

Give the manliest groomsmen proposal box you can think of with this Viking-style ale horn gift set. When you and the boys all have your unique ale horn, you’ll be making toasts all night long. You may even want to have your groomsmen bring these mugs to the reception so they can all look like the manly dudes they are as they enjoy partying after the wedding!

3. Exotic Meats Gift Crate by Man Crates

Man Creates exotic meats groomsman crate
Man Creates exotic meats spread out on floor

Let's face it, men get hungry and you've got to be ready for that moment. Be 100% ready by giving your groomsmen this exotic meats gift set, which will absolutely be appreciated by the men at your wedding party. This box set full of meats comes with some badass items, including alligator jerky, buffalo sticks, duck jerky, and venison sticks. I don't think it'll be too hard to impress your groomsmen with this gift, and after a few drinks, it'll be much needed.

4. Flask Boxes are Awesome Groomsmen Boxes

Personalized Flask Box Set

Your groomsmen are so deserving of having a drink when all of you are celebrating your wedding, which is why this custom flask set is such an incredible gift for them! They’ll think it’s awesome having this handsome flask in their pocket at the bachelor party and at the wedding, filled with their favorite spirit so they can have a sip whenever they please. When it’s party time at the bachelor party or wedding reception, they’ll love pulling out the shot glasses from their groomsmen proposal box! This list has a bunch more exciting and unique groomsmen gifts that you won't see anywhere else!

5. Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Set with Groomsman Gift Box

Whiskey box set with whiskey stones

Sometimes it's necessary to simply kick back and enjoy your favorite whiskey. If that's something you know your groomsmen enjoy, get him this custom whiskey box set, which comes with everything he'll need to savor his whiskey drinking time. This box set is perfect because it comes with a single classic whiskey glass and three whiskey stones, all of which fit nicely inside a classy wood box. Everything is also personalizable, so it'll be without a doubt one of his most cherished keepsakes.

Groom and groomsmen having fun together

6. The Best-Of Box by Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon self care groomsman gift box

You definitely want your groomsmen to be looking sharp on your big day. If you want to guarantee that, get this epic self care kit that'll keep them looking and smelling like a million bucks. This box set comes with a ton of awesome items, including a 2-in-1 hair wash, bourbon cologne, and even a "big ass brick of soap." On top of that, everything fits just right inside a 30 cal ammo box, so after they're done with all the products, they can use the box to store their other stuff.

7. Unique Groomsmen Gift Boxes for the Beer Snobs

Personalized Beer Growler Box Set
Beer growler groomsmen gift box set inside wooden box

Part of getting gifts for your best friends at the wedding is that they will actually act as groomsman proposal boxes. These are sets full of unique and memorable gifts that are perfect for asking a guy if he would want to be a part of your wedding. However, when he sees this custom growler gift set, there will be no more “would,” he will want to be in a tux and by you during the ceremony ASAP!

8. Classiest Custom Bourbon Gift Set

Engraved Bourbon Decanter Set

For gentlemen as classy as your groomsmen, the classiest gift boxes are required. This personalized bourbon decanter set is so stunning that your groomsmen won’t want to use any other glassware for as long as they live! They’ll love using their handsome, customized glasses to give you a toast at your bachelor party or wedding, and the attractive, stately decanter will sit on their home bar or kitchen counter forever as a memento from your special day. Talk about an awesome groomsmen proposal box!

9. Personalized Pocket Knife Gift Set

Knife and Cigar Box Set

Trying to keep your gifts sharp and to the point (pun intended!). Then you've got to get them this personalized pocket knife set, which is one of the coolest groomsmen boxes packed for its size. This box set is perfect for your gift because it comes with a personalized pocket knife that's not only serrated but also has a seatbelt butter and glass breaker. On top of that, it fits inside a fancy wooden box for safe keeping, which can also be personalized with their name and a date.

10. Whiskey-Themed Groomsmen Boxes for Everyone

Set of Five Whiskey Groomsmen Boxes
Man in suit holding ammo can for groomsmen

Looking for a matching gift for your groomsmen? This set of five incredible groomsmen gift boxes are made up of military ammo cans that come with two whiskey glasses and a set of whiskey stones. Your best friends will love these cool gift sets! Matching groomsmen gifts are always a good idea, and it makes the shopping process easier on you. Your whiskey-loving bros are sure to love their super cool gifts. These sets are perfect for gifting as groomsmen proposal sets or as thank you gifts at your wedding reception.

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11. Personalized Luxury Truman Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Luxury Truman Whiskey Decanter Set

There are some fancy boxes for groomsmen out there, but those that include whiskey items are among the best. This whiskey decanter set is sure to impress anyone in your wedding party, and it comes with enough equipment to get the party started. This set is perfect as a gift because it's something that can be shared. With four whiskey glasses, several whiskey stones, and a decanter, your buddies will be set to entertain anytime.

12. A Great Grillin’ Groomsmen Gift

Grill Tool Gift Box Idea

Make sure that their gifts are one-of-a-kind when you hand out these engraved bamboo groomsmen boxes! Inside, find a matching set of bamboo grill tools. For the group of friends who simply can’t get enough time on the grill, these gifts will be a welcome sight. These tools will surely replace all the old spatulas, tongs, and forks they’ve all been using. So now when you are cooking out for the bachelor party or maybe even the wedding, you can be sure you’ll see a few of these sets in use!

13. Engraved Groomsman Flask Set with Shot Glasses

Groomsman flask set with four shot glasses
Groomsman flask cherry wood box top view

One of the best gifts you can get anyone isn't a particular item, but something that's personalized for the recipient. This custom flask set is perfect as a gift for your groomsmen as it comes with a touch of personalization that they'll for sure appreciate. This set is badass as it comes with a matte black metal flask, four matching shot glasses, and a funnel to fill the flask up. On top of that, it's all packaged nicely inside a fancy wooden box with a cherry wood finish. Can't get much better than that.


14. Personalized Ammo Can and Bullet Opener

Personalized Ammo Can and Bullet Opener

Among the best boxes, the ones made with authentic ammo cans are some of the coolest. Get your guys an awesome gift with this custom ammo box, which includes plenty of gifts that are sure to please. Among the gifts, you'll find two pint sized beer glasses, a bullet bottle opener, a pocket knife, and a U.S. military refurbished ammo can. The best part is you can personalize it, so everyone will know which ammo can belongs to who.

Groomsmen drinking champagne outside together

15. Customized Vodka Gift Set with Cocktail Glasses

Custom vodka decanter set with four cocktail glasses

Whether your buddies enjoy vodka, gin, or any other clear liquor, you've got to have the right equipment for the job. This liquor gift set is perfect for those occasions when you want to kick back and enjoy your favorite clear spirit. This set comes with four amazing cocktail glasses and one fancy decanter, all of which are ideally crafted with a heavy glass bottom and an ice-like base design. Truly a one-of-a-kind decanter set you don't want to miss.

16. Make Sure Your Groomsmen Look Sharp for Your Wedding Day

Gift Box with Ties, Socks, and Handkerchiefs

Why not give your groomsmen a gift that will help them be both fashion-forward and prepared for your wedding? This handsome box set comes with four ties, three tie bars, and four sets of cufflinks. Your groomsmen will be dressed to the nines on your wedding day, for formal work suits, and for special occasions thanks to this cool gift set!

17. Personalized Golf Ball Gift Set by Mark and Graham

Wooden box full of golf balls and other golf accessories
Personalized Golf Ball Gift Set by Mark and Graham

A lot of guys enjoy golfing, whether it's hitting the course or whacking some balls at the range. If your team fits that description, this golf ball gift set is right up their alley. What's great about this box set is comes with 12 personalized golf balls, a bunch of tees, and short pencils. Not only that, but everything fits nice and neatly inside a high-quality wood box that can be used to store his golf items even after he's done using what's inside.

18. Signature Beer Gift Basket with Custom Pint Glasses

Beer gift set with snacks and pint glasses

If you're getting them a groomsmen box, it might as well have all the fixings. Get them this signature gift basket, which includes a whole lot of good stuff to enjoy before and after the wedding. With a box that has everything, it includes four pint glasses, wooden coasters, a bunch of snacks, and snack holders. The best part is it's personalized, adding a touch of uniqueness and thoughtfulness. On top of that, it all fits nicely inside a fancy black box.

19. Personalized Poker Set of Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsman box set of card and dice games items

Some people are serious card enthusiasts that will take you to the cleaners if you're not careful. With this custom poker set, you can give the groomsman in your wedding party a way to practice and have a good time together on your next poker night. This groomsman gift box is especially cool since it comes with everything necessary to have a nice card game night, including two decks of cards, five dice, four sets of poker chips, and a stylish case that comes with a handle. Really a fantastic gift for groomsmen!

20. Classiest Groomsmen Box Ever

Watch Case Groomsmen Gift Set
Valet gift box for groomsmen with watches inside

Because they mean so much to you, you want to impress your groomsmen with the classiest groomsmen proposal box ever. That’s where this valet box set comes in! They’ll love having this box with them on your wedding day so they can keep track of their watch, cufflinks, tie clips, and anything else they might need. The flask and glass are perfect for enjoying a drink before, during, and after the wedding, which they’ll really appreciate.

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21. Dress Sock Box Set

Bombas Dress Socks

Your groomsmen need to look their best from head to toe on your big day! Help them be prepared with a nice set of dress socks. Your groomsmen will be so thankful for giving them such a unique gift that they can use for your wedding day and for formal occasions in the future. Each of these groomsmen boxes comes with four pairs of socks in five different sets of colors to fit your wedding colors.

22. Personalized 30 Cal Ammo Can Whiskey Groomsmen Box Set

Personalized ammo can with whiskey and cigar accessories

There are some boxes for groomsmen that hit the mark on all the necessities, especially when celebrating a wedding. This ammo can gift set is perfect for the groomsmen in your life who enjoy a nice whiskey and cigar. This ammo box is made from authentic, refurbished U.S. military equipment, which is great because it's incredibly durable and holds a lot. This set comes with two whiskey glasses, a lighter, and a cigar cutter, so they'll be ready for action anytime, anywhere.


23. A Unique Gift Box They'll Never Forget

Bowtie and Flask Groomsmen Box Set

Lifelong friends who mean the world to you deserve gifts that are truly unique and personal. That’s why this flask and glass gift box is such a terrific groomsmen gift box! The bowtie will make sure they’re looking sharp when they stand beside you while you get married, and they’ll be thrilled that this flask fits right in their pocket and blends in with their wedding day attire! They’ll love raising their customized glass to you, the groom, one of their closest friends in the world.

Groomsmen Gift Box FAQ

Is it traditional to give groomsmen gifts?

Yep it’s very common to get your groomsmen a gift as a token of your appreciation. It shows that you care about their support throughout the process as well as letting them know you care about your relationship with them. If you get them something, give it to them right before the wedding, during the rehearsal dinner, or on the morning of the ceremony.

What should you put in a groomsmen box?

What’s inside a groomsmen box can really vary from wedding to wedding, but common items include a personalized flask, tie clips, cufflinks, grooming products, liquor, and sharp items like knives or hatchets. You can always keep it simple with a personalized card and some tasty treats, like snacks and some mini liquor bottles. Make it fun and something you guys can enjoy as a group!

Who normally pays for groomsmen suits?

It’s pretty normal for groomsmen to pay for their own suits. It’s traditionally expected that it comes out of their budget, but this can vary depending on how you want to run your wedding. It’s not rare for grooms to cover this cost if they feel so inclined, but it’s definitely not expected. The party should be worth the cost of their suits!


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