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Article: 23 Best Rum Glasses for 2024

23 Best Rum Glasses for 2024

Best Rum Glasses

Rum is one of your favorite liquors. Whether you’re drinking it by itself or in a cocktail, you deserve to get the most enjoyment out of it! That’s why you need to be using the proper glassware that will make your drinking experiences better than ever before. A great rum glass is classy, high-quality, and will accentuate the flavors of your drink better than any other glasses. You’ll absolutely love these incredibly unique rum glasses and liquor decanter sets that’ll enhance your drinking experience to the max and make you feel like a sophisticated drinker.

1. An Engraved Gift Set for Chilling Your Rum

Personalized Chilling Stones and Rocks Glass Set

Quite a few liquor lovers really enjoy having chilled rum from time to time. However, ice can dilute your drink quickly, and no one wants that. That’s why this chilling stones set is the perfect rum glass set! The stones will cool down your drink and keep it chilled until the last drop without any diluting whatsoever. You’ll never want to drink Malibu Coconut or Cruzan without them ever again!

Classy man sitting on couch drinking rum

2. Damascus Pocket Knife with Custom Cigar Glass Gift Set

Damascus knife next to cigar glass with cigar attached

You know what sucks when you're about to enjoy a nice cigar? Not having anything to cut it with. With this pocket knife and cigar glass set, you'll be sure to never be in that situation ever again. This set is perfect for the man who enjoys a cigar with his rum, while also keeping his favorite knife close by. This knife is made of the Damascus style, which is forged Damascus steel that's incredibly durable and sharp. You can use it for more than cutting your cigars as this piece is incredibly versatile and stylish.

3. RIEDEL Mixing Rum Set

RIEDEL mixing rum set with four mixed drinks
RIEDEL rum glass with drink on ice

Do you like to shake things up when you're enjoying your rum, especially with some friends? That perfectly matches with this rum mixing set, which allows you to pour some delicious drinks without worrying about space in your glasses. These glasses are perfect for mixing your cocktails and come in a set of four. Designed by a famous German mixologist, these glasses are literally designed for your cocktails. For liquor lovers who enjoy a cocktail or two, this is the glassware set for them.

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4. Roll Around the Table

Rolling Rum Glass

Now here’s a rum glass that will make your drink taste better than ever without you having to lift a finger! This rocking glass is incredible because it moves around on a flat surface, letting your drink breathe and aerate before you drink it. You’ll greatly appreciate how delicious your liquor tastes after being in this glass for a few minutes.

5. DiMera Regal Crested Rum Glasses

Whiskey Tasting Glasses are the Best Gifts for the Men Who Have Everything

Keeping it classy while sipping on your drink is easy when you've got classy drinking equipment. That's exactly what you'll get with these elegant DiMera crested liquor glasses, which stand out as some of the best rum glasses out there. This glass set comes with four unique liquor glasses that are expertly designed to maximize the aromatic and drinking experience of your liquor. Not only that, but they have a pewter regal crest on them which can be personalized to the letter of your choice.

6. Connoisseur Lismore Liquor Snifter and Taster

Lismore Rum Snifter and Taster next to man on couch
Two Lismore Rum Snifter and Taster Glasses

Enjoying liquor the right way means having the right glassware for a proper tasting. With these rum snifters and tasters, you'll get an amazing aromatic and flavorful taste with your drink every time during your drinking session. These rum glasses are specifically designed to maximize the nosing experience while not sacrificing the sipping experience. With its properly designed glass curves and matching glass caps, you'll be able to have a drinking experience like no other.

7. Rum Glass with Personalized Leather Wrap

Personalized rum glass with leather glass cover

Some of the coolest glasses for rum on the market are those that have accompanying accessories. With this leather wrapped liquor glass, that's exactly what you're getting all wrapped up in a stylish ensemble of well crafted design. This glass is truly amazing as it's unassuming due to its standard glass appearance but with a fine leather wrap. This authentic leather wrap can be personalized and helps keep the drink at the current drink temperature. Pretty awesome gift!

8. Set of Four Classy Custom Glencairns

Personalized Glencairn Glasses Set of Four

Glencairns make excellent rum glasses because of their unique shape. That’s why this set of four Glencairn glasses is what you need! The tapered mouth of these glasses brings the aromas in your liquor to your nose, enhancing the taste and allowing you to notice every nuance in your drink. The set of four is perfect for when you’re sampling different liquors at the same time, comparing and contrasting them to one another or enjoying with friends and family.

9. Custom Rocks Rum Glass with Stone Spheres

Custom rocks rum glass with two stone spheres
Two liquor sphere stones on table

Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of rum. Doesn't matter the occasion either. With this custom glass set, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite liquor without a care in the world, especially if you're worried about watering down your drink. What makes this set unique is the perfect sphere liquor stone that comes with it. By using this stone, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite drink without watering it down. On top of that, you can get the glass itself personalized, so you'll be able to spot your glass from others easily.

10. Beautiful Crystal Glasses for Rum

Set of Four Crystal Cut Glasses

Enjoying your favorite liquor should feel like a special event each time you do it. This crystal cut glasses set is the perfect glassware set that’ll accomplish that goal. The intricate design of these glasses not only looks stunning, but it’ll ensure that you have a tight grip on the glass. You’ll never want to use any other glasses for as long as you live!

11. Personalized Twist Glasses Set

Twist liquor glass with liquor stones and wood box

Looking to put a twist on your liquor tasting experience? Look no further than this twist glass set, which is a great way to enjoy your drink in a unique way. This set is full of everything you'll need to enjoy a delicious glass of rum, including two twist glasses, liquor stones, and a classy wood box to store everything for later. The design of these glasses is truly one-of-a-kind, and will always be a conversation starter whenever enjoying your favorite liquor.

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12. Denali Mountain Rum Glass

Man holding Denali Mountain rum glass
Denali Mountain liquor glass sitting on black serving tray

Being surrounded by mountains is an experience we should all enjoy, especially when venturing out into the great outdoors. Keep the mountains close to you with this Denali Mountain glass, which has a scaled-down three-dimensional visual of the famous North American mountains. This glass is incredibly high quality due to its thick glass material, and it's quite dense due to the big mountain in the middle of the glass. Truly for the mountain peak fans who enjoy a nice glass of rum.

13. Gorgeous Cocktail Glasses

Crystal Coupe Glasses

Looking for the perfect glasses specifically for rum cocktails? This set of crystal coupe glasses is just what you need! Your Daiquiri, Cable Car, or Mai Tai will look and taste fantastic in these stunning crystal glasses, and you’ll feel extremely fancy and sophisticated sipping those cocktails from these cocktail glasses.

14. Roosevelt Rum Glass Cut Crystal

Roosevelt rum glass on table next to cigars

Stylish and sophisticated is the way to be when enjoying a glass of your favorite rum. You can do just that the next time you have a drink with this Roosevelt liquor glass. This glass is expertly crafted to resemble the famous US President's favorite liquor glass, making it a true and timeless classic. Made with thick, high-quality crystal, you'll get a smooth drink every time with your drink and this glass will sparkle and shine like no other. The design and material are tip-top, so you don't want to pass on this for your next glass.

Bartender serving rum on the rocks

15. Reflect Light into the Rum

Monogrammed Set of Rum Glasses
Man in suit holding personalized glass

Want a classic set of glasses with a unique feature? This set of four monogrammed glasses is absolutely perfect for you! The special bases of these glasses bounce light off of them in a very aesthetically pleasing way, giving your drink a bright, super special look. The thick bases also help prevent condensation from forming on the surface below the glasses.

16. Personalized Gift Set with Bullet Stones

Two rum glasses with bullet liquor stones

Having a good glass of rum alone is certainly enjoyable, but adding someone else to the mix can be a lot of fun. With this personalized liquor gift set, you'll be able to sip on your drink with yourself or a friend and maximize your drinking experience. What's great about this gift set is that it not only comes with two stylish glasses, but it also comes with bullet liquor stones so your liquor will stay cool without watering them down. You can also keep the stones comfortably stored in their own wooden box.


17. Glencairn Cut Crystal Glass

Cut crystal glass of the Glencairn design

Some of the best flavors and aromas in liquor come out when you use just the right glass. With this Glencairn crystal glass, you'll not only get an amazing drinking experience, but you'll also have a glass that will be noticed across the room. Made from pure cut crystal, this glass is designed with a timeless style that truly makes it an ultra-premium rum glass. This nosing glass is just what he'll need to enjoy every last drop of his drink to the max.

18. Set of Two Oxley Custom Cigar Glasses

Rounded Oxley custom cigar glasses with lit cigars attached
Cigar glass with liquor inside and lit cigar attached

It's hard to imagine a better combination when drinking than a smooth cigar and a nice rum. Next time you combine these amazing flavors, get yourself these cigar glasses to maximize your drinking and cigar smoking experience. This glass set comes with two cigar glasses, which hold your lit cigar in place as you place your glass down or have your next sip. What's cool about this is it also smokes up your drink a bit, so you'll truly have a unique combo experience with these unique glasses.

19. Personalized On the Rocks Rum Glass

On The Rocks glass with rum, ice, and cherry inside

Are you looking for a classy rum glass that's less modern and more traditional? Nowadays you see a lot of flashy glasses, but keeping it straight is a style of its own. This personalized glass is exactly what you're looking for when it comes to traditional liquor glasses as it's designed with that go-to bar look. The best part about this glass is that it's personalizable, which means you can get your initials laser etched on the side. And it holds a full 12 ounces, so you can enjoy a nice big glass.

20. Savor Every Sip with this Customized Set

Double Snifter Rum Glass Set

This snifter and chilling stones set is the perfect set if you want to really savor every sip of your drink. These double snifters make terrific rum glasses because you’ll really enjoy taking in the aromas at the top of the glass before taking a sip. When you want to enjoy chilled drink, the chilling stones in this set will fit perfectly in the snifters, not diluting the drink and keeping it cold. You can even share your appreciation of rum with a friend or spouse with the pair of glasses!

21. A Stunning Silver Glass

Silver Glass

There’s no chance you don’t feel classy holding this silver liquor glass! You’ll think the appearance of this glass is spectacular as well as the fact that as you pour your drink into it, it’ll roll around, aerating the liquor before you drink it. You’ll be a big fan of such a stunning glass that aerates your drink to make it absolutely delicious.

22. A Personalized Decanter Set for Your Rum

Etched Decanter and Twisted Rum Glasses Set
Twist glass with liquor splashing from stones

This twisted glasses and decanter set is an absolute must-have for any liquor lover. Not only will the airtight decanter keep their drink fresh for a very long time, but the glasses are terrific rum glasses because the unique twisted shape sets them apart from any glass they’ve ever owned! Enjoying liquor from these glasses will be more enjoyable than ever before because of their one-of-a-kind shape. For a rum lover, this personalized decanter set is a must-get!

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23. Four Bright, Beautiful Glasses

Etched Set of Four Glasses for Rum

Get the perfect glass set to show off the hues in your liquor of choice! This set of four glasses have star-shaped bases that’ll make your rum look absolutely delicious. If you’re enjoying Mojitos or Strawberry Daiquiris, these glasses will show off the bright colors in your cocktails better than any other glasses.

Best Rum Glasses FAQ

What is the best glass to drink rum from?

The best rum glass is usually a snifter glass, similar to drinking other fine liquors. The most popular type of snifter is a Glencairn glass, which has a wide bowl at the bottom and a narrow opening at the top. This concentrates the aromas when sipping which enhances the tasting experience.

What is the proper way to drink rum?

The proper way to drink rum is by using a glass or crystal glass that allows you to enjoy the liquor as you prefer it to be prepared. If you like it neat, use a snifter or tulip shaped glass. If you like it on the rocks, go with a classic large glass with straight sides. It's really all about how you enjoy your drink, whether neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Is rum better on the rocks or neat?

Whether rum is better on the rocks or neat (without ice) is a personal preference as it really comes down to how potent you want the experience. Ice is going to cool your drink and, over time, water it down, making it smoother to drink. However, serving your liquor neat will ensure your drink doesn't get diluted, but it'll stay at a warmer temperature, making it a more potent drink. If you want something in between, consider getting liquor stones to keep your drink cool without watering it down.


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