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Article: 33 Unforgettable 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

33 Unforgettable 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Now that your 10 year wedding anniversary is here, you’re probably trying to figure out what to get that could top your previous gifts. According to etiquette, the traditional 10 year anniversary gifts for him are aluminum or tin items while the modern gift is diamonds. Of course, non-traditional gifts are always a good idea if diamonds or aluminum aren’t his style.

What kind of unforgettable 10 year anniversary gifts are you looking for? Is there a symbolic 10th anniversary gift for your husband? What do you get a guy who has everything for your 10 year anniversary? Don’t worry, we found plenty of unique gifts that are as amazing and thoughtful as they are practical and useful for your husband.

1. Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey Anniversary Gift Set

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

A 10th wedding anniversary is a big deal, so you should get your husband a special gift like this awesome ammo can. The set comes with two whiskey glasses for you to share a glass of scotch together at dinner and a set of whiskey stones to ensure each time he goes for a drink, it'll be perfectly chilled. Plus, the ammo can is made of aluminum so that you have a little bit of the traditional gift included! The best part about this set is definitely the engraving on the glasses, ammo can and flask: “ The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” Every time he uses a piece from this set he will feel like the coolest guy in the world. He’ll love every piece in this set and use them all the time.

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2. A Stunning Smoker Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Cocktail Smoker Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

You’ve seen your husband enjoy his go-to drinks for at least 10 years now. After a decade of the same drinks day in and day out, upgrade his cocktail set to one that allows him to get wild with this custom cocktail smoker set. Complete with a torch, two glasses, a topper, and wood chips, he can start infusing his go-to liquors with a delicious and unique flavor from smoked chips. The two of you enjoying a drink that he has just concocted will be the perfect way to create an unforgettable memory on your 10th anniversary. Each piece in this set is personalized with your wedding date and names as a thoughtful touch.

3. The Instigator Wedding Band by Manly Bands

Tungsten men's wedding band ring by Many Bands
Man wearing a tungsten wedding band

A decade is a long time, so make it known to him how much you care with this sleek anniversary band by Manly Bands. It's a unique blend of class and ruggedness with its materials crafted from authentic tungsten and an 18K rose gold sleeve. The black brush finish is also something unique to this band marking it as one of the better 10 year wedding anniversary gifts for him. Embark on another beautiful ten years with this amazing wedding band.

4. Anniversary Gift For the Husband Who Loves to Grill

Engraved Bamboo Butcher Block

Over the years, you’ve given your husband plenty of grill-related gifts to go with his other true love: his grill. For your 10th anniversary, give him something he definitely doesn’t have already: a personalized bamboo butcher block! Certainly one of the most unique and unusual 10th wedding anniversary gifts, this strong and sturdy butcher block is perfect for preparing his famous steaks and chicken kabobs. He will love having such a practical and unique addition to his kitchen, and is sure to use it when he’s cooking anniversary dinner!

5. Classy Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Twist Glasses and Cigar Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

Make his 10th anniversary a memorable occasion with this engraved cigar and whiskey gift set that will surely help make your anniversary a night to remember. Perfect for toasting toward another 10 years, he’ll want to put this gift set to use right away. The classy look of the twist glasses makes them perfect for occasions such as his anniversary but they’re equally as good for when he simply wants to share a drink with you. Add in the cigar gifts that he can easily keep on him for an after-dinner stogie, and this is one of the most perfect 10 year anniversary gifts for men.

6. Wood Smoked Barbecue Kit

Smoking wood chips in metal containers

Chances are he likes to grill which is something he enjoys getting better at every time he throws meat over the fire. With this wood-smoked barbeque kit he'll get every chance to experiment with some of the most unique flavors ever and, of course, share that experience with his favorite people. This wood smoking kit comes with everything he'll need, including several wood chips, a stainless steel smoker box, and even exotic spices. No question that this is a top anniversary gift for him.

7. Personalized Wine and Pint Glass Set Gifts for Couples

Personalized wine and beer pint glasses for couples

If a 10 year anniversary doesn't call for a toast, I don't know what does! Cheers to your love thriving with this beautiful set of personalized wine and pint glasses. This set is incredible because both the wine glass and the beer glass can be personalized with both of your names and initials, respectively. That means the next time you’re BBQing or relaxing in front of the television, you'll have your own glass for the occasion. Enjoy your next drink together and cherish every moment with these personalized glasses.

8. Build Your Man's Belt by Anson Belt and Buckle

Build Your Man's Belt by Anson Belt and Buckle

Not sure what to get him for his 10 year anniversary gift? That's okay! This custom built belt is just what you need to get him if you're looking to make him feel stylish. This custom belt is incredible as it comes with all different styles that you can think of that match his interets. On top of that, it all fits nicely and cozy in a custom gift box that you can present to him. With all that and more, you'll have given him a winning gift.

9. Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Personalized wine cellar sign for 10 year anniversaries

Sharing a glass of wine with your loved one is one of the most beautiful treasures we get to experience. With this personalized wine cellar sign, you can mark every wine sipping occassion with a touch of rustic charm and fun. The design is awesome because it's made to look like a classic win barrel from the old country, and you can even add a level of personalization with a name and a special date, like your anniversary day. This durable item is made from high-quality wood, so it'll be something he can cherish for a long time.

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10. The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro by Breville

Smart air fryer by Breville surrounded by food
Straight shot of Breville air fryer

You see air fryers all over the place now, and for good reason. They can cook almost anything in a short amount of time. If he's an eater, get him this air fryer by Breville; the only air fryer he'll ever need. You can easily place this on your countertop and pop in all sizes of foods that he can make to feed large gatherings. It even comes with a recipe book that can guide him to make some of his new favorite dishes in no time.

11. A Handsome Whiskey Decanter Set for Him

Liquor Decanter Set with Unique Twisted Glasses 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men
Twist whiskey glass with whiskey stones

While this whiskey gift set doesn’t have anything made from diamonds or aluminum, each beautiful piece is made from the finest crystal glass. He’ll love these amazing anniversary gifts and will want to keep the whole set on display. The decanter is personalized with his name while the handsome twist glasses feature his initial. He can use the set for celebrating special occasions such as this, or use it every day! He’ll love having a cool decanter to display and serve his favorite liquor, which will look lovely in the dining room, lounge, or home bar.


12. Personalized Champagne Glasses Gift Set with Marble Chiller

Two champagne glasses with a white marble chiller

Who doesn't like a little of the bubbly? The next time you decide to pop a little champagne, do it with this set of champagne glasses with a bottle chiller to keep your champagne nice and cold. Everything in this gift set is fully personalizable and extremely durable, so you'll be able to cherish it for years to come. The wine chiller is actually made from solid white marble, so it's able to stay cool for a very long time. These are a great 10 year anniversary gift for him and her, so get one today.

13. Personalized Platinum and Gold LP Record

Personalized LP vinyl record hanging on the wall

We all have our favorite jams and some of those jams we share with the one we love the most. This personalized platinum and gold LP record is an amazing 10 year anniversary gift for him especially if he's a vinyl fan. What makes this LP record special is that it can be custom made to hold one or more songs that mean the world to both of you. Not only that, but you can get your names on the vinyl record as well as your anniversary date and a short and sweet message. This is truly an epic gift for your 10th anniversary especially if you're both music lovers.

14. Globe Whiskey Set

Unique Etched Globe Decanter and Matching Glasses 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Whether your husband already has, is, or wants to travel the world, this globe whiskey set is one of the most incredible 10 year anniversary gifts for men. He’ll marvel at the finely detailed etching in each piece and the delicate glass ship sailing inside the decanter. The two of you can share an exquisite glass of scotch with the two glasses at your anniversary dinner and reminisce about your vacations from the past 10 years. Plus, this amazing set will look gorgeous anywhere in your home!

Couple holding 10 year anniversary gift

15. Slate Personalized Cheese Board

Personalized slate cheese board for anniversary gifts

Whenever you serve a great meal, a huge part of the experience is the presentation. With this personalized slate cheese board, he can bring out his favorite foods to snack on whenever he wants. While it certainly can hold cheese, it's much more versatile than that. It can hold any of his foods, including steaks, cold cuts, and more! The rustic design is also something unique to this item and helps this 10 year anniversary gift for him stand out among the best on this list.

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16. Nine Piece Anniversary Luxury Glencairn Glasses Gift Set

Four Glencairn glasses with toppers and luxury black box
Man in suit holding a Glencairn glass with topper and whiskey

Enjoying a nice whiskey calls for an optimal set of equipment that can maximize his whiskey drinking experience. With this luxury Glencairn glass gift set, you'll have given him a gift where he can do just that. These glasses aren't only designed with the exact specifications of a perfect whiskey drinking glass, they also come with high-quality wooden toppers to capture the aroma of each drink. There's really no other way to drink whiskey once you've experienced it with this gift set, so do him a favor and gift him it.

17. The Ultimate Beer Gifts for Him

Engraved Beer Ammo Can Gift Set with Jerky
Man holding ammo can outside

For the husband who loves beer as much as he loves you, the only 10 year anniversary gift for him is this beer gift set! Also, a great traditional gift thanks to the aluminum ammo can, this amazing gift set has it all: custom beer glasses, beef jerky, beer nuts, and even a cool bottle opener. Your husband will be so excited to try out each and every item in this incredible gift, so make sure you’ve got his favorite beer in the fridge so that he can pour the two of you a couple of cold ones using his new bottle opener and custom pint glasses and toast to a wonderful decade together.

18. Fitbit Google Pixel Watch

Fitbit Google Pixel Watch
Man in exercise outfit wearing Fitbit smartwatch

Just like phones, watches today are a whole lot different than watches in the past. If he's looking to level up his watch, get him this Fitbit smartwatch, which is one of the most advanced watches on the market today. Not only can he download cool apps on this device, it can also help him dial in his health by monitoring important metrics like resting heart rate, daily steps, and others. The best part is he can connect it to his smartphone, so he can boost his experience and make the best of his new watch.

19. Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stones

Bullet whiskey stones with tongs and wood box

Drinking whiskey has a set and setting to it, especially if he's built a routine around it. Improve his whiskey drinking routine with these one-of-a-kind bullet whiskey stones. These are perfect for a whiskey lover because they get super cold super fast in the freezer and they'll never water down his drink again. That's an important note to make since a lot of whiskeys are more flavorful and aromatic without adding ice cubes, which dilute those aspects of the whiskey. If he doesn't have a set of whiskey stones, you've got to get him this set.

20. Personalized Pocket Knife Anniversary Gift Set

Personalized pocket knife with box and cigar

Having a knife around when you really need can be important, even when it's for cutting the end of a cigar. With this beautiful personalized pocket knife, he'll have exactly what he needs when he needs it in a compact form. This pocket knife is not only personalizable, but it comes with a wooden case which is also personalizable. This knife's design is impeccable, with a serrated notch on the inner blade and a perfectly designed grip making it incredibly well formed to his hand. If he doesn't have a pocket knife, this should be his next gift.

21. Timeless Engraved Black Leather Watch Box

Engraved black leather anniversary gift box for watches

Does he put his watches on his dresser or inside his sock drawer? There are better places to put them, especially if he wants to keep them long lasting. This leather watch box is exactly what he needs to keep his watches looking good and working as they should. This elegant watch box comes with a crystal clear glass window and four pillows for him to strap his watches to for safe keeping. The cool thing is he can always remove those pillows and turn his watch box into a catch all box for his cufflinks and other items.

22. Leatherology Bifold Wallet with Flap

Classic leather wallet sitting on a coffee table
Leatherology bifold classic leather wallet

Nothing is as classy as leather. It's something durable, aesthetic, and even aromatic! With this classic leather wallet by Leatherology, you'll be getting him one of the best leather wallets around. Made to feel extremely smooth and luxurious, while keeping its durability high, is one of the hallmarks of these wallets. With the classic bifold design, he can easily fit all he needs in one place without having a bulgy bump when he sits down. If you're on the hunt for a nice wallet for his anniversary gift, you've found it.

23. Spectacular 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

Monogrammed Decanter Set of 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

What do you get a guy for your 10 year anniversary? Something that will leave him speechless and near tears just like the moment when he saw you walking down the aisle: this stunning decanter presentation set! He will love using these wonderful 10 year anniversary gifts for him to have romantic anniversary drinks with you, celebrate the holidays, or have casual drinks with his friends. The set will look amazing on display in his office or home bar, and he can easily take the whole set to another room or carry it around to all of the guests (or to you!) and serve their drinks. You two will definitely enjoy using this set together, especially for every anniversary from now on.

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24. Man Cave Custom Wooden Sign

Man cave 10 year anniversary gift sign

Sometimes you just need to take a break and get a relaxing chill session before the next daily task. With this man cave sign, he and everyone will know where they've entered when this awesome sign is put up. Made with high-quality birchwood, this sign is not only sturdy but extremely well designed with a fine walnut finish to match any room decor. It's also fully personalizable, so you can get his name, a date, and a message written on it for everyone to see.

25. Trevi Aerating Wine Decanter

Aerating Wine Decanter

The best way to experience a wine, whether it's an inexpensive or fancy wine, is to open it up properly. That's where this aerating wine decanter comes into play! Using this aerator, every time he sips on his favorite wine will be a time that will be as amazing as the next. With an optimal design from premium glass, this aerating wine decanter is both an effective aerating device as well as a conversation starter. Just look at it. It's absolutely unique looking and something he'll for sure appreciate.

26. Leather Notebook Cover by Galen Leather Company

Leather notebook cover with notebook and pen on wood table

Sometimes if you don't write it down, it just doesn't get done. For the man who keeps a notebook nearby, get him this leather notebook cover that can work with standard interchangeable notebooks. As far as 10 year anniversary gifts go, this is one he'll be able to use everyday for the next couple of decades. Made from high-quality leather, it not only looks and feels good, it smells good. It also has a built in pen holder and inner pockets, so he can keep what he needs when he needs it super close.

27. Personalized Golf Ball Shadow Box

Golf ball shadow box with golf balls inside

You ever get a hole in one or hit below par on a tough course? If he's a golfer, he's either experienced that or on his way, so help him cherish those moments with this badass anniversary gift: a golf ball shadow box. This display box can be hung up on the wall or placed directly onto a tabletop. It's also designed with a sleek black finish and a removable glass window, so he can easily add his favorite golf balls and keep it clean when he needs to.

Wife giving her husband an anniversary gift

28. Incredibly Cool 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Custom Poker Set with Cigar Glass 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him
Man holding cigar glass while playing cards

Make your husband feel cooler than a secret agent on your 10th anniversary with this unique poker gift set! He’s always wanted to start up a weekly poker game with his friends but hasn’t ever gotten around to it. With your custom poker set as a gift, he’ll be inspired and call up all of his friends right away to come over for a game of Blackjack! His friends will all want to know where he got the matching cigar-holding whiskey glass because it’s so cool. You’re sure to be the wife of the year with such amazing 10 year anniversary gifts for men!

29. Beer Stein with Pewter Crest

Unique Personalized Beer Stein 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

With this handsome beer stein, the love of your life can drink his favorite beer like a true connoisseur. Based on traditional lidded steins from Germany, this stein is perfect for enjoying all kinds of beers like a king and makes it the best 10th anniversary gift idea. He will want to use it for drinking beer all the time as the mug will keep his beer colder than your average glass and the lid helps extend the life of the head, making an overall better beer. You could pair the stein with a beer bucket or a couple of packs of his favorite beer to make a themed anniversary present!

30. Wedding Song Soundwave Tin Sign

Soundwave Print of Your Wedding Song
Soundwave Print with phone app

What is a good 10 year anniversary gift for him that is made of tin or aluminum? A custom tin sign printed with the soundwaves of your wedding song! He’ll be so surprised that you found him such an incredible gift. Every time he looks at it, he’ll remember your wedding day and dancing with you for the first time as your husband. This sign is one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts that you both can treasure forever. Plus, it’ll look super cool wherever you hang it!


31. Engravable Bonacorso Wine Gift Box Set

Personalized wine 10 year anniversary gift box set

You know that feeling when you open up a present, and no matter what's inside you know the opening marks a special moment? With this engraved wine gift box set, you can do just that for the next nice bottle of wine you get for your 10 year anniversary gift for him. This set is amazing as it comes with all the wine enthusiast essentials, including a corkscrew, bottle stopper, pourer, and drip ring. Everything is neatly placed inside and makes for a very nice place to put his absolute favorite wine.

32. Custom Bean Bag Toss Boards

Cornhole game set for two outside on grass

A fantastic 10 year anniversary gift for him is something you can both enjoy together. With this awesome cornhole game set, you’ll be able to do just that whether you’re indoors or outdoors. This set is constructed with high-quality wood so it’s absolutely built to last. On top of that, it’s fully personalizable, which means whether you’re at a tailgate, reunion, or lake party, everyone will know who it belongs to.

33. Bluetooth Record Player - A Rocking 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Vintage 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player

Does your husband love his vinyl collection but could use an upgrade to his record player? This incredible 6-in-1 record player will replace not only his record player, but also his CD player, speakers, cassette player, and radio! That’s right, this is the ultimate 10 year anniversary gift for men who love their music. It’s also Bluetooth compatible so that he can stream his Spotify station from his phone through it! The vintage style will look great in your home or his office, and he will be so happy to have such a great all-in-one music player.

10 Year Anniversary Gift for Him FAQ

What do I get my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary?

You absolutely want to get him something that’s related to his current interests and possibly something that symbolizes your decade long journey together. Anything from a fancy leather wallet or something you can share like a marble wine cooler. These kinds of gifts are both thoughtful and enduring.

What is the symbol for the 10 year anniversary?

That traditional symbology for a 10 year anniversary is either tin or aluminum. These distinct metals stand for durability as well as flexibility, which are both hallmarks of a successful marriage. While those are traditional, it’s considered more modern to splurge on diamonds, gold, and even silver.

What is the color for a 10 year anniversary?

The go-to color for your 10 year anniversary is silver, which symbolizes a beautiful, radiant decade together that represents true value. The fact that silver is the traditional color is another reason why sometimes couples will get each other silver jewelry for their 10 year anniversary. Really depends on you!


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