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Article: 33 Must-See 1st Year Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

33 Must-See 1st Year Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

1st Year Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since the day you said “I do!” Naturally, you should celebrate this first milestone in your marriage with a nice gift! First year wedding anniversary gifts can be the traditional paper or gold items, but you should keep his interests as the main focus of your gift. After all, the purpose is to show him that you love him and that you are celebrating one year of marriage together!

1st anniversary gifts for husbands can also be items that you two can enjoy together, something that represents a fun inside joke or something special to both of you, or even a decorative piece he can keep for many years as a reminder of your first year of marriage. Whatever you choose, he will love your choice of one year anniversary gifts for him no matter what because it’s a thoughtful anniversary gift from you!

1. Cigar 1st Anniversary Gift Set with Humidor

Cigar 1st year anniversary gift set with humidor
Round cigar glass with lit cigar attached

A lot of guys enjoy a nice whiskey and cigar from time to time, especially when they're kicking back and hanging with their buddies. This cigar and whiskey gift set with a humidor is a perfect item for his chill out zone since he can share it with others. This set comes with two cigar glasses, which are specifically designed to hold his cigar in place while he rests his whiskey or even takes his next sip. It also comes with a handy cigar cutter, a lighter, and a humidor. This is an all-in-one set that any cigar and whiskey fan would absolutely love.

2. The Choppa Personalized Meat Cleaver Knife

Personalized meat cleaver knive with black ebony handle

Cutting through thick pieces of meat can be a challenge, even with the sharpest of knives. If your man enjoys thick steaks and other meat, this personalized meat cleaver knife is the perfect 1st anniversary gift for husbands. It comes with a stylishly designed ebony wood handle that allows for an ergonomic meat cleaving experience. It also has a solid, durable weight to it, so every chop is coming down with full force on his meat. It even comes with a touch of personalization, which will allow him to cherish this knife for years to come.

Couple celebrating their 1st anniversary at dinner

3. Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

Family using pop up fire pit on outdoor patio
Fireside Outdoor pop-up fire pit with storage bag

If you've ever been camping or out in the backyard, building a fire can be a headache. With this pop-up fire pit, he'll be able to light up the perfect fire anytime, anywhere. This fire pit is truly incredible as it comes with everything he'll need to get his next fire roaring wherever he is. It comes with a bag that fits all the accessories necessary to get a fire going, so he'll be ready for action the next time he's outdoors and in need of a nice fire.

4. AK-47 Gun Whiskey Decanter Set

AK-47 whiskey decanter set with wooden stand and bullet glasses

Sometimes you just have to get a gift that'll simply blow him away, especially for your 1st anniversary gift. With this AK-47 whiskey decanter set, you'll do just that and so much more. This whiskey decanter set is badass because it comes with a big gun styled decanter, a solid wooden stand to keep it propped up, and four bullet whiskey glasses. This is not only a highly functional and cool decanter set, it's a conversation starter that will be kicked off every time someone takes a tour of his home bar.

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5. Personalized Halo Whiskey Smoker Kit

Smoker gift set with whiskey glass and smoke chips
Close up on smoker torch

So he's into cocktails and he's started to learn a bit on how to make some with a bit of flare. If that's the case, you need to get him this halo smoker set, which he can use to smoke his whiskey and other drinks any time he wants. This smoker set is an awesome first wedding anniversary gift as it comes with a durable torch, whiskey glass, whiskey stones, and everything else he'll need to get his whiskey nice and smokey. This is one of the best ways to enhance his drinking experience and it gives him a taste of what it's like to be a true mixologist.

6. For the Foodie Husband Who Wants Nothing

Snack Gift Tower

Is your husband the kind of man who has everything and wants nothing? Even the man who has it all can’t say no to the gift of food! The two of you can chow down on these gourmet snacks and treats on your anniversary or you can just let him enjoy it at his own pace. By far one of the best fail-safe 1st year wedding anniversary gifts for husband, he will appreciate that this thoughtful gift has a little bit of the traditional paper theme going on too!

7. Go All Out for Your First Anniversary

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

You don’t have to stick to tradition for your very first anniversary. Instead, you can get your husband something he’s always wanted, like a complete decanter set! This handsome engraved whiskey decanter set is quite impressive, and is one of the most memorable first anniversary gifts for your husband that he will enjoy for years to come. He will love using the custom glasses to enjoy romantic after-dinner drinks with you on your anniversary, date nights, and for nightcaps. Don’t forget the bottle of whiskey to go with it!

8. Surprise Him with New Grilling Tools

Custom Bamboo Grilling Tools First Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Does your new husband enjoy grilling? He probably still uses his old set of tools from before you got married, which makes your first anniversary the perfect time to get him a new set! This unique bamboo grilling tool set is lightweight, heat-resistant, and easily portable so that he can take his trusty tools to the lake, your parents’ house for the family reunion, or his friend’s house for a BBQ! Talk about unique 1st year wedding anniversary gifts for husbands!

9. Personalized Cognac Glasses First Year Anniversary Gift Set

Personalized Cognac Gift Set
Single cognac glass with liquor inside

Swirling around a nice cognac is only possible with a proper set of cognac glasses. With this personalized cognac glasses set, he'll have exactly what he needs to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with his favorite drink. Specifically designed to carry delicious cognac, these glasses are properly designed in shape and thickness of glass. On top of that, this set comes with a cigar cutter and lighter, all of which he can put in a personalized wooden box that fits everything. Give him a gift he'll be able to enjoy for years.

10. Hayden Mens Toiletry Bag with Straight Razor Kit

Men's dopp kit 1st anniversary gift with straight razor kit

Men don't always have a ton of toiletries, but they have enough to make a mess, especially when they're traveling. Keep his bathroom gear organized with this awesome men's toiletry bag. This bag is perfect for the traveling man because it comfortably fits all his necessities and even comes with a personalized straight razor shaving kit, which will give him the best shave of his life every single time. This Dopp kit is incredibly functional as well as stylish, leaving him with a gift that will keep on giving whenever he uses it.

11. Damascus Pocket Knife with 1st Anniversary Gift Box

Personalized Damascus pocket knife with wood box
Damascus knife stabbed into tree trunk

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line 1st anniversary gift for husbands, look no further than this Damascus pocket knife. This rare knife is beautifully designed with an authentic carving on the blade which matches the style only found in knives from the past. Not only that, but this knife has a level of personalization not found elsewhere, so he will have every reason to keep this as one of his treasures. You'll be hard pressed to find a better gift than this, especially for the knife collector in your life.


12. Classic Ray Ban 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Aviator Ray Ban sunglasses

Sunglasses are a classy choice for a 1st year anniversary gift, especially if you're looking at some of the higher quality sunglasses. If you are, then an easy win is with these classic aviator Ray Ban sunglasses, which is a pair of sunglasses that everyone will take notice of. These are probably the most popular sunglasses out there and for good reason. They're made from durable, high-quality materials and they're just plain cool. If he needs a new pair of sunglasses, you've found them with these awesome Ray Bans.

13. Personalized 30 Cal Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

All the vices 30 cal ammo box anniversary gift set

For the manly man in your life, celebrating your first year wedding anniversary can be a challenge in terms of finding a gift. So get him this 30 cal ammo can, which is something he can use for all his vices. This ammo can is great because not only is it big, but it's made from an authentic U.S. military refurbished ammo can. It also comes with a plethora of items, including two whiskey glasses, cigar cutters, and a lighter. The manly man in your life will surely thank you for this one.

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14. Treviso Leather Valet Box and Ten Watch Display Case

Leather valet anniversary gift box display case

Do you ever find his stuff just lying around or stuffed in his drawers? It can be tough finding your stuff when you don't have a proper place to put it. With this leather valet box, he'll be able to put his most valuable and used items in one single place where he can always find them. This item is perfect for holding all types of stuff, especially his watches. Other valuables like cufflinks, fancy pens, or even keepsakes are great for storing in this box since there's a soft material that can keep everything cushy and safe.

Couple at the beach enjoying 1st year anniversary

15. The Coolest 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Custom Whiskey and Cigar First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband
Man holding a cigar glass with a lit cigar attached

Celebrate your anniversary in style with the most sophisticated gifts like this awesome cigar glass and cigar case! Your hubby enjoys the occasional stogie from time to time, but he’ll want to have one every night once he tries out his new cigar-holding rocks glass. Surprise him by filling up the leather cigar case with a couple of his favorite brand of cigars so that he can light one up in celebration of your anniversary!

16. Wooden Keg Personalized Brewery Sign

Engraved Sign Gift for Beer Drinkers

It's fun to make the space you hang out in 100% yours. If you want your husband to really get into the feeling of his spot, get him this awesome personalized wooden keg sign. Made from pure birchwood, this is one of the most durable and authentic keg signs you can get. It's been expertly designed to sit on a flat surface so there's no need to hang it if he doesn't want to. The next time he serves anyone a beer from his stash or home bar, let him sport his spot with this personalized wooden keg sign.

17. Balmain Hair Standard Beard Oil

Balmain beard oil first year anniversary gift with beard comb

Getting an amazing first year wedding anniversary gift for your husband is something that he'll cherish for years. With this high-end beard oil kit, he'll be blown away by the quality and thoughtfulness of your 1st anniversary gift. This kit is incredible as it's from Balmain Hair and comes with a one-of-a-kind beard oil and brush, which are all made from high-quality materials that will keep his beard clean and growing strong. For the bearded husbands, this is a gift he'll absolutely love to use every day.

18. German Style Beer Stein so He Can Drink Beer Like a Viking

Personalized Beer Stein First Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband
Top view of beer stein 1st anniversary gift

Any man who enjoys drinking beer wants to drink it the way his ancestors did: in a big, hefty beer stein! By far one of the coolest and most unique first anniversary gifts for husbands, this German style beer stein has all of the traditional aspects with the decorative pewter lid and crest while also being a modern upgrade with the thick, clear glass. He will feel like a viking every time he uses it and will love having it on display when he’s not drinking out of it!

19. A Beautiful New Cutting Board He Can Use to Make You Dinner

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

For the husband who enjoys cooking, no gift is more thoughtful than this gorgeous new bamboo cutting board! Your husband will love using this cutting board to make all kinds of delicious meals and snacks, especially since he can use it to prepare a gourmet romantic anniversary dinner! This cutting board would go great with a set of spices or steak knives if you want to go all out for your 1st anniversary.

20. First Anniversary Gifts for Husband Don’t Have to Be Boring

Engraved Beer Ammo Can Gift Set

Not sure what to get your husband for your 1st anniversary? Think about the things he likes, what he has, and what he has always wanted. For example, any beer-loving husband has always wanted his very own custom pint glasses! This badass gift set comes with a cool set of personalized glasses as well as a couple of other awesome accessories, all in a matching engraved ammo box, and you just can’t get any 1st anniversary gift cooler than that!

21. Unique Paper Anniversary Gift

Wedding Vow Paper Anniversary Art

Want to give your husband a traditional paper gift for your first anniversary as a married couple? He will be tearing up at the site of this framed paper art of your wedding vows! Most couples don’t remember their vows after a year or two of getting married, but you two will never forget the words you said to each other on your wedding day with this beautiful work of art in your home. Every time he looks at it, he’ll remember being up there at the altar like it was yesterday.


22. Signature Beer First Wedding Anniversary Gift Basket

1st year wedding anniversary gift beer basket set
Man pouring beer into anniversary beer pint glass

There are few 1st year anniversary gifts out there that nail a bunch of his different interests at once. With this signature beer gift basket, you can be certain the 13 items that come with it are going to make him one happy camper. This gift basket is amazing as it comes with four pint sized beer glasses, glass coasters, a bunch of tasty treats, snack bowls, and a fancy box to store everything in. Next time he's hanging out with his buddies watching the game or just blowing off steam, you know he'll be whipping this out for everyone to see.

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23. Custom 1st Anniversary Insulated Coffee Mug

This personalized insulated coffee mug is a fantastic gift idea for your husband. Not only is it practical, but it's also a thoughtful and personalized gift that he can use every day. The fact that it's made from durable, insulated material and has an attached cork coaster makes it even more appealing. It's always nice to have a reliable go-to coffee mug, and this one seems like it would be perfect for that.

24. A Game All Beer Lovers Will Enjoy

Beeropoly board bame with beers and dice around it

Looking for something you two can enjoy together as well as friends who come over? Get this Beeropoly board game, which is packed full of fun and enjoyment you all can cherish the next time you have a party. This board game is similar to Monopoly, but it’s been turned into a fun drinking game. Roll the dice and see where you land, and maybe you can make him take a drink of his beer. There’s absolutely no question he’ll love this gift, beer drinking aficionado or not.

Couple enjoying first wedding anniversary at spa

25. 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers for Your Husband

ELAC 2-way bookshelf speakers

Is he super into blasting his favorite music in the garage, on the patio, or in his home office? Then you've got to get him these amazing 2-way bookshelf speakers for your 1st year wedding anniversary gift. Sometimes high-quality speakers can be really expensive, but these are some of the best quality you can buy without breaking the bank. The sound quality from these speakers is 100% what he's looking for if he enjoys a little rock-out session when he needs it. The best part is they're rather portable, so he can put them wherever it makes sense.

26. Freshen Up Your Home With New Decor

Great Gatsby Personalized Sign

Whether he’s a fan of The Great Gatsby or simply enjoys modern decor, this awesome personalized sign will give a bold new look for his office, home bar, or man cave on your first wedding anniversary. He will love that this cool piece of decor gives his space a refreshing update. You could even pair this sign with a nice edition of his favorite book (The Great Gatsby would be perfect!) or a gold fountain pen for him to use in his office for signing important documents to create one of the coolest 1st anniversary gifts husbands.

27. 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

12 gauge shotgun coaster set with whiskey glasses
Top view of 12 gauge shotgun shell coasters

He may or may not have a set of coasters he uses to put his drinks, but it's unlikely they're really his. Get him his own coasters with these badass shotgun shell coasters, which he can use whenever he sipping on his favorite drink alone or with his friends. These coasters are designed to resemble 12 gauge shotgun shells and come in a pack of four, so he can share the fun with others. They also come with a helpful slip grip padding underneath each coaster, so his drink isn't going anywhere when he sets it down.

28. Something to Document Your Travels Together

Map of the World Paper Anniversary Gift

Do you and your hubby enjoy traveling the world together? Get him this cool map of the world so that he can keep track of everywhere you both have been for your first anniversary! The map comes with a set of pushpins in three colors so that he can put a pin in each place he’s traveled, where you’ve gone, and everywhere you have gone to together. By your 10th anniversary, the map will be full of push pins!

29. The Perfect Place for His Watches

Engraved Watch Case

First wedding anniversary gifts for husbands should show him that you care and that you are happy to be celebrating one year of marriage with him. For any husband who has a watch and nowhere to keep it but the dresser, a custom watch case is the best gift on your anniversary! In fact, you could get him a new watch to go with it! He will love that you got him something so nice and thoughtful so that he can keep his timepieces organized and secure.

30. Nice Whiskey Glass Set to Enjoy Drinks Together

Custom Whiskey Glass Box Set First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband
Whiskey splashing from stones in a twist glass

There is no better way to celebrate a happy year of marriage than with a couple of glasses of your favorite whiskey over a delicious dinner, especially if you use this gorgeous whiskey gift set. Your husband will be in awe of these stunning rocks glasses and the fact that they came in such a handsome wooden gift box that was custom engraved for him. He can use the gift box to store the set in between special occasions or use it to keep his watches, cufflinks, or a collection safe and secure!

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31. Go Big with a Big Beer Mug

Giant Personalized Beer Mug

For the past year, have you noticed your hubby lamenting that his beer bottles are never big enough? Solve his problem with one of the biggest, coolest first anniversary gifts for husbands: a giant custom beer mug! This monstrosity of glass can hold up to an entire liter of beer, which is about three bottles’ worth. Finally, your hubby can kick back and relax in his recliner and enjoy an entire movie or football game on TV without needing to get up for a refill. You’ll win best wife of the year for sure with this awesome gift, just make sure you don’t forget to get him a six-pack of his favorite beer to go with it!

32. Try New Recipes Together

Recipe Book for Couples

Do you two enjoy cooking together? You should get him this adorable couple’s cookbook for your first anniversary! He will love trying new recipes out with you, and you could even pick one to cook together for your anniversary dinner! Who knows? He might surprise you with a gourmet homemade breakfast one day soon with a recipe from his new cookbook!

33. Bulova Black Dial Marine Star Watch

Bulova Black Dial Marine Star Watch

A touch of elegance is all you need if you’re looking to celebrate your 1st anniversary in style. Make him look like a million bucks with this Bulova marine star watch, a watch that’s more than just a sight to see. This watch is impeccably designed and showcases a classy, yet sporty design not seen anywhere else. The indistinguishable aqua blue colored dials make it truly a unique piece that will bring on conversations from many. Make him look incredible with this fancy black dial watch.

1st Anniversary Gift for Husband FAQ

Is the first year anniversary special?

The first year anniversary is arguably the most special as it marks the first full year of a successful marriage. It really sets the tone for the year to come as well as all the future anniversaries. You absolutely want to find a gift that will resonate with him to truly set the tone.

What do I get my husband for our first anniversary?

Like any occasion, you want to get your husband something that matches his interests and, ideally, something you can share together. That could be a whiskey decanter set for two, a hot air balloon ride, or a hatchet he can use on his next camping trip. Whatever gift you end up giving him, make sure it's personalized and is from the heart.

What is a traditional 1 year anniversary gift?

The traditional gift given on 1 year wedding anniversaries is something paper-based. This could be a stationary item, an art print, a picture of both of you, or even some kind of paper jewelry. Of course, this is quite traditional, so nowadays most couples will give something a bit more expensive, like gold or silver, but it entirely depends on the couple and the budget.


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