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Article: 13 Ultimate Cigar Starter Kits

13 Ultimate Cigar Starter Kits

Cigar Starter Kits

Cigars are a luxurious way to enjoy fine tobacco, and for some people, it’s a hobby they indulge in regularly. For someone who wants to get into this sophisticated practice or has just started enjoying stogies, they’ll need a few things to start with. A cigar starter kit is a set of cigar-related items such as a torch or lighter, cigar cutter, ashtray, a humidor, cigar case, cigar stand, and of course a variety of stogies to try. This way, the new cigar smoker will be fully prepared with everything they need to dive into the world of cigars!

A beginner cigar kit is a great gift for any aspiring cigar smoker, just don’t forget to pick up a few different stogies for them to try. Wondering what kind of liquors pair best with cigars? Looking for a gift to give someone who wants to become a cigar aficionado? Are you in search of a set of cigar accessories that will introduce someone to cigars for the first time? We’ll answer all of your questions, so get scrolling!

1. The Ultimate Cigar Starter Kit

Personalized Cigar Starter Kit with Whiskey Glasses
Twist whiskey glass with whiskey splashing

For someone who wants to get into cigars, pairing them with whiskey is one of the first things they should do. This ultimate cigar and whiskey set is the best way to enjoy this perfect pairing! They will love the unique glasses, but they’ll especially be amazed by the handy portable cigar stand and cigar case that allows them to take their stogies on the go. This set has just about everything but the actual cigars and whiskey, so make sure you pick some up before you give the aspiring cigar lover this incredible set.

2. Personalized Cigar Starter Kit With Lighter And Knife-Cigar

Cigar starter kit with cigar knife, cigar cutter, and lighter

Looking to pamper a cigar enthusiast in your life? This customized cigar box set is here to your rescue. This set transforms your cigar kit with style and makes the experience classy. The wooden cigar box in this kit can be personalized to show your appreciation. A multi-purpose knife is included in the box along with a lighter. These two items make the kit more practical. Gift this cigar kit to the cigar lover in your life and watch them reel with happiness.

Man with sunglasses smoking a cigar

3. Man O' War Cigar Starter Set Sampler

Man O' War cigar starter kit

Getting into cigars for the first time is an exciting journey, but it’s not always clear where to start. For sure this cigar sampler with an ashtray is the perfect place to start. This cigar starter kit is amazing for a new smoker since it offers a diverse blend of tobaccos in pairs of two. That means your up-and-coming cigar aficionado can learn the cigar ropes with their friend or he can simply double up. With that plus the ashtray, he’ll be ready to light up his stogies and enjoy them to the fullest.

4. Personalized 30 Cal Ammo Can Cigar Starter Kit

30 cal ammo box cigar starter kit with whiskey glasses

This cigar gift set is a very popular choice among cigar starter kits and is known for bringing everything he’ll need for a cigar smoking session together. The 30-cal ammo can store whiskey glasses, a cigar cutter, a compact lighter, and whatever else he wants. If you or someone you know enjoys premium whiskey and cigars, this kit is certain to make him happy!

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5. Custom Stainless Steel Black Cigar Flask

Cigar flask with two cigars inside

Any gift that’s functional and aesthetic is a gift worth giving. This unique cigar flask is the perfect addition to a cigar starter kit since it’s both stylish and convenient making it a great gift. Durable stainless steel ensures that this product can be cherished for years. He can sip his favorite drink while storing his cigars in a secure compartment. If you love thoughtful gifting, you can personalize it for nice sentimental value. This gift is ideal for a man who turns to cigars and a drink to unwind.

6. Lotus Deception and Chroma Cigar Kit

Cigar starter kit by Lotus Group

Looking for the ideal gift for the cigar lover in your life? This cigar dream pack is exactly what you need. Both beginners and experts will absolutely love this cigar starter kit, which also features a compact lighter and a premium cutter for the cigar prepping process. Each cigar is rich with unique flavors so he’s sure to love them. This is definitely the go-to choice for your friend who’s getting into cigars.

7. Customized Cigar Whiskey Glass and Cigar Kit Case

Cigar case including cigar glass and cigar cutter
Cigar glass with lit cigar and whiskey

It’s hard to be the combination of cigar and whiskey. With this cigar and whiskey glass set, the cigar lover in your life can enjoy both effortlessly. The great part is it features a comprehensive cigar starter kit, a custom whiskey glass with a built-in cigar holder, and a long-lasting cigar case. The etched glass is also a great personal touch that he’ll cherish whenever he sees it.

8. For the Cigar Fan Who Loves Whiskey

Custom Decanter and Cigar Starter Kit

Whether they’re also just getting into whiskey or they’ve been a whiskey lover for some time before pairing it with cigars, this exquisite decanter set makes for an impressive gift. The unique cigar-holding whiskey glasses take the classic pairing of cigars and whiskey to a whole new level, and they’ll love being able to share the experience with a fellow cigar fan! Such an amazing beginner cigar kit is something they’ll enjoy for years to come. Some of the best pairings are a Cohiba Black with Johnny Walker Blue, Four Kicks Selección No. 5 with Tullamore D.E.W., and Knob Creek Quarter Oak with the Partagás.


9. Cedar Lined Custom Leather Cigar Travel Case

Leather cigar kit travel case with cigar cutter
Cigar case opened up in presentation

This good looking leather cigar travel case is truly made for cigar lovers. Its brown leather is stylish and the cedar lining makes it possible to keep his cigars lasting a long time, which will keep his cigars fresh and smelling good. Since it perfectly fits comfortably in any bag, it’s really the perfect travel companion. His collection of luxury cigars will absolutely safe in this bag, making it a top-of-the-line product among cigar starter kits.

10. Cigar Starter Kit with Cigar Humidor and Cigar Glasses

Cigar starter kit with cigar humidor and other cigar accessories

Looking for a set to help the new cigar smoker in your life become an aficionado? This essential cigar kit is perfect! Complete with a cigar cutter, lighter, cigar humidor, and even two cigar glasses, this set has everything a cigar fan needs to enjoy a nice stogie alongside a glass of whiskey. Plus, all the cigar accessories are easily portable within the humidor so that they’re prepared for a stogie whenever they pop it open. Talk about a great cigar starter kit!

Man in suit sitting in chair drinking whiskey and smoking cigar

11. A Sophisticated Cigar Box Set

Engraved Cigar Starter Kit Box Set
Personalized cigar stand with lit cigar

A newcomer to the exotic world of cigars doesn’t have to work their way up with basic cigar necessities, they can start off their new hobby with this luxurious box set! They will love using the unique cigar stand to hold their stogie in between puffs, and the awesome whiskey glass is ideal for a nice glass of scotch on the rocks (well, whiskey stones) to enjoy with their cigar. The handsome black box can store the entire set in between uses or it can house a cigar band collection. This set is by far the most sophisticated cigar starter kit that any beginner would enjoy!

12. The Three Things Every Cigar Fan Needs

Monogrammed Cigar Gift Set

What do you give someone who is just getting into smoking cigars? This awesome ashtray gift set! They may have an ashtray already, but they definitely don’t have a genuine marble one that’s custom engraved with their initials. And they certainly won’t have the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass! This stunning cigar set is sure to make any cigar fan feel like a sophisticated aficionado, even if they’re just starting out.

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13. Custom Cigar Starter Kit Case with Cigar Cutter

Leather cigar travel case with metal cigar cutter

This personalized cigar travel case is a must-have for anyone looking for a cigar starter kit. This case is perfect for everyday use as well as long journeys, and its design makes sure that his cigars remain safe, fresh, and smelling good. On top of all that, it comes with a sharp, high-quality cigar cutter. So no matter where he’s at, he can light up a cigar on the spot.

Cigar Starter Kit FAQ

What is a cigar starter kit?

A cigar starter kit is a set of cigar accessories that allow a brand-new cigar smoker to partake in the journey of a cigar aficionado with one gift. These starter kits normally come with a cigar cutter, ashtray, lighter, stand, and case. However, they can also include cigar glasses and even humidors and hygrometers. There really is a diverse set of amazing cigar starter kits for any new cigar smoker!

How do I choose a cigar starter kit as a gift?

If you're planning to gift a cigar starter kit, it's important to consider the recipient's experience with cigars. For beginners, it's best to choose a kit that includes a cigar box, a reliable lighter, and a cutter. For more experienced smokers, focus on cigar kits that offer high-quality and unique accessories such as a personalized humidor or a sophisticated cigar case. Additionally, it's important to consider the kit's presentation and whether it matches his style.

When should you gift a cigar kit?

A cigar starter kit makes for an outstanding gift on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day, or as a congratulatory gesture. It’s an ideal present for someone who relishes cigars or is keen on starting. Moreover, it is an excellent gift for groomsmen or as a sophisticated thank-you present.


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