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Article: Best Scotch Glasses of 2024 - Ranked and Reviewed

Best Scotch Glasses of 2024 - Ranked and Reviewed

Best Scotch Glasses

The world of scotch is extremely vast and nuanced, so finding the best scotch glasses as a gift to the scotch lover in your life might pose a challenge. There are endless numbers of designs out there and each caters to a different style and personality of drinker. There are even some scotch whiskey glasses that are objectively better than others. So how can you decide?

No worries, we've got you covered. As you read on, you'll learn everything you need to know to find the best glass for scotch that fits his style. From properly aerated glasses to glasses with cigar holders, you'll find everything you'll need right here. So let's get into it!

1. Custom Glencairn Glass Set - The Best Glasses in Town

Glencairn glasses set
Man smelling from Glencairn glass

If you're looking for the go-to scotch whiskey glass that's known to be the best all around the world, look no further than these custom Glencairn whiskey glasses. These are specifically designed to optimize the smell and taste of every single whiskey you put into it. Not only are these arguably the best glasses out there, but they're also personalizeable to maximize the value he'll get when he opens this gift. These glasses are truly one-of-a-kind and deserve space in every scotch lover's home bar.

2. Single Roosevelt Scotch Whiskey Glass

Roosevelt glass half filled

Few scotch whiskey glasses match the style and tradition of this Roosevelt whisky glass. This scotch whiskey glass is made from pure crystal and has the fine Roosevelt-style design that's so well known in the scotch drinking world. As one of the cool scotch glasses on the market, this single piece is something you can confidently give as a gift and know he's going to love. This is truly the ideal glass to gift to the scotch connoisseur in your life.

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3. Iconic Best Glass for Scotch by Norlan

Norlan glass with double walls

You want the scotch lover in your life to be able to kick back and relax with their favorite drink, so why not get him a glass that'll enhance the experience? Get him this double walled whiskey glass to do just that. This is one of the few scotch whiskey glasses that's crafted with a scientific design vitually guaranteeing the enhancement of his favorite whiskey's aroma and taste. Thanks to the double walled glass and the interior shale, he'll get the perfect temperature and aeration for his scotch. And it's pretty darn affordable!

4. Scotch Whisky Serving Set

Presentation Set with Four Glasses

For the person who loves to entertain, why not make serving your guests easy? This handsome scotch serving set comes etched with your family name and last initial and is perfectly designed to allow you to easily serve guests in style. With plenty of unique scotch glasses to go around, everyone can enjoy your favorite and finest scotch.

Man sitting on floor drinking from glass

5. Personalized Scotch Whiskey Glasses and Decanter Set

Two glasses with cigar holders and decanter
Man in suit holding cigar glass with lit cigar attached

Scotch and cigars don't go well together, said no one ever. For the cigar and scotch lovers in your life, get them this engraved scotch whiskey decanter and cigar holder set. It's perfect for him to drink his scotch while keeping his favorite stogie close by. These cigar holders are some of the nice scotch glasses to choose from because they're multifunctional and they look great. The best part is the whole set including the scotch whiskey glasses is fully personalizable.

6. Riedel’s Best Scotch Glasses

Two Riedel whiskey glasses

Sometimes you just have to splurge on a nice gift for the scotch fan in your life, which is what you'll do if you get him these crystal whiskey glasses. Made by Riedel from high-end crystal, these scotch whiskey glasses are perfectly designed for all types of whiskey especially single malt whiskey. This set of two glasses is a prime candidate for the cool scotch glasses on this list and will be much appreciated as a gift to your scotch whiskey drinker.

7. Japanese Scotch Glasses

Osaka Japanese glass

Intriguing and eye-catching, when you break out this bad boy people are going to notice. Great for slowly sipping a scotch, this Japanese Osaka spinning glass adds dimension to your liquor and would look great next to a custom decanter or a fine cigar. Coming in as a solo glass and holding 10 oz it's great for sipping a fancy bottle of scotch in relax mode.

8. Set of Four Aerating Glasses

Best glasses for aeration process

One of the key features of the best glasses is their ability to properly aerate the scotch inside the glass. That's where this set of aerating whiskey glasses shine making every swirl and sip of his favorite scotch that much better. The unique design's primary function is to optimally aerate the drink without sacrificing the aesthetics. Any scotch enthusiast would appreciate a scotch whiskey glass like this and would be a great addition to his home bar.

9. A High-Quality, Original Scotch Decanter Set

Custom Decanter Box Set
Liquid pouring into personalized glass

A personalized box set with a matching decanter and whiskey glasses in tow? That is something that will make every drink feel special. Each time you go from a drink of Glenlivet or Johnny Walker, you know it’ll taste far better when it is out of this matching box set. As you are an original scotch drinker, you know the importance of a quality decanter and glassware set. And with a set like this, you know every drink will feel original!

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10. Bullet Proof Whisky Glasses

Bullet Stone Set with Two Glasses

A glass for scotch can easily be as simple as an old fashioned glass; however, if you’re a major fan of scotch, that doesn’t mean that you should settle there. Elevate your game and make it fun with custom old fashioned glasses that have been engraved with your initials, and that also come with fun and cool bullet whisky stones. Perfect for chilling your drink and looking badass while doing so, these stones will keep your scotch pure and won’t dilute it like ice does when it melts.

11. One of the Chillest Scotch Glasses

Old Fashioned Glass with Stone Spheres

One of the finest things about enjoying a quality whisky is when it is chilled to perfection. The cold temperature helps to cut some of the sharpness of the alcohol, allowing you to enjoy the purest of flavors. This personalized glass with whisky spheres ensures that even if your bottle isn't chilled, your drink always will be. Simply place a few spheres inside and your drink will be at the perfect sipping temperature in no time!

12. Truman-Style Crystal Scotch Whiskey Glasses

Four Truman Crystal Whiskey Glasses

You can always get him a single scotch whiskey glass for him to savor in his own time, but a set is always appreciated whenever he's with his friends. This four-piece crystal whiskey glass set is the perfect choice for that exact occasion. Designed with Truman-style scotch whiskey glasses, he'll get to enjoy each sip of his scotch with a touch of style and tradition. These are super comfortable glasses to hold in your hand, too. These are definitely some of the unique scotch glasses you can get today.


13. Glamorous Scotch Whiskey Glass

Zwiesel-Glas scotch whiskey glass

Fancy scotch should sit in a fancy glass, which is exactly what you'll get with this handcrafted whiskey glass by Zwiesel-Glas. Again, this single scotch whiskey glass is handcrafted, so the amount of time and effort that was put into crafting each fine detail is incredible. There's no question it's one of the nice scotch glasses on the market and the price shows that to be true. If you're looking for one of the high-end scotch whiskey glasses out there, you found it.

14. Legendary Set of Glasses for Scotch Drinkers

Whiskey stone set with two glassses
Man grasping glass on pool table

Feel like a legend each time you hold your whiskey glasses with a custom and legendary crystal glass box set. Great for sharing a drink with a friend, this two-glass set ensures that every sip will feel and taste as sophisticated as the last one.

15. The Classic Scotch Whiskey Glass

Personalized rocks Glass with liquor inside

Whether your glass is filled with ice or you take it neat, this personalized whiskey glass will always have it looking like you have some of the coolest features in your drink thanks to this glacial design in the base. Add in the personalization and this glass will be one of the most unique gifts to have in any scotch drinker’s glassware cabinet.

Men in suits drinking whiskey

16. A Set for All Styles of Scotch Tasting

Personalized Tasting Liquor Glass Box Set

Why leave yourself with only one kind of glass when you could have all the glasses you’d ever need? This scotch tasting set comes with two tasting glasses, two Glencairns, and two old fashioned glasses. No matter the occasion, you’ll be ready to make the most out of your scotch. This box set also has whisky stones so you can keep your drinks safe from dilution due to ice.

17. Monogrammed Old Fashioned Glass

Monogrammed Glass with leather holder

Don’t sweat your next glass of scotch. No, seriously! This leather-wrapped scotch glass not only looks classy but ensures you have a firm grasp on your glass without warming the liquor inside. While one of these with your initials is cool, a whole set of monogrammed glasses like this in your home bar will show all your friends just how serious you are about your hobby!

18. Incredible Scotch Drink Smoker

Liquor Smoke Box Set
Smoker kit with glass zoom in

Want to experience scotch in a way you didn't even know was possible? This advanced drink smoker allows you to add spices, wood chips, and that distinct smoke flavor to any of your favorite scotches. Show off your newfound skillset to your friends and family.

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19. Custom Scotch Rolling Glass

Custom Rolling Glass

Swirl your glasses with ease with this custom rolling glass. Balanced so it will never spill but also never sit upright, this glass with a rounded base makes mixing your scotch easier than ever, plus it looks incredibly stylish when your glass does all the mixing and rolling for you.

20. Engraved Cigar and Scotch Box Set

Cigar Gift Set with various accessories

The old-fashioned glass has been a staple for scotch whisky drinkers for years. They’re straightforward, and make enjoying a good drink a breeze. However, you can take things up a notch by getting a personalized cigar and scotch box set! Perfect for pairing the two vices together, it’ll never be easier to enjoy an Ashton VSG and Lagavulin or a Padron 1926 with Springbank.

21. Huckleberry’s Best Glasses of NW Mountains

Peaks NW mountain liquor glasses
Mount Hood glass zoom in

Having a set of scotch whiskey glasses to share with your buddies is always nice, so get him this set of unique whiskey glasses. Inside each glass is an actual glass sketch of the mountains in the Pacific Northwest, which is hand blown for each single glass. For the outdoorsman who enjoys his scotch, this is the fancy scotch glass set for him. It's hard to appreciate these glasses without seeing them in person, so get him these if you think they'll be up his alley.

22. Monogrammed Square Rocks Glass

Rutherford style scotch whiskey glass

Looking for an absolute classic scotch glass? Look no further than this square rocks glass, which is perfect for drinking scotch and any other type of whiskey you think he'll savor. This style of glass is perfect for any whiskey drink and is designed in the Rutherford style known around the world. With a round rim and square base, it's easy to sip from and it'll sit firmly wherever he puts it down. When it comes to glasses, there's no more tried and true than this.


23. DiMera Scotch Nosing Glass Set

Crested Liquor Glass Set

Whisky from different regions of Scotland have signature scents, due to the grains that are native to those areas, and even the particles in the air. This scotch nosing glass set is useful for exploring these distinctions. Because the bottom of the reservoir is wider than the upper lip, the aromas build up inside until you are ready to smell. Some tasters hold their hand gently over the top to magnify the aromas.

Bearded man sitting on couch near decanter set

24. A New Twist on Glasses

Engraved Twist Glass Luxury Box Set
Twist glass splashing with whiskey stones

Put some modern flair on classic liquor such as scotch with these custom twist glasses. Arriving at your door inside a gorgeous black box set, they make for a great surprise gift for a scotch whisky lover or as a fantastic gift to yourself. Although new in design, they have a classic appearance and feel in the hand making them perfect for enjoying your favorite bottle of Laphroaig!

25. Scotch Decanter Globe and Glassware Set

Globe decanter set with two glasses

A nice scotch will always be appreciated by any true scotch lover anywhere in the world. Toast to the scotch drinkers all around the world with this globe decanter set. With an iconic design, the decanter contains a glass blown ship that's submerged beneath your delicious scotch while the entire decanter is perched up by a custom designed wooden stand. On top of that, there are two worldly glasses for scotch so you can share your next cheers with someone special.

26. Square Whiskey Glasses with Decanter

Four Square Glasses and Decanter

For something a little more masculine, you might like these square whiskey glasses. More suitable for blended varieties, the size is generous enough for a few cubes of ice, or a giant ice cube if you wish. These classic rocks glasses also include a timeless monogram, making them ideal for gifting at anniversary and retirement milestones.


27. Sculpted Glasses and Decanter

Decanter with Sculpted Glasses
Pouring liquor into sculpted glass

Sometimes it's a special occasion, but sometimes it's only Tuesday. These sculpted glasses are perfect for the latter made from durable glass but still stylish, and they hold plenty of the good stuff, since some mid-range blended varieties actually taste better with a cube or two. The engraved wood box this scotch set comes in is nice too, and endless useful for storing most anything, socks, ties, watches, you name it.

28. Monogrammed Luxury Whisky Glasses

Monogrammed Luxury Rocks Glasses

The best glass for scotch has a way of keeping things simple while also looking incredibly refined. These monogrammed glasses for instance are classic rocks glass while also having an ornate base with a starburst pattern. This unique base refracts light and highlights the golden hues within your scotch, making each sip feel incredibly refined. Make every occasion memorable when you use an unforgettable set of fancy scotch glasses.

29. Take Aim at This Custom Decanter Set

Bullet Decanter and Glassware Gift Set

Hey, it is time that you take a shot at getting new glasses for your home bar. Okay, that is a cheesy pun, but just look at this set and you cannot act like you’re not going to make your own puns when it's in your hands. The gorgeous engraved decanter set comes with a bullet in each glass as well as the decanter making this one of the most badass scotch gifts on the market, it comes with the same benefits as a standard decanter and glassware set, but this one just looks way cooler!

Best Scotch Glasses FAQ

What type of glass is best for scotch?

Hands down the best glass for scotch is the Glencairn design due to their unique tulip bulb shape. This shape helps optimally aerate scotch so that each time he takes a sip he has an ideal balance of taste and smell. It's also easy to swirl, which enhances the aeration even more.

Are scotch glasses and whiskey glasses the same?

Scotch glasses and whiskey glasses are just two sets of words that mean the same thing. Snifter glasses and tumblers are some of the most traditional glasses used, which is quite common for people drinking scotch as well as other types of whiskey. The point is that all these different types of glasses are designed specifically to bring about the best tasting experience possible. The preference between one type of glass over another will most certainly differ between people and the types of whiskey those people are drinking, including scotch.

Is crystal or glass better for whiskey?

Both are excellent choices for whiskey when compared to other materials, but there is a difference in experience. Crystal is much fancier in design and aesthetics while regular glass is generally more durable and familiar. However, crystal is known for altering the taste a bit of whiskey since it can have traces of lead in the material, but lead-free crystal is always an option (and should be sought).


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