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Article: 17 Traditional Wedding Gifts Every Couple Needs

17 Traditional Wedding Gifts Every Couple Needs

17 Traditional Wedding Gifts Every Couple Needs

Find the Best Traditional Wedding Gifts Here!

Traditional wedding gifts play a huge part in cultures all around the world, but what is a traditional gift in America? Kitchen gadgets, home decor, and his-and-hers gifts are just a few examples. Traditional wedding gifts should be helpful, practical items that will help the bride and groom in their new lives together. Whether it’s a cool tech gift for their kitchen, an elegant set of drinkware for their home bar, or a custom wedding gift, every couple in 2022 needs these incredible items in their lives!

A Beautiful Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Wedding Whiskey Decanter Set

One of the most popular and traditional wedding gifts is a nice decanter set, like this one. The bride and groom will need a nice set of glassware to enjoy and serve guests whiskey, rum, vodka, or other fine spirits. This gorgeous set comes with a decanter, four unique rocks glasses, and a handy wooden storage box to keep it in. The happy couple will love that each piece of this decanter set is personalized with their new last name and the date of their wedding, making it perfect for them to use on special occasions such as Christmas and their anniversary. The tradition of giving a decanter set is just as popular in Ireland, where they also give makeup bells that either the bride or groom can ring to end an argument.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Set of Two Champagne Flutes for the Bride and Groom

Champagne flutes and weddings go hand in hand, so it’s no wonder that giving a couple a nice set of glasses has become a traditional and great wedding gift! The lovebirds can use these to give their wedding toasts at the reception and at every toast-worthy moment afterward. The flutes are personalized with their names, “Bride” and “Groom,” as well as their wedding date. They’ll love using these every time something wonderful happens in their marriage, such as a new job, house, promotion, getting pregnant, and their anniversaries.

A Bamboo Cutting Board for the Couple Who Loves to Cook Together

A Bamboo Cutting Board Makes A Great Traditional Wedding Gift

Cutting boards are the perfect traditional wedding gifts for any couple whether they cook all the time or just want a decorative piece for their kitchen. This beautiful bamboo cutting board is perfect for meal prepping, chopping, seasoning, or anything else that would usually make a mess of the counters. The bride and groom will love the elegant monogram of their initials and the classy touch it brings to their kitchen.

Set of Four Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses for Wedding Gifts

Wine glasses make great wedding gifts, and they’re pretty traditional too. This set of stemmed wine glasses are personalized, adding a thoughtful touch. The bride and groom will love using these large red wine glasses on date nights and serving their friends and family when they visit.

Custom Marble Coasters

Personalized Marble Wedding Coasters

Bet you didn’t think coasters would make great wedding gifts! These lovely marble coasters will ensure that all of the couple’s new furniture stays safe from condensation stains. The set of four is even personalized with their names and wedding date in a cute Mr. & Mrs. design they are sure to love.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer

5 Quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer for Wedding Registry

One of the most traditional wedding gifts of 2019 is the KitchenAid 5-Quart 10-Speed Stand Mixer! This incredibly useful kitchen gadget will make the couple’s cooking and baking so much easier. The large 5-quart bowl is huge and plenty big enough to hold all kinds of recipes from cake batter to pasta. It even comes with four different types of mixers to get them started. Since they get to make food together, this is one of the best wedding gifts for couples who have everything. One of the coolest things about the mixer is that KitchenAid makes tons of different attachments for it, like an ice cream maker, spiralizer, chopper, and more! The lovebirds will be so excited to have such an awesome kitchen gadget.

Gold Bar Tool Set

Gold Three Piece Bartending Tool Set

The bride and groom will need a bar tool set to complete their new home together, and this gold set is perfect. It will look great on their new bar cart or on the counter of their home bar no matter what kind of decor they have. The set includes the basic tools the couple needs to make quality cocktails: a shaker, bar spoon and muddler combo, jigger, and a strainer. To make it a great wedding gift, make sure to include a couple of bottles of liquor and mixers to get them started.

Personalized Sign for the New Home

Personalized Family Name Sign for the Bride and Groom's New Home

Custom family signs are on the rise, making it one of the latest traditional wedding gifts every couple wants to have. This lovely sign features their family name and the date of their wedding as a unique, homey, and welcoming decor they will want to display in the entryway or living room.

His and Hers Moscow Mule Mugs

Set of Two His and Hers Hammered Copper Mugs

Copper mugs remain popular and traditional wedding gifts for couples in 2019. The genuine copper of these two mugs make cocktails taste crisper, and they stay cold thanks to the natural coolness. This set of his-and-hers Moscow Mule mugs is the perfect starting set of copper drinkware for a bride and groom. They’ll love using the mugs for drinking cocktails, tea, coffee, juice, or any beverage they want. They will also enjoy the included gift box, which is the perfect size for storing bar tools or mini cocktail mixers.

Fine Crystal Decanter Set for Entertaining and Special Occasions

A Crystal Decanter Set Inspired by Irish Traditional Wedding Gifts

Crystal is probably the singular most traditional as well as one of the great wedding gifts of all time whether it’s fine serving plates or glasses, like this set. The gorgeous Italian crystal decanter set comes with a gorgeous liquor decanter and six equally striking glasses. Perfect for special occasions, the couple will be so happy to have a nice set of glasses to serve their family with at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries. They can keep the decanter on display on their bar cart or home bar area as a classy piece of decor when not being used to pour their favorite spirits.


The Gift of a Quality Home Cooked Meal: A 10-in-1 Function Instant Pot

Six Quart 10-in-1 Instant Pot

Move over toaster ovens and slow cookers, Instant Pots are the best new kitchen gadgets for traditional wedding gifts! This incredible pressure cooker has over 10 different functions from making yogurt to steaming rice that will make the couple’s cooking easier and more efficient than ever before. You could include a couple of the popular cookbooks to help them master their amazing gift early on in their marriage.

A Unique Piece of Decor to Celebrate Their Love

Unique Personalized Street Sign Art for the Bride and Groom

Cute couple signs are another kind of traditional wedding gifts that are always a big hit with the bride and groom. This sweet street sign design is a unique art piece that will bring a personal touch to any room they display it in. Certainly a conversation-starter, the sign catches the eye and is a one-of-a-kind gift the couple will treasure forever.

A Quality Set of Whiskey Glasses for Entertaining

Set of Four Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Quality drinkware is an always-appreciated wedding gift, especially for a couple that enjoys whiskey. These unique Glencairn glasses are the best way to drink scotch or bourbon as the glasses are specially designed to enhance both the flavors and aromas, ensuring the perfect taste with each sip. The bride and groom will love using these for their nightcaps, date night drinks, and entertaining glasses when company visits.

Wine to Celebrate Their First Anniversary

Personalized Wine Gift Box with Tools

An ever-increasingly popular traditional wedding gift is a bottle of wine that is meant to be saved until the newlyweds’ first wedding anniversary. This is a romantic tradition that gives the couple a gift to look forward to enjoying after their first year together. Keeping the bottle safe and untouched will be a test of their patience as well, an important quality in a happy marriage. With this beautiful gift box, the couple will be ready to enjoy that year-old bottle of wine as the gift box includes all of the essential wine tools: a foil cutter, aerator, corkscrew, and stopper. They will also love the thoughtful engraving on the top of the gift box of their names and wedding date (or, you could have it be the date of their anniversary a year from now).

Engraved Slate Cheese Board for Sophisticated Snacking

Custom Engraved Cheese Board

Another traditional wedding gift is a cheese board for those classy adult gatherings where the couple and their friends sample fancy cheeses and wines. The bride and groom can do so with this handsome slate cheese board, which is engraved with their names. The couple can also use this elegant serving board to enjoy snacks and finger foods from as they relax together while watching a movie or TV show.

HamiltonBeach Coffee Maker

Coffee Makers Have Become Traditional Wedding Gifts in 2019

Do the bride and groom love coffee? Then a classic coffee maker will make a great wedding gift for them. The HamiltonBeach coffee machine will brew both a pot of coffee for them to share in the morning as well as their trusty travel mugs to take to work. They can even program it to turn on automatically so that they have fresh, hot coffee ready for them when they wake up each day.

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller for Their Home Bar

Custom Genuine Marble Wine Chiller

Nothing ruins wine quicker than warmth, but thanks to this wine chiller, the couple will never have to worry about that again! This gorgeous genuine marble wine chiller is one of the most popular items on wedding registries and has become a uniquely traditional wedding gift. As the centerpiece for their home bar, they will love the touch of class it adds to their home. Now every date night, special occasion, and family gatherings will always have nice, cold wine to go around!


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