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Article: 23 Classic 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

23 Classic 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

23 Classic 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary with These Amazing Gifts:

3 years together is a great accomplishment! You and your spouse know each other like the back of your own hand by this point in your relationship. However, that doesn’t make anniversary gifts any easier. Finding the perfect gift for the one you love most can always feel as challenging as mustering up the courage to ask them out all those years ago. That is okay though, it shows you still love them and want to get them the best 3rd wedding anniversary you can find! These are leather anniversary gifts if you want to go the traditional route or crystal and glass if you want to be a little more modern. Regardless of the medium you choose, these awesome and custom anniversary gifts should be as unique as your significant other! Get them a mind-blowing gift for your 3rd wedding anniversary with one of these epic gifts!

A Classy Decanter Set for Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Crystal Twist Decanter Set for 3rd Wedding Anniversary

There is nothing quite like reliving the beauty of your wedding day, and other than another ceremony, few things will be as elegant as this custom twist decanter box set. Now, you and your spouse can have a toast toward 3 great years together with many happy years in the future from this awesome gift set! It is so gorgeous in fact, that this will become your new favorite centerpiece for your home bar or counter-top!

A Space for All Their Gifts Past, Present, & Future

Leather Anniversary Watch Case

Looking for more of a traditional gift? This personalized watch case is wrapped with leather making it fit perfectly for your 3rd wedding anniversary. Not only is it a gorgeous gift, but it will make your spouse’s life so much easier, too! From never search for earrings again to having the perfect watch display, this set can do it all! It even fits perfectly on dressers. So, not only will it clean up their pile of accessories or keep them from losing their favorite watch, it’ll be the accent piece that really helps tie the bedroom or walk-in closet together.

Celebrate with a Classy Champagne Gift Set

Engraved Champagne Flute Gift Basket

Capture the joy and excitement of your wedding day with a personalized champagne gift basket. Celebrating will never be the same when you and your loved one get to use matching champagne glasses for anniversaries or major events! Even the gift box of this set is as classy as the crystal glasses, you can’t ask for much more of a sophisticated crystal gift for anniversaries than this! This set is so good that you'll probably be sipping bubbly from the glasses in a decade when you're opening your 10 year anniversary gifts!

One of the Most Classic Leather Anniversary Gifts

Leather Duffle Bag

A leather bag is one of the most classic leather anniversary gifts. Why? Simple, everyone can always use a great-looking leather bag in their life! Whether they use it for overnight trips, their daily office bag, or want to look like the most dapper person in the gym, the possibilities are endless!

The Coolest Gift Box for Wine

Wine Presentation Set of Leather Anniversary Gifts

Don’t just show up for your anniversary with a bottle of wine. Sure, it makes a great gift that makes the night all the more romantic, but you can do so much more. Dress that bottle up with the perfect presentation set! Embossed with both your names and your wedding date, this is the best way possible to gift a bottle of wine, plus it even comes with all the tools to enjoy it too! Make this a traditional gift from now on and get an extra bottle to save for your fourth anniversary to keep inside the gift box once the one for this year has been thoroughly enjoyed.


Stunning Crystal Presentation Set

Monogrammed Crystal Decanter Set for 3rd Anniversary

Make your anniversary as stunning as the day you got married with a monogrammed presentation set. This gift isn’t stunningly simply because of the gorgeous crystal (although it definitely helps) but the monogram of your shared initials shows how much time, effort, and thought went into your gift for this special occasion.

A New Shade of Crystal

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Keep them looking as stunning as ever, even in the brightest sunlight with these crystal sunglasses! Everyone looks great in a set of Ray-Ban sunglasses and with this classic gold look, they’ll know you went the extra mile to find a spectacular gift for their anniversary!

Embossed Leather Poker Set

Embossed Poker Set of Leather Anniversary Gifts

Got a spouse who can’t get enough of their poker night? This poker set of leather anniversary gifts is exactly what you’ve been looking for to help make this 3rd anniversary as memorable as possible! Now, they can toss out that old, beat set of cards and chips and replace them with this gorgeous set that quite literally has their name written on it!

What is a 3rd Wedding Anniversary Without a Little Wine?

Personalized Wine 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Set

There is no better way to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary than with a fantastic glass of wine! However, the drink is only half of what makes it good, to make it truly memorable, you simply must enjoy it from this personalized wine gift box set. Your spouse will be blown away when they see your last name on every piece of this gift set! Now, every glass of wine, even the one after work, will feel like dining at a Michelin 3-star restaurant!

These Leather Gifts are on a Roll

Leather Tech Roll

In today's day and age, everyone brings a bit of tech with them no matter where they go. While they are wonderful tools, the only downside is that they need to be charged. That means cords and chargers (sometimes headphones too) getting tangled in pockets. Instead of dealing with insanely complicated pocket knots, get them a classy leather roll for their anniversary to keep them organized! Traveling with tech will never have been so easy!

A 3-Year Anniversary Gift for the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box Set for 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate your anniversary in style with some champagne. However, being a milestone anniversary, make sure you can hold onto some memories too with this engraved shadow box gift set! From flowers to love notes written to one another, you can keep the most sentimental items inside and enjoy them each time you walk by this awesome gift in the living room, hallway, or office!

The Perfect Sign for Couples

Rustic Wooden Couples Sign

Make your house feel like a home with a personalized wooden sign! This is a fantastic 3rd wedding anniversary gift since it is a reminder of your love for one another each time you walk by the sign in the living room, kitchen, or even by the front door!

A Classy Crystal Smoke Box Gift Set

Custom Smoke Box Anniversary Gift Set

Even after 3 years together, your relationship is still smoking with chemistry. Show them how things are still hot with a smoke box gift set! Aside from creating delicious drinks infused with things like cedar or thyme, this is a fun and sophisticated-looking activity you and your spouse can do together toward the end of every date night, how cool is that for an anniversary gift?

Picture Yourself Surrounded by Crystal

Crystal Picture Frame for 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Surround yourself in crystal for such a monumental anniversary with a picture frame made from gorgeous crystal glass! Inside, you can put your favorite picture as a couple and gift it to your significant other as a fantastic sentimental gift! After all, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Personalized Crystal Decanter Gift Set

Glencairn Decanter Gift Set

Your 3rd wedding anniversary needs to feel just as classy and elegant as the day you got married and when you are toasting to each other without a set of crystal Glencairn glasses and a decanter, few things in life could feel better! Ideal for your go-to scotch, whiskey, or bourbon, you’ll feel like the most sophisticated couple in the world while you celebrate your special day.


Engraved Wine Glass Gift Set

Stemless Wine Gift Box for Couples

Say cheers to three years with the classiest wine glass gift set that is perfect for your 3rd wedding anniversary. These crystal glasses are just like the crystal tradition—modern! Stemless glasses are one of the most fun and stylish ways to enjoy a glass of merlot or a pinot grigio. Now, whenever you or your husband/wife want to have a drink with dinner (even after your anniversary) you can be sure you’ll both reach for this gorgeous gift set.

Catchall All of the Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Leather Anniversary Gifts are Custom Catchalls

Make your leather anniversary gifts as useful as possible with this unique catchall tray! Great for either husband or wife, catchalls are the best place for them to empty their pockets as soon as they walk in the door. Now, they’ll never be searching for their keys or wallet ever again since they’ll always be in this one spot!

The Perfect Wine Decanter Set for Anniversaries

Personalized Wine Decanter Gift Set

Open your world up to a whole new world of class and sophistication with a personalized wine decanter gift set! Ideal for your anniversary dinner, this will be the most useful centerpiece on a table ever! Now, not only will the conversation and date night be better but the wine will be too! Just like your marriage, wine gets better with age but when you oxidize it in a decanter, you’ll have the best flavors ever!

Celebrate the 3rd Wedding Anniversary in Style

Wedding Anniversary Sign

Celebrate your love for each other with this awesome anniversary sign! Every time the two of you look at it or even walk past it, you’ll think of all the great times you’ve had over the last three years and probably your wedding day too! Better still, a sign this good looking still goes perfectly in every room of the house too, bedroom, living room, kitchen, doesn’t matter! It will look amazing!

A Set of Leather Anniversary Gifts They’ll Take Everywhere

Embossed Flask Box of Leather Anniversary Gifts

Got a spouse who's always on the go? Make sure they can actually enjoy their anniversary gift with this leather-wrapped flask gift set! Not only does it work perfectly as a leather gift but, it comes with their initials! This flask set is actually twice as useful as a normal one too. Now, normally a flask ensures they can have a little nip when they’re far from home or a bar. However, the two of you can use this set to toast toward more happy years together thanks to the shot glasses.

They’re The Apple of Your Eye

Crystal Apple

A cute reminder of your love is one of the best 3rd wedding anniversary gifts you can give. This gorgeous apple is a fantastic sentimental gift they can keep with them wherever they spend their time the most. At home or in the office, they can easily put this on a spot on their desk so even on the busiest days they’ll be reminded of your love!

Your Spouse Means the World to You

Etched Globe Decanter Gift Set

Of course, they mean the world to you, why else would you have married them? Still, it can’t hurt to remind them that they’re your everything with this custom, crystal globe decanter gift set! After a night out on the town, there are few better ways to spend it than with the person you love, some good whiskey, and this globe decanter for the two of you to plan your next international trip!

A Custom Gift Box

Personalized Keepsake Gift Box

Still need to find the perfect way to show your loved one your present and how much you love them? Put your most sentimental gifts inside this gorgeous and sophisticated gift box. Customized with your last name, it’ll be like they’re opening a treasure chest made just for them when they peak inside to find whatever you got them for your anniversary!


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