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Article: 21 Top-Notch Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends (That You Can Personalize)

21 Top-Notch Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends (That You Can Personalize)

21 Top-Notch Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends (That You Can Personalize)

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend That He's Sure to Love

The holiday season is a romantic time for couples and you want to get your boyfriend something both thoughtful and cool. The best and most thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriends are things that he will use year round, relates to what he already likes, and of course, every man loves something personalized just for him! After all, your boyfriend will love cool Christmas gifts, but when you make them unique to him, there is no way they won't be his favorite gifts of all time! Finding a gift that you know he already likes and adding his name or initials to it makes it a one-of-a-kind gift and shows that you care. You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome Christmas gifts for boyfriends!

Legendary Ammo Can Gift Set for Men

Personalized Ammo Box Whiskey Christmas Gift Set for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend either is, thinks he is, or wants to be a legendary man. This Christmas, he’ll know just how awesome he is with this incredible gift. Included is a custom .50 caliber genuine military-grade ammunition can, two personalized rocks glasses, an engraved 2-in-1 cigar flask, and a cigar cutter. Now your man can share a legendary toast with you with the glasses and then enjoy a professionally cut stogie after Christmas dinner. The super cool ammo can be used for storing ammunition, winter gear, tools, or keepsakes. Every piece in this set except for the cutter are engraved his name followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” With this personalized Christmas gift your boyfriend, he’ll have the best holiday yet.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Gun Lover

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stones Set

Is your boyfriend really into guns? He gets a new one every year and he loves getting new gun parts and ammo as gifts for his birthday. But what about Christmas? This year, step it up a notch and surprise him with one of the coolest personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends who love guns: a monogrammed whiskey glass set with bullet whiskey stones! He'll think that the stainless steel stones are real bullets at first, and he will want to pop them in the freezer to test their chilling ability for his favorite scotch right away. The two of you can share a nice glass of chilled whiskey together after opening presents with his new set. He might not even open the rest of his presents after seeing this one because it's just so awesome!

Custom Beer Growler for Traveling

Personalized Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Is your boyfriend a beer lover, traveler, or home brewer? Then this stainless steel beer growler is the perfect thoughtful Christmas gift for your boyfriend. This huge 64 ounce growler will keep his beer or other beverages cold and fresh all day long in winter or summer. It’s perfect for bringing beer to share when the two of you go camping, caroling, or to your family’s house for Christmas. He’ll use it all year long to bring beer, water, or other liquor on his travels to keep his thirst quenched!

Help Him Start a Home Bar

Personalized Wooden Bar Sign

Has your man always wanted his very own home bar? He's started on it a little this year with a clear space, a couple of bar stools, and a decent collection of liquor. However, he's missing a few things. One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriends is a custom wooden bar sign! The perfect piece of decor to make his home bar official, he will love the unique graphics and the fact that it's personalized just for him. You can theme all of your Christmas presents around completing his home bar by also getting him a keg, tap handles, neon lights, or a decanter!

Custom Mug for the Coffee Lover

Personalized Black and White Coffee Mug

Does your boyfriend love coffee almost as much as he loves you? Then he’ll love this personalized mug! You can customize with two lines of text in your choice of font, so the options are endless for making this one of the sweetest Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. He can use it every morning at home or keep it at work so that he has his own custom mug for his additional cups throughout the day. For coffee lovers, anything to do with coffee is the best kind of Christmas gift.

Personalized Chalkboard Tap Handle

Custom Beer Tap Handle with Chalkboard Surface

Does your boyfriend have his own home bar or kegerator? Make his dreams of having his own bar come true by giving him a custom tap handle! Now he can pour beer for everyone just like a bartender at his favorite craft brewery. The tap handle is made of wood and has a chalkboard surface for him to write what kind of home brew or keg he’s serving. He can hook it up to his keg tap and serve everyone a round of beer to enjoy at Christmas dinner. He’ll want to have parties and beer tastings with all of his friends just so that they can see his official home bar or brewery! For home brewers and beer lovers, this is one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends.

The Coolest Christmas Gift He'll Ever Get

Custom Beer Lover Christmas Gift for Boyfriends

Your bae is a tough, manly guy who you know is going to want an exceptionally manly gift for Christmas. Look no further than this gift set! It comes with all things manly: two pint glasses, cigar accessories, a survival knife, and an ammo can! Seriously, can a personalized Christmas gift for boyfriends get any cooler than this? He'll love using each piece in this set for all of his manly adventures into the wilderness such as hunting, fishing, and hiking once the weather warms up. The two different serrated edges of the awesome tactical survival knife are neat, but the best part about this knife is the secret compartment hidden within the hilt that holds a survival kit. He’ll always be prepared for anything with the compass, matches, sewing kit, and fishing set. Plus, having a new lighter and a cigar cutter on hand is always appreciated when it's time for a celebratory smoke after a good hunting or fishing trip! He can use the ammo can for just about anything whether it's storing fishing gear, tools in the garage, or live rounds. A set of ideas like this can even be used in a few years when you're looking to find what to get your husband for Christmas!


Personalized Watch

Custom Wooden Watch

Watches are pretty typical Christmas gifts, but this one is personalized! Made of wood with a wooden band, this handsome watch is classy and casual to wear for any occasion. The coolest part is the personalization, which you have tons of options for! You can choose a phrase in one of Urban Designer's fonts, a monogram or coordinates design! How cool is that? Everything about this custom watch makes it one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for your boyfriend he’ll ever receive.

Custom Man Cave Sign

Custom Man Cave Sign is a Christmas Gift for Boyfriends

Has your man always wanted his own man cave? You can help make it a reality with his very own man cave sign! One of the coolest Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, this sign comes with his name and a year alongside the “Authorized Personnel Only,” “Bring Your Own Beer,” and “What Happens Here Stays Here” phrases. You could even theme all of his Christmas presents around a man cave, such as a kegerator, bar cart, TV, or a video game. Helping him build his very own man cave will make this the best Christmas and you the best girlfriend ever!

Cool Whiskey Gift Set for Him

Personalized Whiskey Stone Gift Set for Christmas

This set has the whiskey lovers in mind. Have you ever noticed that your boyfriend likes to put ice in his scotch but never seems to finish the glass because it’s become watered down? Solve his problem this Christmas with this whiskey stone set! Included is a custom rocks glass and a set of nine chillable stone cubes. All he has to do is keep the stones in the freezer and grab one or two for his drink and voila! He has a chilled drink that isn’t watered down. He’ll love the cool rocks glass with his name and initial on it that is the perfect size to enjoy a nightcap of bourbon or an Old fashioned cocktail. Everything about this set makes it one of the most useful Christmas gifts for boyfriends who enjoy chilled whiskey.

Personalized Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet

Men have a bad habit of keeping the same old wallet until it is literally in pieces. This Christmas, get your boyfriend a high quality wallet that will last him longer than his typical cheap one. This wallet comes in several different colors of leather as well as a custom monogram. It has plenty of space for all of his loyalty cards, credit cards, cash, and a clear slot for his ID. He’ll love that you got him such a nice new wallet that’s personalized just for him, making it one of the most nicest Christmas gifts for your boyfriend that you can give.

Custom Beer Mug for Him

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set

Sometimes a regular beer bottle or pint glass just doesn’t cut it. A quality beer mug just like the ones at his favorite bar will make your boyfriend’s drinking experience so much better. This beer mug is cool and sophisticated with the elegant personalization and unique starburst base that prevents condensation rings. He’ll love being about to enjoy a large mug of beer at dinner, while he’s watching his favorite sports on TV, hanging with the guys, or relaxing after a long day at work. This high quality mug truly is one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends who love beer, and the personalized bottle opener and wooden box are nice to have too!


Black Stainless Steel Wine Glass for the Boyfriend Who Drinks Wine

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

Is your boyfriend a wine guy? Then he’ll absolutely love this unique black stainless steel wine tumbler set. Gone are the days of using flimsy wine glasses, now he can enjoy a glass of wine at home or on vacation without ever worrying about breaking it! The double walled steel is not only super durable, but it will also naturally keep his wine cool. He’ll love that he has a couple of cool new glasses to drink wine or other beverages from home or he can take it with him when he goes camping, fishing, or to the cabin. The tumblers alone are cool enough, but the fun vintage engraving makes it even more top-notch! This tumbler set is one of the most useful and thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriends who enjoy wine. The corkscrew multi tool will certainly come in handy whether he wants a bottle of wine or feels like a beer instead as it comes with two types of bottle openers, a corkscrew, and a foil cutter. Plus, he can start a wine cork collection in the wooden box or store his bar tools inside.

Custom Ammo Can for the Military or Gun-Loving Boyfriend

Personalized Ammunition Can Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend in the Armed Forces or just loves guns? Then he’ll go nuts over this awesome ammo can for Christmas! You can personalize it with just his name or add a title and date to remind him of a special occasion. He can use it for storing ammunition, of course, to bring with him to base or the gun range. Or, he can use it to store his shooting accessories or gear for work, the options are endless. This is one of the coolest personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends who are manly guys, especially because they can use it all year long to store various things.

Ultimate Flask Gift Set

Christmas Gift for Boyfriend Whiskey Flask Set

Flasks are cool Christmas gifts for men who like to have a drink on the go, like your boyfriend who has been known to say “I wish I had a drink right now” at a party, wedding, or when fishing. This flask gift set will ensure that he's prepared for anything, anywhere. At home, he'll enjoy having a proper scotch on the rocks with the double old-fashioned glass and set of whiskey stones. On the go, his trusty new flask will be at his side at all times with a couple of stogies and a few ounces of his favorite liquor.

Monogrammed Titanium Cufflinks

Whether the two of you frequent dressy parties or he has to wear a suit every day to work, these cufflinks are one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents for boyfriends. Monogrammed with three initials and made of top-notch titanium, these cufflinks will go with any suit he has. He’ll love showing off his personalized cufflinks to his coworkers and friends who will all want to know where he got such a nice set. He can wear them to his office Christmas or New Year’s party, your parents’ house for the holidays, and every fancy dress occasion afterward.

Ultimate Beer Gift Set

Beer Gift Set with Bottle Opener

Does your boyfriend love beer? Then he’ll love this incredible beer gift set even more! The two pint glasses are perfect for sharing a beer over Christmas dinner, watching the football game together, or date night. The wood and cast iron bottle opener can be mounted anywhere from his kitchen to the man cave so that he never has to dig around in drawers for a bottle opener ever again. He’s going to love this awesome new beer set that he can share with you and his friends!

Whiskey Decanter Set

Iced Whiskey Personalized Decanter Set for Boyfriend

With whiskey lovers who prefer an iced drink in mind, this cool decanter set is one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends. Included is a handsome decanter that he can display in his home and use to pour the two of you a drink to share over Christmas dinner or relax together by the fire. The two rocks glasses are the best part of this set, though. These glasses are square shaped and come with a special ice mold so that he has a perfect triangle wedge of ice resting at the bottom, cooling his whiskey faster than just dropping a few cubes in. The glasses themselves will be frozen as well so that his drink stays cool as long as he sips it. If he puts them in the freezer right after he unwraps it on Christmas morning, the two of you can try them out after dinner.

Shadow Box for a New Collection

Personalized Bottle Cap Collection Shadow Box

Whether he already collects bottle caps or has always wanted to start, your boyfriend will love this neat shadow box to store them in starting this Christmas. Doubling as a unique piece of decor and a cool way to store a collection, your boyfriend will want to get started right away! You could pair this with a six pack or two of his favorite beer so that he can open a couple for you two to start the collection together. This would look great in the kitchen, his man cave, or lounge area. The shadow box is even engraved with “The Best Beer is an Open Beer” along with his name and a custom phrase of your choosing. Now you two can build a fun collection together starting this holiday season with this thoughtful Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

Custom Desktop Plaque

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this desktop plaque may not say his name or have his initials on it, you can have it display any picture or set of pictures you want. He’ll love having a nice photo on his desk at work or on display at home. You can customize the placement of the pictures, borders, the size of the frame, and more! Whether it’s a photo collage of your first year together or a picture of your first Christmas, he’ll love anything you pick out. This customizable desktop plaque is one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for boyfriends ever.

Insulated Tumbler for the Boyfriend Who Travels

Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler for Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend always on the go for his job? Make his travels a little bit easier with this personalized tumbler. Made of double walled stainless steel, this Yeti-style mug will keep his drink ice cold or piping hot all day long. He can use it to bring 30 ounces of hot chocolate when you two go look at Christmas lights after dinner or to have plenty of water to keep him hydrated throughout his work day. He’ll love the cool personalization that declares him as “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” This is an easy but considerate Christmas gift for boyfriends who are constantly traveling for work that he’ll use every day, all year long.


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