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Article: 31 Top Christmas Ideas for Men

31 Top Christmas Ideas for Men

31 Top Christmas Ideas for Men

It’s that time of year again, and you’re totally stumped on what to get the men in your life for Christmas. Your dad always says he doesn’t need anything, your brother is super picky, and your boyfriend or husband can never figure out what he wants. Christmas ideas for men should be cool, manly, and practical gifts that they can enjoy year-round, not just during the holiday season. Guys don’t really go for Christmasy or winter-themed gifts, so you kind of have to think about the kinds of gifts you would buy them for their birthday. However, men’s Christmas gifts tend to be bigger and better than the average birthday or anniversary gift. Don’t worry, we’ve found plenty of awesome Christmas gifts for all of the men in your life so that you can get your Christmas shopping done right away.

The Perfect Christmas Ideas for Men

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set of Christmas Ideas for Men

Once you get this awesome whiskey gift set delivered and you see how impressive it is in person, you’ll want to get a set for every guy in your life! This personalized three piece gift set is guaranteed to please even the man who has everything because this is truly a one-of-a-kind gift! It’s practical, cool, and will make anyone who receives it as a gift feel special because you went to all the trouble of getting them something custom engraved for Christmas.

It’s Always Grilling Season at His House

Engraved Grilling Tools

Everyone has a friend or relative who loves grilling and barbecuing so much that he does it even during the cooler seasons with his indoor grill. One of the best men’s Christmas gifts you can get him is this personalized set of grilling tools! He will be in awe of the beautiful rosewood tools, and super excited about the custom case they come in so that he can bring them anywhere.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Man Who Loves Beer

Personalized Beer Tasting Glasses Box Set

Is one of the men in your life a fan of beer? He most definitely doesn’t already have his very own set of personalized beer tasting glasses! By far one of the most impressive Christmas ideas for men, he will be speechless when he opens up this incredible gift on Christmas Day. At least, until he runs to the kitchen to grab several different beers so that he can try each one in the unique glasses!

Unique Piece of Decor

Custom Wood Tavern Sign

Surprise him this Christmas with a cool new sign to decorate his home with! Perfect for the home bar, kitchen, or dining room, this cool tavern sign will make any room feel like a rustic pub from back in the day. He will love that you had such a cool home bar sign custom made for him, and it might even inspire him to get to work on the home bar he’s been talking about building!

Men’s Christmas Gifts Have Never Been Cooler

Personalized Whiskey Ammo Can Set of Men's Christmas Gifts

One look at this ammo box gift set under the tree and your husband or father will know that you got him something totally badass. You don’t even have to wrap it before you put it under the tree since the ammo can is personalized and doubles as the gift box! Talk about a great Christmas gift for him! He will be so excited to try out the matching custom glasses and cigar accessories right away that he won’t even pay attention to his other presents.


Headphones Are Always Good Christmas Ideas for Men

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Any guy who enjoys listening to music, podcasts, or audio books will greatly appreciate a new pair of wireless headphones for Christmas! These Bose headphones are legendary for their comfort, sound quality, noise cancellation, and longevity. Whoever you give these headphones to will be set for many years with the best headphones on the market thanks to your thoughtful Christmas gift!

Every Man Deserves His Own Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set Christmas Ideas for Men

Christmas ideas for men don’t always have to be big or super expensive to be good gifts. Sometimes, it’s the simplest and smallest gifts that mean the most. Take this personalized beer mug, for example: what man doesn’t want a large beer mug with his name on it? This simple but thoughtful Christmas gift is just like the mugs in his favorite pub, and he will love using it so much that he’ll never want to drink out of a can or a bottle again.

Stunning Globe Decanter Set

Etched Globe Decanter Set

Give your husband or boyfriend an all-new centerpiece for their office this Christmas with this gorgeous globe decanter set! He will love how classy it will make him feel when he uses it for an evening drink, and it definitely makes his office more impressive! This luxurious decanter set is something he’ll be proud to show off and tell everyone he knows about it.

The Coolest Decor

Custom Wood Bar Sign

His home bar will have never looked better once he hangs up this handsome English pub sign! Even if his home bar or dining room isn’t themed around a traditional English pub, this sign will make it feel like it is. The eye-catching gold accents will draw the attention of everyone who comes over, but what really makes this one of the most unique Christmas ideas for men is the fact that you had the sign custom made just for him! Your dad, brother, or husband will proudly display this amazing gift for years to come.

The Manliest Men’s Christmas Gifts

Engraved Beer Ammo Box Set of Men's Christmas Gifts

Your boyfriend, husband, or dad will be so amazed when he sees this personalized ammo can gift set under the Christmas tree! At first, he’ll just be excited about the ammo can with his name on it and then he’ll open it up and find even more awesome personalized gifts inside. He’ll be so excited about all of the awesome and manly gifts in this set that he won’t even want to look at his other Christmas presents because he will want to enjoy a beer in one of his new custom glasses right away.

Stick to the Basics

Shirt and Sock Set

Let’s face it, men’s Christmas gifts are either really cool or are just something they need. Well, if you’re stuck on what to get the man you’re shopping for because he insists he has everything, get him something you know he needs: a set of T-shirts and socks! These super comfortable and essential basics are always appreciated as gifts, and it shows that you know exactly what he needs even if he doesn’t know what he wants.

Every Man Needs a Watch Case

Engraved Watch Case

This is your new go-to Christmas gift for every guy you know! Not sure what to get your coworker for Secret Santa? Get him this custom watch case. Your dad says he doesn’t know what he wants? Get him this custom watch case Christmas gift set! Seriously, every man has at least more than one watch, and this handsome leather watch case can hold up to six watches or other accessories. No man you know should ever have to frantically search through the house for their favorite timepiece again because this watch case will keep it safe and secure!

Must-Have Decanter Set

Personalized Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set of Christmas Ideas for Men

When in doubt, a crystal decanter set with his name and initial on it is one of the best Christmas ideas for men. He will be speechless when he sees this exquisite, luxurious three piece set and will want to fill up the decanter right away with his finest whiskey. The set will look amazing wherever he displays it, and he will love using it for romantic drinks with his wife or for offering his bros a classy drink in style.

Poker Sets Are Great Men’s Christmas Gifts

Custom Leather Poker Set

There’s nothing like playing a round of poker with friends and family during the holidays! By giving your boyfriend or husband a custom poker set for Christmas, he can enjoy a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em with the bros or his family. Soon, he’ll be wanting to host a weekly game with everyone!

The Biggest Christmas Ideas for Men are the Best

Engraved Giant Beer Mug

The guy you’re shopping for will never expect such a hugely awesome Christmas gift as this! The impressive beer mug holds a whopping liter of beer! He will never have to get up for a refill again and miss a second of his game or show thanks to this hefty mug. Once he tries it out, he’ll never want to drink beer any other way.


All-in-One Device Charger

4-in-1 Charging Station

For the tech-savvy guy who has multiple smart devices, this 3-in-1 dock station is the perfect Christmas gift. He can charge his AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone, and another phone or other device all at once! This handy little dock station is the perfect way to unplug at the end of the day, and is one of the best men’s Christmas gifts for all of the guys you know who are all about their smart devices.

A Fun Game for the Whole Family

Custom Portable Cornhole Set of Christmas Ideas for Men

Christmas is a time for family, and playing games with them is just part of the holidays! Your husband or dad will love getting this portable bean bag toss game for Christmas so that he can enjoy a classic game of cornhole with his whole family or take to his bro’s house for a BBQ. He can even take it on the road when he goes on vacation! This fun, easy, family-friendly game will be a new tradition that he and his loved ones can enjoy for years to come.

His Own Whiskey Brand

Personalized Whiskey Label Decanter

Any man who’s tried whiskey has daydreamed about what it would be like to have his very own famous whiskey brand named after him like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. One of the coolest Christmas ideas for men is to make that dream a reality with this custom whiskey brand decanter! Fully customizable, this decanter is a unique gift he will love having on display and using for his evening Old Fashioned.

Badass Christmas Ideas for Men

Custom Ammo Box with Knife and Hatchet

The best way to make the man in your life feel special during the holidays is with a gift that shows him you know what he likes and that you support his hobbies. For an outdoorsy guy, no Christmas gift is better than this awesome ammo box set! He will be all set for his next adventure with his new study ammo box, hunting knife, hatchet, and cigar flask. There’s even room inside the large 50 caliber box for additional tools and gear! Thanks to your amazing gift, he’ll be prepared for anything whether he’s hunting with the guys or taking the family camping.

Great Gifts for a Beer Guy

Engraved Beer Glasses with Shadow Box Men's Christmas Ideas

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for a guy that likes beer, it’s always best to stick to gifts that you know he’ll like: anything to do with beer! He will be stoked for this neat three piece gift set, which gives him the perfect way to store and display a bottle cap collection! He and a friend or his special someone can enjoy the perfect cold beers in his new custom pint glasses. Perfect for his man cave, this gift set is going to make him happier than the usual six-pack of beer will!

The Surprise Christmas Gift Your Dad Wants

Mystery Fishing Care Package

Have you ever seen a more perfect dad gift? Any man who loves to fish will really love this Christmas gift, which is a complete mystery until he opens it up on Christmas Day! Inside is a random assortment of fishing gear to use on his next fishing trip, and he can bring the entire gift in its box and all if he wants. It’ll be so much fun to see what’s inside the gift for you and your dad on Christmas Day!

You Won’t Find Men’s Christmas Gifts Cooler Than This

Initialed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Literally, this gift set will ensure that his drinks are perfectly chilled and badass. He will love everything about this incredible whiskey gift set from the monogrammed glasses to the bullet whiskey stones! He’ll feel like the coolest guy in the world as he sips his Bulleit Bourbon being chilled by the bullet whiskey stones. Talk about a badass Christmas gift!

The Fanciest Gift He’ll Find in His Stocking

Custom German Style Beer Stein

Make him feel like a Viking this Christmas with this amazing beer stein! Inspired by the traditional German beer steins, this handsome stein is so beautiful that it can be used just for display or for drinking a lager in style. He will love that you even had the pewter crest engraved just for him! This handsome beer stein is truly one of the most impressive men’s Christmas gifts you can get for you dad, brother, or grandpa.

For the Guy Who Likes to Try New Beers

USA Bottle Cap Map

Speaking of beer, does he like to try new kinds of beer or is a fan of craft beer? This beer cap map is one of the most fun Christmas ideas for men! It’s unique, patriotic, interactive, and is definitely not something any of his friends will have. He will love showing off all of his favorite types of beer with this unique piece of decor.

Change the Way He Drinks Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stones

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day and enjoying a refreshing, cool drink. Even in the winter, having a properly chilled glass of whiskey or a cocktail is a must! The guys in your life all know this to be true, which means this large pair of whiskey stones and a custom rocks glass is one of the best men’s Christmas gifts you can get! The perfect stocking stuffer for all of the men you know, they will love using the set to enjoy a cool double bourbon or a Whiskey Sour when they get home.

Men’s Christmas Gifts That Prepare Them for Anything

Survival and Emergency Kit

Make sure your husband or boyfriend is prepared for anything in daily life or when he goes on exciting outdoor adventures with this handy survival kit! Packed with over 15 different tools, emergency rations, and other wilderness necessities, he’ll be able to deal with any problems that come his way as he’s hiking, hunting, camping, or fishing. You can rest easy knowing that he has exactly what he needs in case he gets lost, loses his gear, or even if he comes face to face with a bear!

The Best Christmas Ideas for Men of All Time

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set of Christmas Ideas for Men

Have you ever seen such an awesome Christmas gift for a man? This incredibly cool and classy gift set is perfect for both relaxing and celebrating special occasions such as the holidays! Your dad, boss, or husband will be in awe of the cigar-holding whiskey glass and your thoughtful engraving on both it and the gift box. Whoever you give this set will be so excited to try out his awesome new whiskey glass and cigar accessories that he’ll run to the kitchen for some whiskey and a cigar right after he unwraps it on Christmas Day!

The One Tool He’ll Never Lose

Customizable Wrench Multi Tool

Fact: men love their tools. They’re usually the best go-to gifts for men on any occasion, but after a couple of years, their tool box starts to fill up. However, this personalized wrench multi tool is one that he will use and treasure forever! Not only is it the ultimate everyday tool that he can use to tinker or fix anything, but it’s a heartfelt gift because you had it custom engraved with a sweet message on the handle! Any dad or husband will cherish such a thoughtful Christmas gift forever.

Something Special Just for Him

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Set

Men’s Christmas gifts can be classy, too! This suave ammo box gift set is the perfect mix of sophistication and manliness with its badass repurposed ammo box from the military and the unique design engraved on it and the awesome glasses. He will feel like a sophisticated gentleman such as James Bond every time he uses it to treat himself to a glass of scotch and a cigar.

New Shoes Are Always Great Christmas Gifts

Nike Flex Control Training Shoes for Men

It doesn’t matter if he’s an active guy who loves to run or if he’s on his feet all day at work, a new pair of tennis shoes is always a great Christmas gift! These Nikes are designed for peak support and comfort all day with their flexible, lightweight, and breathable design. He’ll be amazed at how great his feet feel after wearing these all day long compared to his old, rundown shoes!

All of His Favorite Things in One Great Gift

Monogrammed Flask and Whiskey Box Set of Christmas Ideas for Men

When you can’t decide on just one Christmas gift for him, a gift basket full of many presents is a fantastic idea. This set in particular does all of the gifting for you with its variety of gifts, especially since it’s monogrammed just for him! When he opens up the gift box on Christmas Day, he’ll be so amazed at all of the wonderful gifts inside such as a personalized glass and a handsome flask that he’ll be totally speechless.


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