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Article: 31 Quarantine Gifts for When You Can’t Be There

31 Quarantine Gifts for When You Can’t Be There

31 Quarantine Gifts for When You Can’t Be There

Check Out These Awesome Quarantine Gifts for Any Occasion:

COVID has truly changed the shape of the world. What everyone once thought was standard and normal has all changed. Now, we have things like quarantine gifts for when someone is isolated. These gifts help them pass time, feel loved, and let them know people out there still care for them. So, the next time one of your friends or loved ones needs to go into quarantine or has been suffering since the start of not being able to go out and hang with their favorite people, get them the best quarantine gifts to help them cope with the new state of the world.

A Resupply of Quarantine Gifts

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can of Quarantine Gifts

During this pandemic, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift set that goes all out when trying to hook someone up with some of the coolest quarantine gifts around! This ammo can not only come with pint glasses, cigar gifts, and even a survival knife, but it also has a fantastic reassuring message. Even though it may have been months since you’ve been able to hang out in person, this set will constantly reassure them that they're the legend of your friend ground thanks to the personalization on each piece!

Switch Things Up

Nintendo Switch Lite

Virtual hangouts have gone through the rough in the past year or so. Make spending time with friends and family online as fun as possible with a Nintendo Switch Lite! These make some of the best quarantine gifts since you can all jump in a game of Mario Kart and it’ll feel like you’re still able to hang out like normal.

Quarantine is the Best Time for Movies

Personalized Movie Sign

With all this extra time at home, there is no reason to not finally help your friend create the home theater they have been talking about for years. Their first step? This custom marquee sign with their name in lights! Now, they can feel like they’re back out at movie premieres when they turn down the lights to watch the latest releases, all thanks to your quarantine gift!

Get Creative with Your Favorite Drinks

The Best Quarantine Gifts are Smoke Box Sets

Spending time at home is the perfect time to start having your friend who loves his liquor move out of their comfort zone. However, that doesn’t mean they need new drinks, no. They simply need to take things to the next level in terms of being a connoisseur as well as flavor. With this smoke box system, they can finally make truly unique drinks. They are able to infuse cedar, pine, thyme, or any other wood or herb into their liquor. This is a gift that will surely keep them entertained for a long time as they discover the perfect combinations.

Stay in Shape

High Tech Home Gym Set

While gyms are closed, you can help them get that personal trainer feel with this at-home gym lifting gift set. Is there a better set of quarantine gifts they could ask for? No more drives to the gym or waiting for a bench. With this awesome gift, they can simply turn it on and get the perfect one-on-one style group work out from the comfort of their own home.

A Manly Mug Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Simply because things are shut down doesn’t mean your friend or family member shouldn’t be able to enjoy that bar feel from the comfort of their home. Use this engraved beer mug box set of the best quarantine gifts as the perfect way for them to feel like they’re at their go-to hole in the wall (save for the sticky floors and pricey drinks). Once they grab the handle and pour their first cold-one, they’ll wonder how they ever missed the bars in the first place!


Poker Sets Make the Best Quarantine Gifts

Embossed Poker Set of Quarantine Gifts

When you’re at home with your family, staying safe from the outside world, keep things entertaining with an embossed poker set. This is a great set of quarantine gifts since not only can you play poker or craps but if you have younger family members, the cards still work for things like solitaire or Go Fish! So not only is this great for the person you’re gifting it to, but they can use it with the whole family!

Baking Gift Set

Gold Baking Sheet Set

Now is the perfect time to take up baking as a hobby. It is a cheap, fun skill to have and everyone loves it when you share. Make sure that the person who's been looking for something to do during this stretch has top-tier pans so they can make everything from muffins to multi-layer cakes with this gorgeous gold 15-piece bakeware set!

An Extra-Large Cocktail Shaker

Oversized Cocktail Shaker

Shake things up since life may be feeling a little stale with a massively oversized cocktail shaker! When you mail this to them, you’ll want to have them on a Zoom call so you can see their face as it lights up realizing they’ll be able to mix a whole night’s worth of cocktails at once thanks to this hilarious, yet oddly useful gift!

Keep Things Fresh in the Kitchen

Monogrammed Cutting Board

With restaurants shut down, now is the perfect time to become the master chef you watched on TV so many times. The upside of training at home is eating your mistakes and not having Gordon call you a donkey though. Start your home kitchen off right with this classy monogrammed cutting board. Thanks to the durable wood, it’ll be there for you for years so you can practice your mise en place, mincing, and chopping!

A Fun Way to Keep Fit

Trek Bicycle

Staying fit for a lot of people has been a challenge; however, so has been seeing the world or finding a reason to explore. Make them feel like a kid again with the freedom of a bicycle. Now, they can get out, get moving, travel, all with one awesome gift, this Trek FX Sport 6! Made from carbon fiber and a 2x10 drivetrain. This bike is super light and quick, making it perfect for bike paths and cities alike!

A Sophisticated Stay at Home Quarantine Gift Set

Cigar Glass Decanter Set of Quarantine Gifts

The world never truly stopped, things just changed. So, when you’ve got to celebrate someone’s major accomplishment, a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding, you simply can’t go wrong with this super sophisticated decanter box set! This is the gift they’ll love seeing on their bar counter or coffee table every single day. Add in a few stogies and a bottle of their favorite liquor to make this the ideal all-in-one gift set!

Shadow Box Gift Set for the Memories

Pint Glass Shadow Box Set of Best Quarantine Gifts for Beer Lovers

Although it may not seem like a lot of new memories have been made since early 2020, there are still tons of chances! This custom shadow box gift set is one of the best quarantine gifts because it makes remembering some of your favorite things a breeze. Sure, ticket stubs and MLB tickets may not be something you can put inside, but adding in beer caps from Zoom hangouts or museum tickets are the perfect items to collect and show your growth during the shutdown!

A Plaque for Their Palace

Personalized Garage Plaque

While some quarantine gifts give them a new hobby, others like this personalized garage plaque are a fantastic way to enhance their time while they work on their hobby in their go-to area of the house. Now, when they are working on their car, building a new set of cabinets, or perfecting the hobby they picked up during quarantine, they can look up to their unique sign with pride while they’re putting in all that hard work.

Project the Best Quarantine Gifts

Movie Projector

With theaters shut down, it has been a long time since anyone has had the chance to go see a live movie premier. With a high-quality movie projector, you could turn the side of your house into a movie screen so it will be incredibly easy for you and your neighbors to see the latest release or a classic. Everyone can stay in their yard, pop some corn, and enjoy the flick while staying at a safe social distance!

An Ice-Cold Gift for Quarantine

Custom Rocks Glass Set of Quarantine Gifts

No need to complicate things when everyone is isolating. Sometimes, the simple gift set reminds people that you are still thinking of them. This engraved rocks glass and whiskey stone gift set is the perfect way to say that they are in your thoughts and that you think they deserve a night to relax and chill out. Thanks to the stones, they can too! Now, they’ll never have a warm drink again!


Throw this Gift Their Way

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Set

Help them pass the time in a fun and unique way with this awesome bean bag gift set. While the bars may be closed and tailgating has been a thing of the past for quite some time, this gift set will have them with their family and closest friends outside and feeling like they are at their favorite event. Now, they can have normalcy in their yard as they play game after game of bags!

Tell Them to Take a Hike

Keen Hiking Shoes are Best Quarantine Gifts

There has never been a better time to get into hiking. That is why a set of Keen hiking shoes make some of the best quarantine gifts. They can use them for everyday nature walks to simply stroll around the park with their dog. But either way, they’ll always be ready to tackle the biggest obstacles in their way. Plus, these are even waterproof, so there is nothing stopping them from a day of adventure.

A New Twist on Quarantine Gifts

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Keep them feeling classy with a set of quarantine gifts that they’ll need to pick their jaws up off the floor from with this twist whiskey glass and cigar gift set! Perfect for pairing their Patagras and Dalmore on a classy night in. But, when everyone is able to be out and about again, they can easily slide the cigar case, lighter, and stand in their pocket to look like a true aficionado everywhere they go.

A Fun, Interactive Piece of Decor

Beer Cap Map

Keep things interesting during the pandemic with a beer cap map of the United States. This is a great gift for any beer lover. They can slowly fill the states up with their go-to brews or make a true project out of this gift by only using craft beer caps from those areas of the country. Better still, this is a sign, after all. That means as they fill the map in, they’ll be creating a one-of-a-kind piece of decor for their home.

Custom Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein

Keep them feeling classy with one of the best ways to enjoy a good beer and that is with a personalized beer stein! Whether they used to be a casual beer fan or have always been an aficionado, they’ve essentially turned into a beer fiend. So, the best gift must be one that is both retro and modern which is exactly how a stein will feel for a beer connoisseur.

Get a New Hot Hobby

Best Quarantine Gifts are Hot Sauce Kits

This is the perfect time for them to take up a new hobby, and making their own hot sauce will be a blast. Not only is it something fun to do but it also leaves them with a tasty product. They can make food that has a nice tingle on the tongue or is an absolute face-melter. Plus, they can share their creations safely with all their friends and family. Talk about one of the best quarantine gifts!

A Set of Quarantine Gifts for the World

Custom Globe Decanter Set for Birthday gift

Let them know they're not alone with a set of quarantine gifts that shows them the whole world! Better still, as they enjoy their neat glass of whiskey from this globe decanter set, they’ll be able to prepare their next vacation or travel abroad as they sip from their custom glasses and look at everywhere they’ll go on the globe decanter.

Golf Set Fore Quarantine

Golf Putting Set of Quarantine Gifts

Keep their stroke strong and true with a golf putting set. Making it to the green on the daily isn’t always practical and with this at-home putting set, they can easily still be a master at sinking putts, even if it has been months since they've been able to make a tee time with their friends.

Tend Their Garden

Best Quarantine Gifts are Gardening Sets

A gardening set is one of the best quarantine gifts you can give. This set isn’t just a hobby, a way to destress, but it is also a way that you can provide food! That means fewer trips to the grocery store. This is one of the ultimate gifts that help embrace a new hobby or make an old favorite even better during quarantine. Now, they have all the tools they need and even a stool, how cool is that? So, get them a few seed packs to slip inside this gift and have them get out there and put their green thumbs to work!

Personalized Set for the Toughest Out There

Personalized Wine Tumbler Set of Quarantine Gifts

Need to give a gift to the toughest and coolest person that you know? Then you must get them this badass blackout wine tumbler gift set is the perfect gift! It’ll keep their drinks cool, even under times of immense pressure. Plus, when they’ve logged off from their remote day of working, you know for a fact they won’t be able to wait to break out these glasses for a glass of wine or a cocktail to wind with.

Finish Off Their Cigar Lounge

Unique Sign for Cigar Lovers

Help them take advantage of any extra time on their hands with this fantastic custom cigar lounge sign. If they are anything from a casual smoker to someone who will indulge weekly, they’ve definitely had thoughts of creating a cigar lounge, and thanks to this sign, they can! Wherever they decided to hang up their unique gift, you can bet they’re going to turn it into their go-to stogie spot from here on out!

A Unique Decanter for Quarantine

Aerating Wine Decanter

Bring their wine to new heights with this unique aerating decanter. Rather than other decanters which take time to be ready. The uncommon design of the glass agitates the wine, instantly oxidizing it! So aside from being incredibly aesthetic for a wine lover, this gift is also super functional!

Prodigy Disc Golf Starter Set

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports during the pandemic. It is cheap, fun, outdoors, and easy to socially distance. Help them get their game on with this starter set of discs! This Prodigy beginner’s pack comes with their easiest throwing discs so your friends, family, or even yourself can get out there and start becoming a die-hard disc golfer in no time!

Keep Their Stogies Safe From COVID

Engraved Cigar Humidor

Ensure their stogies are perfectly safe from everything in the air with this personalized ammo can humidor. Locked away inside this repurposed military ammo can, you can be 100% positive in the effectiveness of this humidor. Now, the next time they need one of their Padron or Fuente cigars, it’ll be just as fresh as the day they bought it.

Travel Beer Gift

Custom Beer Growler

Breweries may not be as packed as they once were but for the person who simply can’t live without their craft beers, a custom beer growler is just what they need to survive this pandemic. Better still, thanks to the insulated stainless steel design, they can enjoy one of their new outdoor hobbies and bring ice-cold brews with them, no matter where they go!


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