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Article: 31 Amazing 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

31 Amazing 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It seems like it was only yesterday when you and the love of your life tied the knot! It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since that wonderful day. But what kind of presents make great 25th wedding anniversary gifts? Well, for starters, the 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary because both the traditional and modern gift is silver.

By now you’ll know what your husband or wife likes, but you should get him or her something nice that shows how much you love your partner, celebrates your long marriage, or even a gift for the two of you to enjoy together. For example, many couples get new wedding bands, new household items, or luxury items that they’ve been eyeing for a while. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of traditional, modern, and unique gifts that are perfect for your lifelong love.

1. A Beautiful Decanter Set - A Special Gift for a Special Day

Engraved Decanter and Matching Glasses Set

You want to give your husband or wife something spectacular for your wedding anniversary, right? This gorgeous decanter set is truly breathtaking. Such a beautiful set belongs on display where everyone can admire its beauty. You two can pour a couple of glasses of top-shelf whiskey to sip on after a romantic anniversary dinner. You’ll want to show this off to your husband or wife’s friends when they visit, they’ll definitely be impressed that you found such an incredible gift for your anniversary!

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2. Wine Box and Tools are Amazing Gifts for Anniversaries

Wine Gift Box Set of 25th Anniversary Gifts

Your spouse isn’t a complicated person. You know a bottle of their favorite wine would be much appreciated, but you want to spice up the gift a little bit. This wine gift box set is fantastic because not only is it a handsome box perfect for storing a bottle of wine inside, but it includes all the wine tools they’ll ever need for enjoying some wine. They’ll be so appreciative of one of the most creative gifts for your anniversary they could ever think of, and they’ll definitely want to enjoy a glass of wine with you to celebrate!

3. Garmin’s Epix Premium Outdoor Smartwatch

Man hiking wearing a Garmin smartwatch
Garmin epix outdoor smartwarch

I don't know if you've noticed but watches these days are as powerful as computers. This Garmin epix smartwatch is a perfect example of that and should be considered as one of the top wedding anniversary gifts of this entire list. This watch has everything, including health metrics, GPS, 16 day battery life, touchscreen, and so much more. Whether he's a sporty guy or just enjoys having a nice fancy watch, he'll absolutely love it. And who knows, it may improve his life since he'll be able to monitor important health metrics. Love this gift!

4. Ammo Can Set Your Husband Will Love

Custom Ammo Can Set of 25th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Show him how much you love him with an equally amazing present! This engraved whiskey ammo can gift set is one of the best luxury 25th wedding anniversary gifts of all time that your man will be so thankful for! He’ll love enjoying whiskey and cigars more than ever before with these incredible accessories. You can even fill the ammo can with some awesome goodies like a bottle of his favorite whiskey or some of his favorite snacks. He'll be so thankful for such a unique, creative present!

5. A Fun Sign for Your Home

Custom Wooden Sign Anniversary Gift

You and your husband have been married for a quarter of a century now, and have had your fair share of nights where you drank a few bottles of wine, tried out new cocktails, and shared a row of shots. Now that you’re older and wiser, you two usually just have a glass of wine or whiskey from time to time. Why not give your husband a fun piece of decor that celebrates the good times together? This unique sign is the perfect decor for your husband’s home bar, the kitchen, or even the dining room. You could throw in a top-shelf bottle of wine to share together on your anniversary to make it a complete and themed gift.

Husband and wife planning 25th wedding anniversary on couch

6. Smart HD Digital Picture Frame for Your Anniversary Memories

Aura digital photo frame sitting on top of dresser

We live in the 21st century which means most of what used to be analog is now digital. That goes for home decor items as well, which is why this digital photo frame is an essential item in any home. As far as gifts go, this is the ideal choice for men who cherish the special moments in their life with photos. Simply plug it in and add photos through the Aura app, and you're all set. It even has a touch bar which allows you to scroll through the photos on the frame whenever you want. This is a perfect gift for anywhere in your home or his office.

7. A Unique Wine Gift Set for a Unique Anniversary

Wine box set with four wine glasses and wine accessories and tools
Two stemless wine glasses with red and white wine inside

Make their anniversary something memorable with an equally unique set of gifts for your anniversary. This wine decanter set comes with matching glasses as well as unique glass features that will make this their signature set. Perfect for sharing a drink to toast toward another 25 years or for their date night, they’ll never forget the magic of the night they got this gift.


8. Personalized Whiskey Gift Set with Bullet Whiskey Stones

Whiskey anniversary gift set with bullet whiskey stones

Whether he enjoys a nice glass of whiskey by himself or with someone he enjoys spending his time with, he'll need a set just for those occasions. With this personalized whiskey gift set, you'll be getting him a high-quality whiskey set for future high-quality drinking sessions. This set comes with two personalized whiskey glasses and bullet-shaped whiskey stones that can be stored in a custom wood box. This is perfect because his drinks will never be watered down and he'll have an instant conversation starter thanks to the whiskey stones.

9. Make Your Home Theater Official

Custom Home Theater Sign Anniversary Gift

You and your husband love to watch movies together and have an extensive collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, and even some VHS tapes. You have a huge 4K television and the comfiest couch that is fully-loaded with recliners, cupholders, and even outlets to charge your devices. Together, you and your husband could spend an entire day just watching a movie marathon. What is the best kind of 25 year gift for a guy who’s a movie buff? A custom home theater sign! Designed to look like the marquee of your favorite drive-in from back in the day, you get to customize what the sign says so that it fits your home theater perfectly.

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10. Engraved Champagne Glass Wedding Anniversary Gift Set

White marble champagne chiller with two glasses

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is important because it's one incredible achievement. Before you hit the big day, make sure you have this engraved champagne glasses set which also comes with a personalized marble bottle chiller. This is a standout gift because it's something you can both share and it's incredibly good at keeping your champagne at just the right temperature. On top of that, they're expertly designed to look great in any space you place them in.

11. Whiskey Tasting Set of 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Decanter Box Set
Four Glencairn 25th anniversary gifts

Give them a taste of the good life with a luxury Glencairn gift set. One of their hobbies after all these years together has been a shared passion for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. Thanks to these unique glasses, they’ll be able to refine their tasting parties even further. With an engraving on the Glencairn topper as well as the glass, they’ll love this luxurious gift set and will be sure to put it to use on their anniversary together.

12. Hollow Figaro 14K Gold Chain Necklace for Him

Man wearing 25th anniversary gold chain necklace
Figaro 14K gold chain necklace by Kay

It's easy to overlook the fact that men often like to wear jewelry, especially necklaces. Well, this hollow Figaro chain 14K gold necklace is an all time winner in the world of necklaces for men. With its stunning and classy pattern, there will be no question he's rocking the coolest style of necklace made from pure gold. The detail by Kay is also incredible, ensuring it's 100% Italian made (the original source of Figaro chains) and has a high polish surface. This is an awesome gift for any man, especially when it comes to 25th anniversary gifts.

13. For the Best Spouse on Earth

Globe Decanter Set of 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Since they mean the world to you, get them an anniversary present that symbolizes that! This globe decanter set is a fantastic gift idea because they’ll love knowing that they’re still your favorite person on earth even after all these years. They’ll feel so special sharing a drink with you using these unique glasses on your anniversary, making this set one of the most meaningful gift for your anniversary.

14. Graham Weekender Bag for Traveling Couples

Wine weekender 25th anniversary gift bag

Whether you’re heading into nature for a few days or simply taking a short trip out of town, bringing your favorite drinks with you can be a game changer. With this weekender wine bag, you'll have everything you want in a convenient and sturdy location. Made to hold six wine bottles, this bag is perfect for long trips due to its ability to keep your bottles protected from the elements. It's also made from a durable leather material, so you'll be taking this bag with you on all your foreseeable trips.

Married couple sitting outside smiling together

15. Classic Bar Wedding Anniversary Personalized Wood Sign

A 25th wedding anniversary custom sign gift

Presenting his home bar with a cool sign is as unique a gift as any, especially for a wedding anniversary gift. This personalized wood sign is perfect for any home, including a man cave, to show off his space and boost the look of the room. Made from high-quality wood, this gift is not only durable but good looking. The best part is you can get it personalized to include whatever you want on it, so be sure to include something that he can cherish every time he looks at it.

16. Personalized Decanter Set with Glacier Whiskey Glasses

Personalized decanter set with four glacier whiskey glasses
Pouring whiskey into single whiskey glass

Not all decanter sets are created equal, and they certainly don't look like it. When it comes to this elegant whiskey decanter set, you'll have found the perfect gift especially if he's a whiskey enthusiast. This set comes with a whiskey decanter and four glacier style whiskey glasses, which is designed to have glass structured mountains at the base of the glasses. An awesome twist to this decanter set you won't find often is it comes with a personalized, handcrafted wood box, making it a one-of-a-kind gift he'll love.

17. A Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wine Lovers

Engraved Wine Glass and Tool Set of 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There are few pastimes you enjoy together more than enjoying a glass of wine. This wine glass and tool barrel set will definitely become your spouse’s favorite set to use when having a drink with you! They’ll love the matching customization of these glasses and how handy it is having all the tools they’ll need in this convenient barrel. Using this set to celebrate every anniversary for the rest of your lives will bring them so much joy every year!

18. The Crispy Crust Pizza Maker by Breville

Breville pizza maker - top 25th anniversary gift

I'm guessing he likes pizza, and most likely you do as well. If that's true, then you need to get this Breville pizza oven which makes a perfect crispy crust pizza every time. This is an incredible gift for your anniversary since it's not only engineered to make the perfect pizza, but it's also fast. We all want our pizza now, and this pizza oven will do just that. It's also extremely portable and compact, so you can take it in and out of the cupboard to cook your next pizza whenever you want!

19. Engraved Swivel Cheese Board Set

Cheese swivel board with cheese tools
Swivel cheese board for 25th wedding anniversary gifts with food on top

You know what's a great combination? Wine and cheese. Get your cheese on with this awesome swivel cheese board, which also includes the necessary utensils for serving your cheese. Made from premium materials, this cheese board is an ideal 25th wedding anniversary gift as its made as durable as they come. Plus they come with a set of cheese tools, so it's both practical and stylish. Serve up your next cheese and accompaniments with this incredible swivel cheese board.

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20. Personalized Wine Glasses

Set of Four Personalized Wine Glasses

After being together for 25 years, there are probably some things in your home that could use an upgrade. These beautiful engraved stemless wine glasses will make your old ones look subpar! Engraved with your names, wedding date, and the milestone anniversary you’re celebrating, this set of four glasses are the perfect luxury 25th wedding anniversary gifts. You and your children can enjoy a celebratory toast together with these lovely glasses and then display them in the china cabinet for everyone to admire. You’ll definitely be holding onto these for another 25 years!

21. A Sign of a Long-Lasting Marriage

Engraved Couples Anniversary Sign

A sign that they can hang in their home will always be a great reminder of their 25 years together. This engraved wooden sign will have them smiling each time they see it hanging on their wall, making it one of the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts possible. Let them enjoy the longevity of their love on a daily basis with a custom sign.

22. New Glassware for The Home

Unique Whiskey Glass Box Set
Whiskey being poured into sculpted whiskey glass

What do you give the couple who has everything as gifts for their wedding anniversary? This unique whiskey glass gift set! The beautifully sculpted glasses fit perfectly in their hands and the handy chilling stones ensure that their drinks stay perfectly chilled until the last drop. Unlike any other glassware they own, this unique pair of glasses is sure to leave them speechless when they open such a lovely gift. They’ll love using their new glasses to toast to their anniversary and have celebratory drinks with their friends since there are plenty to share. Rest assured, they’ll be using these unique glasses for years to come.

23. Wine Cork Map of Your Home State

Home state wine cork map

Does he like to try out different wines and keep the cork as a keepsake? That's a pretty common thing to do, so in case he does you need to get him this home state shaped cork map so he can post all his favorite wines for everyone to see. This map is awesome because after he tries a certain wine he absolutely loves, he can always remember it in the future by simply placing it on the map. Plus you can get the map in the shape of whichever state you want!


24. A Complete Whiskey Glass Set of Gifts

Personalized Crystal Decanter and Matching Glasses

Are you looking for a nice gift for your parents? You can never go wrong with a complete decanter set. Each piece in this five piece set is engraved with the family name and initial. The set will look great on their home bar and they can use it for serving drinks to guests, raising a celebratory toast with you and your siblings, and for evening drinks together after dinner. They’ll be so touched that you gave them such an incredible gift for their wedding anniversary!

Wife and husband enjoying their 25th wedding anniversary
Man wearing I Love You In Every Universe cufflinks
I Love You In Every Universe cufflinks

Celebrating 25 years is a big deal, so you want to make sure he knows how much you care. With this set of unique cufflinks, he'll have something he can cherish for years to come and get to show off whenever he's putting on a suit. This gift for your anniversary is perfect for him to wear on special occasions or on a normal day at the office. They also come in several finishes, so you can have it match his style perfectly. This is the type of personalized and sentimental gift that will always do well.

26. Personalized Serving Tray with Engraved Glencairn Glasses

Four Glencairn glass in 25th anniversary gift serving tray

There are certain whiskey glasses that are flat out beautiful, but not all of them are functional. This personalized serving tray with Glencairn glasses is exactly how you get both beauty and function. The serving tray is incredible because it's made extremely durably and fits the whiskey glasses perfectly. However, the real winning aspect of this set is the Glencairn glasses, which are the most ideal form of whiskey glass you can get. With this set of four, he'll be able to entertain anyone with a nice glass of his favorite whiskey.

27. Engraved Cutting Board - Top 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Engraved cutting board with personalized message

Getting a gift that you can both use together is one of the best kinds of luxury 25th wedding anniversary gifts. This engraved cutting board is definitely one of those, which can be used for various activities including preparing dinner or even BBQ prep. The great part about this cutting board is it's made from extremely durable wood and is 1 inch thick. On top of that, it looks great so you can easily put it anywhere in your kitchen and it's going to add to your decor. This gift is an easy win for everyone!

28. Personalized Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Cigar glass and leather cigar travel case with metal cutter
Man holding cigar glass with whiskey and lit cigar attached

Sometimes you just need to kick back with your favorite whiskey and a nice cigar. If he's the type to do just that, get him this personalized whiskey glass and cigar travel case. He can effortlessly bring his cigars anywhere he goes, and simply cut them, light them, and smoke them. Plus he can match his cigar with his new whiskey glass which has a cigar holder on it. This offers the optimal experience since he can keep his cigar rested while he's sipping on his favorite whiskey. Doesn't get much better than this as a gift for your anniversary.

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29. Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker - For a Smokey Anniversary

Smoke box deluxe drink smoker with wood chips and whiskey drink

The art of mixology is a tough space to crack, but there are some pretty interesting techniques to enhance your drink simply. With this deluxe drink smoker, you can do just that with all your favorite drinks with ease. Whether he likes to drink whiskey, rum, or tequila, adding a nice smokey flavor can make all the difference. He'll become the bartender everyone wants drinks from! This set comes with a smoke box and some rich flavored wood chips, so he'll be ready to go right when you gift it to him.

30. Wine Decor is a Great Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wine Family Custom Sign

Gifts for your anniversary are things that the couple needs to enjoy together. For the wine-loving couple, a personalized wine sign is just what they need! Sure, gift baskets are great, but they’ll enjoy the sign every single day in their home and each time they pop the cork on a Pinot Noir, they’ll raise a glass in a toast toward this memorable gift! Don’t forget this also comes with a date, which will show off just how long they’ve been a wine-loving couple.

31. A Wine Glass Gift Set for Her

Wine Gift Set of Four Balloon Glasses

Your wife is an amazing woman who is the chair of the local wine tasting club. She has her own wine cellar built into the house with dozens of rare, expensive bottles that she collects. You want to give her something wine-related for your anniversary, but you want it to be nice too. Look no further than these wine glasses! These beautifully etched balloon wine glasses will become her new favorite. She’ll love the elegant design bearing her name and that the glasses aerate her cabernets with ease. Make sure to include a nice bottle of wine she’s been eyeing to make it a complete gift for your anniversary!

25th Anniversary Gifts FAQ

What is the gift for 25 years of marriage?

This gift for your anniversary is often considered to be a silver anniversary which is the material that's traditionally given between husband and wife. The silver is a classic representation of ever shining beauty that will last a lifetime. Nowadays gold is also considered acceptable as well as gifts that offer a personalized touch or an experience shared together.

Do you bring a gift to a 25th wedding anniversary party?

If you're invited to an anniversary party, it's common and certainly a thoughtful gesture to bring along a gift for the married couple. Get them something that they can share and enjoy together. You can, of course, get them something that's made of silver, but don't restrict yourself if you feel you have a better wedding anniversary gift idea. It's a big milestone, so make it personal and memorable.


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