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Article: 23 Spectacular Bourbon Gift Sets

23 Spectacular Bourbon Gift Sets

Bourbon Gift Sets

Bourbon is an all-American type of whiskey that many people enjoy straight, in cocktails, or even for tastings. When it comes to giving a bourbon gift set, you might think that the only bourbon-related gifts you could give are glasses. Actually, gifts for bourbon lovers come in bourbon glasses, decanters, bourbon sampler gifts, food, and even decor!

But the best of all is the bourbon gift with multiple items and accessories related to bourbon that make the spirit even more enjoyable. You can also give a bourbon gift basket if you want to give a truly impressive gift! We have gathered a few of the best gifts for bourbon lovers so that you can easily find the perfect gift to suit the person you’re shopping for.

1. Essential Bourbon Gift Set

Personalized Bourbon Gift Set

There’s nothing like a double of Knob Creek on the rocks after dinner. However, your ice tends to melt and ruin your drink! Solve your problem with this essential gift set, which comes with a set of whiskey stones and a couple of custom rocks glasses. The whiskey stones will keep your drink chilled to perfection, but won’t melt or water down your bourbon. Plus, the custom glasses are the ideal size for a single, double, or cocktail! Your evening glass of bourbon will be better than ever, and there are plenty of whiskey stones and an extra glass so that you can enjoy a nice drink with your spouse or a friend. Every bourbon drinker needs this gift set, it’s a must-have!

2. Worldly Gift Set for Bourbon Lovers Unlike Any Other

Etched Globe Bourbon Gift Ideas
Close up of globe bourbon decanter on wood stand

While bourbon is an American-made spirit, you can certainly try bourbon from elsewhere in the world. Either way, your bourbon of choice is best enjoyed in this stunning globe decanter set! The beautifully etched map of the world on the entire set and even the glass-blown ship sailing inside the decanter makes this bourbon decanter set one of the most luxurious items you’ll ever own. Perfect for displaying in the living room or home bar, everyone who comes over will want a drink from this exceptional decanter set.

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3. A Bite of Bourbon by BroBasket

A bit of bourbon gift basket by BroBasket

Are you unsure of what exactly he likes when it comes to bourbon? Maybe he has a new favorite taste and he just doesn't know it yet. Help him discover his new favorite bourbon with this awesome bite of bourbon set. This really is an awesome gift for bourbon lovers as it comes with several bottles of bourbon and perfectly paired snacks to go with them. The best part is the bourbons included are absolute classics, making his next bourbon drinking experience one that will be unforgettable.

4. Shotgun Bourbon Decanter Gift Set

Shotgun-style bourbon gift set with four glasses

Sometimes taking a shot of bourbon is all you need to kick start the party. Get him this shotgun shaped bourbon decanter set so he can blast his way into an amazing time. As one of the more unique gift sets on our list, this set is designed with durability in mind as well as aesthetics. It not only comes with a shotgun shaped decanter, but also a solid stand as well as whiskey glasses with shotgun shells embedded inside them. If the bourbon lover in your life is a gun enthusiast, this is a gift you can't pass on.

Man sitting on leather couch drinking bourbon

5. El Matador Bull Bourbon Set

Custom El Matador bourbon decanter set with glasses and whiskey stones

Enjoying a nice glass of bourbon is one thing, it's an entirely other thing when you can strike up a great conversation too. With this el matador decanter set, every time he pours a drink with his friends that's exactly what's going to happen. Crafted from high-quality glass and intricately designed, this bourbon set comes with a badass bull shaped decanter, two rocks glasses, and whiskey stones. He'll have everything he needs to enjoy his bourbon and kick start the conversations.

6. Everest Luxury Crystal Whiskey Set by Liiton

Everest bourbon gift set on stylish tray
Everest whiskey glass with bourbon inside

There are few bourbon sets that can top this Everest luxury whiskey set, which is a good enough reason to get him it for his next gift. Uniquely designed with a solid construction of thick, high-quality glass, this gift set offers an intriguing landscape of mountainous cliffs at the bottom of each whiskey glass. Accompanied with these six glasses is a beautiful, modern looking decanter, that also includes a stylish mountain range design and goes perfectly with the entire decanter set.

7. Custom Argos Decanter Whiskey Military Gift Set

American heroes bourbon gift set with decanter and glasses

If you have an American hero in your life that enjoys a nice kick back session with his favorite bourbon, definitely get him this military-themed whiskey set. This is one of our exclusive bourbon gifts, which is fully personalizable and comes with a durable wooden box to put his whiskey glasses and decanter inside. He'll absolutely love the fact he can tuck this away and bring it out whenever he wants, with everything in one place. Truly a fantastic bourbon sampler gift.

8. Bourbon Sampler Gift Set by Give Them Beer

Bourbon sampler gift set by Give Them Beer

There are a ton of different bourbon brands out there and it can become overwhelming when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a bourbon lover. With this bourbon sample set, you'll have solved your problem of finding the right bourbon for him and having found something he'll absolutely love. This set comes with six different bourbons, all delicious in their own unique way. Whether he's new to the bourbon world or well acquainted, this set will certainly make him one happy camper.

9. The Ultimate Set of Bourbon Tasting Glasses

Engraved Bourbon Decanter Set

Feel like the ultimate bourbon drinker with this hefty, classy, engraved decanter and glassware gift set. Made to hold double your average amount of bourbon, you can use these glasses to make monster cocktails or the best double whiskey you've had in years. Add this exquisite gift for bourbon lovers to your home bar to have the most sophisticated-looking set, ready to pour you a drink of Buffalo Trace or Pappy Van Winkle that you won't soon forget.

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10. Glencairn Wide Bowl Glass Set with Decanter and Gift Box

Wide bowl Glencairn bourbon glasses with decanter and gift box
Big bowl bottom Glencairn glass

For the true bourbon enthusiast and taster in your life, you've got to get him a set of Glencairn glasses with a decanter. What makes the Glencairn glasses truly unique is their ability to guide the aromas of his favorite bourbon in just the right way to maximize his tasting experience. On top of that, this gift set comes with a stylish bourbon decanter as well as a classy wooden box which he can store everything in. Truly a winning gift for the bourbon lover in your life.


11. Custom 7 Piece Luxury Carson Crystal Decanter Set

Carson crystal seven piece whiskey decanter set

Expensive, luxurious gift sets can oftentimes be a bit over the top when it comes to the flamboyance of their design. This luxury crystal decanter set is the exact opposite of that as it boasts a classic look while still catching the eye of the people around. What really sells this bourbon sampler set is the cleanly designed Truman glasses, which can take a drinking session into a time once forgotten. It also comes with a fancy gift box and a set of whiskey stones, so he'll have everything he needs to enjoy his favorite bourbon.

12. Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Bourbon Gift Box

Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Bourbon Gift Box
Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Bourbon Gift Box Inside Box

Going fancy with a bourbon gift is sometimes required. With this bourbon box, you'll be gifting him a one-of-a-kind bourbon as well as an experience he'll enjoy for a while. This set comes with a beautiful wooden box that houses two bourbon glasses and a 15 year aged bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, a delicious bourbon that any bourbon lover would enjoy. While certainly on the pricier end of things, this gift will be one for the ages, so get ready to see him smile from ear to ear after he gets this bad boy.

13. Presentation Set with Bourbon Decanter and Glasses

Monogrammed bourbon presentation gift set

Drinking bourbon is a lot more than just drinking. It's an experience that involves set and setting. With this whiskey presentation set, you'll give him the opportunity to maximize the experience of elegance whenever he pours himself a drink. This bourbon set comes with a decanter, four glasses, and a snuggly designed serving tray. Since everything is made from high-quality materials, this gift set will last him for years to come.

14. Williams Sonoma Dorset Bourbon Decanter

Williams Sonoma dorset bourbon decanter with old fashioned ingredients
Williams Sonoma dorset bourbon gift set

Sometimes you've got to go straight up classy and modern. With this elegant liquor decanter, you'll have achieved that and more. Designed with what's known as a classic European silhouette style, the bourbon fan in your life will have the opportunity to showcase his favorite bourbon in a beautiful enclosure. Truly a classy bourbon gift set that easily wins a spot on our list.

15. A Regal Feel to Each Glass

Regal Crested Bourbon Glasses

One thing many bourbon lovers have in common is they care about the flavor of their drink. After all, if they didn’t they may also be drinking whiskeys, scotches, as well as other liquors. But these die-hard bourbon fans know the difference in flavor. This is why these regal crested tasting glasses are a must for any bourbon fan. They not only look amazing, but due to their shape, they also help with nosing and tasting for both flavors and aromas. Have them be the connoisseur they’ve always dreamed of being by giving them this awesome set of tasting bourbon glasses.

Man in suit laughing and drinking bourbon

16. A Twist They’ll Never Expect

Personalized Decanter with Sculpted Glasses Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Since you’re looking for a bourbon gift, chances are, someone has given them a couple of rocks glasses or a decanter already. This is why you should give them something better: a personalized decanter with their name on it and these unique glasses! Made to fit perfectly in their hands whether they hold them in their left or right hand, these sculpted glasses feel like they’re made especially for them and make their bourbon experience even more special. The decanter, unlike most, even has a rubber-sealed stopper so that their favorite brand won’t evaporate over time like it would in other decanters or if left in its open bottle.

17. Lismore Ships Bourbon Decanter

Waterford ships decanter on table with bourbon
Waterford ships crystal decanter

If you're keeping it maximum classy, then this classic ships decanter is right up your alley. While certainly on the expensive end, there's good reason. For one, it's hard to find a better designed decanter. Another reason is the material is made of fine cut crystal, so his bourbon will not only stay optimally fresh but it'll shine with only a touch of light. It's hard to find a better gift for bourbon lovers than this, which is why you need to check it out.

18. The Perfect Bourbon Tasting Glasses

Personalized Kentucky Trail Bourbon Glasses
Two snifter glasses with bourbon inside

Speaking of bourbon tasting, the aspiring connoisseur in your life needs the proper glasses to get the fullest experience when trying new blends. These unique double snifters are perfect for bourbon tastings! The curvy design, similar to the Glencairn glass, helps smooth the sharp alcohol flavor and enhances the true flavors. The aromas are directed to the nose so that with every sip they get a full inhalation, making it the perfect, flavorful sip every time. This bourbon tasting set is a must-have for anyone who enjoys experiencing bourbon instead of casually drinking it, just make sure you get a sampler set like the one above or a bottle of unique bourbon to complete the gift!

19. Custom Bourbon Decanter Set with Delicious Snacks

Bourbon decanter set with snacks

Looking for a bourbon set that he'll absolutely love? Get him this decanter set with snacks, which will set him up for a delicious time with him and his buddies. This set comes with an incredibly designed bourbon decanter and glasses, all of which have a unique twist style that you won't find anywhere else. On top of that, it comes with delicious snacks and snack holders, so he'll be able to serve those around him with an experience similar to a bar but better!

20. Knob Creek and Other Delicious Snacks

Knob Creek gift basket with snacks

Sometimes you just got to go simple with your bourbon gift, especially when it comes to the variety out there. Go with what works. This Knob Creek gift set definitely fits that bill because it comes with a single bottle of Knob Creek (an absolute classic!) and comes with a variety of delicious snacks. The best part is the snacks go extremely well with the smokey taste of the bourbon, which is something he'll have a tough time not noticing. If you've got a bourbon lover in your life, this gift will get him in the mood.

21. Personalized Cigar Glasses and Bourbon Gift Set

Bourbon cigar glass set with decanter and cigar accessories

Bourbon and cigars go together like steak and wine, so why not get him a bourbon gift that also includes accessories for a cigar lover? This personalized cigar and whiskey decanter set is just what you need for the whiskey drinking and cigar smoking guy in your life. Along with the decanter and cigar accessories, this set really shines with its set of two cigar glasses. These cigar glasses are amazing because they'll let him rest his cigar on the glass when he's sipping or simply resting his drink. Pretty thoughtful gift if you ask me.

22. Hatch Decanter Bourbon Set

Hatch Decanter Bourbon Gift Set
Hatch Decanter by Crate and Barrel with whiskey glasses

Finding a bourbon gift that doesn't break the bank isn't too difficult, but finding a good one can be difficult. This hatch decanter by Crate and Barrel is a perfect option for those looking for a great bourbon gift while staying within a tight budget. Its classic heirloom style is fitting for any home bar by showcasing a diamond pattern that resembles beautifully cut crystal. This is a simple, yet fantastic, decanter that your bourbon lover will absolutely love.

23. The Manliest Set for Bourbon Lovers

Ammo Can Bourbon Gift Set

You don’t necessarily have to have a classic wicker basket for a set to be considered a gift basket. In fact, you can make it even cooler with an ammo box! This unique, manly bourbon gift basket is the ideal gift for the man you know who loves his bourbon. After all, there’s nothing like a refreshing glass of Jim Beam, especially after a long day. These custom glasses and handy whiskey stones will make his favorite way to relax even better! Such an awesome gift is great for his birthday, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion.

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Bourbon Gift Sets FAQs

What kind of bourbon makes a good gift?

The best kind of bourbon that makes a good gift is the bourbon that he already likes or even hasn't tried yet, but you think they might like. You should already have a good idea of what he likes, but if you're unsure, it's smart to go with tried and true bourbons, like Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, or Woodford Reserve.

How do you gift a bourbon bottle?

A great thing about gifting a bottle of bourbon is that you can give it as a present as simple or complicated as you want. A bottle with a bow around the neck, inside a bag, or dressed to the nines with a full bourbon gift basket, and you’ll have an awesome way to give the bottle. Regardless of your method, when you give a bottle to a bourbon lover, they’ll always remember your generosity and thoughtfulness.

How do I make a bourbon gift basket?

A bourbon gift basket can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Simply include things that you think the bourbon lover in your life will love and find a fitting container. You can do custom glassware inside an ammo can as a gift basket or use a wicker basket with a bottle of bourbon and some treats, really how you bake your bourbon set is up to you!

What do you get for a bourbon collector?

For a bourbon collector, you truly have about two choices for gifts. You can either get them an elusive bottle of bourbon or unique bourbon accessories. The upside to the collector bottle of bourbon is that it will be a memory they hold onto forever, but eventually, they will drink all of it and that gift will be gone. On the other hand, things like custom glassware or unique decanters are great bourbon gifts because they can help them enjoy their drinks without ever leaving their side. An accessory will be there for them from the day you give it to them to the time they last set it down.


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