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Article: 13 Supreme Scotch Tasting Sets

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13 Supreme Scotch Tasting Sets

13 Supreme Scotch Tasting Sets

Enjoy Whisky the Way It Was Meant to Be with a Scotch Tasting Set

Hey scotch lovers, you know what you’ve been missing out on? Tasting sets! While a rocks glass is cool and classic, there is a better way to get the most out of each glass of GlenDronach, Glenfarclas, or Torabhaig. A scotch tasting set allows you to taste each and every flavor on your palate and nose every aroma that your favorite liquor gives off. Now, you may be asking “What is a whisky tasting set?” or “Do I really need a whisky sampler?” And we’re here to explain it all! But first of all, just know that with these sets, it’ll be like drinking your go-to scotches for the first time all over again!

Most Sophisticated Scotch Tasting Set

Custom Glencairn Scotch Tasting Set

The first new scotch tasting set you need to check out to enhance your bottle of Talisker scotch is this engraved Glencairn whisky gift set. Complete with four of the world’s best glasses for finding nuanced flavors, you’ll feel like a true whisky connoisseur when you’re pouring four separate glasses for your own tasting party. Plus, with the addition of the gift box and luxurious engraving, every time you want to sample a scotch, it’ll truly feel like a special occasion.

A Unique, Custom Decanter Gift Box

Canadian Glencairn Decanter Box Set

Not everything needs to conform to traditional standards. This awesome-looking custom decanter box set comes with four less-common glasses. The Canadian Glencairn actually works very similarly to the standard glass; however, it is double the size. The extra volume of the glass means you get to drink more per glass, who doesn’t want that? Also, you’ll have room for whiskey stones or ice if you so choose.

Best Crested Whisky Tasting Set

Best Whisky Tasting Set for Scotch Lovers

When it comes to finding the ideal scotch tasting sets for your bottle of Rusty Nail scotch that makes you feel like you deserve only the finest liquors each time you drink, look no further than these regal crested bourbon trail glasses. While initially intended for bourbon, they equally enhance a scotch drinking experience. You can already see these in your hand as you sit by the fire during winter and sip on scotch, admit it, you need these glasses!

Engraved Globe Decanter Set for Scotch Lovers

Engraved Globe Decanter Set

Perfect for the aspiring connoisseur who wants to taste the world’s whiskeys, this personalized globe decanter set is a classy and novel way to enjoy a good glass of scotch. With the Glencairn glasses, you’ll have the full tasting experience while the decanter allows you to examine where you have or still need to get scotches from. How unique?


Crystal Glassware Gift for Scotch Lovers

Crystal Glassware Scotch Tasting Sets

A list of the best scotch tasting sets cannot be complete without high-end crystal glassware. After all, nothing screams class like when someone breaks out crystal glassware. And considering scotch’s lineage and history of sophistication, there is no better vessel to enjoy a bottle of Compass Box Hedonism than from a crystal glassware set.

Take Flight with Scotch Tasting Sets

Personalized Whisky Flight

Beer flights have been all the rage for a few years now, but why let them have all the fun. Scotch flights exist, too! There is no more fun way to enjoy multiple scotches than when you have them lined up right in front of you. Also, having an engraving on the handle of the flight that is special to you is a nice touch as well. Whether you need just one flight for your own tastings or get a few for when you have tasting parties, you know you can’t go wrong with this awesome gift!

A Rare Whisky Tasting Set

Monogrammed Unique Scotch Tasting Set

Break from the mold with a monogrammed scotch tasting set. These unique glasses also come with cigar accessories, which have not been mentioned as of yet; however, nothing pairs with a glass of scotch quite like the perfect cigar. Indulge in both of your favorite vices in style with this monogrammed gift set!

Whisky Dropper

Whisky Dropper and Tweed Case

To help get more flavors from your go-to liquor, one of the most useful things you can do is add a drop of water. It helps cut the alcohol flavor and allows the subtle notes to flourish. Make sure you’re always prepared with this pocket dropper and tweed travel case. Now, at any bar you go to you’ll be able to create the perfect flavor level in your drink!

Personalized Scotch Flight

Custom Glencairn Whisky Flight

Add the personal touch to your glasses at your tasting party with a custom Glencairn serving set. Whether you’re sharing with another person or have a few sets for hosting large parties, everyone will be blown away when they're sipping on Glenfiddich or Johnnie Walker to find that your name and initials are on each of the Glencairn glasses in this gorgeous set.

An Engraved Box Set for Scotch Lovers

Personalized Modern Scotch Tasting Set

Put a modern spin on a tasting set with this personalized scotch gift box set. The glasses have that similar tulip shape but no base, how chic. There is no better way for a bottle of Glenmorangie Signet to be enjoyed than from a set that is as unique as it is. Add in that if you like a chilled drink this set comes with whiskey stones, making it the perfect box set for the modern scotch lover.

Scotch Tasting Sets for Training Your Senses

Nosing Guide and Gift Set for Scotch Lovers

Make sure that when you do get your tasting set that you’re able to make the most of it. This nosing aromatic set will help train you to recognize even the most subtle flavors within your scotch. Between the 54 included scents and the helpful guide, you’ll be the scotch connoisseur you only thought was possible in movies!

Ultimate Smoker Scotch Set

Glencairn Smoker Gift Box

Allow yourself to get creative with your scotch tasting set when you add this custom Glencairn smoker set to your home bar collection. Infuse tried and true whisky you have loved for years with smoke from things like cedar, thyme, or even the devils cut from old whisky barrels. With this set, you’ll have an endless ability to create unique flavors for you and your friends to enjoy while sitting in fancy leather pleated chairs and listening to the crackle logs in a hot fireplace.

Presenting the Most Awesome Whisky Set

Monogrammed Presentation Scotch Tasting Sets are for Whisky Lovers

In search of a set that is as much style as it is substance? This monogrammed presentation gift set is the ideal way to make an occasion out of each bottle of scotch. With your initials on every set, you’ll have that rich and regal experience that every scotch lover deserves. However, you don’t have to enjoy that feeling alone since this set comes with four glasses. Indulge with friends like never before with one of the best-looking whisky-tasting sets out there.


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