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Article: 21 Spectacular Gifts for Your Brother

21 Spectacular Gifts for Your Brother

21 Spectacular Gifts for Your Brother

You’re Never too Old to Get an Awesome Gift for Your Brother

Getting a gift for someone is always hard, but when it is for your brother it feels so much more difficult. After all, you’ve already been getting him Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, thank you gifts, and more for years. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find an awesome gift for your brother on this occasion! Simply think about what he likes and find a way to give him a custom gift for his hobbies, a unique piece of home decor, something that reminds the two of you of your childhood, or maybe even find a badass manly gift just for him! With that in minds, there is no reason for you to be wondering: “What should I get my brother?” What does a guy want?” or “What should I get my brother on his birthday? Instead, we have incredibly good gifts for brothers that he is sure to love for any gifting occasion!

Get a Manly Gift for Your Brother

Whiskey Ammo Can Gift for Your Brother

Have your brother feeling like the true man’s man he is when you get him this custom ammo can and whiskey gift set that you know he desperately needs. That isn’t to say he isn’t already a badass without this set, no. This is just the finishing touch, like when Arnold puts on the sunglasses in The Terminator. Now, he’ll be kicking back in both style and badassery as he enjoys his whiskey and cigars!

A True Sign of a Great Gift for Brothers

Custom Metal Sign for Brother

Whether he is married with children or living the bachelor life, a personalized sign is a great gift to give the guy you grew up with. After all, it is a way for him to claim a space as his own. This awesome metal sign is fantastic for him to put in his workspace to show that this is where he means business. You can already picture him looking up at this sign as he wrenches on his Harley or sanding down that hand-made canoe he has been working on. Personalized signs like this are good gifts for brother for anything from his birthday to the holidays.

Personalized Beer Gifts for Brothers

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Want to give unique gifts for your brother? Check out this beer lover gift set! You know he’ll feel a few extra chest hairs grow immediately upon holding onto both of these custom mugs (that also have his name and initial on them). If you include a six-pack of his go-to beer or maybe a few local craft brews, he will likely have you christen this gift set with him. Now, the two of you can share a couple of brewskis from his new favorite gift, ever!

A Cool, Custom Cutting Board

Hardwood Custom Cutting Board

If you’re checking out a blog for gifts for your brother, and you’ve made it this far in, chances are he is an adult. Every adult man needs to be able to make their own food, so ensure he can start his meal preps off right with this gorgeous acacia wood cutting board and butcher block. Great for everything from basic meals to dishes that’ll have the critic from Ratatouille shedding tears of joy, this cutting board is the perfect gift to get him cooking in his kitchen. Plus, when it isn’t in use, it is a gorgeous display piece too!

Take a Swing at Good Gifts for Brothers

Baseball Decanter Set of Good Gifts for Brothers

Check out this unusual gift for brothers, huh? How much do you think the sports-loving man will enjoy sitting back to watch the Yankees or Cardinals play as he gets to enjoy his game time drinks from a baseball decanter and gorgeous glassware gift set? Thanks to the rocks glasses, he can just as easily enjoy a classic whisky on the rocks or make mixed drinks for his friends. Talk about an awesome gift!


Leather Duffle for Him

Leather Duffle Bag

Make it a breeze for him to take all of his gear with him. A leather duffle is a must for every man, especially your brother. This classy bag works great for the office, the gym, or weekend getaways. Better still, the leather looks incredibly manly and goes with anything, so he can use his gift every single day!

A Smokin’ Hot Gift for Your Brother

Unique Gift for Brother is a Whiskey Smoker Set

For the guy who has been into the finer parts of whiskey for years, this smoker gift set is just what he needs. Instead of exploring new brands and expensive vintages, he can finally experiment with flavor profiles in the comfort of his own home by smoking his go-to whiskeys with wood chips and herbs to concoct a drink and flavor unique to his own tastes.

Badass Gifts for Brothers Who Love Whisky

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

You can never go wrong with a personalized whiskey decanter set with matching glasses when looking for good gifts for brothers. He’ll feel like the classiest guy in the world when he opens his gift and even when he is drinking from this set. And, thanks to the four glasses, he will love sharing that feeling with friends and family, insisting they have a drink with him every time they come to visit.

An Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Engraved Ammo Can Cigar Humidor is a Good Gift for Brother

Make sure that you get the most unique gift for your brother when you give him not only a humidor but one that has been made out of a personalized ammo can. This amazing gift will protect his cigars with the same vigor that United States ammunition is protected. That means that his stogies will never have to fear being damaged from humidity again. So, whether he lights a cigar with you in celebration or waits a few months, his cigars will be fresh year-round!

Good Gifts for Brothers with a Vice

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Speaking of cigars, you know your brother has never seen a whiskey and cigar gift set as cool as this one. Not only does it have a monogram of his initials on it, but it also allows him to comfortably hold both his whiskey. The glass also has a notch in the glass so he can hold his stogie in the same hand. He’ll likely give you a fist-bump for that feature alone! But think of how handy (get it?) this gift will be when he wants to enjoy his vices while watching television, sending a text, or greeting someone. This is unbeatable for the man who loves cigars and whiskey!

His New Hobby - Drones

High Tech Drone

Inspire a new angle on one of his current hobbies or have your gift become his new favorite activity, by getting him a drone! This high-tech drone has cameras on it allowing him to fly and record from hundreds of feet in the air. Whether he is getting footage of his son’s football game or taking gorgeous landscape views at the top of the mountain, he is sure to use this drone as much as possible!

A Set of Useful & Unusual Brother Gifts

Personalized Bamboo Grill Tool Set

Need a gift for your brother when he is the kind of guy who seems impossible to buy for? Get him a custom set of grill tools! After all, every guy needs a set and they could always use a replacement set of premium tools. With this set, he’ll be out searing steaks and sautéing vegetables on the grill in no time!

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

Personalized Gifts for Brother Who Loves Wine

Not every man is into whiskey or beer, some prefer wine. So, when searching out good gifts for brothers who enjoy a good Merlot or Riesling, make sure you check out this unique wine tumbler gift set. The glasses are in a stately matte black and are just as tough as any square-jawed man. He’ll love that he looks like a badass while he enjoys his wine from this set which insulates his drink too. How cool is that?

Novelty Gift for Your Brother

Large Cocktail Shaker

Put a smile on his face every time he goes to make a cocktail with this oversized cocktail shaker! With enough room for 110oz, he’ll be able to make mojitos or whiskey sours for the whole family with just one mix! So, whether he is smiling ear to ear from the novelty of his fun gift or because he knows just how many cocktails he can make now, you can be sure your brother will love this gift.

Engraved Decanter Set for Him

Custom Decanter Gift for Your Brother

Every guy needs a good decanter set in his house. Regardless of styling, this classy set will be perfect for him. Whether he is an old soul or fully embraces everything modern, this set is sure to be right at home on his countertop or home bar. Plus, if you add in a bottle of his favorite whiskey, you’ll ensure that he’ll want to use this gift with you as soon as he opens it!


Straight Razor Kit

Straight Razor Kit of Good Gifts for Brothers

Keep him looking his best all of the time with a classic straight razor kit. With a brush, soap, strap, and the razor itself, he’ll always have the closest shave possible. This set even comes with a traveling case, perfect for bringing his razor with him on trips.

Personalized Pool Sign

Personalized Billiard Sign

Spiff his house up with custom decor as the ideal gift for your brother. This billiard sign is the manliest way to make something like his game room or garage, the guy’s hangout spot he has always envisioned it as. Once he mounts this on the wall, he’ll already be able to smell the cigar smoke, taste the bourbon, and hear the crack of billiards.

Good Gifts for Brothers with a Refined Taste

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Box Set

Bring him into a whole new sense of style when you get your brother this luxurious cigar and whiskey gift set. He’ll love the fact that the glass, stand, box, and even the cigar case are personalized. This way, whether he is at home or out on the town, he can feel like a sophisticated man that has gone to such lengths as to procure only the finest cigar and whiskey accessories!

For the Legendary Guy

Legendary Beer Ammo Can Gift Set

Just like King Arthur when he found Excalibur and pulled it from the stone, your brother will have to be a legendary man to pull his survival knife or custom pint glass from his personalized ammo can gift set! This unique present is perfect for Christmas, his birthday, or even his anniversary. You can be sure when you make him feel like a legend, that you have found the ideal gift for your brother.

Whiskey Barrel Cabinet

Whiskey Barrel Cabinet

Every man needs his own liquor cabinet and there is no better place to put it than inside of a whiskey barrel! This is such a cool piece of furniture and decoration for his home that he will love showing it off to friends and family. He can easily fit bottles of liquor, glasses, and decanters inside. Plus, he can even have a drink on top of the barrel while using it as a table!

A Truly Badass Gift Set

Bullet Whiskey Stone Set of Good Gifts for Brothers

Use this set of truly badass and good gifts for brothers to make him feel like his favorite action hero! He’ll feel tougher than The Rock or Vin Diesel when he is sipping on his go-to whiskey that has been chilled by the novelty bullet whiskey stones. That isn’t even to mention the cigar stand which will have him feeling as classy as Daniel Craig’s James Bond!


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