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Article: 23 Hippest Gifts for Young Couples

23 Hippest Gifts for Young Couples

23 Hippest Gifts for Young Couples

Gifts for Young Couples Need to Be As Unique as Everything Listed Here!

Whether you’re shopping for one of their birthdays, holidays, or an anniversary, finding gifts for young couples is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Otherwise, why would you be here? After all, young couples may not want traditional gifts. Instead, they will want something that is unique to them, something that allows them to enjoy their time together, or that will be a keepsake for years. While that doesn’t mean tradition is thrown out the window, you know that gift ideas for young couples need to be new, something with a twist, or something exciting. So, check out these curated gift ideas that every couple will love!

Gifts for Young Couples Seen Around the World

Globe Decanter Set of Gifts for Young Couples

The world is in the palm of their hands when they're young, so make sure that your gift reflects that with this set of luxury gifts for couples, a globe decanter gift set! Whether they have a passion for traveling, whiskey, or simply love great gifts, you can’t go wrong with this set! From planning their next trip to celebrating their anniversary with a full-bodied drink of whiskey, this unique gift has them covered!

Custom Cheese Board

Personalized Cheese Board

Charcuterie is all the rage, so help keep them in-style with a personalized cheese board as one of the most unique gift ideas for young couples. Whether they’ve got some Munster and cured meats or Brie with crackers, this set will make their spreads feel so much classier!

Every Time is Perfect for a Glass of Wine

Wine Glass Set of Gift Ideas for Young Couples

What couple doesn’t need a set of wine glasses? Sure, sure, you know they probably already have a few glasses around the house, but none that match and surely none that are as good-looking as these! With their anniversary year, name, and initial engraved, you can be sure every time they reach for a Riesling or a Merlot, they’ll be looking to have their drink from one of these four custom glasses!

A Monument to Their Love

Engraved Acrylic Block

When searching for the best gifts for young couples, you simply cannot pass up getting them a custom engraved acrylic block. Choose one of their best photos alongside special quotes or a meaningful phrase, and you’ll have given them a gift that they will enjoy for a lifetime!

Cool Crystal Gift Ideas for Young Couples

Crystal Cut Glencairn Glasses

A truly unusual gift idea for couples has got to be their own set of crystal-cut Glencairn glasses. While unusual, that doesn’t mean you should think it is a niche gift. These are quality glasses that enhance the flavor and aroma of their go-to liquor. So, if you know a couple that enjoys a bottle of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon together, these glasses are a fantastic way to let them enjoy aromas and flavors they could never taste in regular old rocks glasses.


The Best Gifts Always Rise to the Top

Sourdough Making Kit

Give the gift that keeps on giving, a sourdough bread-making kit! Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh dough in their home? Plus, making a loaf will be a fun activity that they can always do together. If they make so much bread that their home starts to look like a bakery, they can even start gifting their delicious bread to friends and family, too!

A Gift for the Young Couple Who Drinks Together

Personalized Couples Sign

This custom sign is making quite the statement that is becoming more and more abundantly clear, “The couple that drinks together stays together.” For the couple who enjoys a good cocktail or tasty drink at the end of the night with one another, this is the perfect piece of home decor for them! Whether it is for their housewarming, anniversary gift, or just because, you can be sure they’ll have a toast to you the night they hang it up.

Engraved Wine Gift Box

Wine Presentation Set of Gifts for Young Couples

Is there anything quite like a couple sharing a bottle of wine together? Wine often makes for great gift ideas for young couples; however, you know you can be more unique than that. Simply, place your fantastic vintage inside this personalized wine gift box! Not only does this box set come with all the tools they could need to enjoy the bottle, but the lid is also engraved just for them, talk about a great gift for a young couple!

Present the Best Whiskey Gift

Engraved Whiskey Presentation Set

Present the young couple with a fantastically unique gift idea, their own engraved presentation set! Perfect for their home bar or even a coffee table, this set is the best way for them to share a drink together or with friends for that matter. They’ll love seeing the engraving with their last name and initial on it every single day, and they’ll enjoy their drinks even more when they’re sipping on scotch, whiskey, or bourbon from this unique gift set.

State Your Best Gift Ideas for Young Couples

State Beer Cap Map

While these may seem like unusual gift ideas for young couples, think about how much fun they’ll have filling out one of these states? For the couple who loves where they are from, where they went to college, or where they want to eventually move, these beer cap maps are perfect! They can fill in the slots with their go-to brand or maybe even with caps from breweries from that state, the choices are endless.

Not Your Average Luggage

USB Luggage Luxury Gifts for Couples

Younger couples are always on the move, make sure they get to their destination with their stuff intact with a premium luggage gift set. Other than a set of awesome wheels and hardshell, this luggage also comes with USB ports, meaning they’ll never have to fear dead batteries on the go, they can easily and simply recharge their phone or laptop with their suitcase. How cool is that?

The Best Tasting Set Ever

Personalized Couples Glencairn Gift Set

Enhance their next glass of whiskey tenfold with their own custom Glencairn tasting set. These glasses are purpose-built to enhance and elevate the taste of their drinks due to the tulip shape of the glasses, and with a set of four, you can be sure they will be using this gift with their spouse and their friends. For a couple that loves their liquor, you simply can’t find a more unique or classy-looking set of gifts for young couples out there!

A Custom Valet Box

Engraved Valet Case Gift Idea for Young Couples

Practical gifts for couples are not always easy to come by. Sometimes what is practical for one half, is not for their spouse; however, no matter the couple, this valet case is just what both of them need. With plenty of room for watches up top and a drawer perfect for tie clips, earrings, cufflinks, rings, and more in the bottom, this box is a fantastic way to make sure the couple is always looking their best.

Perfect Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Personalized Wine Decanter Gift Idea for Married Couples

Got a couple who is recently married or near to celebrating their anniversary? Look no further than this custom wine decanter gift set which has been engraved with their wedding date as well as both of their names. This is a fantastically sentimental gift idea for young couples that they can hold onto and enjoy for years to come! Whether they’re celebrating a holiday, their anniversary, or merely having a date night, you can be sure they’ll be having a celebratory drink from this set.

Keep Them in the Kitchen Together

Custom Acacia Cutting Board

The couple that cooks together stays together! While that might not be a household saying just yet, you know that it is true. A couple in the kitchen making delicious meals is a fantastic bonding experience. So, make them want to be in the kitchen together even more with this fantastically engraved acacia wood cutting board. Come on, you know their old board is worn and beat up anyway, this will be the gift they never knew they needed!


The Easiest Way to Clean the House

Roomba Gift set

While many of the gifts so far have been modern yet somehow timeless, these gifts for a young couple will be massive time savers! A Roomba combo set with their famous automatic vacuum, as well as a handheld vacuum, and an automatic mop, this gift set will keep their house immaculate year-round.

Personalized Wine Sign

Personalized Wine Sign Gift Idea for Young Couples

Give their home a unique flair of decoration with a custom wine cellar sign. Perfect for those who have a few bottles of wine as well as the person who has a fully-fledged wine cellar. Each time they see their sign, this couple will feel like they may as well have their own grape fields as well, you simply can’t beat a sign as a perfect present for a couple!

Custom Decanter Gift Set

Custom Decanter Gift Set

Bring a new element of class into their nightly cocktail with this gorgeous whiskey decanter gift set. This is the perfect way for them to enjoy neat drinks, whiskey on the rocks, or even to indulge in a few cocktails too! You can imagine with a set that looks this good, they’ll leave it out on display just so a guest might ask about it, this way, they can easily share a drink while they indulge them about how they got this awesome gift.

Modern Tasting Glass Gift Box

Stainless Glencairn Box Set of Gifts for Young Couples

While you have likely seen Glencairn glasses before (because there are a few on this very list) you’ve never seen them like this! This set of unique gift ideas for young couples will surely stand out on any occasion that you give it. These stainless steel glasses act just like Glencairn glasses in how they enhance flavor profiles; however, they’re also insulated due to the stainless steel. That in combination with the whiskey stones, and they’re able to make some of the most chill drinks of their lives!

A Memorable Set of Gifts for Young Couples

Engraved Shadow Box and Wine Glass Gift Set

A great thing about being a couple is that the two of you get to make memories together. There is nothing quite like good times and reminiscing on some of the best days of your life with the one you love most. Whether it was simply a great day or your wedding, have them put a memento inside this shadow box and each time they sit down or look over on the wall and see this gift, they can be brought back to that very day. The set even comes with matching glasses, which makes reflecting together even easier!

Luxury Sheets are Great Gift Ideas for Young Couples

Sheets are Luxury Gifts for Couples

There is nothing quite like hitting the hay and having your bed feel luxurious. These top-quality Peacock Alley sheets are not only practical gifts for couples, they can be downright romantic too. With their high thread count and top-tier comfort, the couple you get this set for may never want to leave their bed again!

A No Bull Gift Set

Bull Decanter Set of Gift Ideas for Young Couples

Go a little unusual with your gifting ideas to get something truly unique with this epic bull decanter gift set. They’ll marvel at how their liquor looks inside their bull as they pour their drinks. However, better still is that their glasses are customized and they come with whiskey stones too, which means no matter what, they’re guaranteed to have a perfectly chilled drink every time, how great is that?

No Place Like Home

Custom Home Sign

The one place every couple loves spending time together—home. After all, it is where they cook, unwind, and get to be alone with one another. However, at some point, every couple will realize home isn’t where you grew up or where you came from, it is where you and your spouse are together. Make sure their message is never lost on them with this custom sign, which has truly got to be one of the most special gift ideas for young couples.


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