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Article: 19 Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

19 Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

19 Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Unique and Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts They’ll Never Expect

Being married for 50 years is a long time! In fact, this incredible milestone occasion is called the golden anniversary. That doesn’t mean you have to give your partner solid gold or find something golden for the happy couple, though. Practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts are items that the couple can enjoy together, something they needed, or even an upgrade to something they’ve had for a while. After all, they’ve been together for over half a century, so they’ve been around long enough to know what they will actually use. Looking for traditional 50th anniversary gifts? Wanting to get them unusual 50th anniversary gifts that they never knew they wanted? Searching for great 50th anniversary gifts for friends? Not to worry, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more when it comes to the perfect gifts!

Elegant and Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts are Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

You know what they say: ”The couple that drinks together, stays together!” And after being together for so long, they definitely know each other’s drink of choice. As far as practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts go, this exquisite whiskey decanter set is one of the best because it’s as functional as it is decorative. The couple can use this lovely set for romantic drinks together, sharing a round of cocktails with friends, and to display proudly in their home.

A Place for All of Their Watches

Custom Ten Watch Display Case

Over the years, the longtime lovebirds have probably collected quite a few watches between the two of them. He has been given many as gifts for anniversaries and holidays while the she has an assortment of timepieces to coordinate with her outfits. One of the most practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts for them is this large watch case! Now, they can store and organize all of their watches so that they never have to worry about frantically searching the house for the one they want to wear. Plus, this display case will look classy on their dresser, and it even has storage for their extra links, batteries, and more!

Gifts That Remind Them to Have Date Nights

Custom Wine Decanter with Two Stemless Glasses

Whether a couple has been married for five years or fifty, it’s absolutely vital to go on dates! One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give a couple for their anniversary is something that will encourage them to have more date nights, like this romantic wine decanter set! Together, the two can enjoy a quality glass of wine by a cozy fire or cuddle up on the couch while watching their favorite movie.

Unusual 50th Anniversary Gifts They’ll Adore

Globe Bar Cart is Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Sure, they’ve got plenty of antiques, but do they have a bar cart that looks like a priceless antique globe? No? Then their 50th anniversary is the perfect time to get them one! This incredible bar cart is one of the coolest and certainly most unusual 50th anniversary gifts because it’ll surprise them when you give it to them! Once they see how beautiful the craftsmanship is and how great it looks with their antiques and decor, they’ll be in love, but once they see the hidden bar, they’ll be over the moon!

Luxurious 50th Anniversary Gifts

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Set with Serving Tray

Looking for personalized 50th anniversary gifts? This entire decanter serving set is beautifully engraved with a unique monogram of their first initials and shared last initial! Perfect for serving drinks to their guests or enjoying a couple of nightcaps together, the happy couple will love using this complete decanter set. Whether this luxurious personalized gift is for your grandparents, friends, or partner, anyone who receives such an impressive decanter set will treasure it for years to come.


The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

Instant Pot Air Fryer Practical is a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

One of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts you can give a couple is a new gadget for their kitchen, like this 11-in-1 Instant Pot! It’s an air fryer, pressure cooker, crock pot, rice cooker, dehydrator, sous vide, and more! This incredible Instant Pot is the ultimate kitchen gadget and will be the perfect upgrade to their many individual gadgets. In fact, they’ll be able to get rid of several of their old ones now that they have such a practical and useful new one that does so many different things. As far as 50th anniversary gifts go, this one is by far the most useful!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Engraved Decanter Set with Walnut Gift Box

When it comes to practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts, you want to give the couple something they’ll genuinely enjoy and use. This amazing decanter set is perfect for entertaining, having romantic drinks together on date nights, and even for displaying when it’s not in use! The beautiful design on the entire set will remind them of their wedding day all those years ago every time they see it. Such a lovely gift is something they’ll treasure forever and someday pass down to their children!

Something New to Decorate Their Home

Custom Wood Wine Family Sign

When was the last time they bought any new décor for their home? Surprise the couple on their 50th wedding anniversary with a beautifully personalized sign! They will love how much thought and creativity you put into choosing and customizing this stunning gift, and it will look fantastic on display in any room. Whether they're really into wine or just enjoy the occasional glass, such a wonderful anniversary gift will be treasured for years to come!

Unusual 50th Anniversary Gifts They’ll Enjoy Together

50th Anniversary Whiskey Gift Box Set

Make sure they’re having their 50th anniversary toast in style with this lovely whiskey box set! The gorgeous whiskey glasses will make them feel like royalty as they sip on their finest scotch, especially with a couple of whiskey stones in their drinks! When they’re not using the set for fancy and romantic drinks together, it can be stored in the custom wooden gift box for safekeeping. They’ll especially love the fact that the box and glasses are all uniquely personalized just for them!

A Unique Photo Unlike Any Other

Personalized Acrylic Photo Block

Instead of getting them a print of a picture of them inside a gold frame to go with the golden anniversary theme, get them something truly unique: an acrylic photo block! By far one of the most unusual 50th anniversary gifts, this modern picture frame actually has the photo printed directly onto the acrylic so that it creates a cool 3D effect. Plus, you can add some custom text below the image with your well-wishes for the couple, a heartfelt sentiment for your partner, or a fun joke that will make them smile every time they see it.

Traditional Golden Anniversary Gifts

Gold Rimmed 50 Piece Dinnerware Set

After being together for so many years, their wedding china or everyday dinnerware is probably looking a little worn. Why not give them a whole new set for their 50th anniversary? And, sticking with the golden theme, this beautiful china set has a lovely gold band on the edge of each piece. Such a regal set will make any couple feel like royalty as they enjoy a romantic anniversary dinner or even just for a casual lunch!

Give Their Drinks a Whole New Flavor

Drink Smoker with Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Give these longtime sweethearts something new to experience together on their 50th wedding anniversary: a cocktail smoker! This nifty gadget will infuse their drinks, hors d'oeuvres, gourmet cheeses, and more. They will adore these lovely personalized whiskey glasses, especially when they use them to create smoked drinks with their new smoker. Once they try their first smoked drink, they’ll want to experiment with different cocktails and wood chips to see which combinations they like the most.

Classic 50th Anniversary Gift

Art Deco Custom Wood Sign is an Unusual 50th Anniversary Gift

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional theme of the anniversary. For 50 years, it’s gold! Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to give them actual gold, but anything with gold in it will do just fine. For example, this swanky art deco wooden sign has a lovely gold accent on it that really makes it pop! The couple will love adding this fun and unique sign to their home, but most of all, they’ll love how much thought and effort you put into getting them both a traditional anniversary gift and something that’s one-of-a-kind with the personalization you put on it!

Luxurious Anniversary Gifts That They’ll Treasure Forever

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set

From the stunning crystal decanter to the beautifully engraved wooden gift box, everything about this incredible gift is the height of luxury! Your grandparents, partner, or friends will be so impressed by your amazing anniversary gift that they’ll treasure it forever. In fact, the fine crystal and the laser engraving are all meant to last forever, which means they can pass it down to their children someday. Such an amazing 50th anniversary gift just keeps on giving!

Fun and Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Leather Poker Set of Unusual 50th Anniversary Gifts

There’s nothing like playing a fun game of poker with friends and even family! For the couple’s 50th anniversary, surprise them with a unique upgrade to their old poker set with this personalized leather poker set! They will love having a brand new set of cards, dice, and chips, but their favorite part will be the custom leather case that can conveniently carry it all. They can bring their lovely new poker set along on their next trip, family reunion, and host a poker night every week with their friends thanks to your unique gift!

A Decorative Gift Unlike Any Other

Commission an Oil Painting from Insta Painting

Unusual 50th anniversary gifts don’t have to be totally out-of-the-box to be impressive, but a custom painting created from your favorite photo of the happy couple is something they’ll never know they wanted until you give it to them! Simply choose your favorite picture of the lovebirds, send it over to Insta Painting, and one of their artists will turn it into a stunning oil painting. The couple will be over the moon to see their gorgeous oil painting and will proudly hang it up on their anniversary and display it forever.

Toast to Their Anniversary in Style

Personalized Cognac Snifter Box Set

Make sure the longtime lovebirds are celebrating their milestone anniversary in style with this personalized cognac set! Cognac is a luxurious spirit reserved for special occasions, and a 50th anniversary is extra special, after all. The couple will love how you personalized the vintage-inspired design on the entire set, and they’ll be sure to try out their new cognac glasses with a toast to celebrate their love for one another as soon as they open your incredible gift.

Cutting Boards Are the Best Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts is a Monogrammed Cutting Board

Not sure what to get them for their 50th anniversary? You can’t go wrong with a new cutting board, especially one as nice as this one! Made of super sturdy acacia wood and larger than the typical cutting board, this hefty board is even engraved with a unique monogram of their initials. One look at this stunning cutting board and they’ll throw out their old one right away! They will love how great it looks in the kitchen when they’re not using it for making meals together or preparing snacks when they have company over. Plus, the acacia is as durable and meant to last just as long as their love for one another: forever!

Date Night Gift Set

Personalized Wine Date Night Gift Set

Even though they’ve been married for 50 years, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that they continue to go on dates. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give them is this adorable wine date night gift set! They can open a bottle of wine with their new corkscrew, drop the cork inside the shadow box, and pour it into their new custom glasses to enjoy a nice drink together with their dinner or just to relax on the couch by a cozy fire. They will love seeing their cork collection grow over time, just like their ever-growing love for each other.


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