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Article: 17 Coolest Gifts for Men Under $100

17 Coolest Gifts for Men Under $100

17 Coolest Gifts for Men Under $100

Find Incredible Gifts for Men Under $100 Here!

Getting awesome gifts for the guy in your life doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, sometimes the best gifts are on the more affordable side. Keep an eye on your budget while still crushing the gift-giving game with these awesome gifts for men under $100! These are practical and or custom gifts that make his life so much better! Whether it is something he is going to use every day or a unique item that he never knew he needed, there is something for every guy. Make this occasion special with a memorable and epic gift for men under $100!

Arm Him with Gifts for Men Under $100

Beer Ammo Can Gifts for Men Under $100

Can you believe you can get all of these awesome gifts in this set for under $100? This incredible ammo can comes with custom pint glasses, cigar accessories, and a survival knife. Add in the customization and that is truly a ton of gifts for such a low price. He’ll love feeling like the manliest, legendary man on the planet each time he uses his set too. It doesn’t matter if he is having a brewski, going to the shooting range, or unwinding with a stogie, he will love how practical all of these gifts for men under $100 are!

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Monogrammed Cutting Board

A great gift for men under $100 has got to be a custom cutting board. After all, this is a gift that will keep on giving. He’ll make far more meals on this cutting board than any gift card to his favorite restaurant will give him. Plus, it will be a ton of fun helping him cook his first meal on his monogrammed cutting board. Whether he is an amateur in the kitchen or an expert chef, you know he will get a ton of use out of this incredibly practical gift.

Sculpted Whiskey Glass Decanter Set

Cool things Under $100 Dollars are Engraved Decanter Set

Who knew that you could make that special guy in your life feel like a dapper gentleman for less than a hundo? This engraved whiskey decanter set with sculpted glasses will make him feel like a modern-day Don Draper when he sips and serves his go-to liquor. He’ll feel so fancy when he pulls this set out from his desk or from his home bar to serve a drink and talk about last night’s game or today’s big break at work!

Personalized Copper Tumblers for Him

Personalized Copper Mug Set

Add a unique touch of personality to his drinkware set with these engraved copper tumblers. These are great at keeping his wine or cocktail ice cold due to their insulation that he could even watch a full football game without needing to get more ice or add more chilled liquor to his cup. The tumblers make for a great gift on any occasion too: from birthdays to housewarming, these fit the bill perfectly!

Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Box for Men

Twist Whiskey Glass Box Gift for Men Under $100

Every drink he takes from these unique twist glasses will be priceless. And this regal gift set for men under $100 is so luxurious that he’ll think you spent hundreds more. After all, how many gifts can you think of that just by looking at will make him feel like a million bucks? When he is drinking from this fantastic gift set, he’ll feel like the CEO or star athlete he has always dreamed of being.


High-Quality Leather Bet Gift for Men Under $100

Luxury Leather Belt

Not every gift under $100 has to be something complex or fancy-looking, some can be incredibly practical too. This stylish leather belt will go with everything from his best blue suit to his blue jeans he wears every day. However, no matter which pants these go in, they’re sure to keep his pants supported!

A Badass Cigar Humidor

Custom Ammo Can Humidor for Under $100

A fantastic gift that he will love having in the house is his own humidor. However, this custom ammo can humidor takes things a step further thanks to its rustic and unique design. This is made from a real United States ammo can too, which means that his stogies should be protected from nearly anything! With the spare dollars from this gift, you can get a few cigars and still be under $100.

Smokin’ Hot Gifts for Men Under $100

Cocktail Smoker Gifts for Men Under $100

Still searching for smoking hot deals on gifts for men under $100? Look no further! This cocktail smoker gift set is not just a cool gift but a unique experience too. Instead of drinking the same cocktail over and over again, he can infuse it with the flavor of smoked wood chips or herbs like thyme to create unique flavor profiles. For the man who loves his nightcap or date night drink, this is simply a must-have!

The Biggest Cocktail Shaker EVER

Large Cocktail Shaker

Speaking of cocktails, he is going to need a shaker, right? Well, have some fun and get him one that is large enough to make cocktails for him and all of his friends! This oversized cocktail shaker is both hilarious and incredibly useful. Now, when everyone wants Martini’s, he only has to make the mix and pour once!

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

For the man who loves beer, a personalized beer mug box set is a hard-to-beat gift. These gifts will make him feel like he is enjoying a brewski at the bar with his boys every time he has a drink from the comfort of his own home. When you started this blog, did you think you could find a beer gift for men under $100? Probably not! That means he doesn’t think there is one either, so impress him with this awesome, affordable gift!


Stylish Watch is a Gift for Men Under $100

Luxury Watch Gift for Men Under $100

It is time to give an affordable gift for him as well as put an end to bad watch puns at once! This unique watch is stylish and sleek which makes it ideal for every kind of fashion. Whether he likes to dress up, down, or is going to the gym, the black styling is a nice touch of class to every outfit he owns.

Monogrammed Poker and Whiskey Set for Men

Monogrammed Poker and Whiskey Gift Set for Men Under 100 Dollars

Go all-in with your gifts for men under $100 with this amazing monogrammed poker gift set for him. You can already see him as the head of the table with the unique cigar and whiskey glass in one hand with his cards or chips in the other. For the man who has a game room or a weekly poker night, this is a great gift set that you know he is going to use all the time when he is hanging with the boys.

Custom Wine Tumbler Box Set for Him

Custom Wine Tumbler Box Set

Not every wine set has to be something dainty looking or fragile feeling, some can be totally badass like this blackout stainless steel gift set! Drinking Merlots and Cabernets from this set will make him feel like the coolest wino on earth, and probably even cooler than someone like Jack Kerouac who was famous for his love of wine!

Take a Shot with Whiskey Gifts

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stone and Cigar Set

Be deadly accurate with your gifts for men under $100 with this fantastic bullet whiskey stone gift set. It has more to it than that, this set comes with a cigar holder, lighter, and cutter too! This is a great set to give to a guy to tell him that you think he is a total badass! Considering everything this set comes with, there is no way he won’t feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone in one of their action movies each time he uses it!

Grill Tool Gift for Men Under $100

Personalized Bamboo Grill Tool Set of Gifts for Men Under $100

Combine your gift with one of his favorite hobbies, grilling! A brand new set of custom bamboo barbecue tools is a must-get for the guy who loves his grill as much as life itself! His old tools are likely looking a little worse for wear, making these the most fitting gift possible. The set also comes with a matching case, making it extremely easy for him to take these bamboo tools to grilling competitions or neighborhood cookouts alike!

Prepare Him for Anything

Gerber Multi-Tool

Every man needs a multi-tool. Gerber tools are some of the most trusted as well. These tools are a gift that every man will love getting. He can be a wild man in the wilderness, mechanic, or a regular guy, and each kind of guy will still find a use for this gift. From snipping wire, cutting rope, opening cans, or even sawing a branch, this tool has him covered!

The Most Unique Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Ammo Can Set

Keep him ready for anything with your gift this year and don’t let budget get in the way. This custom ammo can gift set fits the bill and stays under $100 while giving him an epic gift set. For the manly man who can look into the mirror, flex his face, and grow a beard–this gift set is a must! The ammo can, whiskey glasses, and cigar accessories simply scream manliness!


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