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Article: 21 Phenomenal Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

21 Phenomenal Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

21 Phenomenal Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

Get Your Guy a Unique Birthday Gift Basket He’ll Never Forget

It’s almost time for your guy’s birthday, and you don’t have a gift yet? Not to worry, we’re here to help you find the ultimate birthday gift that is so awesome, no other gift he gets this year will even compare. A birthday gift basket is a perfect gift for a guy because it’s not just one gift, you can get one with a wide variety of items or a themed one with all of his favorite things, and it shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into finding the right one for him. Plus, if he’s the kind of guy who says he has everything, there’s bound to be at least something in a gift basket that he won’t have! Our birthday gift baskets for him come in all kinds of sizes, themes, and personalization so that you can pick out the perfect one for the special guy in your life. Looking for a whiskey gift basket? Searching for unique birthday gift basket ideas for him with some variety? Struggling to find that perfect birthday gift basket for him that is full of everything he loves? We’ve got all of the best birthday gift baskets and more for his big day!

The Best Whiskey Gift Set

Birthday Gift Basket Custom Glencairn Glass Set

Is the guy in your life a fan of whiskey? Then this Glencairn set is the perfect birthday gift basket for him! With a set of four of his very own world’s best whiskey tasting glasses, he can have a solo whiskey tasting or share a rare bottle with his friends. He’ll be so amazed by how much more flavorful and smooth his whiskey tastes in these unique glasses compared to the ones he normally uses that he will only want to use Glencairn glasses from now on. Thanks to your incredible birthday gift, he’ll finally be a whiskey connoisseur!

Manly Birthday Gift Basket for Him

Ammo Can Birthday Gift Basket for Him with Personalized Tools

Struggling to find the right birthday gift baskets for him? For the guy who loves the outdoors and all things manly, no gift is more perfect than this one! From the personalized ammo can that was once used by the US military to the pocket knife loaded with unique features, everything in this incredible set is downright badass. Whether he’s the kind of guy who enjoys going on camping trips in the mountains or doing work around the house, he’ll be able to use each and every item in this set. This birthday gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother, or dad will make him want to take this whole gift set on his next outdoor adventure as soon as you give it to him on his birthday!

The Ultimate Beer Gift Basket

Variety Beer Glass Gift Basket

Looking for the ideal birthday gift basket for a guy who loves beer? Then he will be over the moon for this ultimate beer gift basket! With two craft beer glasses, two IPA glasses, and even a couple of beer nuts, he and a friend or loved one can enjoy quality beer to the fullest. These unique glasses were designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of their namesake beers, so he’ll be impressed at how much better his favorite IPA and craft brews taste in these glasses compared to a pint glass or straight from the bottle!

For the Man Who Loves to Grill

Custom Grilling Tools Birthday Gift Basket

His birthday is the best time to get him a new set of grilling tools, and these come in a personalized carrying case! He will love how high-quality and professional these handsome rosewood tools are, especially since he can store them in the impressive case in between uses. As soon as you give him these grilling tools, he’ll want to grill up burgers, steaks, hot dogs, or brats for everyone right away!

Luxury Birthday Basket He’ll Love

Luxury Gift Basket for Him Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Set

Go all out for his birthday by getting him this incredible decanter gift basket! Perfect for a guy who enjoys the occasional stogie, he can sip and puff all at once with these awesome cigar-holding whiskey glasses. The luxurious decanter will look great on display in his home bar or office, and he’ll love how easy it is to pour drinks from it! This set is so impressive that only a nice bottle of his favorite whiskey and a pack of his preferred brand of cigars would make this gift basket even better.


Football Fan Birthday Gift Basket

Birthday Gift Basket for Football Fan

Whether he’s already planning on attending a football game on his birthday or not, he’ll want to watch a game and enjoy the snacks from this awesome football gift basket! With pretzels, popcorn, snack mix, cookies, and chips to snack on, he’s got plenty of food to enjoy throughout the entire game. He’ll love munching on these tasty snacks and watching his favorite team play on his birthday, and you can capture the moment with a photo and then put it in the football frame. You can even write “Happy Birthday” on the gift basket in chalk to make it a little more personal!

Must-Have Beer Basket for Beer Lovers

Personalized Beer Mug Birthday Gift Basket

When it comes to buying a birthday gift for a beer lover, you normally just pick up a six-pack or a case of his favorite beer and call it good. This year, however, you should go the extra mile and also get him this custom beer mug gift basket! He will love having his very own custom beer mug to drink his favorite brews with, and the fact that he can store a bottle cap collection in the matching wooden gift box or use it to keep his many bottle openers together makes this birthday gift even better.

A Gift Basket Themed Around His Favorite Things

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set for His Birthday

For a guy who enjoys drinking whiskey and smoking cigars, no gift basket is more perfect than this one! As far as birthday gift baskets for him go, this set is one of the most luxurious as it comes with a whiskey glass, whiskey stones, and unique cigar accessories like a portable cigar stand and a case. Thanks to your incredible gifts, he’ll be able to enjoy a stogie and a glass of his favorite whiskey to the fullest whether he’s at home or on the go!

Flask Birthday Gift Set

Engraved Flask with Shot Glasses and Box

Flasks are always great gifts, especially for birthdays, but a flask gift set is even better than just giving a lone liquor flask! This set has plenty of shot glasses to go around so that the birthday guy and his buddies can all enjoy a couple of shots together. This set is great for bringing on the go as well, this way if he and his friends are planning a weekend trip for his birthday then this set is perfect for going celebratory shots!

Legendary Birthday Gift Basket

Custom Beer Ammo Can Gift Basket

Looking for the coolest birthday gift baskets for him? This beer gift basket comes in an ammo can and it is downright legendary! He will love how badass everything in this set is from the cool design on the glasses to the gnarly tactical knife. As soon as you give him this amazing gift set, he’ll feel like the coolest guy in the world and will want to fill up his new pint glasses with his favorite brew so that he can celebrate his birthday right away.

A Birthday Cake and Gift Basket in One

Send a Cake Explosion Box

Whether you can’t be there on his birthday or you want to go the extra mile and get him something extra special, with this birthday gift basket you can send him a nice surprise full of cake, candy, photos, and more! With Send a Cake, you’re sending a carefully packaged basket that explodes with confetti, candy, or paper creatures that seem life-like to give them the ultimate surprise. He will be so amazed by your fun and thoughtful gift that he’ll ask you to get him one next year, too!

Not Your Typical Gift Basket

Humidor with Custom Whiskey Glasses Birthday Gift Basket for Him

Instead of giving him an assortment of items inside a box or a basket for his birthday, give him this classy humidor gift set! That’s right, the ammo can has been converted into a cigar humidor so that he can store his stogies in style. He can even bring them to his friend’s house, on a road trip, or to work! He’ll love celebrating his birthday with a fresh stogie and a glass of his favorite whiskey from the custom glasses using this incredible gift basket.

Unique Craft Beer Basket

Beer Snifter Gift Basket

Is the guy you’re shopping for into craft beer? Then he’ll appreciate this gift basket because it gives him his very own personalized craft beer glass! This large snifter is great for tasting new brews from his favorite local brewery or for enjoying a hefty serving of his favorite seasonal flavor. He’ll also get a new addition to his bottle opener collection and a handsome wooden gift box to use for storing anything from keepsakes to his beer tasting notes. Such a great craft beer gift will make this birthday one to remember!

His Own Whiskey Label

Customizable Whiskey Label Decanter Gift Basket

For the whiskey-loving guy, he’s definitely daydreamed about having his own namesake whiskey label like Jim Beam or Jack Daniel’s. For his birthday this year, you can make it a reality! This incredible decanter set is fully customizable so that you can create a one-of-a-kind official whiskey label just for him. He will be amazed by your thoughtfulness and creativity, and he’ll love telling his friends and others that the whiskey in the decanter that he’s serving them is his own unique brand. Such an incredible birthday gift is one he’ll treasure forever!

A Gift Basket with a Little Bit of Everything

Unique Birthday Gift Basket for Him Variety Set

Are you searching for a gift basket with a wide variety of items? Ideal for the guy who has everything, this unique monogrammed gift set is one of the coolest birthday gift baskets for him! He will love that he gets his very own custom rocks glass, a flask, bottle opener, and even a lighter! Talk about a big gift in a small package. Plus, there’s room inside the basket to add smaller items like the sample bottle of liquor shown, maybe his favorite candy, or a nice card. Even a man who wants nothing will love this unique gift set!


Make Sure He’s Well Groomed on His Birthday

Every Man Jack Beard Care Kit

Is the birthday boy a bearded guy? Ensure his whiskers are looking their best on his big day with a quality beard kit! Once he tries out these amazing beard care products and sees how smooth and soft his whiskers are, he’ll make them part of his daily routine. In fact, he’ll want to keep growing out his beard just so that he can enjoy these amazing products! Starting on his birthday, he’ll have the best beard he’s ever had all thanks to you.

Relaxing Cognac Gift Set

Birthday Cognac Snifter Gift Basket

Make sure he’s having a nice, relaxing birthday with this classy cognac gift set! The man in your life will be amazed by how well these snifters enhance the exotic flavors of his favorite cognac or brandy. In fact, this set is so good that he will never use his regular rocks glasses for the luxurious spirit from now! These powerful snifters ensure that he can enjoy even the subtlest of aromas, which means he can sit back and relax with a quality drink on his birthday! He can even share the experience with a friend or loved one as there are two snifters in this gift basket.

A Fun Birthday Gift Basket

Poker Set with Custom Whiskey Glasses

Give your special guy a fun gift he can share with his friends and family right away with this unique poker and whiskey birthday gift basket! The poker set comes with everything he needs for a classic game of Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, or Seven Card Stud, and he gets to choose who the lucky person is that gets to try out one of his new insulated whiskey glasses! Thanks to your awesome gift, he’ll be able to enjoy a fun game of poker to celebrate his birthday and make it a truly memorable day with his loved ones.

A Birthday Present He’ll Never See Coming

Horn Mug with Personalized Gift Box

Whether he’s the kind of guy who enjoys going to Renaissance fairs or he’s just a beer fan, one thing is for certain: he will absolutely love this awesome horn mug gift set for his birthday! Made of genuine ox horn, this unique mug is one of the coolest ways he’ll ever drink his favorite beer. In fact, he might enjoy it so much that he won’t want to drink beer any other way from now on! When he’s not using it, he can keep the mug safe inside the wooden gift box or use it instead to store keepsakes.

Tasty Gift Basket He’ll Devour Right Away

Chocolate Tools Gift Set from Apple Cookies

How could anyone say no to this scrumptious and adorable gift box full of cookies and chocolates? The tool shapes make this box of chocolates way more fun and manly to eat than a regular old candy box you get from the store, so he knows that you went out of your way to get him something really great for his birthday. He won’t have any room for cake after he devours this entire gift basket, that’s for sure!

A Whiskey Birthday Gift Basket Unlike Any Other

Custom Whiskey Birthday Gift Basket

You’ve seen quite a few interesting birthday gift baskets for him, but since you’ve made it all the way here, you haven’t found the right one. Don’t worry, this whiskey gift basket is one of the best, which is why it’s at the end! Whether he’s got a decanter or glasses already, that doesn’t matter because this set is entirely personalized just for him. He will be in awe of this breathtaking decanter set not only because of the personalization but also because of the spectacular decanter and the stunning rocks glasses! Not to mention, the wooden gift basket is also of superior quality, and it’s the perfect place to store all of his bar tools or even keepsakes. Everything about this impressive decanter set makes it a birthday gift he certainly won’t forget!


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