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Article: 17 Personalized Wedding Party Gift Ideas

17 Personalized Wedding Party Gift Ideas

17 Personalized Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Bring the Party with Your Personalized Wedding Party Gift!

Your wedding party is made up of some of the most important people in your life. These awesome people will always be there for the big moments, and they will proudly stand by your side when you say, “I do.” It is so important that you show them how thankful you are for their presence and all that they have contributed to your big day. A truly amazing personalized wedding party gift needs to be something unique so that they will always be able to look back on your wedding day with happy memories, and it has to be something they use all the time. Do you need to know what you gift the wedding party? Are you looking for the perfect luxury wedding gifts? Do you need to know how much you should spend on a wedding party gift? There is no need to worry. Bring the party to your wedding party with any one of these amazing gifts.

Rock and Roll Whiskey Gifts

Whiskey and Stones Set for Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Imagine how excited your wedding party will be when they see their own, personalized whiskey stones gift set. There is just no better way to sip on a celebratory whiskey or cocktail than with ice-cold whiskey stones in a beautifully crafted rocks glass. Add in that personal touch and this is the ideal personalized wedding party gift. Everyone will have a blast cheersing their matching glasses for years to come because everyone in the wedding party will know that their new whiskey sphere rocks gift set is the go to for any time in the future when they want to relax alone or celebrate with their close friends.

Never Waste a Drop

Monogrammed Wine Decanter and Glasses

Weddings are notorious for popping champagne and sharing a glass of wine. So, a personalized wine decanter and glass set is an awesome gift because all of your favorite wine lovers will be eager to test it out after they get home! A wine decanter is one of the simplest and most useful wedding party gift ideas, and all of the party members are sure to love it when they see their initial beautifully engraved in it. For years to come, when you catch up with old friends, they will still be using this decanter set to share a drink with you, and then they can relive your wedding day all over again.

Overshadow All Other Wedding Gifts

Shadow Box is a Personalized Wedding Party Gift

When there is a wedding, family comes from all over. What do they all have in common? They want nothing more than good times and precious memories with the people they love. That is why a shadow box is a perfect gift for a wedding party. Whether they choose to display wine corks, cigar bands, or beer caps, they will have an amazing place to store all of the keepsakes from life’s finest moments. This stellar shadow box is also a new fun way for them to make even more memories with when they get home, and who do you think they will call once they finally fill it to the brim? You, of course!

So They Will Power Through the Day

Five Customized Coffee Tumblers

No matter when the wedding is, where it is, and what you have to do in it, everyone will need a pick me up to have enough energy to carry through. A stylish customized tumbler like this is the best possible solution, next to buying them the coffee to put in it! This amazing gift set will cover at least half of your wedding party in one fell swoop, and an engraved tumbler is an especially awesome personalized wedding party gift because they will end up using it all the time. Between work, family, and all of their other obligations, they will be so happy to have an awesome coffee tumbler to get from one task to the next.

To Toast with a Fine Whiskey on Your Big Day

Engraved Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Set

Here is an ideal personalized wedding party gift for the members who love to sip on and enjoy an awesome. The whiskey stones and shot glass gift set is a great way to kick off the reception or to enjoy a perfectly chilled whiskey the next day. A top-notch whiskey is the best way to experience what this fine set has to offer, whether it is when they are relaxing at home or when cheersing the wedding party at the reception. There is not a better way to reminisce on your big day than with the stones and shot glass gift set.


So They Can Capture Every Precious Moment

Polaroid Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words, so nothing you can say or write will compare to the pictures that they will have the freedom to capture on the best day of your life. A polaroid camera is one of the coolest wedding party gift ideas because everyone will have a blast running around and taking their own wedding photos, and one they will always be able to look back on the good times. Rather than letting all of those awesome pictures get lost in the gallery of their phone, ensure that they have the physical copies so they can have fun hanging them around their homes or maybe even make a crafty collage! There is no better keepsake than one that you make yourself.

To Take the Party on the Road

Wine Chiller is a Personalized Wedding Party Gift

Weddings are on a strict schedule, and whenever the wedding party has a spare minute to get in a glass of wine or champagne. That is why it is the ideal time to surprise your maid of honor or best man with a perfect bottle of wine in a portable wine chiller for everyone to enjoy when the time arrives. Combine this with a top-notch bottle of wine or champagne, and you have an outstanding wine gift set for everyone in the wedding party. Everyone will be thrilled to have wine on the go for your big day and for their next big occasion as well!

A Brilliant Beer Mug for a Personalized Wedding Party Gift

Beer Mug Gift Set of Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Beer can be a hit or a miss at a wedding, but when everyone has their own personalized mug ready–it is certainly up to par. This engraved beer mug box set is a wonderful wedding gift, especially when they show up prepared for a wedding with an open bar and taps to die for on draft. The best man and the maid of honor will be eager to give their toasts and clink frosty beer mugs to your new adventure. This gift set is one that will leave an impact, and every time they go to pour a beer at home they will remember the joyous day when they received it.

Celebratory Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Personalized Champagne Gift Set

With such a classy champagne gift set, everyone will be dying to pop open a bottle to test out their new custom champagne flutes. Not only that, but with a personalized box too, they will be completely set up to celebrate any momentous occasion and have a way to preserve any keepsakes or pictures to always remember the best moments in life. From when they first toast to your new future, to cheersing your 50th wedding anniversary, these awesome gifts will come in handy for making a lifetime of happy memories.

A Personalized Wedding Party Gift Must Be Super Neat

Custom Whiskey Neat Glasses and Decanter Gift Set

Perhaps they need a little extra courage before their big speech! So you need a drink with their name on it, preferably one so incredibly handsome and unique. With a personalized whiskey neat glass gift set, they will be completely prepared to speak in front of all of your friends and family. This gift set is an awesome gift for any groomsmen or bridesmaid because they will be eager to share the love, and perhaps they will even give another impromptu toast only among the wedding party members when cheersing with a gift set this sleek.

Wedding Party Wine Gifts

Personalized Wine Glasses and Accessories

Can you imagine the look on their face when you tell them you are getting them a barrel of wine accessories? They will probably think you are crazy! Imagine the laughs you’ll share when you present them with one of your favorite wedding party gift ideas. A gift like this is only the beginning of a whole day of wonderful jokes, pep talks, and friendship forging moments. So, start their day off right by telling them you are giving them a barrel of wine accessories.


A Personalized Throw Blanket

Personalized Throw Blanket is a Personalized Wedding Party Gift

There is nothing more tiresome than a wedding, especially if you are in it. When all is said and done, everyone is going to be exhausted and ready to get some much needed rest. With a custom Sherpa blanket, everyone will be so comfortable while wrapped up in the soft material. A Sherpa blanket is a top quality gift that they will absolutely love, and you’ll get to see that they are putting it to good use every time you visit.

Something for the Morning or Evening

Custom Gunmetal Growler

Coffee before beer and you have nothing to fear. Beer before coffee and you’ve pleased the whole posse with your sweet personalized wedding party gift. A customized growler is an amazing gift to appease beer and coffee lovers, so no one in the wedding party feels left out just because they don’t drink much. Everyone in the wedding party will look so stylish as they roll into the reception holding their matching growlers with their favorite beer. Not only is this an amazing gift for the day of the wedding, but they can use it for the next wedding, camping trip, or family vacation. Each time they use it though, their mind will go right back to the moment you gave it to them on your wedding day.

A Decanter for Them to Display

Engraved Decanter

Nothing quite says, “Thank you for sticking by me” like this personalized wedding party gift. Elegant in design, this whiskey decanter is a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys having their liquor in a beautiful display. Not only will they be thrilled when they see their decanter, but they will continue to enjoy this gift for the rest of their lives whenever it is time to celebrate an anniversary or holiday with loved ones. The best part is, no matter where they choose to display this awesome gift, they will never forget their honored title as “groomsmen” or “bridesmaid” for one of their best friends.

Class Up Your Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Keepsake Box is a Personalized Wedding Party Gift

A wedding is a very elegant affair, and their keepsake gift box should match that level of chic. Obviously, you can’t just hand your wedding party members a little goodie bag and say, “Here you go.” That has no class, no style. Well, if handing out everyone’s favorite bottle and giving out an awesome variety of little gifts is your idea, present it in something beautiful and personalized. Long after the wedding is over and the bottle is gone, they will still get so much use out of this personalized gift box to store any photos, tools, personal items, and so much more!

The Finest Craft Beer Gift Set

Personalized Beer Tasting Gift Set

Here is one of the most aristocratic personalized wedding party gift sets for the classiest of wedding party members. This craft beer gift set is the best possible gift for a wedding party of aficionados who have high expectations for their craft beer and the glasses they drink them from. It is also an amazing way to prepare all of your closest friends for beer tasting events and social gatherings to come. How snazzy of a wedding gift is that?

Keep the Party Going

Flask Rocks Glass Set of Wedding Party Gift Ideas

From the bachelor party to the rehearsal dinner, and from the wedding photos to the reception, there is so little time to relax with a drink. That is why everyone in your wedding party should be equipped with a flask and glass gift set to keep the party going whenever they get the chance. Whether they need to sneak in a shot before a big speech or the bridesmaids get to share a small toast when getting ready, the complete wedding party gift set will make your wedding celebration go from good to outstanding. Invest in the best day of your life and make sure that everyone is well taken care of throughout the entire occasion, and they will never forget one of the best times of their lives.


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