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Article: 17 Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes

17 Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes

17 Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes

Enjoy Our Top Picks of Personalized Best Man Gift Boxes!

He's your best man for a reason who deserves the best man gift box there is—whether he’s your brother, best friend, or college roommate—no bond ever comes this close to the guy who’s had your back since day one. Your ride-or-die who offers valuable life advices through endless beer nights to choosing the ring for the big day. Now that you’re getting married, you can show the best man in your life how much you appreciate him with gift sets that speak to his loyal character. From luxurious grooming kits, classy keepsakes, to bespoke decanter sets, here are some memorable and practical gifts that show him how much you value his presence in your life.

1. Proposal Best Man Gift Box

Custom Proposal Best Man Gift Box

Ask your best man to be a part of your wedding in the most fitting way possible, with a best man proposal gift box! It comes filled with things he’ll need, like a glass for toasting you, a tie to look his best, as well as a flask for a little bit of liquid courage. The box even comes with a unique card on the inside of the lid so that you can make sure that he is asked to be your best man in the most unique way possible!

2. Resupply Your Best Man

Engraved Ammo Can for Best Man

Make your best man feels as manly as possible with this badass custom best man gift box. With this gift, he will truly have everything he could ever imagine needing as a best man. Glasses to celebrate, cigars to light, and a whole ammo can! You're even able to tailor this to your best man, too, by filling the ammo can with cigars, bottles of whiskey, ammo for the range, or anything else you think he would be amazed to find inside.

3. Legendary Best Man Gift Box Set

Sandalwood Beard Care Kit in a Metal Box
Sandalwood Beard Care Kit in a Metal Box

Keep his glorious mane in check with a beard care gift set that’s as manly and refined as he is. This beard-taming set comes in a cool metal tin along with the wooden beard brush, double-sided pocket comb, sandalwood beard oil, styling balm, and trimming scissors to keep him looking like the dapper best man that he is. Perfect for his daily grooming rituals or on-the-go touch-ups during and beyond the wedding.

4. A Smokin’ Hot Best Man Box

Luxury Whiskey Smoker Set with Whiskey Glasses

A best man box is the easiest way to make the guy who you’ve dubbed the most important man in your wedding feel incredibly important. In fact, this cocktail smoker set will make him feel downright legendary! He can make and share smoked cocktails with you and some groomsmen or simply use this set from the comfort of his home. Either way, your best man is going to be feeling like a professional mixologist while he makes cocktails from now on.

5. Ale Horn Set for the Manly Best Man

Ale Horn Mug Best Man Gift Box

When he’s been your boy since day one, there is only one way to enjoy a cold brew with him, and that is from this personalized ale horn box set. This best man gift box is a great way to ask him to be not only your groomsman but your best man. Pour him a cold one, and enjoy a drink as he begins to plan your bachelor party!

6. For the Sleekest Best Man

Luxury Perfume Gift Set

He’s hyped you up all our life, so, give the favor back by gifting him a perfume gift set that will keep him smelling as great as the memories you’ll make at the wedding. This perfume set has six spicy and woody scents to match his every mood, occasion, and suit lining from rehearsal dinner to the last dance. It’s also a fun way for him to discover his new signature scent that’ll have him remember your special day every time he spritzes.


7. Perfect Cigar & Whiskey Gift Box

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Box Set for Best Men

For the best man who enjoys the occasional scotch and stogie, there is no better box set than this custom cigar and whiskey gift set. He will love that this gift quite literally has his name all over it! Plus, it is fantastic for celebrating your upcoming nuptials as soon as he opens these best man gifts, and he can even bring the cigar stand and lighter to the wedding for celebratory cigars at the reception!

8. Ultimate Engraved Gift Box

Cigar and Knife Gift Box Set
Cigar and Knife Gift Box Set

A best man needs his gentleman’s toolkit, and you want to make sure your gift is as multifaceted as your best man's role in your wedding. So, this wooden cigar box set will not just pack his favorite cigars but also a sleek knife, a trusty lighter, and a sharp cigar cutter. This set is perfect for those reflective moments when only a cigar will do. Meanwhile, the pocket knife ensures he’s prepared for anything life throws at him when he’s roughing it outdoors.

9. Perfect Pre-Game Set for Best Man

Personalized Ice Bucket and Glasses Cocktail Gift Set

You want him to celebrate the good times ahead, so gift you best man with the coolest cocktail set ever with this insulated leatherette ice bucket that comes with two classy cocktail glasses. This party set is his VIP pass to endless nights of smooth drinks and even smoother conversations. In addition, the custom leather ice bucket ensures his drinks stay nice and cold, while the two cocktail glasses make it easier for the two of you to have a toast—always ready to tackle any party or wind-down session with ease.

10. Best Man Golf Gift Box

Custom Golf Gifts with Insulated Tumbler

On and off the course, let him swing into his best man duties with a hole-in-one gift that’s sure to tee up some excitement. This golf gift set comes with an insulated tumbler for keeping drinks cold while he's on the green, as well as a handy divot tool, golf bag tag, and three tees. It’s also a portable caddy for your best man’s next day out on the course, making him feel like the champion he is at your wedding and beyond.

11. Ultimate Best Man Beer Lover Gift Box

Craft Beer Best Man Box

Got a man you want to make your best man who is an absolute beer snob and proud of it? This craft beer lover's best man box is just what he needs as a thank-you for being your best man. He’ll love sharing a beer with you or with his spouse out of those craft drinks as he both plans and relaxes from your bachelor party.

12. Best Man Gift Box Can Be Fun and Games

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Poker Set

A monogrammed poker kit with a sweet cigar and whiskey glass? You know just what to give your best man to get the party going! With this intention, he can immediately get into celebration mode and get the rest of the groomsmen in on a game of poker to start your bachelor party off on the right foot!

13. Legendary Vodka Gift Box

Customized Vodka Gift Set Luxury Box with Cocktail Glasses
Customized Vodka Gift Set Decanter

Your best man’s spirits are sure to be high as the honor you’ve given him, so it’s only proper to give him a smooth gift like this vodka decanter gift set. Moreover, this celebration in a box includes a custom vodka decanter with four vodka glasses all snuggled in a classy black gift box. He’ll want to kick off a celebratory toast with you to mark the beginning of his countless nights of cheers, laughs, and vodka party thanks to this awesome gift.

14. A Celebratory Best Man Box

Leather Valet Box and Ten Watch Display Case

You best know your top guy for his impeccable style and awesome taste in accessorizing, so gift him his own personal showcase for those timepieces he loves so much. The glass top display will turn his collection into a piece of art while keeping everything organized and ready to go. Beyond cradling his favorite watches, this luxury valet also serves as a one-stop hub for all his accessories ensuring his cufflinks, tie clips, and executive pens are in tip-top shape.


15. Unique Whiskey Glass Box Set

Custom Whiskey Box Set for Best Man

Don’t let your best man gift box blend into anything else he may have in his home. Instead, use this personalized gift box that comes with sculpted glasses to have that standout gift that your best friend deserves. Whether you give this as a proposal gift to him or as a thank you present, make sure to bring some whiskey because he is definitely going to want to share a drink with you right away!

16. For the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box

While your best friend is helping you get ready to be married, let him hold onto some of the best memories with this custom shadow best man box! Inside, he can place mementos such as cigar bands, bottle caps, or ticket stubs to show off the great times you and he have had, and there is plenty of room left to add more collectibles for when you two have more awesome adventures.

17. A Beer-Themed Best Man Box

Custom Beer Tasting Kit

From late night hangouts to sophisticated tasting sessions, your best man has been your ultimate drinking buddy through all these years, and this beer tasting set is the perfect gift for being the brewmaster that he is. Whether he’s just starting out or well on his way to craft beer haven, this gift set will have him journeying through lagers, ales, stouts, and more with the right beer glass in tow, making every beer tasting an exploration of taste and unforgettable experience.


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