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Article: 29 Unbelievable Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

29 Unbelievable Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

29 Unbelievable Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Find the Perfect Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything:

It's hard enough to shop for one, but for two persons? It takes a lot of practice. As a gift giver, you want to make sure to give gifts that delight and impress both halves and not just one. You also don't want to add more stuff to their collection that will gather dust eventually. Instead, give them something that works along the line of Marie Kondo's famous quote - does it spark joy? Does it create new memories and offer new and exciting shared experiences for the couple? You may want to consider gifts that are unique and add another unforgettable chapter to their couple storybook, as well, whether it’s a custom art piece, subscription box, or a personalized homeware. Here are some creative gift ideas for couples who have everything that celebrate their love and everything in between.

1. A Magnificently Monogrammed Wine Decanter Set

Custom Barlow Wine Glasses and Decanter Set as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

Gift ideas for couples who have everything can feel like such a struggle. Each time you think of something that would make a fantastic gift idea for them, you see them using it on Instagram already or you’ll see it sitting at their house. That is why you need a truly unique take on gifting with a personalized wine decanter set. When you add personalization to your gift, you know it is something they don’t already have! Now, they’ll have a new wine glass set to reach for each time they want to enjoy a Merlot or Riesling together! Talk about a great gift for couples who have it all!

2. A Cocktail Infusion Kit for the Couple Who Has Everything

Cocktail Infusion Kit Gift Idea for Couples

Let the couple you know create new experiences over a perfectly mixed drink and cocktail recipe—be it a new mix of vodka, gin, or whiskey. This DIY cocktail infusion kit lets them do just that, especially if they have a knack for experimenting with new tastes and enjoys the occasional art of mixology together. This kit with its jars of infusion ingredients and barware essentials is sure to bring out the couple’s creativity and fun during romantic date nights and lively cocktail gatherings with friends.

3. Custom House Portrait

Custom House Portrait as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything
Custom House Portrait as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

Here’s something ideal for the couple who cherishes their nest and wants a unique piece of art to commemorate it. A custom portrait of their home is unlike any gift they’ll ever receive; once they hang it up, it will be a heartfelt and daily reminder of the life they’ve built together whether they’ve just moved in together or have been planting roots for years. A custom house portrait will surely bring warmth to the couple and to the very home that captures the essence of their togetherness.

4. Unique Bar Gift for Their Home

Vintage Globe Bar Cart for Couples

Make sure to get something truly unique when you're searching for gift ideas for couples who have everything, like this globe bar cart! Whether they've been talking specifically about a bar cart or you know that they would love a new gorgeous and functional piece of home decor, this is the perfect gift for them. It can easily take all of their favorite drinks and glasses room to room, making it perfect for sharing a drink together and entertaining anyone who comes over.

5. Whiskey Gift for the Couple Who Has Everything

Engraved Couples Whiskey Decanter Set as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

Still struggling to think of custom couples gift ideas? Consider a decanter box set. This will make every cocktail experience feel special for a couple. After all, how can a night not be memorable when you’re sharing a whiskey sour with your spouse out of a drinking set that has your names all over it? Perfect for their home bar, you can be sure with how good-looking this gift is that they’ll never put away their new decanter box set.

Happy couple in love in the middle of the street


6. Perfect Smart Home Gift

Google Nest Hub as Gift for Couples Who Have Everything

Here’s an all-in-one gadget gift for the couple who has everything but still loves a techy upgrade in their home. The Nest Hub Max is like the couple’s personal assistant, photographer, entertainer, and security all rolled into one sleek gadget whether they’re reliving memories with its digital photo frame feature, video calling their loved one, grocery shopping, or installing the latest home security system. Its hands-free help and home control makes life a breeze, bringing couples closer with just a touch of smart home upgrade.

7. Smoke Box Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker -Cheese Smoker and Cocktail Smoker Kit
Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker -Cheese Smoker and Cocktail Smoker Kit

Breathe life into any couple’s kitchen and bar with a gift that will have them amplify their culinary game to a whole new level. Included in this unique smoke box system is a smoking gun, set of wood chips, and a glass chest that lets them experiment with the art of smoking cocktails and cheeses right at home. Its user-friendly design turns their daily culinary adventures into a gourmet affair, too, and you know for a fact they wouldn’t want to wait until they can finally share their sumptuous smoked creations with friends or with you.

8. Custom Wine Carrier Gift Idea for Couples Who Have Everything

Custom Travel Wine Carrier as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

For the couple who loves to toast to life’s awesome moments wherever they are and wants a stylish accessory to complement their lifestyle, this insulated travel wine carrier is the perfect fit. It keeps up to six bottles of their favorite vintages and other small wine essentials—keeping them perfectly chilled from the vineyard to the coast. The option to customize it makes this bag a memorable gift, too, whether they’re jet setting on a romantic holiday or having a picnic at the park.

9. A Marbleware That They’ll Love

Personalized Marble Wine Chiller as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

Blending the timeless beauty of marble with the elegance of a chilled wine is this custom marble wine chiller—an ideal gift for couples who have everything. It’s a piece of art that’s functional as it is stylish, ensuring the couple you gift this to that their favorite vintage stays cool whether they’re dining together or entertaining guests. Engrave this with the couple’s initial and you can be sure they’ll proudly display this during family dinners or an upscale gathering with friends.

10. Couples Gift Ideas for Memento Collecting

Personalized Shadow Box as One of the Best Gift Ideas for Couple Who Have Everything

Speaking of amazing gifts, this shadow box is a fantastic gift that the couple can use to collect mementos from experiences they share! Whether it’s wine corks, beer caps, photographs, or ticket stubs, they’ll love starting a memory collection. They’ll love having such a special, memory-filled decor piece on their wall that holds so much sentimental value for them.

11. Home is Where the Heart Is

Home Decor Sign for Couples

No couple’s home is complete without their own beautiful personalized sign. So make sure they have one with this unique gift just for them! Whenever they see their gift hanging on their wall or displayed on a mount, they’ll think of how grateful they are to have and love each other. A sign this good looking is the perfect piece of home decor for any couple's house. They'll love how it looks but they'll especially love how the gift makes them feel closer as a couple.

12. A Stunning Cheese Board Set with Knives

Large Personalized Cheese Board Set with Cheese Knives
Large Personalized Cheese Board Set with Cheese Knives

Cooking is always an area in life that couples can bond over, and with an engraved marble and wood cutting board like this one, you know they’ll spend even more time as a couple in the kitchen. This will replace that old nicked-up board they’ve had for years with one they can be proud of and will find an excuse to use even more, just to prepare a gorgeous charcuterie set and look at the gorgeous engraving!

13. Engraved Slate Coasters for Couples

Slate Coasters are Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Sometimes, the best gift ideas for a couple who has everything can come in small packages. Take these marble coasters for example. They’re a great gift that every couple will love using daily! What is better than a gift idea for couples they can use all the time? From coffee to cocktails, they’ll always be reaching for these coasters to keep their furniture looking the best!

14. Keep Their Watches Safe

Leather Valet Box Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Couples who have it all definitely have nice watches and jewelry they treasure. This leather valet box is the perfect fancy gift for any couple because it helps keep all of their expensive accessories in one safe place. They’ll love having this gorgeous case on their bedside table, keeping many precious belongings safe.

15. Best Gift On Earth

Globe Decanter and Glasses Set

They’ve traveled the world and seen a lot of cool things, but they definitely haven’t seen many things as cool as this globe decanter set! They’ll be reminded of their many travels as they sip their favorite liquors from these glasses and reminisce as well as plan their future trips. They’ll love how worldly they feel when using this gift, and they’ll be forever grateful for such a unique, stunning gift.

Happy couple in love looking into each other

16. Wine Couples Gift Ideas

Wine Gift Box Set

A fancy bottle of wine and this stunning wine gift box make one of the most perfect gifts for couples who have everything! The personalization on the box will make them feel so special and loved. They’ll greatly appreciate such a stunning box that they can use to save a bottle for a special occasion, and the classic tools included will make their wine-drinking experiences easier and better than ever.

17. Date Night Gift Box

Date Night Gift Box
Date Night Gift Box

Save couple you know from the same old what-should-we-do-tonight dilemma with a date night gift box. Each date box features a unique theme with interactive activities, gourmet snacks, chef curated menus, accessories, and more that switch up every month to keep things interesting. You can leave all of the planning to the box to keep the element of surprise going. Considering the fact that the couple you know has everything but a creative way to amp up the romance—mad props to you for thinking outside the box on this one!

18. The Perfect Game for Couples

Personalized Corn Hole Set

A great idea for the couple who has everything has got to be a custom corn hole game set. Now, they’ll always have something fun to do when they’re out tailgating with friends or hosting a bonfire at their place. Plus, they’ll get to show off their amazing personalization to everyone they are competing with when they play a game. How cool is that?

19. It’s Wine Time

His and Hers Wine Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Fancy and classy, your go-to adjectives to describe the perfect potential gift for a couple. This custom wine gift set is a phenomenal gift idea for couples who have everything because who doesn't want to have their own matching custom glassware set? Plus, seeing their initials monogrammed on every item from their keepsake box to wine stopper, is sure to make them feel classier than ever when they get this set. You know since they have everything, they are sure to have some cool wine glasses and maybe even a few unique wine accessories around, but nothing makes a better gift than a fully customized gift that they can use for their entire wine experience!


20. Custom Glass Set of Luxury Gifts for Couples

Crested Whiskey Tasting Glasses for Couples

This unique set of whiskey glasses will have any couple feeling like they are the classiest couple in town! The regal crest with their last initial is the perfect personalized touch to make an already sophisticated glass look and feel even classier. That isn’t even to mention that these couples gift ideas allow them to enjoy an anniversary drink, nightcap, or drink with friends with ease! They’ll never go back to regular glasses ever again once they realize how much tastier their drinks are from these uniquely-shaped glasses.

21. Supersize the Fun

Sasquatch 110oz Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker

Supersize the fun at your favorite couple’s next get-together with an extremely large cocktail shaker. They’ll be sure to share a good laugh with you for gifting them such a unique barware. Perfect for the couple who loves to entertain, this colossal shaker can whip up a batch of giant cosmos, margaritas, or their signature concoction in a single shake for the whole party. The fun never stops for the couple who thinks they have it all but get ultimately surprised with this giant party mixer.

22. Glencairn Set for the Couple with Taste

Glencairn Gift Set for Couples
Glencairn Gift Set for Couples

Keep their taste buds sharp with an engraved Glencairn gift set when looking for the perfect gift ideas for the couple who has everything. Glencairn glasses are the creme-de-la-creme for enjoying whiskey at its finest, so for a whiskey-loving couple, you simply can’t do any better! Ideal for whiskey tastings, anniversary drinks, or simply a drink after dinner, you can be sure they’ll be thanking you each time they sip a new whiskey or enjoy flavors they’ve never experienced before of their go-to brand.

23. The Perfect Couples Sign

Rustic Wedding Sign is a Gift Idea for Couples Who Have Everything

Keep on the personalized gift train when shopping for these couples’ gift ideas and get them a personalized wedding sign. Their rings are great signifiers of their love together but this sign that has their names and wedding date will be a fantastic piece of decor for them to hang above their mantle. Now, they’ll have a gorgeous reminder they can see each day of one of their happiest days as a couple.

24. Tumble Into Wine Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

Personalized Portable Wine Chiller

Here’s something for the wine-loving couple who has everything except a way to keep they favorite selection perfectly chilled on the go: a portable insulated wine chiller. It’s a durable and stylish way to toast whether they’re having a picnic under the stars, lounging on the beach, or taking a celebratory sip at the mountain peak, this chiller is ready to serve them their favorite wine in just the right kind of cold. Every moment is a reason to celebrate when they bring this stylish chiller everywhere they go.

25. A Treasure Trove of Recipes for Couples

Couple's Cookbook

Sure, the couple you know has everything but might have overlooked one key ingredient, especially in the kitchen: a couple’s cookbook! They may have received plenty of kitchenware as they’re starting to build a home together but not a reliable cookbook for couples containing a treasure trove of recipes. With this gift, you’re not just giving them the ability to create cozy breakfasts in bed, flavorful brunch meals, and gourmet weeknight dinners, but years of sumptuous meals ahead of them that only gets better in time.

26. Unique Whiskey Accessories Couples Gift Ideas

Sculpted Whiskey Glasses
Sculpted Whiskey Glasses

You know you’ve hit the jackpot giving a gift when the recipients keep mentioning the gift over and over! Any couple won’t be able to stop talking about this beautiful sculpted whiskey glass set! They’ll feel so loved knowing you took the time to get them such an awesome gift, and the super unique glasses will make drinking whiskey so much fun. No one will blame them for talking about this gift all the time!

27. Perfect Gift for Any Beer-Loving Couple

Beer Cap Map of USA

This amazing bottle cap map is a phenomenal couples gift idea because it gives them all they need to both enjoy their favorite beer and collect memories while doing it! They’ll have so much fun trying to fill the USA beer cap map with different bottle caps from the beers they try, and they’ll also have a great time getting each cap from every trip they take to their favorite brewery.

28. Chop and Display

Personalized Cutting Board

Engravings just make the best gift ideas for couples who have everything, which is part of what makes this etched cutting board so awesome. They’ll love using both to chop food, and the personalization also makes it a phenomenal display piece! This attractive board will look fantastic displayed in their kitchen, and they’ll love having such a multifunctional gift.

29. Bring Immense Joy Via this Gift

Personalized Engraved Whiskey Stones Set

They may have almost everything, but do they have their own whiskey stones set? With this personalized gift box set, they’ll have an awesome box customized along with their very own whiskey stones to keep their favorite whiskey chilled and undiluted. Both halves of the couple can enjoy their favorite liquor together in style with this whiskey gift set.


What do you get a couple who have everything?

Gift ideas for couples who have everything need to focus on being personalized. This is what will make your gift idea stand out from anything that they already have. Sure, they’ve gone to the store and gotten nearly everything they could ever want but when you have their name engraved on that decanter or personalized onto that sign they’re hanging in their living room, you’ve given the couple who has it all something they’ll never forget.

What is the best gift for couple?

Couple gift ideas need to be just that–about the couple! While it may be hard to narrow down what works for both halves of the couple, you actually don’t need to think about buying a gift for two people. Instead, think of the couple as one person and get a gift for them. Think about personalized and engraved gifts that the couple will love to see and use every day. That is a surefire way to get them something they will both love.

What do you gift someone who already has everything?

Getting a gift for someone who already has everything needs to focus on something that is unique. An item they’ve never seen but is still practical or something that has been customized. We vote to go custom! This way, you can find a gift set you know they love because they have something similar, but now it has their name on it! After all, who doesn’t want to use a gift with their name literally written on it?

What gift is good for a couple?

Good gift ideas for couples range from things like custom coasters to giant prints of lyrics of their favorite song that they both enjoy. Although gifting for a couple feels difficult, you really can’t miss! You can even get them some gourmet or luxury snacks to make your gift feel truly special.


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