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Article: 23 Perfect Personal Gifts for Him

23 Perfect Personal Gifts for Him

23 Perfect Personal Gifts for Him

Make This Occasion Unique with a Personal Gift for Him

This time, it’s personal (well, the gift-giving is at least)! There is nothing better than when you can make a gift unique for him just by adding a personal touch. What does it take to add that touch you may be wondering? Well, a personal gift for him can be customized, engraved, monogrammed, or simply be something incredibly unique to him. You’ll have to think of his interests, hobbies, or passions to find that truly special something. However, we have faith in you! Our personal gifts for him are assorted for all kinds of guys and are sure to jog your memory on his likes and interests. So come on, find something truly unique for him with our awesome gifts!

Arm Him with Custom Beer Gifts

Pint Glass Ammo Can Set of Personal Gifts for Him

Start your search for personal gifts for him off with a bang with this engraved ammo can gift set! This awesome gift comes with multiple personalized items and is the ideal gift for almost any guy out there. After all, what man wouldn’t love a unique gift set that makes them feel like Rambo each time they reach into their keepsake box (that is a freaking ammo can!) to get one of their pint glasses, survival knife, lighter, or cigar cutter.

Whiskey Set of Personal Gifts for Him

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Glass with Decanter

Not only is personalization a great way to make a gift feel unique to him, but the items in a gift set are fantastic at doing that too. This custom cigar and whiskey decanter set is a phenomenal gift for a man who simply can’t get enough of his favorite vices. In fact, with these glasses, he won’t ever have to put down his stogie or scotch since the glass has a perfect notch that allows him to hold both in one hand! Now, he can use his free hand to pour another drink or give you a fist bump for getting such an awesome gift.

Engraved Beer Stein for Men

Custom Beer Stein is a Personal Gift for Him

Regardless of the occasion, say cheers to him with a personalized traditional German beer stein! These are fantastic gifts because they’re both badass decor as well as useful drinking vessels. That means he can take this out for special occasions or because he wants to have a beer with dinner, and then place it right back onto his mantle as one of the coolest pieces of manly decor he owns!

Custom Wine Gift Box

Engraved Wine Presentation Set

A lot of people think a bottle of wine makes for a fitting personal gift for him; however, you know you can do a little bit better than that. If you place that same bottle you hand-picked for him inside a custom wine gift box, it’ll be an experience he’ll never forget! In fact, long after the bottle of wine has been drunk, he’ll still be using the gift box to store special bottles to use on meaningful occasions.

Unique Bull Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Bull Decanter Whiskey Gift Set for Men

Know a guy that is tough and takes things head-on? Why not get him a bull decanter set that is personalized. The customization will obviously fit him but so will the message behind such a cool-looking gift set. He’ll love it so much that you know you’ll be seeing the bull full of whiskey and on display on his office desk or home bar.


An Embossed Travel Bag

Leather Duffle Bag is a Unique Personalized Gift for Him

Every man needs a duffle bag in his life, and especially one that has his initials embossed on the side. This personal gift for him will easily take everything he needs. From a work bag to doubling as a gym bag, he’ll be filling up his custom leather bag with everything he needs to make it through the day.

Badass Growler Personal Gift for Him

Engraved Beer Growler is a Personal Gift for Him

Have him take a walk on his wild side with a beer growler that he can take anywhere he goes! Whether he simply goes to his favorite brewery and brings his beer home or if he takes it to the peak of a mountain, he’ll love a growler that has his name and initial that is also made of stainless steel. After a day of adventuring or even running errands, nothing is quite as satisfying as a drink of his go-to beer from the comfort of his home.

A Gift for the Memories

Custom Shadow Box for Cigar Lovers

Part of making a gift personal is that memories need to be tied with it. This custom shadow box is the perfect memory box. The idea is for him to add things inside that are meaningful to him, that way each time he sees the items displayed in his office or living room, he can think about the exact day or event that made that cigar wrapper, sports ticket, or keepsake worth holding onto!

Toughest Tumbler Gift Box

Wine Tumbler Box Set of Personal Gifts for Him

Engraved blackout tumblers are exceptional personal gifts for him. This box set is perfect for every occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or just because. When he sees a custom wooden gift box engraved with his name, he’ll be blown away with his gift before he even opens it. Add in that the tumblers look as good as they do and are just as tough as him, and you’ll have given him something special that he’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

Grill Tool Personal Gifts for Him

Personalized Grill Tool Box Set

Have him excited to be behind the grill once more with a gorgeous set of personalized grill tools. There are few things more personal than a home-cooked meal, and with this gift set, he’ll be treating everyone to backyard barbeque as often as he can. A gift that he loves, looks good, and has him doing one of his favorite hobbies, even more, that is a win across the board!

Keep Him Looking Sharp

Shaving Set of Small Personal Gifts for Him

The secret to some personal gifts for him is that they need to keep him looking and feeling his best. This shave kit will have him looking his sharpest every single day. With shaving cream, balms, and even a safety razor, this kit will give him a closer shave than any multi-blade razor could ever hope to give. So, give a gift as smooth as his fresh shave with this grooming kit!

The Perfect Liquor Gift Box

Custom Liquor Gift Box

Giving a man a bottle of whiskey is a fantastic gift idea. After all, a bottle of liquor is timeless and it plays to his tastes. Class that gift idea up and make it feel personal with a luxurious wooden gift box. These are a great way to really go the extra mile as well as giving him something to use as a keepsake long after the bottle of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon has long since been drunk.

A Monogrammed Gift for Men

Monogrammed Cigar Case and Whiskey Glass

Not every set of personal gifts for him needs to be something large and bulky. Sometimes the perfect gift is a little smaller. For the cigar and whiskey lover, there are few things more he could want than his own monogrammed cigar case with a matching cigar and whiskey glass. From enjoying both his vices at home to impromptu stogies on the go, this fantastic gift set has him covered!

Ultimate Beer Lover Box Set

Engraved Copper Beer Growler and Pint Glasses

Breweries are a fantastic haven for men. They are a space for him to unwind, expand his palate, and explore different realms of conversation. However, sometimes he wants to have his craft beer at home without everything else. In those times, he needs this growler set of personalized gifts for him! Now, he can bring his microbrews home and enjoy them while watching the game or over dinner with his spouse!

Billiard Sign is a Personal Gift for Him

Game Room Sign

Signs are great personal gifts for him. A custom billiard sign like this one is a fantastic way for him to decorate his game room. There is no classier feeling than standing behind the eightball and looking up to see your name on a sign above your pool table!


A Comfortable Custom Robe

Monogrammed Robe is a Personal Gift for Him

Keep him comfy and classy with his own custom robe. You can add a monogram of his initials on the lapel of his robe, and not only that, but you can choose the color of the embroidery too. How cool is that? He’ll love throwing this robe on and enjoying his first cup of coffee in comfort as he starts his day the classiest he has ever felt right after waking up!

Take a Shot at Unique Gifts for Him

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Okay, does this one even really need that much of an explanation? These unique personalized gifts for him are simply awesome. Every man will love using this custom bullet whiskey set to have a glass of Bulleit whiskey as he puffs on a Padron cigar while watching a super masculine movie like Predator or Lethal Weapon.

Monogrammed Cutting Board Personal Gift for Him

Monogrammed Cutting Board for Him

Food is one of the most personal parts of a person's life; however, it feels like it is always overlooked. People simply take food for granted. Get him cooking in the kitchen using this monogrammed cutting board as a fantastic personal gift for him! After all, he has to eat every day, so a cutting board in his kitchen is a must! And, who wouldn’t want to use one that has their initials engraved right in the middle of the board?

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

Luxury Wine Tumbler Box Set of Personal Gifts for Him

Celebrate his love for wine with a gift box like he’s never seen before. This custom wine glass gift box comes with four matching glasses as well as a gorgeous keepsake. This is perfect for the guy who loves to share a Bordeaux or Riesling with friends and family. From tasting parties to family dinners, you know if there is wine involved he’ll be using this gift set.

Unique Sculpted Whiskey Set

Sculpted Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Take a unique approach to personal gifts for him with glasses like he’s never seen before. These sculpted glasses are such inspiring pieces of glassware that he’ll want to use them every night when he unwinds with a glass of whiskey. However what makes this set even better and even more personal is that the glasses also come with a decanter that has been engraved with his name, a date, and a phrase. Such a unique gift set is sure to feel like one of the most personalized gift sets for him that he has ever gotten.

A Gift That Fits His Taste

Truff Hot Sauce Kit

Get up close and personal with his taste buds with this unique gift for him. You can pick his favorite kinds of sauces making this a perfect personalized gift for a guy who can’t get enough flavor in his life. These Truff sauces are a fantastic way for him to spice things up in the kitchen!

Custom Golf Gift Set for Him

Custom Golf Sign and Accessories

Part of what makes golf so much fun for guys isn't always on the course. In fact, it is the legendary 19th hole where the whole card unwinds and swaps stories from the day or about past rounds. Make his house this legendary location with this custom sign and golf accessory gift set. Now, he can unwind with all his golf buddies and have a beer under his personalized sign. Add in the accessories he can take on the course with him and this personalized golf gift for him is pretty much unbeatable.

Ale Mug Set of Personal Gifts for Him

Ale Horn Beer Gift Box Set for Him

Still in search of the perfect personalized gifts for him? What is more unique than an ale horn mug box set? This will have him feeling like the toughest Viking alive each time he lifts up his mug to have a drink of his favorite brew. All he’ll be missing will be a leg of mutton to pair his beer with!


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