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Article: 33 Outstanding Gifts for Beer Lovers

33 Outstanding Gifts for Beer Lovers

33 Outstanding Gifts for Beer Lovers

Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers on Any Occasion

There are many people in your life who love beer, so you always want to buy them beer-related gifts. The best gifts for beer lovers are those that take into account how the person likes to enjoy their beer and in what manner they typically consume it. If your husband has a home bar, his gift will be different than the gift you would give a family member who mainly loves to enjoy beer at parties. What if you don’t know what’s right for them? How do you know what the right beer gift is for someone with a bar right inside their home? Is a beer gift basket a good gift? No matter how they prefer to drink their beer, we have beer gift ideas that they will adore.

Vintage Gift for Beer Lovers

Beer Stein with Pewter Lid

Unique items that no one else has make terrific gifts. For beer lovers, one-of-a-kind glassware is beloved. This beer stein is a fantastic, novel piece of glassware that any beer lover would be obsessed with. It’s made from Italian glass and has a German-made pewter lid on top, a reminder of the first beer steins of the 1800s. Beer fans will love displaying this vintage stein and showing it off to all their guests. They can’t possibly imagine a better gift than this.

Copper Growler

Copper Growler and Pint Glasses

Copper glassware has that unique look to it that beer lovers adore. This three-piece gift set is one of the most amazing beer gift ideas for him because the growler is made from double-walled stainless steel copper. This will help keep his favorite brew cold for hours, and can even function as a keg for when he is in party mode. The two included custom beer glasses add a nice touch to the growler, and he will absolutely be obsessed with this gift set.

Personal Tap Handle

Walnut Beer Tap Handles Beer Gift Ideas

Your husband has put together a seriously impressive home bar in your house, and you want to get him a gift that will show your appreciation by adding a finishing touch to the space. These beer tap handles are the perfect touch for the space. Not only are they a handsome wooden brown, but they can be personalized with whatever your husband wants to complete her home bar project. He’ll be obsessed with this creative, personal beer gift idea.

Pub Sign Gift for Beer Lovers

Pub Sign Gift for Beer Lovers

Your special guy spends a lot of time in his home bar, making sure it’s perfect. Buy him an amazing addition to the space with this home bar sign. The giant beer mug in the center stands out from across the room. It’s crafted from American birch wood, so it’s a sturdy, manly sign that your guy will love. He’ll be such a big fan of this awesome, thoughtful gift.

Vintage Tankard

Glass Bottom Pewter Tankard

Glass-bottomed tankards date back to as early as the 1800s, so they’re the perfect gifts for beer lovers who like to pretend they are like the beer drinkers of old with a vintage glass. He will love this classic tankard as a gift, coupled with some of his favorite beer. It’s crafted from attractive Sheffield English pewter, so you know it’s authentic and reliable metal. The glass in the bottom is so clear, it will look like it’s not even there until you pour beer inside the tankard.

Cook It Up

Beer Cook Book Beer Gift Ideas

You married a cooking man, and you’re so grateful every time he makes you something delicious. He’s passionate about beer as well, so get him a gift that combines those two hobbies. This beer cookbook combines beer and cooking to bring your husband tons of recipes that either include beer as an ingredient or pairs extremely well with it. Your husband will adore these creative beer gift ideas, and he’ll definitely make you tons of new meals.

Collect the Caps

Bottle Cap Shadow Box

He is a collector, and he loves collecting bottle caps. Give him the perfect box to use to both collect bottle caps and display in his home. This shadow box is specifically made to store his bottle caps and show them off to the world. This black-framed box will look stunning hanging on any wall in the house, and it will no doubt cause all guests to see it to immediately become envious of the ingenious gift.


Growler Beer Gifts for Beer Lovers

Beer Growler and Glasses Set

Beer growlers are all the rage for beer fans, so buy the biggest beer fan you know the biggest growler you’ve ever seen! This huge 64 ounce beer growler is an amazing Christmas gift for your friend who can’t get enough beer. It’s made of very sturdy glass, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. It comes with four study pint glasses as well, so you can join your friend and two others to enjoy a nice brew.

Game On, Drink On

Beeropoly Beer Game

He loves enjoying his favorite beer while playing a board game with friends. You’ve officially found the best game in the world for him! Beeropoly is full of hilarious fun, and more importantly, full of drinking his favorite drinks. This board game comes with the board itself and six caps and dice, so all he needs is some beers and friends, and he’ll be set! This game provides hours and hours of beer-filled fun, and he will appreciate all the amazing memories that will be made playing this game.

Awesome Double Mug Beer Gift Idea

Beer Gift Set

When you are relaxing with a glass of beer, getting up to get a refill is one of the last things anyone wants to do. This gift set is one of the most fantastic gifts for beer lovers who feel the same way. This set comes with two large, handsome beer mugs that hold a substantial amount of beer, so getting up for frequent refills won’t be necessary. They’ll love drinking their favorite brews out of these awesome glasses, and they’ll think of how grateful they are for you every time they use them.

DIY Beer

Beer Brewing Kit Gift for Beer Lovers

You could always buy your husband beer as a birthday gift, but you know he’s been itching to learn to make his own. Help him get started with that goal by buying him this home brewing kit. This set includes a brewing kettle, fermenter, ingredient kit, thermometer, and many more useful tools for making your own beer. Your husband will be obsessed with this kit and definitely make you tons of different kinds of beer!

Take (Beer) Flight

Beer Flight Set

He loves having guests over at your house and serving them a delicious meal and drink. Enhance his serving experience with this beer flight set. This flight paddle allows him to easily serve different beers in the four included glasses with ease. Even when it’s not in use, he will want to display this set to the world because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. This amazing set is an awesome gift for him.

Beer Cookies

Cookies Gift Basket

Cookies make amazing gifts because they are universally delicious, and any beer lover would get a kick out of beer-related cookies. This cookie gift basket is one of the most unique beer gift ideas because it includes two decorated cookies that are carefully frosted to look like beer accessories! One cookie can even have a short personalized message on it to make this an extra personal and sweet gift.

Repurposed Ammo Can Set

30 Cal Ammo Can Beer Set

He’s a manly man, and he loves gifts that match his personality. This masculine set of gifts for beer lovers comes in an ammo can repurposed from the United States military right to his hands. Inside are two handsome pint glasses for he and a friend to enjoy a beer together. After all, manly activities tend to wear him out after a while, so he could definitely use the help relaxing afterwards.

If You Have Glasses, You Need Coasters

Glasses and Coasters Beer Gift Ideas

Sometimes all a beer lover wants is an awesome, simple beer present. Buy a beer fan the most amazing gift: these custom pint glasses and vintage coasters. They will love these cool pint glasses and want to use them for every beverage they drink. They will gush over these vintage coasters that will not only do their part in keeping condensation off of tabletops, but look phenomenal on their coffee table or in the kitchen. They will love these two sets paired together to form a fantastic gift.

Have Bar-Quality Beer at Home

Beer Dispenser

Sometimes you’re at home and your husband wants a beer, but not from any can or bottle you have in the fridge. He wants a glass of beer with foam on top that you get at a bar. With this beer dispenser, you can give him the perfect special occasion gift that he’ll love. This contraption is so easy to use, with all the mounting hardware included and easy-to-follow instructions. It can easily accommodate glasses of all sizes, so your husband can enjoy frosty draft beers out of his favorite glass. He’ll go absolutely crazy for this gift for beer lovers.

Simple, Classy, Beer

Beer Gift Set with Bottle Opener

Simple, classy, and all about the beer. This sounds like him, so the perfect gift for him is this beer gift set. The convenience of this beer gift set is unmatched, with the bottle opener being the perfect tool for popping open bottles of his favorite beers and pouring them right into this hefty, handsome beer mug. This will be his favorite gift to date!

Transport Beer Bottles with Ease

Wooden Beer Caddy

Humans only have two hands, so it can be difficult to carry several beer bottles at once. When two beers just won’t cut it, a beer caddy is necessary. Buy this gorgeous wooden beer tote for the beer lover in your life so they always have a way to properly and safely carry their beers. When it is not being used to transport beer, it makes an amazing decor piece, which makes it an even better gift for beer lovers.

Perfect Beer Gift for Bros

USA Beer Cap Map and Grower with Glasses

He is all about drinking beer and displaying his bottle caps. Buy him the perfect set to do just that. This gift is a four-parter: this large beer cap map is a phenomenal way for him to show off his bottle caps in an attractive, efficient way. This beer growler provides him an excellent way to transport his beer home from the brewery or on a camping trip. He will without a doubt go crazy for these awesome gifts for beer lovers.


For the Aspiring Beer Connoisseur

Beer Tasting Set Gift for Beer Lovers

He LOVES beer so much that is puts other beer fans to shame. For an awesome gift he’ll love, buy him his very own beer tasting kit. Included are six different types of beer glasses with instructions on what kind of beer to drink with them. There is also a rotating wheel of beer facts, so he can learn what the best kinds of foods are to pair with different types of beers. Six stainless steel coasters will ensure that throughout all his tastings and testings, no condensation will get on the table. He’ll have hours of fun with this gift!

Beer and Snack Transportation

Cooler Gift Pack

Traveling and camping are two of your father’s favorite hobbies, and you want to buy him a gift that will make transporting food and beer easier. This camo cooler is a great way to transport those travel necessities while keeping them cold. The cooler even comes with an amazing assortment of delicious food that is easily transportable, so your father can bring them for snacks on any trip. Some of the included foods are smoked Swiss cheese, bison trail sticks, venison sausage, and wild boar sausage.

Pitcher of Beer

Beer Pitcher and Glasses Set

Does beer ever look more delicious than when it’s inside a pitcher? The answer is no, meaning this beer set a fantastic gift idea for a beer lover. He’ll love to impress his guests with his beer accessories. He’ll hand them pint glasses and then gently pour into them from the pitcher. As the amber-color beer cascades into their glasses, they’ll absolutely be in awe. Then they’ll cheers and enjoy the greatest glass of beer they’ve ever had together.

Travel Gift for Beer Lovers

Travel Set Gift for Beer Lovers

Sometimes he needs to take his beer on-the-go, and he needs a set that makes doing that easy. This beer growler gift set is the ideal gift for him. Since nothing is worse than accidental spills, the growler has a tight, spill proof lid, making beer transportation easy and accident-free. Best of all, all items in the set come inside this awesome wooden box, which makes transporting it all effortless.

Open Bottles with Ease

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Set

Beer drinkers are passionate about their favorite brews, and they don’t have time to stress out trying to find a bottle opener. Buy your favorite beer lover a bottle opener that is impossible to lose. This cast iron bottle opener is nailed to the wall, so they know it will always be in the same spot, easy to find and use. After a long day, they’ll love nothing more than to grab a beer out of the fridge, easily pop it open with one hand, and effortlessly pour it into a classy pint glass to enjoy.

Beautiful Beer Mugs Set

Two Mug Beer Gift Set

The aesthetic is half the importance for many beer fans who definitely appreciate an attractive gift much more than an unattractive one. This handsome beer gift set is a marvelous gift for them that they will absolutely love. The awesome beer mugs are incredibly attractive, and all their guests will fight over who gets to use them each time they have a get-together. The large brown gift box will look fantastic displayed in their home as compliments rain down on it.

Try Them All

Around the World Beer Set

Your friend is a beer fanatic who is awesomely adventurous, constantly wanting to try new beers. Buy this mixed box set of beers for them. It includes eight bottles or up to sixteen cans of different brands and types of beers, which come from small, independent craft breweries from across the globe. They will thank you profusely for this amazing gift set, and they’ll definitely tell you all about the different kinds they get to try!

Like a Real Life Pub

Beer Barrel Wooden Bar Sign

His home bar has the feel of a legitimate pub, and he’s extremely proud of it. One of the most amazing beer gift ideas for him is this awesome bar sign. It’s a simple yet attractive sign, and it makes it clear that he’s a big beer fan. He’ll love putting this on the wall in his home bar, positioned perfectly and meticulously as to balance the room out flawlessly. It’s just the touch that his home bar needs to make his guests feel like they’ve stepped into the coolest bar they’ve ever been in.

For the Manly Beer Lover

Manly Ammo Can Set

Manly, legendary men deserve the beer gifts to match. This ammo can gift set couldn’t be a better gift for that manly man in your life. The ammo can is repurposed from the United States military, so it’s already a cooler gift than anything else he’s ever gotten. After a long camping trip or day at the shooting range, he’ll love relaxing with a glass of beer and a cigar—which you’ve given him all the tools to do!

Party Time

Beer Keg Tap and Growler

Beer lovers can always be in party mode with this set. This drink tank growler is perfect for drinks on-the-go when they are going camping or traveling. This keg tap can go on the top of this growler as an easy way to discharge the beer inside. They will be the hit of every party when they come rolling in with these two ingenious devices, and they’ll be incredibly grateful to you for buying them such fantastic gifts for beer lovers.

Stainless Steel Everything

Stainless Steel Growler and Pint Glasses

Some people are all about stainless steel glassware, and you can’t blame them. After all, look at how visually appealing this growler and pint glass set is. With this set, he’ll never have to worry about his beer becoming room temperature, whether it’s in the growler or poured out into the pint glasses. He’ll never want to use anything else for his beer!

Matching Man Cave Material

Bar Sign with Mugs Gift for Beer Lovers

Your boyfriend has cultivated a man cave aesthetic of matching items, and he’s meticulous about it. Buy him these gifts for beer lovers that have a matching engraving: a man cave sign and two beer mugs. This handsome sign will provide no doubt to any guest that the room they are in, or are about to enter, is the man cave of your boyfriend. The mugs to match will show guests that he’s serious about his space, and he’s worked hard to make it a great space to show off to special guests as well. This set makes a great gift for your boyfriend to show him how much you care about his man cave passions.

Monthly Beer Membership

Beer of the Month Club Membership

For true beer connoisseurs, trying beers they have never had is an exciting activity. For a unique beer gift for them, buy a Beer Club membership! This membership includes twelve hand-crafted beers each month from two different microbreweries. Also delivered per month is a newsletter, which details tasting notes, the histories of the breweries, and suggested food pairing for each kind of beer. They will love tasting all the different beers and will consider this the best gift they’ve ever gotten.

The Bare Necessities

Cigar Beer Gift Ideas Set

Beer and cigars form a combo worth obsessing over, and he obsesses often. To get him a gift that he will love, buy these cigar beer gifts. The items in the set come inside this magnificent beer mug that he will feel like a king while holding and drinking out of. Inside the mug are two essentials for enjoying beer and cigars: a lighter and a bottle opener. He can’t seem to live without either of those, and he’ll be so happy to be receiving those necessities and a new mug. He’ll love using this gift to relax after a long day at work.


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