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Article: 13 Craft Beer Glasses You Need To Have

13 Craft Beer Glasses You Need To Have

13 Craft Beer Glasses You Need To Have

The Best Craft Beer Glasses for Every Type of Beer

You want to make the most out of your craft beer drinking experience by choosing the right glass to drink from. Craft beer glasses are made to enjoy a specific beer, each one has a design that lifts, enhances, and makes the taste as good as it can possibly be. These unique, and iconic, glass shapes are formed specifically to increase the flavor and aroma of beer. No matter what your favorite beer is, there has been a glass designed to specially make it taste even better. Once you try your favorite beer in the right glass, you’ll know exactly why you need to have these specialized craft beer glasses! So, find the craft or ipa glass that suits your beer, and find out why it becomes truly special when you drink it from its specialized craft beer glass!

Craft Beer Glass Sets for Aspiring Connoisseur

Ultimate Personalized Craft Beer Glass Sets

Instead of slowly dipping your toe into the world of craft beer, use these craft beer glass sets to dive in head first! Experience IPAs, craft beers, pilsners, lagers, ales, and more in a set of glasses made just for them. This personalized set makes bringing your favorite craft beer home and enjoying it in style easier than you could have imagined! Better still, with the extra glass this set comes with you can share your go-to beer with ease with a friend!

You Better Weizen Up to This Glass

Custom Weizen Glass

When you’re craving a wheat beer, make sure you serve it in your very own personalized weizen glass. The long slender glass with its unique curves will turn wheat beers you’ve liked in the past into a beer you can’t believe you didn’t enjoy nearly as much the first time around. The shape helps to capture and funnel the flavor, so as the aspiring beer-aficionado, you’ll appreciate everything the weizen has to offer for you!

The Ideal Set of Craft Beer Glasses

Initialed Craft Beer Snifters, Set of 4

Small batches of beer, or craft beer, should be enjoyed from the right glass. You never know when you will get to experience a similar brew again or why your friends may love a beer you didn't care for. You won't miss a note of flavor when you use a set of snifters. These are the ideal way to experience your beer, and what is even better, these snifters come in a set of 4 which means you can share or have a tasting party with all of your craft beer enthusiast friends! Snifters are one of the most popular craft beer glasses because of their unique ability to enhance flavors.

Steins: The Original Craft Beer Glasses

Steins are Original Craft Beer Glasses

When something is old, it has usually stayed around for a reason. Although these have been around for a long time, steins are in-fact one of the best ways to experience beer. Not only because they make you feel like some noble person from the middle-ages, but they’re also cool and hold a ton of beer! Steins just make life better, and who wouldn’t be happy drinking their favorite beer out of a stein that has their name engraved on it?


Ideal Craft Beer Glass Sets for Cigar Lovers

Custom Craft Beer and Cigar Box Set

A great pairing with a fantastic craft beer is always a cigar. However, make sure you’ve got the ideal glass so you are always ready. This craft beer glass is perfect for bold flavors which you know pair extraordinarily well with a medium bodied cigar. Enjoy swirling your beer inside your new glass as you light-up the perfect stogie! This craft beer and cigar gift set is great for craft beer enthusiasts who have begun branching out to see what other strong, classic flavors pair well with their favorite drink!

Get Unique With Your Craft Beer Obsession

Uniquely Shaped Beer Glass

Enjoy your beer from a unique pilsner glass that will have everyone asking: “What is that?” and “Where can I get one?” These craft beer glasses are both hand blown and hand crafted. Craft beer has a lot to do with enjoying things the proper way, and a glass that is made by one man’s heart and soul, and has been crafted by both his lungs and hands, is pretty much the most classic way to enjoy a glass. Enjoy the old school artisan work as you down some of your favorite hops with this pilsner glass.

Perfectly Personalized Pilsner Glasses

Engraved Pilsner Craft Beer Glasses, Set of 4

When a lighter beer is what tantalizes your taste buds, craft beer glass sets made just for pilsners is in order. Aside from enhancing the flavor of your Half Acre Pony or Avery Joe’s Pils, these pilsner glasses make your beer just look amazing. Sure, you can see the color in a standard pint glass, but you’ll enjoy downing your beer way more as you look at the golden-brown liquid bubble toward the top of this personalized glass set!

The Glass for Any Beer

Pair of Teku Beer Tasting Glass

When you feel you are ready, or if you are in dire need of a glass that will make you feel like the classiest beer drinking around, you’ll need a set of Teku glasses. These have been crafted to make almost every beer better. Plus, they make drinking beer even easier. Just grab them by the stem and with the unique lip, it is like the beer just knows it should fall directly into your mouth. The shape is ideal of aromatics, so if you can only get one set of glasses for your house, you should really consider getting the Teku, which is essentially the Swiss-Army knife of beer glasses.

Pints, a Classic Glass for All Kinds of Beer

Monogrammed Pint Craft Beer Glass Sets

A set of craft beer glasses every beer enthusiast needs in their home are a set of pint glasses; however, you are more into craft beer than anyone you know, so you need the extra added touch of making them personalized! These glasses may not enhance every single flavor from each beer, but their classic shape makes every beer still taste good and will make your home feel like you and your buddies favorite bar every time you decide to have a drink!

The Original Beer Mug

Ceramic Beer Stein

Enjoy a mug full of your favorite beer in the most classic beer stein there is. Before they were made of glass, ceramic steins ruled the land. Have an OG drink when you are enjoying your IPAs, pilsners, lagers, stouts, and more from the most classic beer stein. This style of mug is a fantastic way to show that you aren’t just into beer for the now, you have an invested interest in the history of what made your favorite drink.

Hometown Pride Beer Glass

Map Pint Glass

A great way to enjoy your local craft beer is with a set of craft beer glasses that have your town’s map on them! All the glasses here let you pick your town and have the city map, or even college town, engraved right onto the glass. Aside from getting it tattooed, what better way is there to show that you love the city that your favorite local craft brewery is from?

The Ultimate Beer Mug Set

Beer Mug Box Set

Mugs are one of the easiest ways to drink beer while looking cool. They simply have an air about them that just oozes swag. This beer set is ideal for the craft beer drinker who likes to crack open a 6-pack (or more) at home. You’ve got every piece of equipment you could ever want to enjoy your beer, well besides the beer. Plus, the keepsake box is a great way to store local craft beer memorabilia or even to use as a display case for one of your awesome collections!

Personalized IPA Craft Beer Glasses

Custom IPA Beer Glasses

Take your IPAs to a whole new level with craft beer glass sets made just to enhance your pale ale drinking experience. These glasses will make your beer taste better all the way to the bitter end, due to their bulbous shape. However, as a set, this is a great way to share your favorite beer with a friend, family, or spouse! Don’t hog all the wondrous IPA taste and knowledge to yourself, get a set for your house and spread the love of IPA beer!


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