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Article: 21 Awesome Gifts for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

21 Awesome Gifts for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

21 Awesome Gifts for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with the Best Gifts Possible:

They put their lives on the line every single day to make sure that their communities stay safe, so it is only fitting to make a big deal out of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. This is the one day a year that makes it super easy to honor those in blue who day in and day out go to work to protect and serve, so it only makes sense that you serve them with an awesome gift for police officers! They’ll have the right to remain silent, but with National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day gifts being as good as these, you know they’ll wave that right instantly!

The Perfect Decanter for Off-Duty Officers

Personalized Decanter for Police Officers

While there are plenty of great ways to show your support on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, few are better than a personalized decanter. These make great gifts for any officer on the force, regardless of rank or time served. It’s like giving them an award as well as an awesome gift all-in-one! While it may not sit on their desk at the office, you can be sure this custom gift will be sitting on their home bar or counters, not only to be ready at the drop of a hat but so they can look at their gorgeous gift every day!

A Thin Blue Line Sign for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gift is a Custom Sign

Custom decoration as well as a badass gift for a law enforcement official? Say no more! This custom thin blue line sign will turn any living room or man cave into their new favorite hang-out spot. After some of their toughest shifts, it’ll be fantastic to come home and see a gift that reminds them of the community and country they so valiantly serve and protect!

Arm Your Officer to the Teeth

Engraved Ammo Can Gift Set with Pint Glasses

An officer of the law is far more efficient when they have all the tools they need for their job at their disposal, the same too can be said when they are relaxing; so, hook them up with this engraved ammo can gift set! Inside, they’ll find everything they need to relax with friends and family on a day off. You can even make this gift feel more personal by fitting a six-pack of their favorite beer inside or include some handwritten thank you cards from the community.

A Custom Tactical Watch

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gift is a Watch

It is time for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day gifts. Okay, sorry for the pun, but every cop will wonder why they never got a gift this good ever before! Not only does this watch tell them the time but the face comes with their name customized as well as a badge, and it even has a thin blue line running through it. This simply must be one of the best police academy graduation gifts! How neat is that?

Take a Shot At National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gifts

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Running those hot streets all day long can leave them feeling tired which is totally understandable. For the work that they do day in and day out, thank them for their service on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with this custom bullet whiskey stone gift set. Themed around bullets, it's a fantastically fun way for them to enjoy a cool refreshing drink; especially when they get to see that you took the time to get them a gift that has not only their name but even their badge on the glass and gift box!


Tap Into Exactly What Every Officer Needs

Beer Tap Handle Gift for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Make their home bar feel like the police hang-out spot they’ve always wanted with their own custom beer tap handle. Made of wood with a chalkboard in the middle, this gift has a classic feel while also making it easy for them to show what they have on tap for themselves or their fellow officers.

Classic Officer Shades

Oakley Sunglasses for Police Officers

Keep them looking stunning in their blues on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with a set of Oakley sunglasses. This vibrant pair will keep their eyes peeled on the road while being comfortable, stylish, and even sporty all at once. From driving to chasing baddies down on foot to riding in the squad car, not only will these stay snug on their face but they’ll look stylish for their whole shift.

The Coolest Police Decanter for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Globe Decanter for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Need a show-stopping gift for police officers? Look no further than this unique globe decanter that has a glass police badge floating in a sea of their go-to liquor. This classy gift is a great way to show the officer in your life appreciation for keeping your neighborhood safe. Also, thanks to its sophisticated look as well as functionality, you can be sure it is a gift they'll treasure for years to come!

A Fun Gift for Them to Unwind With

Patriotic Bean Bag Toss Set for Officers

There is no better way to thank the officers in your community than with a gift that shows off their patriotism! With an American flag-themed bean bag toss set, they will have a blast taking their fellow officers outside between shifts or when they are hosting a cookout to throw a few bags around and see who is the hotshot of their group!

You Have the Right to Remain Comfy

Thin Blue Line Blanket

Keep them wrapped in support with this comfy thin blue line police blanket. Now, when the office is done for the day and wants to hang out with their spouse on the couch or on the bed, they can still rep their pride, even when they’re off-duty! Plus, when they’re on a late-night shift, they’ll feel great knowing that their spouse is wrapped up tight in this sentimental gift.

A Personalized Law Enforcement Decanter Gift Set

Custom Decanter Gift for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

They protect and serve your state, so why not get them a stately whiskey decanter? These are fantastic gifts to give on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. You may ask “But why?” Because these gifts are just as impressive as any officer of the law! They’ll feel so rewarded and loved when they’re able to put their feet up and unwind with a whiskey neat!

Coolest Grill Tool Gift Set for Cops

Personalized Bamboo Grill Tools

Police are famous for having their cookouts. Aside from patrolling the streets, it's one of the best things they are known for. When you’re searching for gifts for National Law Enforcement Appreciations Day, think of getting them one of these customized bamboo grill tool sets. Not only will they have all the tools needed for a perfectly sizzled steak but now when they show up to the grill, they’ll be rolling in style thanks to the gorgeous bamboo!

Thin Blue Line Keepsake

Thin Blue Line Keepsake Box

Ensure that every office you know has the perfect spot to keep any medals, awards, or accommodations they receive with this gorgeous thin blue line keepsake box. Instead of having them scattered across their house or in an old shoebox, this will be the perfect way to show off all the honors they have received in their years of service.

BYOB National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Beer Caddy

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gift is a Beer Caddy

Bringing a few beers to their fellow boys in blue will never be easier than when he is crating them along in his engraved wooden beer caddy. Instead of having to rely on flimsy cardboard, they’ll now have a gift that will last him forever. Better still, when he breaks out the IPAs or lagers, this gift even comes with a built-in bottle opener, so they are always prepared to enjoy a good brew!


Patriotic Card Set for Off-Duty Officers

Embossed Leather Poker Gift Set

Every officer loves to spend a night or two a month hanging out with their fellow boys in blue playing a few hands of cards. However, the set at the station has been looking a little worse for wear for a while. When you are showing your appreciation, give them a travel leather poker set, this way they can always keep it in mint condition! From slow nights at the station to simply off-duty hangouts, this gift will be perfect.

A Classy, Classic Award

Police Officer Award

Award them for being the best office in your community with this classic police award comes with an acrylic block for personalization! This award is the most fantastic gift that they can keep in the office, at home, or even in the garage. Whether you want to give them a brief award like best dressed or spell out a truly heartfelt message, thanks to the personalization, the choice is yours! With such a sentimental and thoughtful gift for law enforcement, you can be sure that wherever they spend the most time will surely be where they want to keep this meaningful thank you gift.

Personalized Decanter Gift Set for Officers

Personalized Decanter Set for Police Officers

Nothing says, “Job well done,” quite like an engraved decanter gift set. Whether the cops in your area have had major impacts helping out the community as a whole or have made a significant difference in your life specifically, you can be sure they will never forget getting such a classy and unique gift for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Custom Shadow Box

Engraved Shadow Box for Police Officers

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is bound to be full of people celebrating with the office you’re looking to honor, so let them start their favorite keepsake off on the right foot by having them collect beer caps or thank you notes to put immediately into their personalized shadow box! This is a great way to honor those who protect and serve because now they can have a daily reminder of not only those who appreciate them but also of their collection of sentimental items from some of the best times in their lives!

Waterproof Notebook

Weatherproof Notebook

Everyone knows that police officers have to work in all forms of weather. From the hottest, sweaty days to torrential downpours. Help them keep their notes in order with an all-weather notebook! Now, when they’re keeping an eye out for clues or have documentation to keep, they don’t need to worry about smudged or soggy paper, all thanks to your awesome gift.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gifts for Any Situation

Coffee Tumbler Flask and Knife Set

The great thing about giving gifts to officers is that not all of them have to be something they can enjoy off-duty, some (or at least some parts) can be enjoyed thoroughly while they are on their shift, like this engraved gift set! The tumbler and survival knife can surely go on every late night or early morning shift. Now, they’ll never need to fear getting drowsy while looking for the bad guy since the tumbler carries all the coffee they’ll need for a whole shift. Plus, their matching flask is a fantastic item they can keep in their civilian jacket to reward themselves with a job well done!

Classy Flag Case for Those Who Serve

Flag Case Gift for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

After all they’ve done to keep your community safe and secure, the least you can do is get them a personalized flag case which keeps the flag they love equally safe. This display case is a fantastic gift to give on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to thank them for their years of service, upcoming promotion, or even a potential retirement. No matter why you’re giving this gift, you can be sure it might just bring a tear to their eye!


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