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Article: 17 Last Minute Gifts for Dad

17 Last Minute Gifts for Dad

17 Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Unique Last Minute Gifts for Dad That He’ll Never Expect

Your dad is one of the most important people in your life and you’ve always looked up to him as a role model. He deserves a gift on Father’s Day or for his birthday that’s just as amazing as he is, but you’re running out of time! Last minute gifts for dad don’t have to be generic or lame just because you’re almost to the day you’re supposed to give them to him, they can be personalized and even specially made just for him as long as you know where to get them! Don’t worry, we’ll help you out and narrow down the best last minute Father’s Day gifts, birthday presents, and holiday gift ideas for your dad and make sure you get them on time. Wondering “What should I get my dad for his last minute birthday?” or “What should I get my dad for Christmas last minute?” We’ve got you covered with last minute gifts that are so incredible, he’ll have no idea that you were stressing about finding him a gift in time!

Relaxing Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Cigar and Whiskey Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Treat your dad to a nice, relaxing evening in his favorite chair as he smokes a fresh stogie and sips on a glass of top-shelf whiskey with this luxurious gift set! He will be amazed by all of the great items this set comes with, and he won’t know which part is his favorite from the personalized whiskey glass to the cigar case filled with a few of his favorite cigars! You know he’ll be using this set after long days at work, to celebrate special occasions such as Father’s Day and New Year’s, and just when he feels like a nice glass of whiskey and a cigar.

Practical Gifts Dad Will Love

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts Personalized Grilling Tools

Upgrade dad’s old grilling tools with this beautiful rosewood set that comes with an engraved carrying case! Thanks to your amazing last minute Father’s Day gifts, he can take his trusty tools to the lake, campground, or the next family reunion with ease now that he can carry them in the convenient case. He will especially love that you took the time and effort to have this thoughtful gift customized just for him, making his gift even more special.

Badass Dad Gifts

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stones

How awesome are these bullet whiskey stones? Your dad will be speechless at this incredible gift set, at least until he makes a drink using the monogrammed glasses and tries out the bullet whiskey stones to keep it chilled. Then, he’ll be saying “Wow!” and never want to use regular ice or normal rocks glasses again! No matter what occasion you’re giving this fun set for, make sure you grab a bottle of Bulleit bourbon or his favorite brand of whiskey to go with it before you give it to him.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift

Customize a Whiskey Label Sign for Dad

Who says last minute gifts for dad have to be random things like more tools from the nearest home improvement store or some boring shoes from a local department store? Your dad deserves something truly special, something just as one-of-a-kind as he is, like this personalized wooden sign inspired by a whiskey label! With a fully customizable design, you can make it a unique special-made sign just for him so that no one else in the whole world will have one like it. He will love how much creativity you put into it whether you make it his own whiskey label or an inside joke between the two of you.

Legendary Gifts for a Legendary Dad

Custom Beer Ammo Can Set Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Your dad deserves only the best gifts, and this incredible ammo can set is one of the coolest last minute gifts for dad! He will be absolutely speechless when he sees the awesome personalization on the ammo can, only to be even more surprised when he opens it up and finds all of the incredible gifts inside! He won’t know which is his favorite, the tactical knife with the hidden survival kit or the personalized pint glasses that match his awesome new ammo can. Once he’s checked out each piece, he’ll pour the two of you a beer using his new pint glasses and toast to the best Father’s Day or birthday ever thanks to your amazing gifts!


For the Dad Who Loves Beef Jerky

Variety Pack of Peoples Choice Beef Jerky

Not sure what to get your dad at the last minute? You can’t go wrong with a variety pack of his favorite snack: beef jerky! This box has literally every possible flavor of beef jerky so that he can enjoy a new flavor every time he gets a hankering for some tasty beef sticks. This kind of gift is especially ideal for dads who want nothing because even they can’t say no to a gift they can eat!

Impressive Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Custom Whiskey Decanter with Cigar Glasses Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Treat your father to an impressive gift he’ll never expect: a decanter set with cigar-holding whiskey glasses! Thanks to your awesome gift, he can enjoy a glass of his favorite whiskey and a fresh stogie all at once with one hand while using the other to find something to watch on Netflix. Now, he can relax and enjoy all of his favorite things like never before! Don’t forget to include a bottle of his preferred brand of whiskey and a couple of his favorite cigars with your gift before you give it to him so that he can try out the set as soon as he opens it on Father’s Day or on his anniversary.

When Dad Has Enough Watches

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Personalized Watch Case

Watches are pretty great gifts and you’ve given a few to your dad over the years, but now he has so many that he doesn’t want more! Give him a place to store them with this watch case, which can hold up to six watches or other accessories like his cufflinks and extra watch bands. He will love that he can keep his timepieces organized now instead of having them strewn across his dresser or nightstand, it certainly makes it easier to find the one he wants to wear that day! As far as last minute gifts for dad go, this custom watch case is one of the most thoughtful and practical.

The Bigger the Gift, the Better

Personalized Beer Mug Dad Gift

You know how they say “bigger is always better?” Well, when it comes to beer, it’s definitely true! With a giant beer mug, your dad can enjoy plenty of his favorite beer (a whole liter’s worth!) in one sitting without needing to get up for a refill. He will never want to drink beer any other way from now on! Whether you give him this awesome mug for his birthday, Father’s Day, or even Christmas, make sure you’ve got a six-pack of his favorite beer in the fridge so that he can try it out as soon as you give him your awesome gift.

Last Minute Gifts He Deserves

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set with Gift Box

Show your dad that you think he’s the coolest, classiest dad in the world with this incredible decanter set! By far one of the most impressive last minute Father’s Day gifts, this stunning set is entirely personalized with his name. He will be in awe of the unique glasses and beautiful decanter, but not so much that he won’t want to pour the two of you a drink so that he can try it out! He’ll proudly keep this impressive decanter set on display in his home bar or office so that he can admire it every day, and he’ll think of you every time he sees it!

Something That Isn’t More Tools

Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox Dad Gift

Sure, dads love getting tools as gifts, but after so many years of getting more and more tools, he’s run out of room to keep them all! This year for the holidays or his birthday, get your dad something he actually needs: a portable toolbox! Perfect for wheeling around the house for his projects, loading in the truck to take his trusty tools anywhere, and even just for keeping in the garage, this handy toolbox is the perfect place to keep his large collection of tools organized and easily portable.

The Coolest Sign for Dad

Custom Cigar Sign

Dad will love this fun personalized sign! Whether he’s an avid cigar aficionado or just smokes stogies on occasion, he’ll enjoy the design and will love having this awesome sign on display in his man cave or home office. The only thing that would make this sign an even better gift is if you paired it with a pack of his favorite stogies!

Give Him the Gift of an Amazing Whiskey Experience

Set of Four Custom Glencairn Glasses with Box

Does your dad drink whiskey? Then he needs some Glencairn glasses in his liquor cabinet! Designed by world-renown whiskey experts, the Glencairn glass is designed to deliver the best-tasting and most flavorful experience possible. With this set of four Glencairns, he can have his own whiskey tasting with four different types of whiskey or have a few of his friends over to try that rare bottle he’s been saving. Once he’s tried his favorite whiskey in a Glencairn glass, he’ll never go back to a regular rocks glass! Seriously, your incredible last minute gift is one that just keeps on giving.

For the Practical Dad

Custom Ammo Can with Tools Set of Gifts for Dad

Looking for last minute gifts for dad that are practical? You've found them with this awesome ammo can set! With a cigar-holding flask, hatchet, and a lockback knife with multiple functions, everything in this ammo can has a variety of uses. Dad will especially enjoy the military-used ammo can that he can store all kinds of things in from the tools in this set plus his favorites or keepsakes from his adventures.

A New Poker Set for the Card Shark Dad

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts Monogrammed Poker Set with Cigar Glass

Whether he’s already got a weekly game going with his buddies or he’s been meaning to get one started for years, this custom poker set is the perfect last minute gift for your dad! Not only does he get a stunning new set of chips, dice, cards, and a handsome carrying case to hold it all, he also gets the coolest whiskey glass ever because it also holds his cigar for him! How awesome is that? Your dad will feel like he’s on Poker Central, playing with the greatest poker players in the country as he uses his new poker set and whiskey glass.

For the Nerdy Dad

Star Wars Inspired Dad Tee

What do you get a dad who’s into movies? The coolest shirt ever: a Star Wars themed dad tee! He will be so excited to wear this fun shirt all the time so that everyone who sees it knows that he’s not a bad dad like Darth Vader; instead, he’s the best father in the galaxy! This fun gift is perfect for a last minute birthday or Father’s Day gift, and he’ll be sure to wear it often to show his appreciation for such a great dad gift.

Luxurious Last Minute Gifts He’ll Never Forget

Personalized Cognac Gift Set Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Treat your dad this Father’s Day with a gift that’s extra luxurious: a custom cognac gift set! He will love relaxing with a warm glass of cognac in one of his new personalized snifters, especially with a fresh stogie prepared with the handy cigar accessories. Thanks to your incredible gifts, he can enjoy brandy or cognac the proper way whenever he wants instead of having to save the bottle for special occasions.


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