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Article: 27 Craft Beer Glasses You Can Customize

27 Craft Beer Glasses You Can Customize

27 Craft Beer Glasses You Can Customize

All of the Best Craft Beer Glasses for Every Type of Beer

You’re a beer enthusiast, and you’re searching for the greatest glasses that will make your beer-drinking experience even better. The best craft beer glasses for you will be the right size, shape, and thickness to enhance the aromas and tastes of the beers you specifically like to drink. For example, stronger beers like Belgian IPAs will taste much better consumed from one of our snifters than from a pint glass because of the glasses’ specific shape that allows for swirling the beer. But how are the best glasses determined by factors like size and shape? How do you know which glass your favorite beer will taste the best in? You don’t need to waste time with hours of research to find out which custom craft beer glasses are right for you and your favorite beers because we’ve done all the work for you.

Glassware Steeped in Tradition

Beet Stein with Pewter Lid

This custom beer stein is perfect for you because it has a very attractive pewter lid that you’ll want to show off to everyone. The best types of beer to put in a stein are American ales and lagers, Scottish ales, and Irish dry stouts. Beer steins have a unique history, going back as early as the 16th century. Many communities throughout Europe passed laws requiring food and beverage containers to have lids because of bugs that carried the plague. While you’re thankful the plague is no longer an issue, you love the look of the vintage lid, and you’re in luck. Today, they’re still often used often as decorative pieces and because it’s simply practical to keep a lid on to avoid spills.

Craft Beer Glasses for Serious Beer Lovers Only

Personalized Beer Snifters Set of 4

You have used snifter glasses before for your cognac and brandy because of how good they are at enriching aromas. Many people don’t realize that they do the same thing to beers! The unique shape allows you to swirl your beer around, stirring the volatiles that bring out the full aroma and flavors. This type of beer glass fits perfectly in your hand, and the warmth from your hands is used to warm the beer to its optimal temperature. Because of their deep bowls, the best beers to enjoy out of a snifter are strong, higher-alcohol content beers, like Double or Imperial IPAs and Belgian ales and IPAs. Personalize this set of four glasses with a single initial in the center to make it an even more unique set to have in your home.

For the Visually Appealing Beers

Set of Engraved Pilsner Craft Beer Glasses

You love lighter beers like pilsner and blonde ales, so the pilsner glass is the perfect one for you to use to show off the color and carbonation of your beer. Pilsner is a type of beer first created in 1842 in modern-day Czech Republic, and it revolutionized how consumers drank beer, as it was the first beer to have that quintessential light golden color as opposed to dark brown. The slim design of these glasses allows you to appreciate all the little details of your light beers. The slightly wider top helps retain the foam head as well, fully achieving that beer aesthetic you love.

If You Like Your Craft Beer Freezing Cold

Gunmetal Beer Mug

You want a glass that will keep your beer cold for a long time, and a stainless steel mug is the best way to do that. Beer mugs are similar to steins except for the main difference of not having a lid. Some of the best beers to consume out of mugs are American ales and lagers and Scottish ales, because those beers are most delicious when they’re very cold. You’ll love drinking ice cold ale from this mug with the pewter crest personalized to your liking.

A Growler and Classic Craft Beer Glasses

Custom Glass Growler and Craft Beer Glasses

Beer growlers serve two main benefits: transporting beer from the brewery to your home and taking beer with you on your many adventures, such as camping trips or other outdoor outings. Glass growlers are the most common type of growlers because you can clearly see your brew through it, so you’ll know when the brew supply is getting low. Pretty much every beer will taste great in these pint glasses, so you don’t have to worry about which beer you’re pouring into them. Just enjoy! This set is definitely a must-have for you and as a craft beer gift for every microbrewery fan you know.


Flower-like Beer Glasses

Thistle Beer Glass

Since these craft beer glasses are derived from Scottish tradition, specialty beers like Scotch Ale and Wee Heavy taste divine when consumed from the thistle glass. Trivia question: do you know what the national flower of Scotland is? Answer: it’s the thistle, which has a shape very similar to the above glass. Common characteristics of thistle glasses are a short stem and bulbous bottom, making them very unique, beautiful glasses that you’ve been searching for. The stem is the perfect place for your hands to hold the glass so your hands don’t warm the beer inside. The bulb-like bowl makes it easy for you to swirl your beer around to release aromas. You will really appreciate how gorgeous these glasses are while simultaneously making your favorite Scottish beers taste amazing!

A Hefty Classic Craft Beer Glass

Large Glass Beer Mug

Ah, the traditional beer mug. It’s strong, it’s sturdy, and it just makes you feel good when you are drinking your favorite beer from it. Any craft beer drinker will love drinking their favorite beers out of this robust glass. These mugs are also durable, so they are the perfect craft beer glasses for when you’re doing hearty toasts with your friends. This particular mug holds a whopping liter of beer, so you won’t have to refill it very often. Customize it with your name and initial to make a mug that is wholly yours.

Short and Stout Beer Glasses

Stout Craft Beer Glasses

When you’re drinking stout beers, you need these custom stout glasses, which are perfect for all varieties of stout beers. True beer connoisseurs like yourself are quite fond of stout beers because they are darker and stronger beers, typically with 7% to 8% alcohol by volume. Stout glasses, made specifically for the consumption of stout beers, have a base and bowl angle that accentuates the malts and notes of rich chocolate and coffee in stout beers that you love so much. Stout glasses are also made to trap the foam head at the top with the narrow mouth. You need this pair of classic stout glasses so you can drink Goose Island Bourbon County stout and Prairie Bomb the proper way, fully enjoying every sip. These unique glasses are one of the best types of beer glasses for craft beer fans!

Another Flower-like Beer Glass

Personalized Tulip Beer Glass

You really like the foam head on your beer and want a glass that maintains it very well. You’re in luck: this monogrammed tulip glass does just that. Tulip glasses are very similar to thistle glasses except they are shorter and typically hold less beer. The shape of this beer glass, named for the flower, is one of the most popular among beer fans such as yourself because of its ability to maintain the foam head. They also enhance the aromatics of hoppy and malty brews. The shape makes for easy swirling to release all the aromas and flavors. These glasses are typically used for stronger brews such as Double IPAs and Belgian ales, Scotch ales, barleywine, and Flanders red ale, to name a few. You’ll never have to worry about no foam again!

Classic but Ceramic

Ceramic Tankard Beer Stein

You love beer glasses of all kinds, but you really like adding super rare ones to your collection. Buy this unique, customized tankard! Tankards go all the way back to the 17th century, inspired by the Germans’ steins. This novelty ceramic stein is definitely the type of glass that very few of even the most hardcore beer fans own. The handle ensures that your hands will not warm the beer inside the ceramic tankard. You’ll greatly enjoy drinking your American ales and Irish dry stouts from this special stein, and everyone will be jealous of the awesome customization.

Can-like Glassware

Beer Can Shaped Beer Glasses

You love how the shape of a beer can fits in your hand, but you still want to consume your favorite beer out of high-quality glassware. These quirky craft beer glasses are made from premium glass and molded to the exact classic beer can shape, so your hands will be tricked into thinking you’re holding a real beer can. The simple shape of these glasses means that they can be used for all kinds of beers, from lighter beers like American macro lagers to darker beers, such as Belgian IPAs. Customize this set of four with an initial in the center, and you’ve got a set of unique glassware that will impress any guest.


Traditional Personalized German Stein

You are all about tradition, and you love reading about the beer drinkers of old who enjoyed their beer out of a stein with a lid in Europe. Stein is short for “steinzeugkrug,” the German word for a stoneware jug, and you want your stein to be similar to what those early Germans used in the 1500’s. This awe-inspiring traditional German beer stein is what you need for your collection. It also has a pewter crest that can be personalized with initials, making this the most remarkable stein you’ve ever laid eyes on. The lid’s design is a derivative of steins’ lids way back when, and that authenticity is what makes this stein so amazing.

Guten Tag

Oktoberfest Beer Mug

This customized glass is perfect for drinking your favorite German beer out of, such as pilsners, Spaten’s Oktoberfest, or Kölsch beers. Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival and traveling funfair in the world. It’s held annually in Germany, but many other cities across the globe have their own, smaller versions of the festival. You absolutely love the awesome tradition of Oktoberfest and wish the festival lasted year round. You can keep a taste of it with you with this mug. When you drink out of this mug, you’ll instantly be transported to Munich for the celebration of a lifetime.

Aspiring Connoisseur’s Dream

Craft Beer Glasses Set

You want to own every kind of craft beer glass ever because you love trying different beers so much. It may take a while to collect every single kind of glass out there, but this beer tasting set is an excellent start! It contains six different types of glasses along with instructions on how to use each one and which beers go best with each. There’s also random beer facts, including what foods go well with each type of beer. You can’t go wrong with this set if you’re an aspiring beer connoisseur!

Historical and Beautiful

Glass Beer Steins Pair

You appreciate the history of beer that began in France so long ago, and you want to honor the French with your choice of drinkware. These glass steins take inspiration from Strasbourg, a city in France that has a thriving beer culture from both French and German influence. Gorgeous pewter crests rest on the outside and can be engraved with a single initial. Indulge in your favorite french beers, such as Kronenbourg 1664, when using these elegant beer glasses.


Your Favorite Beer Means You’re Home

Stainless Steel Growler and Craft Beer Glasses

While beer growlers made of glass are most popular, stainless steel ones have been growing in popularity because they are almost unbreakable, and they keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours. So if you’re planning on taking beer on a hunting trip or any other adventure where you won’t have access to a refrigerator, a stainless steel growler is the way to go. Pair it with these classic pint glasses, and you’ve got the perfect set for fully enjoying your beer anytime. You can personalize this set with your home state plus personalization, making this set a fantastic one for beer lovers.

Homage to the Ancient World

Britannia Beer Mug

This classy craft beer glass draws on the rich history of beer and beer glassware in its design. The dimpled sides are reminiscent of early British beer mugs, and the stunning personalized crest is crafted from pewter, paying tribute to those in the Ancient World who first thought to use it. You will never feel more like a beer historian and connoisseur than when consuming your favorite beer from this gorgeous mug.

A Stainless Steel Classic

Custom Stainless Steel Pint Glass

This stainless steel pint glass with classy silver personalization is perfect for you, because your taste in beer is all over the place. Considered the all-purpose glass, pint glasses are smart choices for you because they make every kind of beer taste great. The shape allows for more aroma release than most other types of glassware, so you know your beer will be full of flavor when sipping out of a pint glass. This pint glass is unique as it is crafted from stainless steel, so it will keep your beer extremely cold and won’t break if dropped. Every kind of beer you like will taste phenomenal when consumed out of this versatile glass.

Stand in Awe of Your Beer

Tall Pilsner Glasses Set of 4

You like showing off your favorite beer to your friends. The rich colors and carbonation form an alluring golden glow, and the best way to show off is with this set of pilsner glasses. They are specifically designed to clearly display the details of your beloved brews with their narrow shape. Beers with a lot of carbonation are best consumed out of these glasses, such as pilsner and blond ales. With this set of four glasses, you and three others can marvel at the beauty of your beers while also enjoying the delicious tastes.

IPA-Specific Glassware

Engraved IPA Glass

IPAs, or India Pale Ales, are your favorite beers. They’re such popular types of beer that they have their very own, uniquely designed glass. Craft beer fans will greatly enjoy this glass because it’s designed specifically for their IPAS. The iconic ridges at the base of these glasses aerate your favorite IPAs as you sip. They help release aromatics to make it taste as delicious as possible. The slender, tapered bowl moves the aromas straight to your nose. They are also a bit thicker than most other glasses, allowing your IPA to stay colder for longer. They have a laser etching at the bottom to keep bubbles from flowing upward. This craft beer glass is great for any and all IPAs, including Founders All Day IPA and Two Hearted Ale. This personalized glass will make your experience drinking your favorite beers better than ever.

Straight, Narrow, and Sturdy

Stange Beer Glasses

You love German beers which is why stange glasses interest you. “Stange” is the German word for rod, which is why it’s the ideal name to describe the shape of these glasses. They are a perfect cylindrical shape, with straight, narrow sides. The shape gives it a firmer concentration of important volatiles, making the flavor of your favorite beers really stand out. Also adding to the bold flavors is the beer’s malt, which is amplified by the narrow shape as well. It also has a thicker base for sturdiness, so you don’t have to worry about these tall glasses tipping over. This type of beer glass is typically reserved for more delicate German beers - for example, German Kölsch, lambic, or rye.

Go Back in Time

Celtic Monogram Pint Glass

You find the origins of beer fascinating, so you probably know that if you travel way back in its rich history, some of the earliest beer drinkers were in France in the Late Iron Age, which ranged from about 450-25 BC. The area is believed to have been a Celtic religious sanctuary. Thus, the name Celtic beer was born. A lot of beers that you love today draw on ideas that the Celtics had when they created their beer so long ago. This pint glass helps you remember the Celtics of old that you appreciate so much with a Celtic design in the center that can be customized with an initial and name. You’ll feel like a Celtic yourself when consuming your favorite Celtic-inspired beer from this pint glass.

A Twist on a Classic

Swirling Pilsner Craft Beer Glass

You want a pilsner glass because you love that it shows off the colors and carbonation in your favorite light beers, and you love to sit and admire it. But you want one that stands out from other pilsner glasses. This swirling pilsner glass has a unique base with swirled etchings, a twist on the typical, straight base of pilsner glasses. It’s crafted from authentic German glassware, so you know it’s of the absolute highest quality. An engraved lion crest is adorned on the side, adding an amazing touch to an already beautiful glass. This will without a doubt become your new favorite glass.

Straight from Belgium Influence

Belgian Beer Glass

You’re a lover of strong beers with a high alcohol by volume, so the beer chalice is the glass for you. The best beers to consume out of chalices are Belgian IPAs and Belgian strong dark ales, which will taste richer than ever when you drink them out of these glasses. The wide mouth of this type of glass allows for the beer’s foam head to be maintained and lets you take deep sips in order to analyze the flavors and aromas. These glasses are sometimes referred to as Belgian beer glasses because they are extremely common in Belgium.

Novelty Beer Glass

German Boot Craft Beer Glass

As a huge craft beer fan, you’ve always wanted a beer boot, and you’ve also wondered how they came to be. The truth is, no one is really sure how the beer boot originated in Germany. In Central European excavation sites, there have been shoe-shaped pots found, but there is no knowing if they used them for drinks. Some tell a tale of a German general who told his soldiers that he’d drink from his boot if they won their upcoming battle, which inspired the creation of the beer boot. What is known is that after World War II, Americans brought the beer boot back to the United States, and companies began manufacturing and selling them. These glasses don’t serve any particular purpose besides holding more than traditional glasses and being a novelty glass that few people own. Buy this historical beer boot for yourself so you can enjoy your favorite beer while imagining how they truly came to be.

Show Off that Color and Curvature

Curved Pilsner Glass

As a craft beer lover, you’ve taken a liking to wheat beers, such as Weizenbocks and Allagash White. These craft beer glasses are often referred to as “wheat glasses” because they are perfect for them. These Weizenbock glasses are similar to pilsner glasses, but have a little bit more curvature in the sides. They have very thin walls and a lot of length to show off the lighter color of wheat beers. They also work to preserve the foam head on top. The narrow bottom traps the sediment that is typically found in wheat beers, making this glass the ultimate glass for a wheat beer lover.

Share Your Beer

Engraved Glass Growler and Pint Glasses Set

Perhaps the best thing about beer growlers is that they are completely air tight, meaning even when transporting the beer from the brewery to your home or somewhere else, the beer will stay totally fresh inside. This glass growler holds 64 ounces of your favorite beer, with thick glass keeping it safe and secure. It comes with four classic pint glasses, so you can pour yourself and three others glasses of delicious brew from the growler. This set is the perfect, classic set for true craft beer lovers such as yourself.


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