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Article: 51 Unique Gifts for Men - That Kickass!

51 Unique Gifts for Men - That Kickass!

Unique gifts for men

It’s never easy to find unique gifts for men. Guys can be pretty difficult to shop for, but that’s where we come in! The best gifts for men should be useful, have a cool factor, and are totally unique. Guys love getting totally awesome gifts, but your gift has to be something he would never buy for himself. Forget those run-of-the-mill, boring gifts like belts and shirts. You need to step it up and get the guys in your life these amazingly unique gift ideas for men!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a romantic anniversary gift, a show-stopping Father’s Day gift, a fantastic Christmas gift, or epic expensive gifts for men, we’ve found plenty of incredible gifts to choose from!

1. Classy Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

One word comes to mind when anyone sees this exquisite decanter set: “Wow.” This breathtaking crystal whiskey decanter set is a fantastically unique gift for men that’s dressed to impress. Decanter sets are great for displaying in the office, home bar, or living room when not being used to entertain friends or business clients. The guy in your life will feel like a classy gentleman every time he uses this beautiful decanter set to enjoy a nice glass of scotch with a loved one after dinner or to propose a toast to his coworkers for a successful business venture. Such an amazing gift for men is ideal for all kinds of occasions and achievements!

Man kissing woman giving a unique gift for men

2. 50 Cal Personalized Unique Gift for Men Bullet Bottle Opener

Personalized unique gift for men 50 cal bullet bottle opener

Popping open a cold beer should be a pleasure. For many of us it is! So why not make each beer popping moment special with this personalized bullet bottle opener? Among the more unique gifts for men on this list, it's not your average beer drinking accessory. Made from an authentic 50-caliber bullet, he'll not only have a useful tool but also a conversation starter with those around him. With the personalization of his name, you'll be gifting him a keepsake he'll remember for years to come every time he pops open a beer.

3. Hot Sauce Kit by Craft a Brew

Hot sauce being poured into a glass
Hot sauce kit made by Craft a Brew

Do you know someone who absolutely can't get enough spice in their food? If you do, this DIY hot sauce kit is the perfect gift for him. As one of the most unique gifts for men on our list, this kit will allow him to create super spicy hot sauces that taste exactly how he wants them to taste. This kit comes with everything he'll need to make hot sauce, including a set of chili peppers, vinegar, and spices. It also comes with bottles and labels, so he can personalize his hot sauce for himself or even someone he gifts them to. This is a pretty badass gift for men.

4. Personalized Unique Tavern Sign for Men

Custom Ale Tavern Sign

What gift would a guy get more use out of than a sign? Each time he goes into his home bar, man cave, or garage, his gift will always be there for him. It is the perfect way for him to establish that room of the house as his ultimate drinking room.

5. The Ultimate Beard Growth and Trimmer Gift Set

Ultimate badass beard trimmer and growth kit
Badass guy gift trimmer

How many guys out there with beards could use a trim? Keep his beard looking trim, clean, and tight with this ultimate bear growth and trimmer kit, which is something he'll use all the time. This beard kit comes with absolutely everything he'll need to show off his awesome beard, including oils, balms, a trimmer, growth vitamins, beard shampoo, and a lot more. Not only will his bear look and smell great, it'll be fuller and much easier to maintain. This is an easy win when it comes to cool gifts for guys with beards.

6. The Original NitroPress Starter Kit

Man infusing a cup of coffee with nitrogen using NitroPress
NitroPress unique gift for men nitro infusing coffee set

Nitro brew coffee not only tastes amazing, but it looks like you're drinking a Guinness. This NitroPress starter kit is an amazingly unique gift for men who enjoy their cold brew infused with nitrogen. Nitro brew adds a twist to any coffee experience by giving it a smooth and creamy texture he won't find anywhere else. Instead of spending money on overpriced coffee, let him boost his own cold brews with this kit which includes nitrogen chargers.

7. Trevi Aerating Wine Decanter Gift Set

Aerating Wine Decanter

There's a sea of gifts for men out there and it can be tough to find one that's perfect for him. If you're looking for a unique gift for men who enjoy a nice wine from time to time, this aerating wine decanter is the perfect choice. This uniquely designed wine decanter has a built-in aerating device so every sip of his favorite wine is exactly how he should experience it. Not only does it get the job done, but it looks great. For the casual wino or the connoisseur, this unique gift idea for men is sure to win.


8. Personalized Grand Cognac Glass

Cognac glass filled with liquor

It's not often you get to sit back and have a nice glass of cognac. The next time he does, make sure he's enjoying it with this personalized cognac glass. This glass is a real game changer as it's perfectly designed with the classic cognac glass style. With its wide bowl stretching across the top of the glass and its fat bottom, he can swirl his cognac safely while enjoying the taste and aroma of every sip. On top of that, it's fully personalizable, so it's the perfect badass gift for me who are cognac lovers.

9. Cornhole Game Set for Two - Badass Gift for Game Players

Cornhole cool gift for guys game set

You know what's super fun to do in the summer? Bean bag toss outside in the sun while you're cooking up a big BBQ for everyone. Next time you decide to do that, make sure you have this custom cornhole game set so you can keep the party active for the whole day. Personalized the way you want it, this game set will be unmistakably yours and everyone will have a fun time playing with it. This set comes with two matching cornhole boards, four red bean bags, and four blue bean bags. Take this out the next time it's sunny out. You won't regret it!

10. AK-47 Gun Unique Gift for Men Whiskey Decanter Set

AK-47 unique gift for men whiskey decanter set

Finding the right gift for him can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially when looking for unique gifts for men. This tactical whiskey decanter set is a perfect addition to his home bar collection. Designed to look like an authentic AK-47, he'll always have a way to spark a conversation. The glass is high-quality and comfortably sits on a solid stand. This is a hold whiskey decanter, so it's absolutely fitting for the bold man in your life.

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11. For the Manly Man With Class

Ammo Box Set with Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Accessories

Whoever said a manly guy can’t be classy, too? The cool dude in your life is equal parts burly and suave, but these qualities often make it difficult to find him a gift that represents both. This ammo can set is all about men who enjoy the ruggedness of the outdoors as well as a distinguished cigar, making this one of the most unique gifts for men like the guy you’re shopping for. He’ll love using the custom ammo box for storing and transporting his ammunition, fishing gear, or tools. When he gets home from an outdoor trip, he’ll want to relax with a refreshing glass of whiskey and a tasty stogie.

Man receiving badass gift for guys from woman on couch

12. Hair of the Dog Bloody Mary Personalized Pint Glass

Personalized Bloody Mary glass with veggies inside

We've all heard of the hair of the dog, and usually we think of a sweet, delicious Bloody Mary. Next time he needs one, make sure he has this personalized Bloody Mary glass to enjoy it with. This is an absolute badass guy gift as it holds a traditional pint, which means he'll be able to easily fit his Bloody Mary drink and all the fixings that go with it. It also has the "Hair of the Dog" phrase etched on it right above his name and a personal statement you want to leave him. Hard to find a more thoughtful gift!

13. End Grain Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo BBQ cutting board with food on it

Maybe he's got all the grilling accessories and tools he'll ever need, but there's one thing he likely needs: a bamboo butcher block. What makes this butcher block such a unique gift for men is that it's made from pure bamboo, which means it's naturally antibacterial and more durable than wood. This badass gift for men will last him for years and he'll always cherish it thanks to the touch of personalization you can add to it. This is a prime gift for the grilling man in your life.

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14. Custom Growler and Pint Glass Beer Unique Gift Set

Craft beer growler with two beer pint glasses
Two people holding beer pint glasses next to beer growler

You know the guy who likes to head over to his local brewery and fill up some beer to take back home? If you do, then you need to get him this personalized growler with pint glasses set immediately. The growler is awesome as it holds 64 ounces of beer and the two glasses hold a pint each. On top of that, everything can be personalized so you know he'll cherish it for a long time to come. Add to his passion for beer. Get him this beer set.


15. Coffee of the Month Club by Bean Box

Man pouring coffee into coffee pot strainer
Bean Box monthly coffee club subscription box

One thing is certainly universal in modern times: coffee drinking. Whether the morning, afternoon, or after a fancy dining experience, having a delicious gourmet coffee can't be beaten. With this monthly coffee subscription, you'll be giving him the year long gift of some of the best coffees around the world delivered right to him. From robust African blends to smooth South American aromatics, it'll be easy for him to try out the best and find his favorites. This is one of those badass guy gifts that keep on giving.

16. Personalized Marble Wine Chiller with Custom Wine Glasses

Marble wine chiller with two wine glasses side by side

Enjoying a nice glass of wine with your loved one is a moment that's hard to beat. It's simply a joy. With this elegant marble wine chiller set, you and him can spend time together that you'll never forget. This set comes equipped with a well-designed marble wine chiller and two wine glasses, all of which are fully personalizable to your exact preferences. Don't let your wine warm up in the open air or stick it in the refrigerator only to go back and forth to the kitchen. Keep it close by. Keep the moment alive.

17. Badass Personalized Hunting Knife Gift for Men

Personalized serrated hunting knife on top of carrying pouch

Do you catch him needing his pocket knife close at hand? Or have it perfectly sharp to cut through something right now? If so, you've found a perfectly badass gift for him with this personalized serrated hunting knife, which can be used in a number of situations. This hunting knife is beautifully crafted to be ergonomically placed in his hands and can be easily put away with the accompanying knife carrying pouch. On top of that, you can get it personalized with his name on it. He'll absolutely love it.

18. 11 Piece Whiskey Decanter Gift Set with Glasses and Snacks

Whiskey decanter set with four glasses and whiskey stones
Man in suit holding twist whiskey glass

Whiskey lovers need their own full whiskey set so they can not only entertain when the time is right, but also chill on his own when it's time to relax. This 11-piece whiskey decanter and glass set is one of the best cool gifts for guys because it covers all the bases of a true whiskey lover. It comes with a beautiful twist decanter, four twist glasses, whiskey stones, snacks, snack holders, and a wooden box to store everything in. That plus a touch of personalization makes this a badass guy gift he'll never forget.

19. Give Him A Unique Box of Kickass Every Month

Bespoke post badass gifts for guys subscription box

How would he respond if he knew he was getting a box full of awesome every month? Whatever the response, it's exactly what you'll get when you get him this bespoke subscription box. Every month he'll get a new box full of badass gifts for guys, like grooming gear, outdoor essentials, tech gadgets, and much more. They're all high-quality products and diverse enough to cater to their many interests. Maybe he'll find new interests too! This is the best gift that'll keep on giving.

20. Unique AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

AR-15 whiskey decanter badass guy gifts set

We all know someone who's a big fan of guns and loves to go shooting at the range. For the gun enthusiast in your life who enjoys a nice whiskey from time to time, get him this AR-15 whiskey decanter set. It's not only a badass gift for guys, it's actually quite practical as it holds a decent amount of whiskey. It also comes with four bullet glasses and a decanter stand where he can also rest his whiskey glasses. Hard to find a better gift for the gun toting, whiskey lover in your life.

21. Cigar Unique Gift for Men Set with Twist Glasses

Cigar and Twist Glass Gift Set of Parents of the Groom Gifts
Cigar stand as a unique gift idea for men

There's a decent amount of men out there who like to just kick back with a good cigar and their favorite drink. It's just relaxing. If that sounds familiar to you, you've got to get him this custom cigar gift set. Among the most unique gifts for men, this gift set comes with high-quality whiskey glasses with a twist design. On top of that, the whiskey decanter and glasses come with a cigar cutter and a matching wooden box. Add a touch of personalization with his name or initials, and you've got yourself a badass gift.

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22. TRX Home2 System Suspension Trainer

Man using the TRX gym system outside
TRX gym system equipment laid out

Getting some well needed reps in on a regular basis is incredibly important for our health. With this TRX home gym system, it's never been easier to do just that, especially with this simple gear setup. This home gym setup is made for all fitness levels and will allow him to target specific muscle groups efficiently and effectively. Functional strength is key to human longevity, and this system provides for just that with a focus on body weight and natural resistance. This is a fantastic gift for someone who enjoys a good workout session, especially at home.

23. Badass Beer Gift Set with Full Sized Mugs

Beer gift set with two mugs and a bottle opener

There are plenty of awesome gifts for working men, but none come close to those that involve ice cold beer. With this personalized beer gift set, he'll have a great excuse to kick back with a brew when he clocks out of work. This beer set comes with two glass mugs, a bottle opener, and a gift box to store everything in. It's an absolutely perfect gift for him and the buddy who's enjoying beer with them. A hot tip: have him stick these in the freezer so his next poor is ice cold!

Man holding cool gift for guys in a kitchen

24. The Coolest Decanter Gift Set for a Unique Man

Unique Decanter Set is a Gift for Men

You’re still looking for the perfect gift? Well, that means this spectacular decanter set is perfect for the guy in your life. He’ll never expect to receive such a kick ass bull liquor decanter, that’s for sure! Even the man who has everything will love this set. He’ll want to display the decanter prominently in his home either on his home bar or in his office so that everyone who visits can see its awesomeness. He’ll offer every person a drink just so that he can show it off! This striking decanter set is certainly one of the most unique gifts for men, and is sure to make a statement in his home or office.

25. Boeker Plus Tactical Fountain Pen

Boeker Plus tactical fountain pen on pad of paper
Boeker tactical pen opened up

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun and spoil him. With this tactical fountain pen, it's not only a classy gift but it's also super badass. Weighing in at 2 ounces and made of titanium, this pen is one piece of office supply that won't be falling apart any time soon. Not only is it incredibly durable, it looks cool and it's been designed in an ergonomic fashion to ensure a comfort hold whenever he's using it.

26. Halo Engraved Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

Cocktail smoker kit with smoke chips and glass halo
Torch lighting up wood chips in halo smoker on whiskey glass

Still looking for some badass gifts for guys? If you know he's into mixology or he occasionally likes to make his own drinks, you need to get him this cocktail smoker kit. This kit is the perfect gift for the guy who wants a rich and smoky flavor infused in his drink, which works especially well with whiskey. Using the smoke chips it comes with as well as the torch, he'll be able to effortlessly serve himself as well as his guests a uniquely smokey drink whenever the moment strikes.

27. Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses Unique Gift Set

Personalized wine decanter badass gifts for guys set

Wine is best served with the ones you love and it also helps to ensure the wine is well aerated. With this personalized wine decanter and glasses set, you'll be 100% sure your favorite wines, simple or fancy, are optimal for drinking the way they're meant to be drunk. This wine decanter is expertly crafted to the shape that optimally aerates wine so your wine will taste and smell as it should. It's really a cheat code for wine enthusiasts to ensure the best drink possible, regardless of the wine. Definitely get this if you're into wine.

28. Casio G-SHOCK Analog-Digital Black and Gold Watch

Man wearing cool gifts for guys Casio G-SHOCK watch
Black and gold Casio G-SHOCK watch for men

One of the best types of gifts for guys is one that he can use all the time. What better gift could you get him then than this Casio G-SHOCK watch, which is easily one of the most badass gifts for guys on the market. Built to last, this watch is incredibly tough with its large face and high-quality sturdy materials. Not only that, but it comes with all the necessary functionalities, including a stopwatch, timer, world times, and much more. It also looks badass, so he'll have that going for him.

29. Whiskey Stone Gift Set with Buckman Glasses

Two whiskey glasses with whiskey stones and wood box

Having a drink of whiskey with your buddy is an experience like no other, especially when you have some nice whiskey glasses to share. This whiskey glass gift set with whiskey stones is the perfect badass gift for guys because he'll be able to do just that. This set includes two Buckman whiskey glasses, a set fo whiskey stones, a pouch and tongs for the stones, and a wooden box to store his items in. On top of that, it can be personalized so he'll be able to cherish this set for a very long time.

30. Friendship Lamp - A One-of-a-kind Unique Gift for Men

LuvLink friendship lamp being used by a man
Set of three LuvLink friendship lamps

Technology's come a long way over the years, especially when it comes to us being more connected. To further extend that, these awesome friendship lamps make it so you can stay connected with him whenever without even saying anything. These lamps connect to your Wi-Fi and allow you to change the light which changes the light of the other lamp wherever it is. On top of this unique functionality, they also offer a cool, modern lamp design, so they'll fit into any space you put them in.

31. Custom Rocks Glass with Whiskey Spheres Gift Set

Whiskey glass with two spherical whiskey stones

Getting his whiskey just right means getting him the equipment that he enjoys just right. Get it just right with this custom whiskey glass with whiskey spheres. This whiskey set is the ultimate badass gift for guys as it's made just for him and him alone when he's sipping on his favorite whiskey. It comes not only with a personalized whiskey glass, but also two rock solid whiskey stones that take the shape of perfect, smooth spheres. Can't get much more badass than that!

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32. The Whole Shebang Craft Jerky Gift Bundle

Gifts for working man beef jerky basket

Beef jerky was always a go-to snack growing up, especially if you already knew your favorite flavors. Bring that joy back to him with this awesome assortment of beef jerky. In this set comes 16 different flavors for various taste buds, including teriyaki, BBQ, and chili pepper to name a few. These protein packed snacks are perfect for any carnivore dude out there who enjoys a meat snack from time to time. As one of the more cool gifts for guys on this list, this is one he can experience with his taste buds.

33. High-End Executive Decanter Unique Gift Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Celebrate his special achievement at work or in life with an impressive crystal decanter set! Whether you’re toasting to his milestone anniversary or big promotion, he will be in awe of these exquisitely unique gifts for men. He’ll want to show off the whole set in his office for every client to admire, especially so that he can offer them a drink after sealing a new deal. Or, he can keep it in his study or home bar at the house and enjoy a glass of bourbon with his sweetheart after dinner every date night. See? Even the most luxurious and attractive gifts can be practical, too!

Man holding several boxes of gifts for men

34. Custom Bamboo Barbecue Tools - Unique Gift for Grillers

Bamboo unique gift for men BBQ grilling tool set
Bamboo BBQ grilling gift set for men

Let's face it, grilling is something men just love to do, especially when the weather permits. This custom bamboo grilling tool set is a perfect gift for the grill master in your life. Crafter from stainless steel and natural bamboo, these grilling tools are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. With this tool set he'll have everything he needs, including a spatula, fork, and tongs. Not only that, but he can also store everything in a personalized bamboo box.

35. Set of Four Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Four personalized roly poly whiskey glasses

I can see it now. He'll be hanging out with his buddies and when it comes time to pour a little whiskey, everyone will stop in awe at what they see. What do they see? These badass roly-poly whiskey glasses, which are perfect conversation starters. While it may look like it, these whiskey glasses are designed to appear as if they're tipping over, but they're actually solidly balanced and will not tip. The grip on these glasses is actually quite exceptional compared to other glasses, and would be fully noticeable by any whiskey connoisseur.

36. Badass Engraved Pint Glasses

Set of four engraved pint glass gifts for men

Raising a toast can be an exciting experience, so anything you can do to enhance that experience is a big win. With these custom engraved pint glasses, you'll do just that. This unique gift for men comes with four pint glasses and can have his name or initials engraved on each glass. And their design is classic, especially for the man who enjoys a nice cold beer from time to time. On top of that, these pint glasses are durable and dishwasher safe. Practicality meats pleasure!

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37. Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Humidor Military Gift

Personalized ammo box cigar humidor

Ammo can gifts are some of the coolest gifts for working men out there, especially if they serve a function outside of simply holding stuff. This personalized 50-cal ammo can is exactly that with a built in cigar humidor to keep his cigars in perfect smoking condition. This ammo can humidor is actually made from 100% authentic military-grade equipment making it truly a one-of-a-kind gift. It's also lined with layers of Spanish cedar, keeping his cigars optimally placed with humidity control and aromatics in mind. Not only that but it can hold a lot of cigars thanks to its size, so he can keep a nice store of awesome stogies.

38. Custom Bullet Whiskey Decanter Set - Top Unique Gift for Men

Bullet whiskey decanter set
Bullet whiskey glass close up with whiskey inside

Unique gifts for men aren't as unique as some might tell you. Well, this bullet liquor decanter set is one of the most, if not the most, unique gift ideas for men out there. Embedded with real bullets, the whiskey decanter and accompanying whiskey glasses look badass and will absolutely hold his liquor. Unforgettable gifts are rare, so if you're not sure what to get the whiskey lover in your life, this is the gift for him.

39. Sharper Image Rapid Beverage Cooler

Sharper Image rapid beverage cooler

Getting your drink cold without having to stick it in the freezer for a certain amount of time is a luxury, so why not indulge? With this rapid beverage cooler, you can have your favorite cold drink in your hands in just 60 seconds. This awesome device from Sharper Image is a badass gift for guys since it can cool down a can of beer in 60 seconds and a bottle of wine in six minutes. That's incredibly faster than a freezer and more efficient. He might not know he needs this, but when you get it for him he'll never want to live without it.

40. Personalized 50 Caliber Ammo Box Can

50 caliber ammo box gift for men

Looking for the ultimate badass gift for men? This personalized ammo box fits the bill and stands out as one of the most unique gifts for men on our list. For those who like a unique blend of history and functionality in their gifts, this ammo box offers just that. Made from authentic material used in the U.S. military, he'll be able to fit a bunch of his stuff in there, like tools, fishing gear, or even something to drink. It's incredibly durable too, so he'll have this gift to cherish for a long while.

41. Williams Sonoma Aluminum Thawing Tray

William Sonoma gift for working man meat thawing tray

We've all been there. You're about to fire up the grill and throw on the meat only to realize you forgot to thaw it. With this thawing tray those moments will be a thing of the past! These aluminum thawing trays by William Sonoma will guarantee to speed up the thawing process and do it in a safe manner as well. Made from natural aluminum and zero BPAs, you can rest easy knowing your meat is being thawed quickly without the use of chemicals and in an eco-friendly way. One of the more badass gifts for men right here, especially for the grill masters.

42. A Unique Cigar Gift Set for Men with Humidor

Cigar gift for men with humidor
Close up of hygrometer on cigar humidor

Sit back, light up, and chill out. That's exactly what he'll do when you get him this awesome cigar gift set, which is easily one of the most unique gifts for men. What really makes this gift set stand out are the cigar glasses. These glasses not only hold his favorite drink in a high-quality glass, but they also hold on to his favorite cigar. Combing liquor drinking and cigar smoking is a classic experience, which this cigar gift set will help him experience to the fullest whenever he wants.

43. Vulcan One Basic Power Rack

Whether he's an occasional gym goer or a full blown gym rat, you can't let him miss out on owning his own power rack. This home gym power rack is perfect for gym enthusiasts who'd like to have a reason to train at home. Power racks are great because they're multi-purpose, allowing for him to perform squats, bench presses, pull ups, and much more. With the material being solid steel, he'll have no worries about the safety and stability of his new home gym treasure. If you know he's a gym guy and he has some space, you should absolutely get him this for his gift.

44. Unique Whiskey Decanter Globe and Glassware Gift Set

Globe whiskey decanter and glassware gift set

A lot of us have a bucket list and more likely than not there's one or more travel destinations on that list. For the globe trotting whiskey lover, you have to get him this whiskey decanter globe set which is one of the more unique whiskey sets out there. With the globe decanter finely placed on a wooden base accompanied by two globe glasses, he'll be thinking about his next adventure when sipping on his favorite whiskey. The design is amazing and the feeling of these glasses is simply natural in your hand.

Man opening up kick ass gift on on couch

45. Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

Man enjoying a badass gift massage pillow with heater
Cordless Shiatsu massage pillow with heat

Coming home from work to have a relaxing time is essential, especially when looking for gifts for working men. If that sounds familiar, you need to get him this cordless shiatsu massage pillow. It's an essential piece of machinery for maximum relaxation, especially since it comes with an added heat function that enhances the soothing and relaxing of tense muscles. Targeted to relieve his neck, back, or shoulders, this massage pillow will do the trick every time.

46. Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Set is a Unique Gift for Men

Custom Whiskey Tasting Set of Unique Gifts for Men

Why get the whiskey connoisseur in your life a nice bottle of whiskey as a gift when you can get him something even better? This complete tasting set has every popular whiskey glass on the market! He can try his favorite whiskey in each glass and he will notice a difference in flavor and aroma in every single one. Each unique glass has its own special qualities that enhance the subtle flavors of even the most minute ingredients as well as direct the aromas to your nose so that you can enjoy the full bouquet. With this complete whiskey tasting set, he’ll be prepared for tasting every kind of whiskey!


47. Cordless Cocktail Maker by Black+Decker

Black and Decker badass guy gift cordless cocktail mixer

Playing bartender is a lot of fun, especially when you're entertaining a bunch of friends or simply having a relaxing drink together. With this cordless cocktail maker he'll be able to play bartender and mix some phenomenal drinks anytime. The great part about this device is that it automates a lot of the pain of making cocktails. Just select a recipe that you want, ensure the right ingredients are hooked up, and it'll do the rest. It's a super easy way for him to enjoy his favorite cocktails anytime!

48. The Manliest Unique Gifts for Men You’ve Ever Seen

Custom Beer Gifts for Men
Man pouring beer in personalized beer glass

Men like to feel manly, cool, and downright awesome. However, it’s not always easy to find a gift that will make the men in your life feel that way. At least, until now! This custom set of manly gifts for men is one of the most badass gifts they’ll ever get. The set declares the recipient as “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” How cool is that? He’ll want to bring his ammo box wherever he goes just to show it off. The pint glasses will be his new favorite beer glasses, and his new cigar accessories will always be close by. He’ll never go hiking, camping, or hunting again without his trusty new survival knife! Any man would be over the man to receive this incredibly cool and manly gift set as a present.

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49. Presentation Gift Set with Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Whiskey presentation set with decanter and glasses

Classy is as classy does, and he might be the type of guy who wants to be classy when the time is right. For that moment, he'll absolutely need this whiskey presentation set so he can dole out the whiskey to his friends waiting. This presentation set is one of the more cool gifts for guys since it comes with a stylish whiskey decanter, four whiskey glasses, and a charming presentation tray that he can use for serving or simply holding his whiskey set. Highly functional, yet elegant, this whiskey presentation set will always be a winner with whiskey lovers.

50. 3-in-1 Wireless Charger For His Phone, Watch, and Earbuds

Belkin 3-in-1 wireless device charging station

Nowadays it feels like one of our daily tasks is to simply keep our electronics charged, which means there are cables everywhere. With this 3-in-1 wireless charger, you'll give him the best reason to ditch all those cables and keep his stuff charging in the exact same place every time. Made with MagSafe technology, he'll be able to securely and efficiently charge his iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the exact same time. Easily one of the more thoughtful and cool gifts for men on this list, especially for someone in need of a clutter-free environment.

51. Engraved Devonshire Crystal Liquor Decanter

Engraved Devonshire whiskey decanter with whiskey inside

Sometimes you just got to go fancy, especially if he's kicking back with his favorite whiskey. If that sounds familiar, you've got to get him this engraved crystal decanter which is beautifully crafted with a stylish, sophisticated design. Made out of premium crystal, this whiskey decanter is truly one-of-a-kind and is a standout, cool gift for guys. You can also get it personalized with his name and initials, making it a gift he'll cherish for years.

Unique Gifts for Men FAQ

What do grown men like for gifts?

You should find a unique gift for him that fits in with his hobbies and general interests. Some guys like high-tech gadgets, others like experiences, others like personalized gifts. Once you know what he likes to do on a regular basis, think of something that can complement those activities, and you'll be good.

Do guys like DIY gifts?

Yes! A DIY gift is perfect for a man, especially men who like to get their hands dirty or just put things together. Projects are a lot of fun for anyone since they let you express your creative side. Whether he likes making handmade items like pottery or mixing stuff together like a hot sauce kit, you can find him the perfect gift that matches his style.

How can you make unique gifts for men truly unique?

Making a gift truly unique for him comes down to understanding what he wants and including a touch of personalization to your gift. If you can do that, you'll be giving something he actually wants as well as something that'll make him feel special. Get his name or initials engraved on the gift, and you'll have given him a truly unique gift.


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Corporate Gifts for Clients
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21 Impressive Corporate Gifts for Clients

There are many occasions for giving corporate gifts for clients: thanking them for their business, celebrating a milestone for the company, or even welcoming new clients to your business. Whatever...

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