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Article: 21 Impressive Corporate Gifts for Clients

21 Impressive Corporate Gifts for Clients

Corporate Gifts for Clients

There are many occasions for giving corporate gifts for clients: thanking them for their business, celebrating a milestone for the company, or even welcoming new clients to your business. Whatever the reason, your gifts have to be pretty impressive to make sure that your partners know that you value them. The best gifts for clients are personal, useful, and are typically sets with multiple items.

Don’t just give your clients the same generic coffee mug or a gift card. Get them a gift you know that they’ll enjoy because you take note of their interests. And personalize it! But how much should you spend on business gifts for clients? What are good gifts for multiple clients? We’ll answer each and every one of your questions below!

1. Whiskey Sets Are the Perfect Corporate Gifts for Clients

Whiskey gift set with four whiskey glasses and a decanter

“Wow” your clients with this amazing whiskey gift set! Your clients will be talking about this for years, especially once they see the level of thoughtfulness you put into finding a gift that’s personalized. This set comes with four whiskey glasses, a decanter, and a wooden box to hold everything. Not only are these items personalizable, but there made of high-quality material giving them a solid structure yet an elegant appearance. As far as unique client gift ideas go, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Corporate gifts for clients being received

2. Toiletry Bag with Custom Straight Razor Corporate Gift Kit

Dopp kit with straight razor shaving kit
Toiletry bag corporate gifts for clients set

Does your client travel a lot? Well if they do, there's absolutely no reason why they shouldn't have their own custom men's toiletry bag (aka dopp kit). This kit is perfect for the traveling professional since it comes with enough space for his toiletry essentials as well as a custom straight razor kit. Made from high-quality materials, he'll be able to take it everywhere he goes, and stuff it into his luggage without worrying about damaging anything. This dopp kit is one of the best corporate gift ideas for clients and should be on the top of your list.

3. Your Client Gifts are on a Roll

Travel Tech Roll Corporate Gifts for Clients

Your clients are practical people who are always busy. Don’t get them something boring like flowers or food, they will appreciate gifts that are really useful! This tech and jewelry roll is something your clients are sure to appreciate! Life can get crazy and having to deal with messy cables is the last thing anyone wants, so make their lives a little easier with this classy travel carrying case! Your new and existing clients will greatly appreciate that you gave them a gift that they can use often in and out of the office.

4. Custom Whiskey Glass Corporate Gift for Clients Set

Single Buckman whiskey corporate gift for clients box set

Something personal, yet professional, is essential when getting a corporate gift for clients. Well this whiskey glass set hits that mark perfectly. It comes with a sleek looking glass with whiskey stones, all of which are nicely packed in a cozy wooden box. And the best part is the whole set is personalizable, so your clients will know that you put in the extra effort to make them feel extra special. Send your client a token of appreciation. Send them this whiskey glass set.

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5. Personalized Hatchets - A Sharp Corporate Gift for Clients

Five Hatchets as Corporate Gift for Clients and More

There are so many different kinds of clients out there that you should keep a sharp understanding of what they really like. If they have a flair for the outdoors, absolutely you should get them these personalized hatches. As far as client gifts go, these hatchets work well in the functional and stylish sense. Maybe they like to throw axes or maybe they like to collect them. Either way, you can get them personalized and know that these durable hatchets will be something they can cherish for a very long time.

6. World Coffee Tour by Bean Box

Man pouring coffee into coffee filter container
Bean Box coffee world tour corporate gifts for clients box set

Coffee is the lifeblood of any busy working office, so get your client this world coffee tour gift box. It's one of the best client gift ideas since it aims to please the true coffee aficionados on your client list. This gift box comes with several coffee experiences from around the world, giving your client an unparalleled journey of coffee tasting fun. From bold beans to smooth sips, there's something for everyone in this world coffee tour gift box.

7. Whiskey Stones and Corporate Gift for Clients Glass Set

Whiskey stone and corporate gift for clients glass set

Sometimes you just want to kick back and savor a delicious whiskey. With this personalized whiskey stone gift set, your client can do just that and also be reminded of how thoughtful you were by getting him it. This set includes two whiskey glasses, multiple whiskey stones, and an engraved wooden box, all of which is easily storable in his cupboard or drawer. The best part is the set is personalizeable, so you can include his name or initials without any additional costs.

8. Custom Leather Cigar Travel Case

Custom leather cigar travel case with cigar cutter

Whether they closed a big sales deal or just want to kick back after a long day, smoking their favorite cigar is a way for them to celebrate. With this custom leather cigar travel case, he can do that everywhere by having his favorite cigars safe and close by. Not only can he store his cigars inside, but the inside is lined with high-quality cedar wood which will keep his cigars fresh wherever he goes. On top of that, it comes with a metal cigar cutter tucked into the case, so he'll be ready to smoke at a moment's notice.

9. Personalized White 30oz Tumbler

Custom white tumbler surrounded by coffee beans
Custom white coffee tumbler seen from above with coffee beans

Let's face it, a lot of people in the business world absolutely love coffee, so it's likely your clients do too. Heck, who are we kidding. They need it like the rest of us! That's why this personalized 30oz insulated tubmler is one of the best gifts for clients. It's really an amazing product since it'll keep their coffee or tea warm for hours and it holds a good sized coffee order. It's also extremely durable, so it'll stay with them as long as they're your client. So a long time!

10. Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses

Personalized wine decanter with two custom wine glasses

Enjoying a nice glass of wine is something that's incomparable to other experiences. Knowing your client is a wine enthusiast means you'll know getting him this personalized wine decanter set is going to win you big points. Elegant and thoughtful, this wine set comes with a decanter and two wine glasses all of which are fully personalizable with his name or initials. For those wine lovers out there, there's no better way to enjoy a nice glass of wine than with a properly aerated wine using a high-quality wine decanter like this one.

Man in suit opening his corporate gift for clients

11. Personalized Wine Chiller White Marble

Personalized white marble wine chiller

Get your clients one of the best gifts with this personalized wine chiller! Made from high-quality marble, it not only looks good but it’s built to last. With its unique white marble design, they’ll be able to showcase your gift in style and have a great conversation piece whenever they bring it out. On top of that, it’s fully personalizable. If you know your clients enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, this gift is absolutely sure to hit the mark and keep them reminded of your thoughtfulness.


12. Food Gift Baskets Are Always Appreciated

Gourmet Edible Gift Basket

Edible arrangements are always enjoyed, but bigger is better when it comes to giving gifts to clients! You want it to be extravagant and over-the-top to ensure that they’ll remember you as the person who goes above and beyond to show your appreciation. By giving them a spectacular gift, they’ll be more motivated to do better business to see what kind of gift they’ll get next time. This incredible gift basket comes with all kinds of salty, sweet, savory, and gourmet treats they’ll be snacking on for the next week or two. Such a luxurious gift is an ideal holiday gift, but it’s also a great milestone gift when your company or your partner’s company accomplishes something special.

13. Exotic Hardwood Personalized Cutting Board

Exotic sheesham wood with personalization feature

Something beautiful and something functional is a great start when looking for your next unique client gift idea. This personalized cutting board fits that bill to a “T” since it’s made from fancy sheesham wood and is 1 inch thick. You clients will absolutely love this gift because it’s something they can use every day and it’ll last them a very long time thanks to it’s durability. The best part is this particular type of wood is naturally antibacterial, so it’s perfect for cutting up practically anything.

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14. Personalized Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Bamboo bluetooth speakers with personalized etching

Gifts for clients can oftentimes seem dull and a little boring, so one way to shake things up is with this personalized bamboo Bluetooth speaker. Let them jam out to their favorite tunes while they get their work done, and they'll be done before they know it. With a touch of personalization, they'll be able to keep this gift as a keepsake and have something that reminds them of you. This speaker also delivers a punch in terms of sound, projecting high-quality sound wherever your client puts it.

15. Start a Monthly Poker Night With Your Clients

Personalized Brown Leather Poker Set

Want to get closer to your clients and create more personal relationships with them? Give them a gift that you can enjoy together! For example, a poker set is one of the classiest and greatest business gifts for clients you can give. Most people really enjoy playing poker, and it’s a great way to learn more about each of your partners personally and professionally. They will love having their own custom poker sets and taking turns hosting poker nights every week or month.

16. Electric Putt and Return Putting Green with Hazards

Electric put and return green with hazards
Man using electric putter and return putting green

It may seem like a cliche to some, but the game of golf is deeply engrained in many corporate cultures. If you know your client to be a golf player, this electric putt return with hazards is not only a thoughtful gift but a helpful one. Help him improve his putt game in between meetings and even distract himself a bit. With the automatic ball return, he'll save time practicing as well as enjoy his intermittent free time. Not only that, but this electric putt is easy to move around and set up, so he can easily take it wherever his career goes.

17. Engraved Presentation Set with Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Whiskey decanter and glasses presentation corporate gift for clients set

Sipping on a whiskey can sometimes be more than just the tasting experience, it can also be the presentation. With this personalized whiskey presentation set, the whiskey loving client in your life will have every reason to enjoy either drinking his whiskey or simply looking at his beautiful set. This set comes with a whiskey decanter and four glasses, all of which are made from high-quality glass. They also sit snuggly in a serving tray that fits each piece in the set, making it function as art as well as a tool.

18. The Game Night Corporate Gift Box Set

Tweak and Twine game night gift box

Sending your client your utmost appreciation is an incredibly thoughtful thing to do, especially with a thoughtful gift. For something they can have fun with, get them this amazing game night gift box. It's a great corporate gift for clients since it comes with a nice blend of items including a charades game, Mad Libs, and delicious snacks that are going to be hard to pass up. This is a great gift because it allows your clients to enjoy an entertaining and bonding experience with one another, and you'll be the name that comes up when they ask who made this happen.

19. Personalized Cigar Corporate Gift for Clients Set with Humidor

Cigar corporate gift for clients set with humidor and hygrometer
Cigar holder with lit cigar attached to it

There's no better way to perfectly preserve your client's cigars than with a high-quality humidor, so why not get him this personalized cigar gift set with a humidor? This is a perfect corporate gift for clients who enjoy a fine cigar and have a few cigars they'd like to keep fresh and aromatic. Crafted with quality in mind, this humidor offers an optimal environment for all types of cigars and even comes with a hygrometer to measure the humidity properly. With an added touch of personalization, you'll make your cigar smoking clients happy they're working with you.

20. A Handsome Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Want to give one of your clients something special to thank them for their business? The most meaningful gifts for them are related to their interests. You’ve gotten to know them over the years and figured out that they enjoy drinking a specific liquor such as bourbon or tequila. The best gift for them would be a decanter set! No matter what kind of liquor they enjoy, it can be served and stored with class in a decanter. They'll love this handsome personalized decanter and the elegance it adds to their home bar. The two rocks glasses are large enough for cocktails but not too big to enjoy their spirit neat. Your client will be so touched that you got them such a wonderful gift to show your appreciation!

21. You Can Never Go Wrong With Tumblers

Set of 5 Coffee Tumblers

Want to give a matching gift to each of your clients for the holidays or as an appreciation gift from a successful month? Coffee tumblers are always great corporate gifts! Everyone uses them for coffee, tea, soda, and protein shakes. These custom tumblers are made of double walled stainless steel and have vacuum insulation so that everyone’s beverages stay cold or hot for hours. Your business partners would also appreciate a K-cup sampler pack or a package of ground coffee along with these custom tumblers as a complete gift. They’re sure to use their tumblers every day, and when they do, they’ll think of you!

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Corporate Gifts for Clients FAQ

Can a company give gifts to clients?

Absolutely! It's actually pretty common to send clients a gift as a token of appreciation. They're great for building stronger business relationships since a lot of business is relationship based. You should try not to go overboard, though, and to ensure you're following gift giving policy and potential regulations.

What is the best gift to give a client?

This really depends on your client's interests as well as the policies and regulations guiding gift giving. Keep it simple and practical, but also something personalized. High-quality stationery items, gift boxes, or even tech gadgets can be great gift options. If you know what they're into, you're already halfway there.

What are corporate gifts for stakeholders?

These are types of client gifts that are for people who have a vested interest or direct investment in the company. Think of shareholders, partners, and large clients. Getting stakeholders gifts is a very good idea and is often more upscale than your typical client gift. This could include luxury gift baskets, top-of-the-line office gear, or even exclusive experiences.


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