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Article: 37 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts

37 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

Let's face it, finding a unique wedding gift that will leave a lasting impression can be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! Spice up your gift by finding something that's both unique and close to the heart. Whether you’re a relative, an in-law, or just a guest, you can absolutely make their special day unforgettable. And that's exactly what we're here to help you with!

In this blog post, you're going to see a plethora of amazing gifts that the newlyweds in your life will absolutely love. Maybe they're into weekend getaways. Maybe they're thrill seekers. Or maybe they enjoy a nice relaxing time at home. From handcrafted products to unforgettable experiences, we’ll make sure your gift stands out among the rest. Let’s dive right in!

1. Luigi Bormioli Personalized Tall Champagne Glasses

Tall champagne glass set

These tall champagne glasses call for a celebration and are an ideal choice for presents if you know an amazing host. Quality glass is juxtaposed with a polished design to optimize the overall experience of drinking this bubbly beverage. These custom glasses are definitely a part of our unique wedding gift collection. While perfect for toasting, these glasses also make every occasion better and turn each sip into a delightful moment.

2. Large Weekend Bag with Suitcase Strap Brown

Man holding large leather travel bag
Man throwing duffle bag over his shoulder

Do you know a man who is constantly on the move? He would love this duffle bag that’s not only practical but also stylish. It’s great for everyday use since its high-quality leather makes it extremely durable. Multiple pockets adorn this bag, making it an ideal choice to carry all the essentials. If you’re looking to gift this bag for a wedding or other special occasion, you should consider customizing it. This is definitely a statement piece for frequent travelers.

3. Golden Verse Personalized Song Lyrics in Foil

Gold song lyrics foil

Love a song like never before? Leverage this foil gift to showcase its lyrics bathed in radiance. The real gold foil accents make the gift extremely royal. If you’re a music freak, this custom décor item should go on your wish list as it definitely elevates any kind of space. Allow “Golden Verse” to take you on an unforgettable journey, exploring your favorite verse of a lovely song as it shines and gleams elegantly.

Bride and groom laughing and smiling together

4. Best Whiskey Wedding Gift Idea on Earth

Globe Decanter Set of Unique Wedding Gifts
Globe whiskey decanter without whiskey inside

They’re each other’s most beloved person on the planet, so get them a gorgeous gift that symbolizes this! This globe decanter set is one of the most cool wedding gifts out there. The happy couple will love having this unique decanter filled with spirits sitting on their home bar or dining room table. It’ll always remind them of how much they mean to one another, and as they sip spirits using the unique glasses, they’ll dream about future travels they experience together.

5. A Unique Wedding Engraved Wooden Sign

Eternal vow cool wedding gift sign

Rustic charm and sentimentality make this round wooden sign that’s engraved with complex designs a meaningful gift. Premium wood is used to create this sign, which is open for customizations such as names and a date. Thus, this stands at the top when it comes to wedding gift ideas. While it will certainly look incredibly adorned by a wall, it’s much more than that. It’s a reminder of a beautiful day and transforms any room into a cozy area filled with love.

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6. Personalized 3D Photo Lamp for a Unique Wedding Gift

3D photo lamp turned on

Looking to showcase their best memories? This custom 3D lamp has been designed to help them do that. This piece is beyond a regular lamp. It’s a masterpiece that can transform your favorite picture into a stunning 3D illusion. Since it’s equipped with an LED light, it helps establish a cozy environment to shed light on the picture in an attractive manner. A USB cable can help power this device, which is great for a home office or an office space. Technology merges with art to create this lamp, which effortlessly evokes heart-warming emotions.

7. Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine decanter set with wine inside

Make celebrating their nuptials all that much more luxurious with a wine decanter set they simply can’t believe they ever lived without. Not only is the glassware gorgeous, but they’ll love the monogram containing their newly-shared initials on all the glass, too. Add in that this awesome set already comes in a gift box and it’ll be the easiest and classiest gift you’ve ever given! With all the bottles of wine they were gifted at their reception, you can rest easy knowing this wine set will be used frequently!

8. A Unique Wedding Gift to Welcome Them Home

Engraved Bamboo Butcher Block

Not all married couples are already living together, and some even buy a new home when they get married so that they can start their lives together somewhere that’s truly theirs. One of the sweetest and most practical wedding gift ideas for couples who are moving into a new home as husband and wife is this lovely personalized cutting board! Doubling as a wedding and housewarming gift, this beautiful end grain bamboo board is great for preparing full meals, serving appetizers, and even works as a charcuterie board! This hefty board looks amazing on display when they’re not using it and will remind them of when they got married as well as when they moved into their new home every time they see it.

9. Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Give an unforgettable gift for your favorite couple’s wedding with a custom-engraved marble wine chiller. These are some of the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas out there! After all, they’ll be able to fully embrace their marriage by seeing their shared last name engraved in marble each time they want to have a perfectly chilled glass of wine. This awesome gift will last just as long as their marriage and will always be the perfect way for a wine-loving couple to enjoy a night together.

10. Custom Coffee Travel Mug Set for Couples

Custom coffee travel mug set with coffee accessories
Close up of personalized white coffee travel mug

One of the most common experiences couples share together is sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee (or two) together. With this custom coffee mug set, you'll not only offer them a unique wedding gift, but something they can experience every day for a long time. The mugs are made from 100% authentic ceramic and are accompanied by a set of delicious caramel wafers, some chocolate covered coffee beans, and a unique blend of coffee by Seattle's Best Coffee. Really just a fantastic and thoughtful gift all around.

11. Halo Whiskey Smoker Kit with Engraved Decanter Set

Halo whiskey smoker wedding gift idea set
Torch flaming whiskey glass

The whiskey enthusiast in your life will adore this whiskey smoker kit with an engraved decanter set. Smoke up the drinks with this set which comes with eight pieces. This kit makes each sip magical. Innovation and practicality are the two roots of this kit that’s ideal for whiskey smoking. Moreover, it’s a creative wedding gift with a personal touch thanks to the option of customization. This set will change the way that whiskey is savored.

12. Personalized Cocktail Glasses for Two

Personalized Cocktail Gift Set of 2 Glasses

Kicking back with your favorite drink with the person you love is a great feeling, especially in moments of peace and quiet. With these personalized cocktail glasses, you'll be giving your newlyweds a gift they can cherish whenever they mix their favorite cocktail. These glasses offer a classic design while giving you the ability to personalize them with their name or initials. There's no question they'll think of you every time they take a sip of their favorite cocktail from the unique glass they can call their own.

13. Luxurious Electric Foot Warmer

Electric foot warmer with person using it on couch

This electric foot warmer enhances any home since it’s pragmatic and utility-driven. It keeps his feet warm and toasty, improving his overall mood. Even on the coldest days, it maximizes comfort since the heat settings can be tuned to your requirements. Since both feet can be accommodated, it’s the perfect warming tool for everyone. Despite using soft fabric, this is built to last. Among the list of unique wedding gifts, this is definitely a standout product, since it’s comforting and relaxing, to help unwind after a long day.

14. Matador Bull Whiskey Decanter Unique Wedding Gift Set

Matador bull whiskey decanter set

Have you seen this personalized bull whiskey decanter set? This kit’s certain to impress anybody, as it merges functionality with elegance. The bull-shaped decanter is definitely a head-turner and comes with several unique glasses. This kit combines thoughtfulness with style as it offers options for customization. This unique wedding gift will definitely delight the receiver.

15. Custom Swivel Cheese Board

Swivel cheese board for unique wedding gift ideas
Swivel cheese board closed

Functionalism and classiness are the two standout attributes of the swivel cheese board. Thus, it’s the choice of tool for every occasion. Crafted with long-lasting wood, its swivel design helps display various accompaniments and cheeses. It’s included under unique wedding gifts since it can be customized to your liking. If you love hosting and entertaining guests, this cheese board will definitely make your experience more joyful and fun.

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16. Wine Bottle Weekender Bag

Wine bottle carrier weekender bag for couples

Who doesn't enjoy an afternoon or weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Whenever your newlyweds plan on doing this, make sure they have their bottle carrier weekend bag with them to enhance the experience of getting away. This weekend bag is a perfect mix of functionality and style with the ability to hold up to six bottles of wine, whiskey, or whatever the couple's favorite drinks are. It also comes with several compartments which they can use for anything they decide to bring along.

17. Argos-Styled Personalized Liquor Decanter

Personalized Argo liquor decanter

For a top-of-the-line cool wedding gift, you can’t go wrong with this fancy personalized liquor decanter. Sure, they can put whiskey in it, but there’s so much more out there. Whatever they like to drink, this decanter’s high-quality glass will absolutely preserve their drinks for whatever occasion that pops up. The best part, it’s highly customizable, so they’ll not only have a functional piece, but a keepsake.

Bride and groom dancing on stage

15. Custom Cigar Gift Set with Twist Glasses

Custom whiskey twist glass and cigar gift set

If you’re looking for cool wedding gift ideas, look no further. This elegant whiskey and cigar gift set comes with customized twist glasses, while also offering the experience of sipping on his favorite drink. The matching cigar holder and cutter complete this gift set, marking their special day with a luxurious experience. For the newlyweds who are also whiskey and cigar lovers, you’ve found your perfect wedding gift.

19. Multi-Fuel Portable Pizza Oven

Cooking pizza outdoors with portable pizza oven
Portable multi-fuel pizza oven

Firing up the grill is always a fun experience, but what about firing up a pizza oven? This portable pizza oven is an awesome thoughtful wedding gift for the couple that likes to entertain as well as make delicious meals, especially pizza. Using this oven allows you to cook with several heat sources, including wood, charcoal, or gas, so whatever the couple enjoys cooking with the most, they can do it. Not only that, but this thing gets super hot in only minutes, so pizza cooking can kick off at a moment's notice.

20. Grilling Tools Engraved Unique Wedding Gift Box Set

Bamboo BBQ grilling tool set

This custom gift box holds this engraved grilling tool set that any couple will love. Stainless steel makes this set very robust, efficient, and stylish. Any grill master would appreciate this unique wedding gift, since it’s a great addition to family meals and BBQ gatherings. Overall, this product will upgrade the experience of grilling, making cookouts more fun and seamless.

21. Presentation Set with Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Presentation whiskey decanter unique wedding gift set

Being able to share your experiences with those you care about is what life’s all about. With this six-piece whiskey decanter set, you’ll be giving the newlyweds a boatload of these exact experiences. With the ability to personalize the whisky set, you’ll ensure they have a keepsake that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Transform their home bar into a notable space with this fantastic gift.


22. Personalized Wine and Pint Glass Set Gifts for Couples

Personalized His and Hers Gifts for Newlyweds

What should be drink tonight: beer or wine? Sometimes you just want a cold beer and sometimes you need a nice tasting wine. Well, this wine and pint glass set is one of the more unique wedding gifts as it offers a blend of both worlds for the newly married couple. What's great about this glass set is that each glass is personalized to their individual names, so they'll have their own go-to glass whenever they have a drink. Sharing a drink together just got a whole lot better.

23. A Unique Wedding Gift That’ll Take Them to the Next Level

People inside hot air balloon before takeoff
Hot air balloon wedding gift ride

There’s nothing more fun than going on an adventurous journey on a hot air balloon ride. This amazing adventure is perfect for enjoying a view of scenic landscapes, especially during sunrise and sunset. This is the perfect experiential gift that will create bucketloads of memories for your receiver. Both thrill-seekers and nature lovers will certainly love this unique gift. Among all of the creative wedding gifts, this stands out since it promises a wonderful adventure that will create unforgettable memories.

24. Custom Vodka Decanter Set

Custom Vodka Decanter Set

Add a splash of class to their first drink together as a married couple with a custom vodka decanter. This clear liquor never seems to get enough love, and the couple who loves a good cocktail or straight vodka will adore you for getting them something so classy and personal. They’ll leave this gift out on display on their home bar forever to show off how good it looks or to share a drink.

25. Custom Cornhole Game Set for Two

Cornhole game set for couples

Finding a gift that they can enjoy together isn't always easy to find, but with this custom bean bag toss game they'll have a blast indoors or outdoors. Perfect for parties or just an afternoon in the backyard, this cornhole game set is ideal for the newlyweds to enjoy the time they spend together. Made from high-quality wood, it's incredibly durable, and the additional personalization touch turns this gift into an immediate keepsake. This is a perfect gift that blends fun and excitement, whatever the occasion may be.

26. Custom Carson Whiskey Decanter

Carson whiskey decanter wedding gift idea

Optimizing a drinking experience can be done by optimizing the savoring experience. With this custom whisky decanter, you’ll absolutely be helping the bride and groom do just that. This decanter is incredibly robust with a powerful base made of solid glass, which also displays a crystal clear viewpoint. As a clear standout among the most thoughtful wedding gift ideas, you can’t go wrong here.

27. Custom Shadow Box for Wine Bottle Corks

Custom Wedding Shadow Box

Never let them forget a single one of their blissful moments together with a custom shadow box. Engraved with both their names as well as their wedding date, they’ll love having this shadow box on display in their home. Talk about one of the most aesthetic and unique wedding gift ideas ever! Inside, they can add keepsakes from things important to them such as wine corks, concert tickets, polaroids, or anything else they love to do together!

28. Insulated Black Wine Tumblers with Lids

Two black wine tumblers with lids

Still looking for a unique wedding gift your newlywed couple can enjoy together? Look no further than these personalized stainless steel tumblers which are perfect for an on-the-go couple. Whatever beverage they want to enjoy, these tumblers can take care of it. They're perfect for locking in the temperature they enter the tumblers at and they can take a hit due to their durable stainless steel construction. And with their tumbler tops, nothing will escape when they decide to get up and go.

29. Party With This Great Gatsby Custom Sign

Great Gatsby custom sign for couples

Does your couple like to enjoy an occasional F. Scott Fitzgerald style party? With this Great Gatsby custom sign, they'll be able to dazzle up any room in their home when throwing their next gala. With a design that's emblematic of the Roaring 20s, this personalized sign offers a unique look that's both classy and flashy. Made from solid birch wood, this sign is not only incredibly durable, it'll look like it belongs in any room in their home. This is truly a timeless gift that they'll be able to enjoy for a long time.

30. His and Hers Multifunction Stainless Steel Fossil Watches

Man wearing matching multifunctional Fossil watch for couples
Matching multi-functional Fossil watches for couples

Sometimes you just got to pop the collar and get flashy. With this set of matching watches by Fossil, you'll guarantee they'll have what they need on their wrist the next time their out and about. These watches are perfect for couples because they're design is unisex and they're sized large for the man and smaller for the woman. They're also multifunctional with a date window, stopwatch features, and more. A perfect mix of fashion and functionality within easy reach.

31. DiMera Whiskey Decanter Unique Wedding Gift Set

DiMera whiskey decanter wedding gift idea set
DiMera whiskey glass with orange peel and whiskey inside

This whiskey decanter set is exquisite. High-quality glass is used to manufacture each item, including the gorgeous decanter and the matching glasses. Its engravings are elegant and incorporate a unique style. While this whiskey is definitely utility-oriented and can retain the flavors and aroma for a long time, it’s also a perfect keepsake. If the couple prioritizes sophistication, these kinds of unique wedding gifts will definitely delight their senses.

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32. Personalized Acacia Charcuterie Board with Juice Grooves

Acacia Cutting Board Personalised Wedding Gifts

Complete your kitchen with this engraved acacia charcuterie board that’s composed of high-quality acacia wood. Chic and enduring, this board comes with a classic monogram. This is definitely a unique wedding gift and is highly versatile since it’s conducive to dicing, chopping, slicing, and serving. The process of preparing meals is taken up a notch with this product. Value and flair are two attributes of this board that are much more than a mere cutting surface. Elevate your culinary experience with this board.

Wedding party watching bride and groom kiss

33. Monogram Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

Whiskey decanter wedding gift idea set

These matching monogrammed whiskey glasses and decanter are like no other. The custom monogram is a nice touch to customize this gift. While highly utility-oriented, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that this set is a great style statement. While the flavors are retained thanks to the whiskey decanter, the glasses make each sip a vivid celebration of their special day.


34. A Towel Warmer Like No Other Unique Wedding Gift

Sharper Image towel warmer

This towel warmer is a luxurious product that will engulf them in cozy comfort after a nice soak. By heating the towel to the optimal temperature, it makes the process of relaxing after a bath calm and soothing. It can heat multiple towels simultaneously, which makes it perfect for sharing. This unique wedding gift transforms each bath into a spa day. More than a bathroom accessory, it’s a luxurious item that improves everyday activities with warmth and comfort.


35. Cigar Glasses and Whiskey Decanter Wedding Gift Set

Whiskey decanter and cigar glass cool wedding gift set
Cigar glass with whiskey inside and cigar attached

Looking for that special wedding gift? Check out this personalized cigar and whiskey decanter set. For whiskey lovers, it doesn’t get much better! With the whiskey decanter, you get a fantastically designed piece that ensures a smooth drink every time. On top of that, you also get the classy cigar glasses that let them have a good smoke with their drink. This whiskey gift set is a sure winner for your next unique wedding gift.

36. Slate Personalized Cheese Board

Personalized slate cheese board with cheese, crackers, and meats on top

Entertaining guests with drinks and appetizers is a common occurrence, so help your new couple cater to their guests with this personalized cheese board. This is a fantastic unique wedding gift because it looks great and it's incredibly durable due to it being made of pure slate. It also has rope handles which give off an authentic, rustic to it. They can put practically anything on this board since the surface is well structured and very easy to clean.

37. Luxury Unique Wedding Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Glencairn Box Set of Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Couples
Glencairn whiskey glasses inside custom wood box

Grant them one of their most luxurious wedding gifts they’ll receive with a personalized Glencairn box set. For the newlyweds who can’t get enough of their favorite whiskey, these will be game-changing. A new hobby will be home tasting parties together and they can find their favorite shared bottle or even what the bride has as a favorite while the groom will have a bottle he prefers too. For the couple who loves whiskey, a Glencairn set is an absolute must-have!

Wedding Gift Ideas FAQs

What are unique wedding gifts?

Unique wedding gift ideas are presents that stand out from the norm. Sure, you can give money, a card, or a bottle of booze, but something that you have gotten that is 100% unique to the couple will always stand out more. For example, if they love wine, an engraved wine decanter set will be a personal gift that will last far longer than any bottle of wine. You can also help with their home decor with custom signs or even cutting boards. The more you can make your gift something they use or see every day, the better!

What will be the best gift for a wedding?

The best gift for a wedding cannot be just one answer. After all, every couple is unique right? Well, you are going to have to tailor your gift to the couple too. If they are big whiskey fans, find something that ties the couple to the gift you give them, or maybe find the newlyweds who just bought a home a piece of decor that truly says “This is us” all over it. As long as your idea makes them feel loved and that you took your time, they’ll know you searched all over for the most meaningful wedding gifts.

What is the most traditional wedding gift?

The most traditional wedding gifts are sheets and bedding, fine china, crystal champagne flutes, small appliances, and crystal vases. However, you can modernize a lot of these gifts by looking for modern equivalents. For fine china you can still do dishes, but get something nice and more practical, essentially find a set they will be proud to display but also use too. For crystal glassware, you can easily find other glassware that looks just as good, is made from different materials or has been customized to give them a unique wedding gift.

What should I gift at my best friend's wedding?

For your best friend, you should definitely search for unique wedding gifts. After all, you are going to know your best friend better than anyone else, and they are going to expect you to have something truly stand out. For your best friend, the easiest recommendation is to find the gift you like but to find a version that can be customized, engraved, or personalized. Adding that unique touch to your gift will make it the best best friend wedding gift idea that you could ever give.


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