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Article: 19 Impressive Gift Ideas For 70 Year Old Man

19 Impressive Gift Ideas For 70 Year Old Man

19 Impressive Gift Ideas For 70 Year Old Man

At 70 years old, it seems like he has it all. He has spent his life building up his home and filling it with everything he has ever wanted. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in your search for gift ideas for 70 year old man. You can still get him awesome custom gifts to make relaxing at home, entertaining friends and family, or enjoying his hobbies that much better! Surprise him with a unique or incredibly cool gift for the older men with our handcrafted selection that is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even for retirement!

A Box Set of Custom Gift Ideas for 70 Year Old Man

Engraved Cigar Whiskey Glass Decanter Box Set

Whether he is your dad or your gramps, you know for a fact that some of the best gift ideas for 70 year old man are things he can both enjoy by himself as well as share with you. Have a night to remember when you give him this customized decanter set for his birthday or Christmas present. This is the ideal way for you to spend some time with the 70 your old guy in your life. The two of you can kick back and relax while enjoying stogies and some bourbon with his new favorite gift of all time!

A Perfectly Aged Gift

Personalized Wine Decanter Set Gift for 70 Year Old Man

70 is a vintage year that ought to be appreciated for what it is, and just like the wine he enjoys, he has aged perfectly too. So, with thinking like that, you know that he will love getting a wine decanter set that is perfect for indulging in all his favorite wines. Better yet, this aesthetic gift looks so good he’ll want to make this the new centerpiece of his living room or home bar!

Manly Mugs for Grandpa

Beer Mug Set of Gift Ideas for 70 Year Old Man

Just because he is another year older doesn’t mean he still doesn’t want to get a manly gift. Using these gift ideas for 70 year old man, he’ll feel like the toughest grandpa on the block! No matter his age, every guy will feel like a bit of a badass each time they drink from a manly beer mug, and you’ve given him two. Talk about an awesome set of gifts for old men!

Presenting the Coolest Monogram Gift Set

Monogrammed Presentation Set

He is turning 70! Just like other birthdays, this only happens once, but 70 is such an incredible milestone that it needs to be recognized with an equally incredible gift! Make him know that you took notice of his 70th birthday with a monogrammed presentation set that will blow him away! This gorgeous six-piece set quite literally has his initials all over it and is the ideal way for him to have a drink with his family or some of his best friends! From his 70th birthday celebration on, you can be sure he’ll always have his gorgeous gift out as his new centerpiece for his home bar or end table.

A Sign of a Smokin Gift

Custom Cigar Sign

After 70 years, he has become a man of habits, one of which is a good cigar. Over the years, he has become fascinated with a good stogie: how it feels, how it smells, and how it tastes. So, what better way to finally give him that cigar lounge he has always been after than with a personalized sign? Now, wherever he smokes whether it is in his personal cigar lounge or even out in the garage, he’ll be in a lounge of “unmatched quality!”


Unique Art for His Home

Vintage Motorcycle Print

There is something special about capturing nostalgia from childhood with a gift for 70 year old man. Whether he rode motorcycles as a kid or simply idolized Marlon Brando in The Wild One, you can be sure this old school vintage motorcycle print will be the coolest piece of home decor he has put on the walls of his living room or garage in years!

Make Him Hoppy With a Personalized Gift

Personalized Beer Tasting Box Set

What could be a cooler gift for 70 year old man than one that changes his whole world? Nothing! That is why this beer gift set is the perfect gift for any beer-loving older guy! He has never enjoyed his favorite beers the way he should have but thanks to you, he can! Think about all the firsts he’ll get to relive now, his first pilsner, IPA, stout, all in the right glass where he can finally experience all the flavors he never knew he was missing!

His Own Brand

Whiskey Decanter Set and Sign Gift for 70 Year Old Man

Nothing will make him feel like the master of his own domain more than when you give him the gift of his own whiskey label for his anniversary. These unique gift ideas for 70 year old man are the perfect way to keep him grinning ear to ear for years each time he sits down to have a drink. Who knows, since his name is on each piece, he may even prefer sharing a drink from his new gift set with you while he is under his matching sign!

Awesome Ammo Can for 70 Year Old Man

Custom Ammo Can Pint Glass Set

Out of all of the gifts he has ever gotten for promotions, retirement, even Christmas presents, this custom ammo can is by far the most unique yet! You know you can’t wait to see his face when he finds all the goodies inside his ammo can. Plus, with this gift, he can even make use of the ammo can afterward! He will be the coolest gramps at the shooting range or have the best badass place to keep his beer caps next to his recliner so he rarely has to get out of his seat anymore!

Impress Him with a Custom Wine Set

Engraved Stemless Wine Glass Box Set

For years he has been enjoying his wine from the exact same wine glass set. Although they are perfectly good, you know after all this time it is time to update his collection. So, push all those old-school stemmed wine glasses into the back of the cupboard and surprise him with these personalized stemless glasses! They even come inside their own gift box, making this the perfect gift for 70 year old man that you don’t have to wrap!


The Most Nostalgic Gift for 70 Year Old Man

John Wayne Film Collection Gift for 70 Year Old Man

There is nothing quite like the nostalgia of cinema. So bring him that gift every day with a collection of his favorite John Wayne films! Every day at his place will be like a movie marathon of some of his favorite westerns starring one of the most famous movie cowboy actors of all time, John Wayne! You can make this an even more special gift by pairing it with the next gift!

For the Film-Loving Man

Personalized Cinema Sign

Considering you may have already gotten him that John Wayne movie collection earlier (and even if you didn’t) you know that your dad loves to spend hours watching his favorite film, so why not make his house his own movie theater with this custom movie sign? All you would need to do now is bring some popcorn over and the two of you can enjoy his favorite films like you’re at the theater!

Classy Monogrammed Gift Ideas for 70 Year Old Man

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Cigar Case

Is there a more sophisticated set of gift ideas for 70 year old man than this cigar glass and cigar case? It is the perfect gift for both large and small occasions! Got a stocking that needs to be stuffed or a birthday gift? This is perfect! It truly proves that great gifts can come in small packages. Just make sure to pre-package some cigars for him so he gets to enjoy his gift right away!

Toss Out a Game as a Great Gift

Bean Bag Toss Game Set

There is nothing like spending time with friends and family outside, it is a fantastic way to create memories that will last a lifetime. However, finding an excuse can be hard to go outside, well not anymore! Engraved bean bag toss sets are fantastic gift ideas for 70 year old man! Just be warned, since he owns this set, don’t be surprised when he becomes a bags master then next time you and he want to go outside and throw a bit.

A Gift to Make Him Feel Like He is the Manliest Older Guy

Gift Ideas for 70 Year Old Man are Custom Whiskey Glass Ammo Can Gift Sets

Need a gift for a monumental occasion? This ammo can gift set is it! When you’re shopping for a unique gift that you know will blow away your father or grandfather, you know an ammo can is the only way to go! He’ll love the engraving on the outside, but might just shed a tear when he finds that the glasses inside are engraved to match too! This is the perfect way for him to celebrate this big occasion and unwind from here on out. He can even use the ammo can as the coolest fishing tackle or toolbox around the house!

8 Ball Cufflinks

Unique gifts for an older guy are sure to be a win. Something he has never gotten before is guaranteed to be on the top of his list of gifts to show off, so why not make him want to show off his gift even more with a classy set of cufflinks? Better yet, these billiard cufflinks rotate; making them the best cufflinks in the world to him!

A Gift for 70 Year Old Man He Won’t Growler About

Custom Beer Growler Box Set

The days of hanging out at the bar are a bit behind him at this point in his life, but that doesn’t mean he has hung up his beer tasting boots. He still loves to get a tasty pint from time to time, especially from the local breweries, so make his life easier with this gift for 70 year old man! Now, he can fill up his growler and enjoy tasty pints from home with one gift set. This present even has coasters that can open beer bottles, how cool is that?

An Impressive Patriotic Gift

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Got a patriotic older guy? Look no further for the perfect gift for 70 year old man than this personalized ammo can humidor! It doesn't matter if you’re getting him a “just because” gift or honoring him for Veteran’s Day, an engraved ammo can with his name, rank, and the American flag will be the best gift he’s gotten all year, and that is before he finds out that it is a humidor! Talk about an impressive gift!

A Taste of the Best Gifts for a 70 Year Old Man

Glencairn and Decanter Whiskey Set Gift for 70 Year Old Man

It is about time that he got a taste of the good life, after all, he is 70. So make sure he never has to leave his house to feel like a sophisticated scotch or whiskey aficionado ever again with these amazing gift ideas for 70 year old man! Nothing will make him happier on his birthday than getting these classy crystal Glencairn glasses alongside the personalized decanter. Now, with your dad, grandfather, or husband, sit back and enjoy his favorite liquor with him as the two of you celebrate his special day!


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