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Article: 19 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

19 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

19 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Use the Best Christmas Gifts for Men to Put Under the Tree for Him

Christmas can be a difficult time for many adults. Often it is when extra bills are due plus there are so many holidays back to back. This can make the holiday season stressful. Instead of letting the pressure of the Christmas season keep pushing in turning your man into a lump of coal, freshen things up with the best Christmas gifts for men! These are those gifts that make him feel like the whole year’s efforts and struggles have been worth it! Don’t wonder what do you get a guy for Christmas or what do men like for Christmas gifts all year and never get the answer. We’ve asked our team of seasoned vets to construct a collection of the best Christmas presents, and we know he will love any of these amazingly-unique gift ideas.

Ultimate Cigar and Whiskey Set of Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Use this custom whiskey and cigar gift set to make him feel as warm as the hearth even during the coldest winter this holiday season! This box set full of the best Christmas gifts for men will have him enjoying a fine spirit with a luxurious cigar whenever the mood strikes him. The perfect way to celebrate a wonderful Christmas or welcome in a New Year will be with his personalized gift set in hand.

Rustic Custom Sign for Men

Custom Man Cave Sign

Custom home decor for men is such an underrated gift. Few gifts like a custom sign are things he can enjoy on a daily basis. With this man cave sign, he can enjoy this holiday gift each time he goes into his movie, game, or workshop room. Plus, it doesn’t even matter if he’s got a fully-functional man cave or if this is step one in his creation, he’ll love having this sign adorned on a spot that tells everyone that this room in the house is where his rules are the only rules that need to be followed.

Fantastic Festive Flight of Beers

Custom Beer Flights are the Best Christmas Presents

Add a new layer to his beer-tasting hobby with this set of the best Christmas presents ever! A beer flight is one of the ideal ways for any guy to spend his time, especially when the weather outside is frightful. All he needs is a few beers and he can set up a tasting for himself or even share a spread with his spouse.

Personalized Cutting Board for the Holidays

Personalized Cutting Board for Men for Christmas

Is there anything that makes the holidays feel more like a magical time of year than his cooking? Make sure you can enjoy his steaks or special Christmas meals for years to come with a personalized cutting board. Not only does this gift look great, but he’ll also love it because of how robust it is. With a little bit of board oil and care, this bamboo cutting board will last him for years to come. So, the longer this lasts, that means even more years in a row can you enjoy his delicious holiday treats!

Arm Him with the Best Christmas Presents

Christmas Gifts for Men are Pint Glass Ammo Cans

Christmas is no time for him to let his guard down, and neither should you! Gift him the manliest gift you can keep him prepared with when you give him a personalized ammo can and pint glass gift set! It is the perfect manly gift, you won’t even have to wrap it. He’ll love that this set calls him a legend on the ammo can as well as the pint glasses. But better still is that he can enjoy all the parts of this set at once and individually. From surviving the wilderness to enjoying a stogie, or having a beer, it has all things manly covered.


Watch Him Love this Unique Christmas Gift

Luxury Rolex Watch for Him

It is Christmas time again, so what could be more fitting for the men in your life than a watch? A Rolex is definitely a fantastic way to say, “Merry Christmas!” to any man. Perfect for casual to formal wear, a Rolex is a gift that he will definitely enjoy wearing and showing off on a daily basis.

Custom Twist Glass and Decanter Gift Set

Luxury Twist Decanter Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Put a new twist on the best Christmas presents with this engraved twist decanter and glass gift set. Ideal for his home bar or liquor corner, he’ll be in the holiday spirit each time he enjoys a glass of his go-to spirit with this gift set. Whether he prefers whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or vodka, you know during this holiday season he’ll definitely get his share of use out of this amazing glassware gift set.

Luxury Wine Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Engraved Wine Glass Box Set

A custom wine gift set? What better time to gift it to him than the holidays? He’ll love enjoying Christmas dinner with a nice Merlot or Riesling (depending on his preference) especially when he is drinking from a set of glasses that has his name engraved on them! Think of just how much he’ll love seeing these best Christmas gifts for men on the table as he goes to take another bit of his Christmas roast.

Engraved Valet Tray

Personalized Valet Tray

Maybe you enjoyed the watch from earlier or maybe he already has plenty of accessories. Either way, this personalized valet case is a fantastic gift idea for men for the holidays. Never again will they be wondering where their favorite watch or must-have cufflinks are. From now on, everything will be right where they left it, inside a gorgeously personalized valet case!

Monogrammed Presentation Gift Set

Monogrammed Presentations Sets  are the Best Christmas Presents

Make him feel like a little kid on Christmas morning once again with this monogrammed whiskey presentation gift set. Perfect for bringing in the New Year or for increasing holiday cheer, he can’t imagine a better gift for his office, home bar, or even his coffee table. After all, with a whiskey set this good, he won’t be able but to show it off so he can indulge in a drink with any guest or family member who sees it.

A Great Grooming Set for Christmas

Classy Grooming Kit for Men for Christmas

Keep him looking his best for all the holiday parties and photos with a luxurious grooming kit. Complete with an exfoliating cleanser, shaving cream, and a pomade, he’ll look his best no matter how many Christmas dinners or photo shoots he has in a row!

Legendary Gift Set of the Best Christmas Presents

Legendary Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set for Christmas

Give a legendary Christmas gift this holiday season with a custom whiskey and cigar gift set. Perfect for enjoying on cold winter nights, nothing will keep his holiday spirits higher than pairing a stogie and a glass of whiskey after an evening celebrating the holidays.

Custom Pub Sign for the Holidays

Personalized English Pub Sign

Create the luxurious home pub he has always dreamed of with a personalized pub sign. Great as a final piece of decor or as a piece of inspiration to get the rest of the room together, this English style-sign is just what he needs to take the pride of his pub to another level. Skip putting this gift under the tree and surprise him with it already mounted in his pub.

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Poker Set

Monogrammed Poker and Whiskey Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Bet that you’ll be giving the best Christmas gifts for men this year with a monogrammed poker and whiskey set. These two vices go hand and hand and your man will feel like a real card shark when he sits at the table only to have his cards in one hand and both his cigar and whiskey in the other. With a gift set like this, he won’t even have to bluff to get people to fold!

Personalized Growler for the Christmas

Custom Beer Growler Box Set of Christmas Gifts for Men

When the holidays come to town, so too does the weather. Don’t let him be frozen out of his craft beer. Instead, for Christmas get him this personalized beer growler box set. Be even better and fill the growler with his go-to beer so no matter the weather conditions outside, he can feel like he’s at his favorite brewery thanks to his 64oz growler filled with his favorite brew!

Don’t Axe What He Wants

Engraved Wood Chopping Axe

Never let the fire die out with a personalized axe just for him. With a special message engraved on the handle, he’ll want to put this wood-splitting axe to work as soon as he unwraps it. The logs he chopped himself will somehow feel just that much warmer on cold winter nights.

Custom Glencairn Box Set

Engraved Glencairn Set are the Best Christmas Presents

Glencairn whiskey glasses are some of the ultimate Christmas gifts for men. After all, few things scream luxury quite like Glencairn glasses. Add in the amazing-looking black gift box and you’ve got one classy-looking Christmas present that is designed to help him enjoy all those holiday spirits to the fullest!

Bar Carts are Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Set him up for the rest of his life with an amazing home bar set up all with one simple set of the best Christmas gifts for men. This vintage globe bar cart is the coolest way for him to bring his liquor, mixers, and glasses from room to room. Add in the additional benefit of being able to show people Santa’s path as he goes country to country with the globe, and you’ve pretty much nailed Christmas for any liquor-loving man.

Horn Holiday Mug Set

Personalized Ale Horn Box Set of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Have him feel like the Viking warrior he is at heart with an ale horn mug box set as some of the best Christmas presents he can get this holiday season! No matter if he has ales or Budweiser inside this mug, he’ll be feeling like a true warrior each time he drinks for this genuine horn!


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