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Article: 23 Amazing 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

23 Amazing 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

60th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Can you believe your dad is turning 60 years old? He’s almost to retirement and is enjoying his golden years, but you’re not really sure what to get him as a birthday gift because he’s the kind of guy who has everything. 60th birthday gift ideas for dad can be nice items for him to enjoy the next several years that are related to his interests or are upgrades to the things he already has.

Your dad deserves something special for his milestone birthday, after all, and now is the perfect time to get him a nice gift. These impressive birthday gifts for dad are all meant to last for years to come so that he can enjoy them now and throughout his future retirement years!

1. Give Dad an Awesome 60th Birthday Experience

Smoke Box System

Since your dad is turning 60, he’s likely got his preferred brands of liquor and he definitely sticks with them. For his birthday, why not give him a gift that will allow him to enjoy his favorites in a whole new way? The smoke box system infuses his drink with a whole new smoky, delicious flavor by using wood chips! He will enjoy trying the different flavors with his tried-and-true brands of whiskey to create a whole new concoction that might just become his new favorite drink of choice. Plus, he will want to invite all of his friends over to try out his fun new gadget!

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2. A Gift He Can Share With The Whole Family

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

Now that he’s turning 60, your dad has probably said that he doesn’t need or want anything for his birthday. Still, you want to get him a nice gift that he can really enjoy. How about a fun game that he can play with his kids, grandkids, and friends? This custom cornhole set will instantly become a new family tradition to play every reunion and holiday because it’s so fun and easy. He will absolutely love teaching his grandkids and great-grandkids how to play this classic game, and even his buddies will feel like they’re in college all over again when they come over for game day and beers. It may be simple, but this cornhole set is sure to be one of the most memorable birthday gift ideas for dad that he will treasure forever.

3. Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars

Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars with travel pack
Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars

Going outdoors and exploring nature is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. If he's the type to do that, you need to get him these high-definition binoculars. These binoculars are made with a state-of-the-art optical system and with multi-coated lenses so he'll have a clear, bright visual on whatever he's scouting out. It's also well sealed so no dust, moisture, or debris is getting inside anytime soon, which also means they're waterproof.

4. Stunning Crystal Birthday Gift for Dad

Monogrammed Crystal Decanter Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Whether he’s got an awesome office at work or a nice man cave at home, one thing is for certain: he deserves this incredible crystal decanter set for his birthday! Just looking at it on display in his office will make him feel like James Bond, and when he uses it he’ll feel like a king! The gorgeous set is perfect for treating himself to celebratory drinks on his birthday, enjoying romantic anniversary drinks with your mom, and raising a glass for his annual Christmas toast with the whole family.

60 year old dad smiling on his birthday

5. The Perfect Golf Gift for Dad

Custom Wooden Golf Bar Sign

Any dad who loves golf dreams of having their own awesome home bar where all of his buddies come over for drinks after playing 18 holes. With this custom sign, you can help make his dream come true! His home bar will now be the official 19th Hole and all of his golfing friends will start calling it that. If he doesn’t have a home bar just yet, the sign is the perfect way to start building one. By far one of the most meaningful 60th birthday gifts for dads, this fun sign is sure to be a signature decoration he’ll enjoy for years to come.

6. Monarch Pro Kevlar for Magsafe iPhone 15 Pro Case

Monarch Pro Kevlar for Magsafe iPhone 15 Pro Case

You ever see him accidentally dropping his phone and worrying it might break? With this badass Kevlar mobile case, he won't have to worry about his phone slipping out of his hand and breaking on the floor. This case is awesome as it's made from premium materials that make it shock and impact resistant. With its five layers of protection, it's hard to imagine a scenario where his phone's in trouble. It also looks incredibly badass, so he'll be taking it out of his pocket all the time just to show it off.


7. Custom Ammo Can Beer Birthday Present for Dad Set

Custom Ammo Can Beer Set
Man pouring beer into personalized beer glass

If you're looking for meaningful 60th birthday gifts for dad from daughter, including some beer accessories will go a long way. With this custom ammo can, you'll be gifting him everything he'll need to enjoy a nice cool one. This ammo can comes with a couple of beer glasses, a bullet bottle opener, and a custom pocket knife. Everything is also fully personalizable, so he'll have something he can cherish for a long time. Everything also fits perfectly in the ammo can, so he'll have a one stop shop for his beer gear.

8. Treat Your Dad to These Luxurious Birthday Gifts

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Dad deserves to relax and enjoy himself on his birthday, so make sure he feels pampered by getting him these relaxing whiskey and cigar gifts! With a glass of his favorite whiskey and a stogie in hand, he’ll be able to unwind to the fullest. Of course, you can join him for a drink and a stogie to celebrate his birthday and he will enjoy his gift and his birthday even more. Even after his special day, he’ll want to use this relaxing set after he’s had a long day, to celebrate other special occasions like the day he retires or the holidays, or even just because he feels like it. This set is one of the most thoughtful birthday presents for dad, but make sure you fill the cigar case with a couple of his favorite stogies and pick up a bottle of his favorite scotch to make it a complete gift!

9. Richmond Custom Leather Cigar Travel Case

Custom leather cigar travel case with cigar leaning on it

You never know when the time will strike when he wants to puff on his favorite cigar. In a case just like that, he'll need this custom leather cigar case so he can have his cigars close by wherever he goes. With this cigar travel case, he can store up to three big cigars while also having space for a cigar cutter, which is also included in the set. Made from high-quality leather with a cedar-lined interior, his cigars will stay fresh wherever he goes.

10. Personalized Beer Stein for Beer Lovers

Personalized beer stein with beer inside
Top of the lid of custom beer stein

Sometimes you just have to sit back and relax with an ice cold beer from your favorite mug. If this sounds familiar, you need to get him this awesome personalized beer stein for his big birthday. Made from high-quality Italian glass, this beer stein is not only stunning but highly durable. The cool part is it has an authentic pewter lid that will help keep his beer cold and protected from anything that could fall in. Tell him to put it in the freezer before he pours himself a beer. It's totally worth it.

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11. Custom End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board

Personalized bamboo cutting board 60th birthday gift

We've all been in a situation where the cutting board you're using is just not cutting it (pun intended). If that sounds familiar, you need to get this personalized bamboo cutting board, which is incredibly durable and strong for any cooking or BBQ situation. Made from 100% bamboo, this cutting board is not only incredibly strong, but it's also naturally antibacterial. It's also 3 inches thick, which is something you just don't find with cutting boards these days. This is an amazing gift for the 60 year old who loves to cook or BBQ.

12. Globe Decanter Set with Whiskey Glasses and Stones

Globe whiskey decanter set with glasses and whiskey stones

Traveling the world is a great choice for those entering their later years, especially for a big six-oh birthday. Inspire him to take his next adventure with this globe decanter set. With this decanter set, he'll be able to serve up to four people his favorite whiskey with four globe whiskey glasses and his own whiskey stones. Unlike other whiskey decanters, this has a serving stand and offers an instant conversation starter for whoever's serving from this awesome whiskey decanter set.

13. Marble Wine Chiller for Wine Aficionados

Personalized marble wine chiller with wine bottle inside
Wine chiller with wine glass for 60th birthday party

It's no fun having to go back and forth to the fridge to refill your wine glass. If you want to keep his wine cool wherever he is, get him this marble wine chiller. This wine chiller is expertly designed to keep his wine bottle cold for a very long time due to the pure marble material it's made from. It can even be personalized, so there will be no mistaking whose wine it is! For the wine lover whose birthday is just around the corner, you've got to get him this as a gift.

14. Barcalounder Ashebrooke Luxury Recliner

Barcalounder Ashebrooke Luxury Recliner

When you're 60, you've earned the right to sit back and relax. It's just what comes with the territory. This impressive Barcalounger recliner is the epitome of recliners and will always give him a good reason to kick back and relax. This recliner is the most classic chill out tool in the world. It comes with a 3-way recliner setup allowing him to find the perfect position when relaxing. On top of that, it simply looks fantastic and will fit just fine in any home decor you place it in.

15. Custom Engraved Whiskey Stones Set for Whiskey Lovers

Custom whiskey stone gift set with tongs and engraved box

Enjoying a nice whiskey can often be the optimal experience if the whiskey is chilled just right. With these custom engraved whiskey stones, he'll be able to properly cool his whiskey without having to worry about diluting his drink with water. What makes these whiskey stones so cool is they come in a large set, so he can top off his friend's drinks when they're drinking together. Another awesome point to make is everything, including the accompanying tongs, easily fits inside the custom engraved wooden box. Truly an epic birthday gift.

16. Custom Golf Gifts with Insulated Tumbler

Custom Golf Gifts with Insulated Tumbler
Coffee tumbler and other golf accessories on outdoor table

Does he like to spend a bit of time hitting golf balls on the green? Every golfer needs plenty of gear, including what comes with this custom golf gift set. This golf gift set is perfect for the golf enthusiasts in your life since it comes with a personalized white coffee tumbler, a golf bad tag, a divot tool, and other useful golf accessories. It's really a beautifully designed set that he can show off to his golfing buddies who will be asking him where he got it all.

17. Set of Four Truman Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Crystal Bourbon Glasses

One of the great parts about sitting down and sipping on some delicious whiskey is the ambiance. With these fancy Truman whiskey glasses, he'll be able to set the mood every time he pours himself and others his favorite whiskey. Expertly designed to match the whiskey glass of the former president, this set of four whiskey glasses exudes elegance and sophistication. Not only that, but they're cut from fine crystal making them both beautiful and long lasting.

60th birthday man with his family

18. Personalized Poker Chip Case Birthday Gift Set

Personalized poker 60th birthday gift set with cigar glass

Poker's just one of those games that, once you start, it can be nearly impossible to stop. That may sound like him, and in that case, you need to get him this awesome poker gift set for his birthday. This set comes with everything he'll need to have an amazing game night with his friends, including two decks of cards, a whiskey glass with a cigar holder, six dice, and poker chips. On top of that, he can store everything in the brown case that comes with it, so everything can be easily stored away at the end of the night.

19. Dante Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer

Cigar humidor with hygrometer and cigar accessories
Zoom in of the hygrometer on the cigar humidor

The true cigar aficionados out there know that as you start collecting cigars, you need a safe place to store them. That's exactly what this cigar humidor with accessories can do if the 60 year old man in your life is a cigar fan. This humidor will perfectly fit his cigars and keep them safe from the elements. It even comes with some cigar accessories, including a cigar stand, a cigar cutter, and a lighter. And since everything fits in the humidor, he'll never have a tough time finding his cigar gear.

20. Ales and Tales Neighborhood Tavern Custom Sign

Ales and Tales custom bar sign

Presenting your man cave as a place for chilling out and having a beer means he needs a sign. With this awesome custom home tavern sign, you'll have given him a gift that will keep on giving for years into the future. This custom sign is perfect for wherever he posts up and enjoys his favorite drinks. Made from high-quality, all-natural birch wood, this fully personalizable sign not only looks good but is also highly durable. It even comes with pre-drilled holes, so it's a breeze to hang on the wall.

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21. Personalized Beer Birthday Dad Gift Set

Personalized beer gift set

It's a great feeling to pop open your favorite beer and pull your own mug out of the freezer for an ice cold drink. He'll be able to do just that and more with this personalized beef gift set, which is an absolutely standout birthday present for dad. This set comes with a pint beer mug, a bottle opener, and a solid wooden box. The best part is everything is personalizable, so you can get his name and initials on it to add that extra personal touch.

22. Stay the Course Clock for Golf Lovers

Stay the course golf clock 60th birthday gift

Is he a golfing nut? Does he find any reason to check his watch to sneak in a whole or two? With this fun golf clock, he'll never miss a time to hit the links. This is a great gift for the golf enthusiast in your life as it's emblematic of a perfect day playing golf. It's made of high-quality stone resin, making it incredibly sturdy and durable. It also has a cool golf bag pendulum, so it's a great attraction and conversation starter for wherever he decides to hang it.

23. Impressive Decanter Set He’ll Be Proud to Show Off

Personalized Decanter Set 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad
Twist whiskey glass with whiskey splashing and whiskey stones

As an older gentleman, your dad appreciates antiques and the finer things in life. As such, your gift for his upcoming 60th birthday should reflect his tastes. Look no further than this gorgeous personalized decanter set! He will love the elegant curves of the entire set that makes his finest whiskey even more beautiful. When he uses the set, he will feel like royalty as he sips from the unique glasses every evening after dinner. When you come over to visit, he will be sure to serve you a drink in his luxurious decanter set! Such a stunning birthday gift will be treasured for the rest of his life and might even be passed down to you someday.

60th Birthday Gifts for Dad FAQ

How can I make my dad's 60th birthday special?

The best way to make your 60 year old dad special is to think of his everyday passions and find a gift that fits. Maybe he likes spending time with his family or likes to go hunting with his buddies. Whatever you do, find that special piece of the puzzle, and you'll make his big birthday as special as it can be.

What is the traditional gift for a 60th birthday?

The traditional birthday gift for sixty year olds is generally something that symbolizes time and longevity. The most classic gifts include watches, photo albums, and personalized keepsakes, but it's also common to get something made of gold.

Why is 60 a milestone birthday?

Hitting 60 is a huge milestone as it's the beginning of the later stages of his life, including having grandkids, retirement, or simply less to worry about, like a mortgage. A lot of his life experiences have led him to this point, which is something that's incredibly unique for any person who reaches 60 years old. The best part is it's another beginning for him, so getting him an incredible gift will make it an incredibly welcoming experience.


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