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Article: 37 Incredible Military Retirement Gifts

37 Incredible Military Retirement Gifts

Military Retirement Gifts

Our men and women in the Armed Forces are brave, incredible people. After their many years of service to our country, they deserve a nice gift to congratulate them on their retirement. What makes a good gift for veterans, you ask? Something respectful of course, but also a gift that is useful. These amazing people have been trained to only have what is necessary, after all!

Our experts searched the web for the best possible military retirement gifts from all branches, so you’re sure to find something awesome for the veteran in your life with these expertly chosen military gift ideas.

1. AR-15 Whiskey Set of Military Retirement Gifts

AR-15 Whiskey Decanter Set of Unique Military Gifts

Give it all you have when searching for unique military gifts with an AR-15 decanter set that also has glasses with real bullets in them! This is the perfect gift to remind them of their time in the service. Great for home decor as well as sharing a drink or two with a battle buddy, these are a set of gifts for veterans that will never be forgotten.

2. Patriotic Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Can Beer Gifts for Veterans

Whether he’s newly retired or is a seasoned veteran, he will absolutely love this incredible ammo can gift set. Complete with two pint glasses, a cool knife, and an even cooler bottle opener made from a bullet, he’ll love it all. The ammo can is perfect for him to bring along to the range, store tools, or use as a memory box for keepsakes from his service. He’ll love using the pint glasses to share a cold one with you or one of his brothers-in-arms as they reminisce about their missions together and feel like young men again excited about starting their career in the Armed Forces.

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3. G-SHOCK Land Mudmaster Watch by Casio

G-SHOCK Land Mudmaster Watch by Casio in box
G-SHOCK Land Mudmaster Watch by Casio

It's nice to sport a fancy watch that you can show off to your friends, but functionality is equally, if not more, important. That's exactly where this G-SHOCK watch comes into play, being one of the best, most durable watches on the market. Made in collaboration with the British Army, this watch was built for extreme environments. It's not only shock, dust, and mud resistant, but it functions as a compass, altimeter, temperature sensor, and pedometer. This watch has it all, especially for military servicemen and retirees.

4. Engraved Pocket Knife Gift Set

Engraved pocket knife with knife pouch

Having a pocket knife handy when you need it can be important, and it doesn't hurt if it looks cool. That's exactly what he'll get when you get him this pocket knife gift set. This set is awesome as it comes with a personalized pocket knife with a nylon sheath and a wooden box to keep it safe when he's not using it. The blade measures a solid 3 inches, making it not only functional in most use cases but extremely portable.

Military retiree dad and son smiling

5. Fun Coaster Set of Gifts for Military Retirees

Shotgun Shell Coaster Unique Military Gift

A great set of gifts for veterans is subtle without being too subtle. These shotgun shell coasters are a fantastic example of that as well as a great way for them to incorporate some of their military life into their everyday civilian life without being too over the top. Whether they need the coasters for shots or a cocktail, they’ll always be prepared, just like the military taught them!

6. Last Defense Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen
Last Defense Tactical Pen breaking glass window

You never know when you're going to need to react to a situation that requires your immediate attention. For those moments and more, this tactical pen is perfect for when you need it. This pen is impressive as it comes with several functions beyond being a ballpoint pen, including as a self defense weapon and a glass breaker. Its body is also made from aircraft grade aluminum, making it incredibly durable as well as light. With this pen, he can do way more than simply write. He can survive.

7. Engraved Big Beer Mug

Personalized beer mug full of beer on table

Military retirement doesn't happen all that often, so be sure you can celebrate it properly when the time comes. With this big beer mug, you'll guarantee he'll have a good time the next time he pops open his favorite beer. This patriotic mug is a great gift because it can hold a big beer and it can be personalized with his name, a date, and his military title. Pro tip: have him put it in the freezer for a little bit before he has his next beer. It'll make his next beer ice cold and delicious.

8. AK-47 Gun Whiskey Decanter Set for Military Retirees

AK-47 whiskey decanter set with four bullet whiskey glasses
Glass gift for military retiree with bullet lodged inside it

Looking for a badass military retirement gift for him? Look no further than this AR-15 whiskey decanter set, which sits on top of a high-quality wood stand and comes with four whiskey glasses. This decanter is not only stunning, but it's also extremely durable as it's made from solid glass. And the whiskey glasses aren't your typical glasses as they come with a bullet logged in them. If you're looking for a unique gift to honor your military man, get him this decanter set.

9. A Personalized Flag Case

Military Retirement Gifts are Emblazoned Military Crested Flag Case

Emblazoned with the crest from a branch of the military, this personalized flag case is available with crests from the Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force. These flag cases are fantastic gifts for veterans. They allow them to easily display the United States flag with honor and pride. The plaque on the case comes engraved as well, making this one of the most sentimental and honorable display pieces any veteran will have in their home.

10. Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Humidor Military Gift

Personalized ammo can cigar humidor

Keeping all your cigars in one place is important for a number of reasons, but the most important is to keep them safe. With this ammo can cigar humidor, he'll be able to do just that and more. This awesome military gift can fit a lot of cigars and it'll keep them fresh so that his next smoke session is as good as it can be. With its built in hygrometer and interior cedar lining, he'll know exactly the humidity inside and it'll smell great. And it's a 50 cal ammo can!

11. A Unique Military Globe Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Globe Decanter Set of Military Retirement Gifts

Go all in with an epic retirement gift like this unique globe decanter gift set! They’ll be so excited to have a drink from their set they’ll include you on their first toast! Whether they served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard, this decanter set is the perfect way for them to reflect on all of their travels in their time with the military. This gorgeous retirement gift is so good you can be sure they’ll keep it on their home bar, countertop, or anywhere they can be sure guests will see it, this way, there is always an excuse for a quick drink!

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12. American Heroes Custom Cigar Gift Set

American Heroes custom cigar gift set for military retirees
Lit cigar sitting on cigar stand

American heroes are just that. Heroes. We need to honor all the men and women who serve in the military, and we want them to enjoy themselves when they can. With this custom cigar gift set, he'll have every reason to have a good time whether he's with his buddies or simply relaxing in peace. This set is incredible since it comes with many personalized cigar and whiskey gifts, including a whiskey glass, bullet whiskey stones, a cigar cutter, a cigar stand, a lighter, and a cozy wooden box to keep everything inside. This is a military gift for retirement he'll love.

13. Kiss Me I’m a Military Veteran T-Shirt

Kiss Me I'm a Military Veteran T-Shirt

It's important to honor our military veterans especially when they're coming in on retirement. You want to make it fun though, right? With this men's drab t-shirt, you'll have done exactly that and more. With a design that says "Kiss me I'm a veteran", he'll have a fun time showing it off next time he's out with his buddies. It even comes in all sizes and has a level of customization that you can set so it can be the absolute perfect retirement gift for him.

14. Stars and Stripes Personalized Military Retirement Plaque

Military retirement acrylic plaque gift

You want to honor his many years of service, but toys and gadgets just don't seem to be enough. Get him this personalized acrylic retirement plaque to show him how much you care. Getting him a gift like this means a lot because he can place it in his home office, the living room, or anywhere he likes. With the high-quality material, it'll be something that he can cherish for many long years, especially with the American flag right next to his name, military title, and the years of service he gave to his country.

Military grandfather embracing his granddaughter

15. Custom Bullet Liquor Decanter Set

Custom bullet whiskey decanter set with bullet glasses

Enjoying a nice glass of your favorite whiskey is plain and simple one of the nicest treats out there. Make his glass even better with this custom bullet decanter set, which is something he can use to enjoy solo or with a fellow whiskey lover. The design of this whiskey decanter set is quite unique with actual bullets lodged inside the glass of the whiskey decanter and the accompanying two whiskey glasses. As far as gifts for military retirees go, this is one of the more badass ones, especially for whiskey lovers.

16. American Flag Cornhole Set - Games for Military Retirees

Personalized American Heros Cornhole Board Set
Man picking up bean bags from military retirement gift cornhole set

Enjoying a day outside in the sun with those you love is one of the more priceless moments to experience. With this American flag cornhole set, he'll be able to do that and more with his family with one of the most fun bean bag toss games out there. This cornhole set comes with two cornhole boards and eight bean bags, and it's personalizable for the military serviceman in your life. Not only that, but it's coated with UV-resistant paint, making it long lasting when used outdoors.

17. Custom Military Retirement Decanter Set

Custom Decanter Set of Military Retirement Gifts

Honor the military member in your life with a decanter set perfect for welcoming them into retirement! This engraved decanter box set is one of the best ways for you to show them that they have served their time and now it is all about relaxing! Engraved with their name, rank, and a date, they’ll absolutely love this gift and it’ll quickly become one of their most sentimental belongings!

18. Military Luggage Coyote Traveler Duffle Bag

Military retirement travel duffle bag

Does he need a travel bag that can withstand some serious abuse? Look no further than this traveler duffle bag, which is made with everything a military retiree would hope it's made with. Boasting a huge amount of storage space and a plethora of accessible compartments, he'll be able to keep his stuff secure and in one place. It even comes with two contoured padded backpack straps, so he can convert it to a backpack when carrying with his hands is just too much. This is a fantastic gift for military retirees.

19. Cigar Glasses and Whiskey Decanter Military Retirement Gifts

Cigar glasses and whiskey decanters for US marine retirement gift
Man in suit holding a cigar glass with cigar attached

Finding the right gift for your military retiree can be tough regardless of which outfit they were a part of. For a retiring marine, you need to get him this Marine Corps cigar glass set immediately. This set is perfect for the military man who enjoys not just his cigars, but also his favorite whiskey. These cigar glasses are expertly designed to hold his cigar securely when he puts down his drink. It also comes with a fancy whiskey decanter, so he'll have everything he needs to have a good time.

20. Awesome Ring They’ll Never Take Off

Bradford Exchange Veteran Ring

Make sure the veteran in your life knows just how proud you are of their many years serving the country with this incredible ring! Featuring two proud eagles and an amazingly detailed image of the Three Soldiers statue in DC, this amazing piece is something your veteran will treasure forever. In fact, they might not ever want to take it off once you present it to them! By far one of the most impressive gifts for military retirees, you can give this amazing ring to a veteran of any branch.

21. Personalized Cocktail Smoker Set

Engraved Cocktail Smoker Set of Military Retirement Gifts
Torch lighting a smoker kit on top of whiskey glass

Keep the unique military gifts smoking this year with a badass, personalized cocktail smoker kit. Now that they’ve hung their service rifle up, a new hobby is just what they need. For the cocktail lover, a smoker set provides endless combinations of flavors and fun to create. Whether they infuse old favorites with new smokes or get experimental with different herbs and spices, they’ll be enjoying unique drinks for years to come.

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22. Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Custom Beer Mug Set of Gifts for Veterans

Say, “Cheers!” to their retirement with a custom set of beer mugs they’ll be proud to clink together. These gorgeous mugs come engraved with their name and initial and are a fantastic way to thank any service member for their time in the armed forces. Besides, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their first day off the job with a perfectly presented pint?

23. Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Personalized tactical survival military knife

If you're out and about, and just so happen to need a knife, not having one can be a real pain in the butt. With this personalized tactical survival knife, he'll have more than just a knife, he'll have a set of survival gear just in case he needs it. When it comes to survival knives, this one is amazing. It comes with a 4.25 inch blade as well as a sewing kit, some matches, a fishing line and hook, and a compass. Might need this all the time, but when he needs it he'll be one happy camper.

24. Tritium Compass 3H by Cammenga

Tritium Compass 3H by Cammenga
Tritium Compass side shot

Getting something that he can actually use but is also badass is hard to come by. With this tritium compass by Cammenga, he'll never be lost when he's out on a hike or simply exploring his surroundings. Made with seven tritium micro-lights, this compass will stay illuminated for over 12 years without a hitch. It's also extremely durable to many environmental elements, including water, sand, and random shocks. If you're looking for a great military retirement gift, you found it.

25. Brown Leatherette Personalized Cigar Case

Personalized leather cigar case with cigar cutter

If he's a cigar lover, give him the opportunity to light up a stogie on the go. You can do exactly that with this personalized cigar case, which is a perfect gift for the cigar loving military man in your life. This cigar case is made with high-quality leather and includes a stainless steel cigar cutter that's attached to the case. With the feature of holding three full size cigars, he'll have everything he needs to enjoy his favorite cigars where he goes.


26. Custom Whiskey Decanter Set with Rocks Glasses

Custom whiskey decanter military retirement gift set

Sometimes you just got to kick back and relax with your favorite whiskey. It's even better sometimes with some company. This whiskey decanter set is perfect for either of those occasions since he'll have a full whiskey set ready to go. As far as army retirement gifts go, here he'll have a fully personalizable whiskey decanter and four whiskey glasses made with the Rutherford design which is classic. Next time he's entertaining his buddies, everyone will take notice immediately.

Man in Army soldier outfit saluting near American flag

27. Personalized Military Gift Pint Glass

Engraved Insulated Stainless Steel Pint Glass

Enjoying your favorite ice cold beer is a luxury that should be enjoyed to the fullest. This personalized pint glass is absolutely perfect for this situation, which is a piece of gear I'm assuming he'd love to have. As far as army retirement gifts go, this is great because the stainless steel it's made of is perfect for keeping his beer cold for a long time. It's also personalizable with his name and military title, so it's something he can cherish for a long time.

28. Engraved Grilling Tools

Engraved Grill Tool Set of Gifts for Military Men
Bamboo grilling tools inside open bamboo box

Now that the long days of marches and time at the range are over, these gifts for military retirees will give them a new set of tools to harness over hours of practice–engraved bamboo grill tools. This is the perfect way that every retiree wants to spend their time. Now, they’ll get to create delicious flavors and foods everywhere they go thanks to the travel case. From seared steaks to perfectly seasoned barbecue, you can be sure these tools are going to see plenty of action!

29. Custom Poker Set of Gifts for Veterans

Personalized Poker Set of Unique Military Gifts

Leave the combat behind with a custom poker gift set. These gifts for veterans are a great way for them to unwind while spending time with friends, family, or their old platoon. These unique military gifts still let the veteran indulge in competition but this time it is from the comfort of their man cave or table. Add in the personalized cigar glass, and they’ll feel like a decorated general each time they deal a hand of cards.


30. Rustic Custom Flask Gift Set for Military Personnel

Rustic flask gift set for military personnel

When you have your own personal items, you just cherish them more than other gifts or stuff lying around. With this personalized flask gift set, you'll be giving him a treasure he can cherish for many years into the future. With a leather bound box, the flask also comes surrounded with brown leather. The kit also comes with a couple of metal shot glasses and a metal funnel he can use to fill up his flask with his favorite drink. The best part is it all fits inside the custom leather box.

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31. Billiard Room Personalized Wood Home Sign

Billiard Room Personalized Wood Home Sign

Playing pool is one of the most enjoyable hobbies and pass times imaginable. With this personalized billiard room sign, he'll be able to easily demarcate exactly where the fun is to be had in his billiard space. Made from high-quality, American birchwood, this custom sign is both highly durable and fashionable with a traditional finish. You can also get it personalized with his name, which is surrounded by a unique design perfectly fitting to a personal pool room.

32. Practical Gifts Any Veteran Would Love

Engraved Ammo Can Whiskey Military Retirement Gifts
Man in suit holding ammo can gift for military retirees

Gifts for veterans don’t always have to be something nice that they can display, they appreciate practical gifts too! After all, they’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy their favorite hobbies, travel, spend time with their family, and most importantly, relaxing. For a veteran who enjoys the outdoors, traveling, or both, this ammo can set is ideal! The tactical knife, flashlight, and ammo can are sure to come in handy on any adventure they go on whether it’s in the local woods or in a far-off mountain range. When they come home afterward, their custom glasses and whiskey stones will be waiting for them to relax with a drink!

33. The Best Place to Keep Their Essentials

Personalized Marine Valet Box

You want to give the veteran in your life something that shows them how proud you are, but you also want your gift to be practical. This custom valet box is both, and is certainly one of the greatest gifts for veterans! They can keep it on their bedside table or dresser and use it to store or organize their watches, jewelry, wallet, keys, and all of their daily essentials. When they open it, they’ll see the Marines’ Hymn and think of their awesome military career. This handsome valet box also comes in other branches such as the Air Force, Army, and Navy so that you can get one for any veteran you know!

34. American Flag Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized American Flag Whiskey Gifts for Veterans

One of the best military retirement gifts you can give is a personalized whiskey decanter set. This handsome set features an American flag design that also has his name, rank, and the date he enlisted or retired. The decanter is a stunning piece of glassware that will look fantastic displayed on his home bar or lounge area, and the equally cool glasses are perfect for serving guests. Whether he’s in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or the Coast Guard, he will love this incredible set.

35. Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set
Mini hatchet with sheath sitting on wooden table

Looking for a really cool, useful air force retirement gift? This is the perfect gift set. Included is a personalized ammo can, an awesome hatchet, a handy liquor flask, and a trusty pint glass. He’ll love having a custom ammo can for storing his ammunition, tools, or old duty gear. The hatchet is ideal for him to use to chop firewood in the winter and clear out trees in the summer, but it’s also useful for bringing along when camping or fishing! He’ll love having a cool flask to bring along on his travels so that he always has a few ounces of his favorite spirit at his side. The pint glass is perfect for drinking beer of course, but it’s also the perfect size to enjoy a soda, iced tea, or even cocktails. Everything about this gift set makes it one of the best gifts for veterans because it’s super useful and totally awesome.

36. 50 Cal Personalized Bullet Bottle Opener

50 cal personalized bullet bottle opener

Does he find himself looking for a bottle opener but always seems to misplace it? With this 50 cal bullet bottle opener, this gift will be too important and badass for him to lose so easily. This bottle opener is made from a real 50-caliber bullet that's been hallowed out and turned into something he can use every day. It's a big piece of gear that can also be personalized with his name, so it'll certainly be something he won't lose and keep with him when popping open a cold one.

37. Personalized Whiskey Gift Box for Veterans

Custom Whiskey Gift Box of Unique Military Gifts

Thank them for their service in the best way possible, with a drink! But better than that, with this whiskey box gift set, they’ll be set for life whenever the desire for a nice chilled whiskey comes! You can even make this an even more unique gift by getting them a box emblazoned with their specific branch’s insignia on the box: Navy, Marine, Army, Air Force!

Military Retirement Gifts FAQ

What do you give someone retiring from the military?

When you’re looking for unique military gifts for someone who just retired, you’ll want to get something that honors and commemorates their service. Not only is their service important to them, but they are to their country as well. Make them feel appreciated and welcomed into civilian life with unique gifts that thank them and also tells them that you and your loved ones will never forget what they did for you and their country

Is it customary to buy a retirement gift?

The tradition is to get military retirement gifts when their service is done. While there is no set price range, you only need to show that you are proud of their service and what they have done. Anything from a custom flag case to a unique decanter to simply a veterans hat to honor their time in the military will be much appreciated.

How do you make a veteran feel special?

Make veterans feel special simply by acknowledging their sacrifice and service. They have spent years of their lives making sure the country you live in today is free and safe. A small gift, a thank you, a card, anything will do to make sure they know you truly care about them and their service.


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