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Article: 27 Home Wet Bar Ideas for Kickass Home Bars

27 Home Wet Bar Ideas for Kickass Home Bars

27 Home Wet Bar Ideas for Kickass Home Bars

Amazing Wet Bar Ideas to Help You Make Your Dream Home Bar

Before we dive in, you have a decision to make: should your home bar match your current decor, or do you want it to have its own unique theme? These wet bar ideas will help you transform your current home bar into the awesome one you’ve always dreamed of whether you’re starting from scratch or you want to give it a fresh look. From glassware to wall decor, we’ve tracked down the best ideas to decorate and supply each and every aspect of your wet bar! With these home bar ideas, your wet bar will be just as cool as your favorite local pub. Wondering what should a wet bar have? Looking for wet bar ideas for small spaces? Trying to find cool things for a home bar? Relax, we found the perfect ideas for you no matter what your wet bar needs!

Bar Carts are Great Wet Bar Ideas

Antique Globe Bar Cart

Whether you’re in the market for a home bar for a small space, a new bar cart, or even just an addition to your home bar, this stunning bar cart is one of the best wet bar ideas! Designed to look like a luxurious antique globe, this incredible bar cart can be wheeled around your home or parked somewhere in a corner.

Bartending Tools Are Home Bar Essentials

Giant Cocktail Shaker Wet Bar Ideas

Every home bar needs at least a few bartending tools so that you can make mixed drinks for yourself and your guests. For those of you who frequently have large gatherings, this giant cocktail shaker is one of the coolest home bar essentials! This massive shaker can make up to 10 margaritas at once to make it quick and easy to serve your guests a batch of cocktails. They might laugh at the absurd size of it when they first see it, but once they realize how many mixed drinks it can make at once they’ll all want one for their home bars!

Don’t Forget the Decor

Personalized Wood Tavern Sign Home Bar Essentials

When putting together your wet bar ideas to create your dream bar, you’ve got to consider the decorations! What kind of theme will your home bar have? Or if it doesn’t have a theme, what kind of decor will match your home bar and make it stand out? Personalized signs are always a good idea, like this rustic tavern one! Perfect for old-fashioned, beer-themed, and English pub-style home bars, this unique sign is sure to be the centerpiece of your home bar!

Cool Liquor Dispensers Are Must-Haves

Three Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

Want to make your home bar feel like an actual bar? Then you need this handy three-bottle liquor dispenser! Now you can make cocktails and whiskey on the rocks with ease for anyone who wants a drink. Your guests will be impressed by your fancy liquor dispenser and love how it makes your home bar more like their favorite local pub. Talk about one of the coolest home bar ideas!

Make Fancy Smoked Cocktails

Drink Smoker System Wet Bar Ideas

As far as home bar essentials go, a smoke box is one of the coolest bar tools you can get. You can infuse any drink with a delicious new smoky flavor using this awesome gadget! You and your guests will love using this smoke box system to experiment with different flavors and discover which drinks go best with which type of wood chip.


Add Some Cool Shelves

LED Floating Bar Shelf

Whether your home bar exists already and you just want to spruce it up a bit or you’re starting from scratch and building it, one of the best wet bar ideas is shelving! And not just any ordinary shelving, this floating LED bar shelf is the perfect addition to any home bar. The LEDs will illuminate the bottles or glassware on the shelf, turning your storage into functional decor! How awesome is that? You can put a whole set of these on the back wall of your home bar to show off all of your liquor bottles and it will look awesome.

Rocks Glasses Are Home Bar Essentials

Personalized Set of 4 Rocks Glasses

Sure, you could pick up a set of rocks glasses at any store and call it good, or you could go the extra mile and get your own set of personalized ones! You can customize these handsome rocks glasses with your name or the name of your home bar, making them extra special. Plus, these custom glasses are of far higher quality than typical store-bought ones as they have thicker glass and don’t even produce condensation. If there is any glassware you need for your home bar, it’s these!

Show Your State Pride

Home State Beer Bottle Cap Map Signs

Add a reminder of home to your bar with a beer bottle cap map of your home state! These cool signs show off not only your pride in where you came from but also all of your favorite beers via the bottle caps. You’ll love filling up the sign over time with bottle caps and once you’re done, you have a one-of-a-kind decoration to display in your home bar!

The Perfect Cocktail Shaker for Bartending Beginners

Recipe Cocktail Shaker Home Bar Essentials

So, you want or have an awesome home bar but you’re not quite a professional bartender yet. One of the home bar essentials any beginner bartender needs is this handy cocktail recipe shaker! Simply rotate the shaker until the arrow points at the popular cocktail of your choice and it will reveal all of the ingredients you need to make it. How awesome is that? Now you’ll know exactly what to grab the next time your significant other wants a Dry Martini or your buddy says he wants to try a Lemon Drop.

Bottle Openers Are Absolutely Necessary

Personalized Wall Mounted Wood Bottle Opener

This should really go without saying, but every home bar needs a bottle opener, and this handy wall-mounted one is perfect! With it mounted on the wall, you won’t need to rummage through the drawers for a little handheld bottle opener ever again. The fact that it’s personalized makes it more unique and adds a nice personal touch to your home bar. Plus, your guests can use it too when they grab a beer from the cooler!

The Only Cocktail Book You’ll Ever Need

The Essential Cocktail Book by Graphic Image

It’s pretty standard to have a book of cocktail recipes on hand, but most aren’t as in-depth or as big as this one! This gorgeous volume not only walks you through the steps of how to make the cocktails, but how to serve them, too. Now you can feel like a real bartender and impress your friends and guests with bar-quality mixed drinks from your own home bar. Plus, when you aren’t using it this impressive book looks great on display!

For the Bar That Serves Everything

Custom Wood Bar Sign Wet Bar Ideas

When it comes to decorating your home bar, keeping your theme in mind is important. You want your decorations to match and create a cohesive feel to the space so that it becomes more like a place to hang out and entertain guests rather than just another room in your home. One of the best wet bar ideas for decorating is this fun personalized sign! Perfect for home bars that serve wine, cocktails, beer, and all things in between, this modern sign is the centerpiece for your decorations and makes your home bar official.


An Impressive Centerpiece for Your Wet Bar

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Serving Set

Decanter sets are great to have in wet bars and home bars alike because they look luxurious and make it easy to serve drinks. This particular decanter set is one of the best because it comes with a handy serving tray, which allows you to carry the whole five-piece set around the room and bring drinks to your guests with ease. When it’s not in use, this stunning decanter set makes a handsome centerpiece and luxurious addition to your home bar!

You Definitely Need an Ice Bucket

Insulated Ice Bucket with Scoop

While actual bars don’t typically use ice buckets, in a home bar it’s a necessity! You don’t need to make your guests go get their own ice from the fridge in the kitchen, just keep an insulated ice bucket in your home bar so that everyone can keep their drinks chilled. They will appreciate the convenience of having an ice bucket around so that they can stay in your awesome home bar and hang out, and especially appreciate it when you make their cocktails.

Flights Are Great for Tastings

Beer Tasting Flight Set

Do you enjoy hosting tasting parties with your fellow liquor connoisseurs? Whether it’s beer, whiskey, wine, or even tequila, a flight set is absolutely essential for tastings. This beer flight is great for trying different kinds of beer, especially if you’re trying to decide which ones to keep on tap in your home bar! Tasting flights definitely make your home bar or wet bar feel more like your favorite local pub.

Your Own Robot Bartender

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Want to make your home bar really awesome? Get a Bartesian! This incredible gadget makes any cocktail you want with the push of a button. Like a Keurig, it uses cocktail capsules that are filled with the essential ingredients minus the alcohol and when you insert the capsule into the Bartesian it suggests the correct glass to serve it with and then makes the cocktail in seconds! All you have to do is fill it with the liquor you need. Such an awesome gadget is one of the coolest wet bar ideas out there, and it will certainly make yours stand out among everyone else’s!

Novelty Decanters Are Great Additions to Your Home Bar

Ship in a Bottle Novelty Decanter with Shot Glasses

It never hurts to add something fun like a novelty decanter to your home bar! They may be more decorative than functional sometimes, but that definitely isn’t the case with this awesome ship-in-a-bottle decanter. The cool and convenient spigot design makes it super easy to pour a drink or a shot, and the decanter itself will be the talk of the room at every gathering you have because it’s so awesome!

Luxurious Bar Tools

Gold Bar Tool Set Home Bar Essentials

While bar tools are home bar essentials, you don’t have to get just any old bar tools. Add these beautiful gold tools to your home bar to make it a little more luxurious! When you’re using these to make drinks, you’ll feel like a million bucks because they’re so fancy. In fact, you’ll want to leave these golden tools out on display when you’re not using them because they look great on your wet bar.

Enjoy Red Wine the Right Way

Three Piece Custom Wine Decanter Set Wet Bar Ideas

With a wine decanter, you can finally enjoy your favorite red wines to the fullest! This lovely decanter has an easy two-step process for decanting red wine so that you can truly taste all of the flavors without the bite of the tannins. Ideal for sharing with a partner or a few friends, this set is sure to be part of every date night, wine tasting, dinner, and formal gathering you have from now on.

A Regal Sign for Your Home Bar

Personalized Wood English Pub Sign

Whether your wet bar is themed around an English pub or you just want to add a pop of color to your bar area, this beautiful sign is ideal! By far one of the most impressive wet bar ideas, this regal sign commands the attention of anyone who comes into the room. It also makes your home bar feel more realistic and official, which makes it the perfect finishing touch to add to it before having guests over.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Have a Set of Bitters On Hand

Set of Cocktail Bitters Home Bar Essentials

Bitters are absolutely essential cocktail ingredients that you need to have if you plan on making a lot of mixed drinks. These unique bitters are sure to make any mixed drink feel bar-quality and impress everyone who tries them! They even look great on your liquor shelf on display when you’re not using them to bartend.

Unique Coasters

Personalized Acacia and Marble Coasters

You’re probably thinking “coasters! Why didn’t I even think about them?” Coasters are some of the most overlooked home bar essentials because you don’t really consider buying them until you need them, and with your new home bar, you’ll definitely want to get a set! After all, you don’t want any condensation rings on the new liquor cabinet or bar table. These beautiful marble and acacia wood coasters are as attractive as they are useful because they’ll keep your furniture safe from liquids and even add a nice personal touch to your decor!

The Ultimate Beer Glass Set

Beer Tasting Set Wet Bar Ideas

Whether you’re into beer tasting or you want to be able to offer every type of beer at your home bar, this ultimate beer glass set is a must-have. With a glass for every kind of beer, you’ll always have the perfect drinkware on hand whether your guest is in the mood for a pilsner or a stout! This way, you and your guests can enjoy your favorite beers to the fullest because each glass is designed to deliver the best flavor possible for their corresponding beer.

Your Own Whiskey Label

Custom Whiskey Label Wooden Sign

Whether your home bar is whiskey-themed or you just want to add a personal touch to your space, this awesome whiskey label sign is one of the coolest wet bar ideas around! The whole design is customizable to make it especially unique for your home bar so that no one else in the world will have one like it. Everyone who sees this cool sign will marvel at how official it looks and ask to try your whiskey!

Smoke Drinks, Snacks, Cigars, and More

Smoking Cloche Set

While the smoke box system you saw at the beginning is awesome, it’s really only ideal for smoking one drink at a time. With this smoking cloche, however, you can smoke two or three drinks at a time, a variety of different cheeses for gourmet appetizers, an entire pack of cigars, and more! This luxurious smoking gadget is the coolest way to make a smoked Old Fashioned or to infuse your gouda with a delicious smoky flavor to wow your guests. Once you try it out, you’ll want to smoke everything you drink and eat from now on!

A New Liquor Cabinet for Your Wet Bar

Antique Liquor Serving Cabinet Wet Bar Ideas

Need more storage or looking to build your own bar? A vintage liquor cabinet is one of the best wet bar ideas! This beautiful wood cabinet has more than enough storage for your stemware, bottles of wine or liquor, and even a decanter set or two! This way, you can make sure your home bar is fully stocked without the clutter. This cabinet is ideal for small spaces, but it’ll be a welcome addition to a home bar of any size!

A Unique Decoration for Your Bar

Persoinalized Shadow Box Home Bar Essentials

Shadow boxes are one of the most versatile pieces of decor because you can put just about anything inside them: bottle caps, wine corks, cigar bands, labels, ticket stubs, and more. They’re great for collecting things, like every bottle cap from each beer you open once your home bar is complete as a unique way to track how many people you’ve had over to visit. Whatever you decide to store inside this awesome decoration, you’ll enjoy adding to it over time and seeing your collection grow just as your home bar has!


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