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Article: 19 Great Gifts for Dad for Christmas

19 Great Gifts for Dad for Christmas

19 Great Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Make This a Holiday to Remember with Amazing Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Dad, while he is the guy who taught you how to tie your shoes and throw a ball, the one thing he never helped with is how to get him a good gift. Dads are always so hard to buy for, after all, they always seem to already have what they want. And now you’re trying to find a Christmas gift for dad? That makes it even harder. However, gifts for dad for Christmas don’t have to be the end of the world. These gifts for dad should be something unique that will remind him of you and this specific Christmas for years to come. Don’t get stuck asking “What can I get for my dad for Christmas?” Because now you’ll have the answer! It won’t be three days before Christmas wondering “What should I get my stubborn dad for Christmas?” or “What should I get my dad with no hobbies?” With this epic set of gifts, you’ll know just what will make your dad’s holiday complete!

Luxury Whiskey Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Whiskey Decanter Set of Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Start your search for a cool Christmas gift for dad off on the right foot with this fantastic-looking decanter box set. Perfect to get your dad right into the Christmas spirit, he is sure to want to have a drink from his gift as soon as he opens it. After being outside in the cold putting up Christmas lights or shoveling the driveway, you know nothing will get him warm this holiday season quite like a drink from his new favorite gift.

Cool Custom Craft Beer Gifts

Christmas Gift Set of Beer Tasting Glasses for Dad

Make your dad believe in Santa Claus again with this custom beer tasting box set. He won’t be able to believe that something this cool exists without the help of someone like Santa. Perfect for craft beer tastings, not only will he finally have the perfect set of glasses to highlight flavors and aromas but he’ll have the ultimate beer get set that he can even share a pint or two with his favorite people, too!

Engraved Cognac Gift Set for Dad

Personalized Cognac and Cigar Gift Set

Few things are as classically enjoyed during winter quite as cognac. For your dad, it will be like the liquor version of a hot chocolate. When he uses this personalized cognac gift set, easily be able to get rid of that kind of cold that chills him to the bone with a delicious drink as well as a smoldering cigar. However, now that he has this gift set, every puff of the stogie and sip from his glasses will feel that much more special during this magical time of year.

Toughest Christmas Gift Idea Around

Ammo Can Set is a Cool Christmas Gift for Dad

Use this set of gifts for dad for Christmas as a way to show your dad that just because it is the holidays that are about merriment that he can still get an awesome, manly gift. This custom pint glass ammo can gift set has everything a guy like your dad could possibly want. It even says that he is a myth and a legend on the ammo can and pint glasses. How cool is that? Whether he uses these tools to enjoy an ice-cold brewski or to survive Christmas at the in-laws he’ll never forget this memorable gift.

Cool Christmas Gift for Dad is a Humidor Set

Monogrammed Cigar Humidor Gift Set

Got a dad who has made cigars one of his favorite hobbies? Then if you are looking for a cool Christmas gift for dad, you can’t do much better than this monogrammed cigar humidor gift set. It has that personal touch that shows you really went looking for the perfect gift as well as incredible practicality which men like your dad love. Now, his stogies can be stored for so much longer, meaning a better smoking experience each time he goes for a cigar.


A Luxury Set for the King

Carved Wooden Chess Set Christmas Gift for Dad

A time-honored game like chess is something dads have been passing down to their children for generations. Now is the time to replace that set that has seen better days with a gorgeously carved wooden chess board. With each piece meticulously made, this set will be out just for display even when a game isn’t being played. Talk about a Christmas gift that he’ll enjoy all year round.

Take a Shot at Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Bullet Whiskey Stone Set of Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Check out these cool Christmas gifts for dad! He’ll love that you took your best shot at getting a badass gift set this holiday season. So, put this bullet whiskey stone set into your sights and make dad’s year with a gift he’ll always get a smile on his face each time he uses it. After all, most guys love anything that has to deal with guns. It will make him feel manly. So, whether he uses this as a celebratory drinking set after bagging a big buck or enjoys a cool drink while he watches Rambo for the 1000th time, you already know he is going to get tons of use from this great gift.

The Best Cornhole Board Ever

Personalized Whiskey Label Cornhole Game

Combine your dad’s passions this Christmas with a cornhole gift set that also makes him feel like he is the owner of his own famous whiskey label too. Even if there is snow on the ground he’ll be sure to set this gift up in his garage to give himself and his family the first shot at draining some bags. However, when spring comes around this is going to be out at every bonfire and BBQ he has.

A Sharp Dad Christmas Gift Idea

Damascus and Cigar Glass is a Cool Christmas Gift for Dad

Sometimes the most memorable gifts for dad for Christmas come in smaller rather than larger packages. Take this Damascus knife and cigar glass gift set. It is a unique way to show your dad during Christmas just how much you love him. Perfect for unwinding and celebrating at home, the cigar glass is a fantastic unique gift. However, what makes this set amazing is the fact that he can bring the knife with him everywhere he goes and use it for everything from letters to hunting uses.

Keep Dad on the Grill

Custom Wooden Grill Tool Set

Serve up a sweet set of gifts for dad this Christmas with an awesome grill tool gift set that will have him hopping onto his grill even if it is buried in a few feet of snow. The rosewood case contains grill tools that are amazing to look at as well as handle. He’ll feel like a top-of-the-line barbecue master when he is placing steaks on the grill and being able to move and flip them with ease thanks to this fantastic Christmas gift for dad.

Exotic Meat for Him to Cook

Game Sausage Gift Set

Speaking of grilling, make his next set of sausages more interesting than ever with these delicious game meats. Sure, beef, pork, and chicken are great tasting but he’ll love trying duck, rabbit, lamb, venison, and wild boar sausages on a chilly Christmas morning.

Custom Sign is a Cool Christmas Gift for Dad

Personalized Cigar Sign is a Cool Christmas Gift for Dad

During the winter, the chimney isn’t the only thing creating smoke at your dad’s house. His love for cigars knows no bounds which is why a little home decor with this cigar lover's custom sign is just what your dad needs to find under the tree. Ideal for his man cave or cigar lounge, he’ll have this sign hung up before the wrapping paper of this gift even hits the ground.


A New Twist on Christmas Gifts for Dad

Engraved Twist Whiskey Glasses for Dad

Gifts for dad for Christmas are a great opportunity to give him something that feels luxurious. With these engraved twist glasses, he’ll feel like the CEO of his company who just had the most successful day each time he pours and enjoys a drink using these gorgeous glasses. This set will look just as at home under the tree on Christmas morning as it will on his home bar counter.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Luxury Cutting Board for Dad for Christmas

For the dad who can’t get enough of life on the grill, this personalized hardwood cutting board is just the cool Christmas gift for dad he was looking for. Ideal for when he needs to slice and dice some meat and veggies, this board can also double as a charcuterie board too. After all, if you had a gift that looked this good you’d want to get it in front of as many people as possible too.

A Christmas Gift for the Memories

Craft Beer and Shadow Box Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Your dad is an absolute legend. Not just for all that he has done in his life but for raising someone as good as you. After all, if you didn’t respect him you wouldn't be here looking at incredible gifts. So, make sure he knows just how mythical he is with a custom shadow box and craft beer gift set that says just that. This is an incredibly cool Christmas gift for dad that allows him to show off his collection as well as one that gives him a drink. Talk about the perfect dad gift idea!

Learn Him Something

BBQ Masterclass

Every man innately knows how to BBQ a little bit but with this Masterclass Christmas gift, your father will be on the BBQ stage grilling and smoking like an absolute pro! He’ll be so happy that his Christmas gift helps him develop a skill. Besides, this gift also means he has to practice, which means lots of free BBQ for you too!

Classy Beer Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Luxury Beer Mug Box Set

Beer may not always be associated with classy drinks or classy people, but when anyone sees this set of gifts for dad for Christmas he got, they’ll think otherwise. This engraved and luxurious beer mug box set will have him feeling like the most interesting man in the world each time he sips on a pilsner or ale from his own unique beer mug. Add in the fantastic–looking black gift box and it is one of the best dad Christmas gifts you can give!

A Fantastic Wine Decanter for Dad’s Christmas Gift

Wine Decanter Set is a Cool Christmas Gift for Dad

Wine is a fantastic gift idea for dad for the holidays. It is a traditional holiday spirit as well as something he can easily share with family and friends. However, a bottle tends to be forgotten about, but when he gets this custom aerating decanter and glasses gift set, it’ll be a gift he’ll never forget! Perfect for a drink with Christmas dinner, he’ll want to use this set with his wife every chance he gets. From the holidays to his anniversary to even just because you’ll be sure to be seeing your dad enjoying this wine decanter set time and time again.

Keep Dad Caffeinated

Personalized Coffee Carafe Gift Set for Dad

A cool Christmas gift for dad keeps him caffeinated. With this engraved coffee carafe gift set, he can easily enjoy his favorite morning brew at home, in the office, or on the go. In fact, it is perfect if he keeps one mug at home and the other at the office, this way he’s always able to enjoy your gift while he gets his go-juice going for the day!


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