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Article: 27 Great Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

27 Great Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

27 Great Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

Check Out These Epic Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything:

When it comes to buying gifts for a person who seemingly has it all, it’s next to impossible to find them something you’re 100% sure that they either will genuinely like or that they don’t have already. Gift ideas for someone who has everything should be unique items such as personalized or unusual gifts that they would never buy for themselves. You can certainly get them something you know they already have that’s personalized or a new version of the item, and that way you know for sure they’ll love your gift. Don’t worry, the unique gifts for someone who has everything we tracked down are sure to be awesome for anyone you’re shopping for, no matter what the occasion is!

Impressive Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Monogrammed Decanter Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

The best kinds of gifts for a person who has it all are items they can use or display. This stunning monogrammed decanter set is the best of both! With plenty of glasses to go around and a convenient serving tray to bring the entire set anywhere in the house, this decanter set is a must-have for parties and gatherings with friends or family. When it’s not being used, this beautiful presentation set is a luxurious display and makes the perfect centerpiece for their home bar, office, dining room, or even the living room.

Custom Signs are Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Personalized Wood Pub Sign

Looking for something decorative as a gift for someone you know who has everything? Get them a personalized bar sign! Not only is it a unique gift that they definitely won’t already have, but it’s a super cool piece to display in their home bar or dining room! This cool sign is one of the best gift ideas for someone who has everything on their birthday, for housewarming, or even their anniversary.

The Coolest Addition to Their Home or Office

Etched Ship Decanter Set of Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Are you in search of a truly spectacular gift for the person who is impossible to buy for because they insist on not needing anything? Well, this decanter set is sure to knock their socks off! By far one of the most unique gifts for someone who has everything, this ship decanter set is sure to be their new favorite way to enjoy their drinks. The impressive decanter and its glass-blown ship are great for storing and serving any liquor from vodka to rum, and the delicate globe glasses are ideal for sharing drinks with friends.

One of the Coolest Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Smoke Box System

You’re probably wondering, “What is that contraption?” It’s a smoke box system, which is a really nifty gadget that turns any ordinary drink (or food, even) into a whole new exotic treat! The person who has everything will love experimenting with their favorite liquors and cocktails by infusing them with unique smoky flavors, creating all-new concoctions that they’ve never dreamed of before. This awesome gift is one of the most memorable ones you can give, and it’s sure to be enjoyed by the person you’re giving it to and all of their loved ones for years to come!

The Ultimate Gifts for Someone Who Loves Beer

Custom Beer Ammo Can Set of Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

When you’re not sure what to get someone who has everything as a gift, the first thing you should do is think about their interests. For a person who loves beer, this awesome ammo can set is ideal! They will love using their new personalized pint glasses and the cool bottle opener to enjoy a couple of cold ones. If they also enjoy the outdoors, they’ll appreciate the ammo can and the nifty pocket knife twice as much because they’ll both come in handy on adventures whether they’re camping, hiking, or backpacking in the wilderness. This amazing gift set would pair well with a six-pack of their favorite beer and would be perfect for their birthday or the holidays.


For the Person Who Likes to Experiment When Cooking

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Do you know someone who has everything that also enjoys cooking? Then they need a molecular gastronomy set! Using science and cooking, they can create incredibly cool dishes such as mint caviar, chocolate spaghetti, or even treats like strawberry jam that tastes like chocolate using aromas! Anyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen will enjoy this creative gift, and the person who has everything definitely won’t have something like this!

Wine Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Engraved Wine Decanter Set

Wondering what kind of gift is best for someone who has everything but likes wine? Get them this personalized wine decanter set! Not only will they love the elegant personalized glasses, but they will enjoy having a wine decanter to separate sediment from their favorite red wines to enhance the flavors. Everything about this beautiful decanter set makes it one of the best gifts for a wine lover who wants nothing!

Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything They Can Share

Custom Whiskey Label Cornhole Set

Everyone loves a good game of cornhole, but most people don’t actually have their own set! Plus, you can create their very own whiskey label on it! How awesome is that? That’s just one of the reasons this unique cornhole set is the perfect gift, especially for someone who has everything. It’s also a way to have their very own whiskey label, it can be used indoors or outdoors, and it’s even portable! Seriously, even the person who’s impossible to buy for would love such an awesome gift for Christmas or their birthday.

The Most Practical Gifts for Someone Who Wants Nothing

Engraved Beer Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Practical or useful gifts are always a good idea for people who say they want nothing. This awesome beer-themed ammo box set is the jackpot of practical gifts! From pint glasses to a handy multi tool, this set has tons of great items inside that are useful. It also has tasty snacks like beef jerky and beer peanuts! These unique gifts for someone who has everything are perfect to give for their birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas.

Gifts They Definitely Don’t Have

Personalized Flask and Knife Set

If you’re totally stuck on what to get them as a gift, go all out and get them these unique gifts that they definitely don’t own already (well, probably). The awesome leather-wrapped flask is uniquely personalized just for them and will come in handy when they’re out and about or hanging out with friends. They’ll also want to bring their trusty new lockback knife, which comes with plenty of cool features such as a rope cutter and even a glass breaker. Of course, they won’t leave the house without their handsome new wooden watch that no one else they know will be sporting! These incredible gifts are the perfect birthday or holiday gifts for someone who has everything, even if they insist that they don’t want anything.

A Gift That Makes Things Easier

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Not sure what to get someone who says they want nothing? Tech gifts are usually best, especially if it’s a Ring doorbell! This handy upgrade not only makes it easier to secure their home with a camera and a phone-enabled lock, but it also allows them to see who’s ringing the doorbell or if their packages have been delivered while they’re away. Once they get the hang of using their Ring, they’ll never want to live without it!

Must-Have Beer Set

Custom Beer Growler and Pint Glass Set

Don’t just give the beer lover you know a tour of a local brewery as a gift again. Instead, get them this amazing beer growler and pint set! They likely have a couple of beer glasses and maybe even a growler, too, but are they personalized? No? Then this set is certainly an upgrade! They will be amazed at how much thought you put into personalizing this set, and especially at the insulated growler which they can use to bring their favorite brew anywhere.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts They Never Knew They Needed

Personalized Whiskey Decanter and Cigar Gift Basket

The best kinds of gift ideas for someone who has everything are those that are so unique, you know that without a doubt that they don’t have something like it already. This incredible personalized whiskey gift set is guaranteed to be unlike anything they have! From the elegant design you can customize on all of the glassware and the box to the handy cigar accessories, everything about this gift set is one-of-a-kind. Once they try out each piece of this set, they’ll never know how they lived without them!


For the Person Who Owns Every Movie

Personalized Wood Movie Theater Sign

What do you get someone who loves movies but owns as many Blu-rays as the local video store? Their own custom movie theater sign, of course! Every movie buff dreams of having their own home theater, but it isn’t complete without an official sign! This awesome decor is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone who has everything and loves movies.

The Most Sophisticated Gift They’ve Ever Received

Personalized Whisey and Cigar Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Gifts for someone who has everything don’t have to be totally out there and unique, they can be simple things like this relaxing, sophisticated gift set! Anyone who enjoys kicking back with a glass of whiskey and a stogie will love this suave set, especially since it makes their favorite way to relax even better! The unique cigar stand and cigar case will come in handy when they’re enjoying a stogie on the go, and the beautiful glasses will make them feel like James Bond with every sip because they’re so cool and elegant.

A Plant They Can Enjoy for Years

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Tree

Whether they’re known for being a green thumb or you’re looking for unique gifts for someone who has everything, a bonsai tree is one of the best gifts! Bonsai trees are just miniature versions of certain trees that, through regular trimming and tending, can live for decades. It’s also a relaxing hobby and is a lovely addition to anyone’s home or office! You just can’t go wrong with a bonsai tree, especially for someone who says they have everything.

Luxurious Gifts They’ll Never Expect

Personalized Globe Decanter Set

Want to give them something so amazing and luxurious that they’ll want to show it off to everyone they know? This globe decanter set is it! The etched decanter and its incredible glass-blown ship sailing through the liquor within are gorgeous on their own, but it also comes with two spectacularly engraved crystal glasses! They will be speechless when you give them these gorgeous gifts and will proudly display them front-and-center in their living room or home bar so that everyone who visits will see their beauty.

Not Your Average Cutting Board

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

For someone who enjoys cooking, a cutting board or a couple of new kitchen tools is pretty standard. However, someone who has everything will already have everything they need to run their kitchen, but they would never turn down an upgrade like a new butcher block! This stunning end grain bamboo butcher block is a cutting board, charcuterie serving board, and a decorative piece for their kitchen all in one gorgeous gift. Any avid cook will toss their old cutting board the moment they open up your incredible gift!

The Coolest Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Custom Ammo Can with Watch

You’re in search of unusual, cool gifts for the person who has everything and wants nothing, right? Well, one look at this incredible gift set and they’ll be speechless! From the personalized whiskey glasses to the amazing wooden watch, everything in this gift set is unique and totally one-of-a-kind. They’ll be so impressed with this gift set that they’ll want to pour you a drink and toast to your amazing gift-giving skills with their new glasses and whiskey stones!

The Best Grilling Tools They’ll Ever Own

Personalized Grilling Tools

Last year you got the grill-loving person you know a set of meat rubs for their birthday, but what should you get them this year? They insist that they don’t need or want anything, but you want to get a gift anyway. A personalized set of professional grilling tools! Even if they already have a fork, tongs, and spatula, they won’t want to use them once they see these gorgeous rosewood tools. The handy carrying case also allows them to bring their trusty tools along to the lake, the neighborhood park, or their friend’s house so that they can grill anywhere!

A Custom Controller for Their Favorite Console

Custom Made Gaming Controller

Getting gifts for gamers who have everything is never easy because they get new games and accessories all the time. But what about a custom controller? Scuf Gaming makes custom controllers for all kinds of consoles so that you can get a unique controller just for them that’s more comfortable to use and infinitely cooler than any controllers they already have. By far one of the most unique gift ideas for someone who has everything, this custom controller is sure to be the coolest gift any gamer could get!

For the Person Who Has Everything But The Right Glasses

Personalized Cognac Box Set of Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Did you know that cognac is supposed to be enjoyed from a specific kind of glass? For the person who has everything and enjoys this luxurious spirit, no gift is more perfect than this cognac gift set! The glasses are designed to make their favorite cognac the perfect temperature and reveal their exotic flavors, which means they’ll be able to enjoy the luxurious spirit like never before thanks to your awesome gift!

Tactical and Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Custom Whiskey Stone Set with Knife and Bottle Opener

The best way to guarantee that your gifts will be appreciated by someone who has everything is to make sure they fit in with their interests. For an outdoorsy, manly, or practical person, this unique gift set is perfect! With bullet whiskey stones, a tactical knife, a survival kit, and even a bullet-turned-bottle opener, this incredibly cool gift set is one of the coolest gift ideas for someone who has everything.

Let Your Gift Tell Them How Cool They Are

Personalized Crystal Decanter Set

You’re in search of a gift that’s just as awesome as the person you’re buying it for, but they said they don’t need anything. They definitely won’t say no to this incredible whiskey decanter set! The personalized decanter declares them as an “Ultra Rare Edition,” and the stunning crystal Glencairn glasses will certainly make them feel like royalty with every sip. Everything about this exceptional decanter set makes it one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts for someone who has everything!

Modern Wine Gift Set They Will Want to Use All the Time

Custom Wine Tumbler Box Set of Unique Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Regular wine glasses are so last year, and everyone has some already. Instead, get the person who has everything a set of insulated wine tumblers! Made of stainless steel, these awesome tumblers are virtually indestructible and are great for using indoors, outdoors, on the go, or anywhere! They’ll keep wine, cocktails, or even juice perfectly chilled whether they’re lounging by the pool on a hot summer day or they’re cuddled up on the couch with their spouse. Once they start using these tumblers, they’ll never want to use fragile, regular wine glasses again.

Give Them a Proper Title

Lordship Title Pack

You’ve made it almost to the end and you haven’t decided on the perfect gift for the person who wants nothing? Blow their mind with a gift unlike any other: a title! They can be a Lord or a Lady of the beautiful Aberdeenshire, Scotland and own a plot of land. The whole purpose of this unique gift is actually to conserve the land by preventing anyone from developing the land as well as planting a tree for every title purchased, so if they’re all about the environment then this gift is doubly awesome. Yes, the title is legit, so you’ll have to call them Lord or Lady from now on and they will enjoy telling everyone about their new title and the beautiful land in Scotland they now own.

The Best Whiskey Glasses

Personalized Glencairn Whiskey Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

Sure, they probably have a couple of rocks glasses to use for the evening glass of whiskey, but do they have Glencairn glasses? No? Any whiskey fan needs a couple of Glencairn glasses because they are specifically designed to deliver the most flavorful and best-tasting whiskey with every sip. Their unique design enhances the flavors and aromas, which allows anyone to enjoy the whiskey to the fullest whether it’s a top-shelf bottle or a cheaper brand. These unique glasses are the perfect gift ideas for someone who has everything and absolutely loves whiskey!


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