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Article: 29 Astonishing Dad Birthday Gifts

29 Astonishing Dad Birthday Gifts

29 Astonishing Dad Birthday Gifts

Impress Your Father with These Awesome Dad Birthday Gifts!

Your father’s birthday is quickly approaching and you’re absolutely stumped on what to get him. This year, you’re determined to find him the best dad birthday gifts instead of the usual gift card to Lowe’s or his favorite restaurant. But what are good birthday gifts for dad? Most dads love grilling, golfing, watching TV or movies, drinking, fixing up things around the house or their car, and spending time outdoors. Any gift that has to do with dad’s interests and hobbies is always the best way to go. You could even step it up a notch and get him something personalized! See? Shopping for dad’s birthday gifts isn’t so hard. Don’t worry, our experts found birthday gifts for dad, that he will love!

Dad’s Two Favorite Things in One Gift

Golf Grilling Tools with Case is a Birthday Gift for Dad

Your dad is the kind of guy who loves golfing, grilling, and spending time outside when the weather is nice. However, you’re stumped on what to get him for his birthday because he’s got plenty of golfing gear, a nice grill, and all kinds of accessories. One thing’s for sure: he doesn’t have grilling tools that look like golf clubs! These golf clubs are the epitome of a dad gift as they are as useful as they are amusing. The tools will become his new favorites to use every summer, and he’ll want to show them off to all of his buddies. Have you ever seen a more perfect dad birthday gift?

A Sweet Sign from All of the Kids

Custom Dad's Blessing Sign for Dad's Birthday

One way to get your dad an awesome birthday present is by getting together with your siblings and getting him a group gift. For example, this lovely personalized sign is a great dad birthday gift that is so touching, he might just cry when he unwraps it. The sign is engraved with “My greatest blessings call me dad” followed by the birthdays and names of up to four children. He’ll love it so much that he’ll proudly display it for everyone to see for the rest of his life. Your siblings will definitely want to make sure that everyone gets credit for such a meaningful and heartwarming gift!

The Coolest Birthday Gift for the Gun-Loving Dad

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Your father is manly guy who loves his guns. He taught you and all of your siblings how to shoot shotguns, rifles, hand guns, and even his beloved machine gun. Typically the easiest gift to give him on his birthday is a couple of boxes of ammo or a renewed membership to his favorite gun range, but he’s got plenty of both this year and you’re stumped. This custom gun lover whiskey gift set is one of those really good birthday gifts for dad that he’ll never expect. The stainless steel bullet whiskey stones are both fun and practical as they chill his drink to the perfect temperature without affecting the flavor of his Jim Beam. The set also comes with a bottle opener made from a real .50 caliber bullet! Your dad will be so impressed by this personalized gift set that everyone else’s birthday gifts to men will pale in comparison.

The Ultimate Beer Lover Birthday Gift

Ultimate Beer Birthday Gift for Dad

If beer is as synonymous with your father as shopping is to your mother, then you know that a beer-themed gift is always the best way to go when searching for a birthday gift. You’ve gotten him birthday gift baskets and sets before, but this year you really want to get him something truly amazing. How about a complete set of the best beer glasses? This ultimate tasting set comes with the four most popular beer glasses: IPA, craft, English pint, and a pilsner glass. Also included is a matching personalized wooden gift box to house the set as well as a bottle opener. Each glass is specifically designed to improve the flavor and aromas of their corresponding types of beer. Your dad will be so amazed at this set that he’ll never want to drink out of a regular bottle or can again!


Personalized Leather Tray

Customizable Leather Valet Tray

Your father is a simple guy who claims he has everything and wants nothing. He’s always difficult to buy gifts for because he says the same thing every year when his birthday comes around: “I don’t need anything.” You don’t want to get him a gift card to Home Depot yet again, but you’re stumped on what he would actually enjoy. That’s where this personalized leather tray comes in! Simple yet versatile, this handmade tray is perfect as a catch-all for his nightstand to hold his watch and jewelry, a convenient place to store stray tools or nails, use to store loose change, and so much more. The best part about this leather tray is that it is personalized just for him! You can make it perfect for him with your own text or image to make it a one-of-a-kind dad birthday gift that he’ll treasure forever.

Sophisticated Cigar Lover Set

Monogrammed Cigar Holding Glass and Ashtray

There’s nothing like a fresh Macanudo and a glass of scotch to help your dad unwind after a long day. For as long as you can remember, your dad reaches for a stogie and a glass as soon as he gets home from work. A good birthday gift for dad is one that will help his routine, like this cigar lover gift set! The whiskey glass will actually hold his cigar for him, freeing up one hand to use to hold his smartphone as he reads his emails or to read a book. The genuine marble ashtray will replace that old glass one that your mom has been trying to get rid of for years and make his home office a little more refined. Dad will love most of all that the glass and ashtray are engraved with his initials!

Dad Can Show Off His Taste in Beer

Beer Bottle Cap Collector Sign

Your father is the kind of guy who loves trying new beers. He loves craft beer from local microbreweries and is known by name at most of them. He even has a brew named after him at his favorite brewery! One of the best dad birthday gifts for a guy like him is this unique beer bottle cap sign. With this cool piece of decor, he can show off the bottle caps of all of his favorite beers and add a personal touch to his home bar.

A Gift Set with All of His Favorite Things

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Your father is a sophisticated guy who enjoys the finer things in life, but still likes to spend time outdoors now and then. You have several memories of spending weekends at the lake, going on family camping trips, and going with him and your uncle to the shooting range every month. His hobbies usually don’t make him any easier to shop for when it comes to birthday presents, but this time you’ll be all set with this incredible gift! It comes with all of his favorite things: two personalized whiskey glasses for his after-dinner drink, a cigar cutter and lighter for when the occasion calls for a cigar, and a matching engraved ammo can to store anything from ammunition rounds to tools. You’ll never find a more perfect dad birthday gift!

Help Make His Dream of Having His Own Brewery Come True

A Dad Birthday Gift is a Beer Growler Set

For as long as you can remember, your father has dreamt of having his very own craft brewery just like the ones he enjoys visiting in town. Over the years, you’ve given him beer-making kits for his birthday to try his hand at the hobby and he loved it! This year, why not take it a step further and get him a custom beer growler and pint glass set that’s engraved with his name? The custom brewery label design will make him feel like he’s a little bit closer to achieving his dream and making his home brewing hobby even more official. He’ll love using the growler to store his latest concoctions and pour them into the matching pint glasses to share with friends and family. He can finally old official beer tastings too! Thanks to your amazingly good birthday gift for dad, he’ll be well on his way to making his dream a reality.

Portable Stove and Grill for Dad’s Travels

2 in 1 Portable Outdoor Grill and Stove

Going camping as a family has been a summer tradition since you and your siblings were little kids, and it’s one of dad’s favorite things to do every year. Typically, camping gear and supplies are some of the best birthday gift ideas for him. You’ve noticed that his old camping stove is looking a little rundown, making his birthday the perfect time to get him a new one! This two-in-one stove and grill is the camping gadget your dad never knew he needed until now. Easily portable and simple to use, dad will love being able to grill up some hotdogs and cook a side of corn on the cob for the whole family all at once with this handy gadget!

A New Decanter Set for His Home Office

Personalized Crystal Decanter Set

You’ve probably seen a couple of movies where the wealthy CEO or boss has a fancy home office with a decanter set where he pours a glass of scotch for him and his guest. Your dad has always wanted to have a classy home office just like those characters, and his birthday is the perfect time to get him a new addition: a crystal decanter set! This handsome three piece set is eye-catching and impressive with its elegant twisted design and personalization. Dad will love having this set as the centerpiece of his sophisticated home office, and he’ll love showing off the decanter set to his friends too!

Now He Can Practice His Putts Anywhere

Portable Golf Set with Case

One of dad’s favorite hobbies is golfing, but sometimes the weather isn’t always ideal for the sport. When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, your dad can still practice his putts indoors with this handy portable putting set! Included in the set is a collapsible putter, two golf balls, and a practice hole. Each piece fits snugly in the handsome carrying case, which he can take anywhere with him so that he always has his favorite hobby wherever he goes, even in the off-season! This putting set is by far one of the most useful birthday gifts for dad.

The Only Wine Glass Dad Will Ever Need

Giant Personalized Wine Glass

Is your dad more of a wine drinker than a beer or whiskey connoisseur? Pair a bottle of his favorite brand of Cabernet Sauvignon with this extra large wine glass! This monstrous glass holds an entire standard bottle of wine. That’s right, now your dad can kick back in his favorite chair and relax with plenty of wine as he reads a good book or watches a movie. The funny engraving on the glass is sure to make him chuckle every time he sees it as well. This awesome custom wine glass is one of the best dad birthday gifts for the wine-loving father.

The Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Legendary Dad

Engraved Whiskey Gift Set with Cigar Flask

Your dad has been your hero your whole life. You’ve always looked up to him and you’ve tried to follow in his footsteps. His birthday is coming up, and you’re determined to get a good birthday gift for dad that shows how much you care about him and how awesome of a father he is. With this legendary gift set, he’ll feel like the coolest dad in the world! Whether he’s enjoying a scotch on the rocks with the glass and whiskey stones or a smoke and a drink from the 2-in-1 cigar holder and flask, he’ll feel cooler than Chuck Norris himself.


The Best Apron for Grilling

Tactical Apron

Your father is known as the grill master of the family and the neighborhood. He loves to grill for everyone and is loaded with plenty of sauces, seasonings, and tools for every kind of food you can grill. What is a good birthday gift for dads who love to grill is they already have everything? A new apron is always appreciated, especially when it’s extra durable and comes with tons of pockets! With this professional apron, dad can have all of his tools and various seasonings handy as he grills up burgers and hotdogs for the whole family.

His Own Custom Beer Mug

Custom Beer Mug

For beer-loving dads, any birthday gift that is beer-related is always best. You usually stick with a case or two of his favorite brands, but this time you want to get something a little more personal. This personalized beer mug is perfect! The vintage-inspired engraving is customizable to create a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that dad will absolutely love. He’ll definitely enjoy drinking his canned or bottled beer from the mug as it allows him to enjoy more foam and even keeps his beer colder than in its original container! Once he tries it out on his birthday, he’ll never go back to drinking from a bottle or can at home.

Cigar Lover Gift Set

Cigar Glass Gift Set with Whiskey Stones

When your dad has a long day at work, he likes to unwind with a glass of bourbon and a fresh cigar. Normally for his birthday you get him a bottle of his favorite bourbon and a pack of stogies to fuel his relaxing routine, but why stop there? This ultimate cigar lover gift set is one of those good birthday gifts for dad that he’ll use all the time. The whiskey glass is far from ordinary as it will actually hold his cigar for him, freeing up one hand to scroll through the news headlines on his phone or flip through channels to find something good on TV. the whiskey stones will make sure that his bourbon is chilled, but not watered down so that he can enjoy the full flavor. Thanks to the cigar cutter and lighter, he’ll always be ready to prepare a stogie. Your incredibly thoughtful birthday gift will help your father relax even more!

A New Coffee Tumbler to Take Everywhere

Custom Dad Birthday Tumbler

Your dad’s job requires him to travel frequently, and he relies on his coffee to keep him energized and ready for his all-day meetings. One of the best birthday gifts for him is an insulated travel tumbler to hold plenty of piping hot coffee that will last him until lunchtime! With a capacity of 32 ounces, your dad won’t run out of coffee before that big presentation. He’ll love that it’s even engraved with all of the birthdays of his children as a touching reminder of his kids wherever he goes.

Give Him a New Hobby to Start on His Birthday

Engraved Shadow Box

You’ve made it this far down the list and you haven’t found the perfect birthday gift yet? Don’t worry, this custom shadow box is guaranteed to be enjoyed by your father. Shadow boxes are versatile pieces of decor that are great for storing collections! He can start a whole new hobby of collecting bottle caps, cigar bands, event ticket stubs, playbills, or just about anything he wants. He’ll love watching the shadow box fill up over time, and so will you! It can become a fun new hobby you two enjoy together.

The Ultimate Multi Tool for Dads

Wooden Hammer Multi Tool

Tools are always good birthday gifts for dads, but multi tools are even better! Dads love multi tools because they can be used for all kinds of things. Take this nifty hammer multi tool for example: it has a hammer, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, knife, philips screwdriver, pliers, and even wire cutters! Your dad will want to have this awesome multi tool on hand whether he’s building a new doghouse in the backyard or going camping because of how many different things he can use it for.

A Set of Proper Whiskey Glasses for His Home Bar

Set of Four Engraved Glencairn Glasses

Dad loves his whiskey. He’s become quite the connoisseur of the refined spirit, and has even started up a local whiskey club with his buddies. Every week, he hosts a whiskey tasting at his home where everyone tries and discusses a few different kinds of whiskey. He’s got decanters and regular lowball glasses, but he needs proper whiskey glasses to get the full experience. The Glencairn glass is the official whiskey glass as it was specifically designed to enhance the flavors and aromas. The perfect birthday gifts for dad, he’ll love using these professional glasses at his whiskey tastings! Everyone in the club will be thoroughly impressed at how much better whiskey tastes in these glasses compared to regular lowball or double old-fashioned glasses.

Dad Will Have a Place for His Stogies Now

Wooden Cigar Box for Dad on His Birthday

Some men enjoy smoking cigars for special occasions, and others enjoy them on the regular. If your dad is the latter, one of the best birthday gifts for him is this custom cigar box! The perfect place to store all of his Macanudos and Diesels, this handsome box will look great in his home office or lounge area. The airtight seal will help keep his stogies fresh and secure so that he doesn’t have to worry about carrying them around in his pocket any more. Make sure to include a pack or two of his favorite brand of stogies for him to fill up the box after he unwraps it on his birthday!

The Manliest Birthday Gift

Custom Ammo Box Beer Gift Set

Your dad is the manliest of men. He’s always spending time outdoors building and fixing things around the house, fine-tuning his luxury car, and going on adventures with his buddies. When he comes inside to relax after a long day outside, the first thing he reaches for is an ice cold beer. What’s a better birthday gift for such a cool guy than this custom ammo can beer gift set? It comes with plenty of manly things he’ll love: engraved pint glasses, a bottle opener made from a real .50 caliber bullet, a pocket knife, and a matching engraved military surplus ammunition box. He’ll love having his own custom pint glasses to cool off with after a trip to the outdoor shooting range where he emptied his new ammo can of shotgun shells. He can use the ammo box to store other things besides live rounds such as tools, fishing gear, or hunting equipment! Seriously, can a dad birthday gift get any cooler than this?

Turn His Favorite Songs Into a Custom Vinyl Record

Create A Record

The living room is full of your dad’s vinyl record collection that he’s been adding to for as long as you’ve been alive! He’s the biggest music fan you know, and loves going to record stores to search for rare albums. You may not be able to find that rare Beatles album that’s worth thousands of dollars, but you can create a custom vinyl of all of his most favorite songs! He’ll be so touched that you made a unique record just for him. You can even customize the record jacket with anything you like from photos to text, or draw on the blank white one! Whatever you choose, this birthday will be the best your dad has ever had.

A Funny Dad Birthday Gift He Will Love

Funny Bamboo Cutting Board

Have you ever seen a more perfect dad birthday gift? Engraved with the perfect dad joke, the Grillfather cutting board is made of custom bamboo and is ideal for prepping meats and veggies for the grill. Dad will love the pun, of course, but he’ll love having a dedicated place to season his steaks and chop up the ingredients for his famous kabobs even more.

A Touching Birthday Gift from His Daughter

Custom Crystal Decanter from Daughter

You might be grown up now, but you’ll always be your dad’s little girl in his eyes. You’re pretty good at getting him awesome birthday presents, but this time you’re going to get him something so amazingly thoughtful that he just might cry when he unwraps it. This gorgeous personalized crystal decanter is engraved with “Dad, you will always be the first man I ever lovec” signed with your name. How sweet is that? Your dad will proudly display this heartfelt decanter for everyone who visits to admire. As soon as they read the engraving, they can’t help but go “awww!” Such a thoughtful birthday gift will be treasured for the rest of his life.

The Classiest Dad Birthday Gift

Personalized Cognac Gift Set is a Dad Birthday Gift

Your father is a sophisticated guy who enjoys a fresh Arturo Fuente and a glass of warm brandy after he gets home from work every evening. Usually, a pack of cigars and a bottle of Hennessy is your go-to birthday gift for him. This year, step your gift up a notch with this cognac and cigar gift set! This complete set is a really good birthday gift for dads as it comes with a personalized cognac brandy glass, a customized lighter, and a cigar cutter! He will love using the brandy snifter to properly enjoy his cognac as the design allows the heat from his palm to gently warm his drink, unlocking the exotic flavors within. The Zippo-style lighter and cigar cutter will never be far from his cigar humidor so that he’s always prepared for a smoke whenever he likes.

A Fun Dad Birthday Gift He’ll Want to Show Off

Golf Bar Sign for Dad's Birthday Present

Your father has two favorite things in life: golfing and beer. The two often go hand in hand as he has a routine of coming home with a couple of his friends after a day on the green to drink a couple of beers. Make his home bar the official 19th hole with this fun personalized sign for his birthday! He will immediately want to hang it up and show it off to his buddies after the next time they go golfing together.

Basic Whiskey Gift Set with a Personalized Twist

Personalized Whiskey Glass Set

Every year you struggle to find a good birthday gift for dad. He’s always hard to buy for as he insists he doesn’t need anything and has everything he could possibly want. Even trying to get him to make up a wishlist is impossible! What do you do? Get him a gift he never thought he needed, like this whiskey gift set! He enjoys a nice scotch on the rocks now and then, but he doesn’t have the proper tools. Whiskey stones are must-haves, and proper double old-fashioned glasses are just as necessary because certain glasses enhance the flavors and the whiskey stones will chill his drink without watering it down as ice tends to do. Once your dad tries out his Macallan in one of these twist glasses with a couple of whiskey stones, he’ll never go back to a regular lowball glass and ice cubes again.


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