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Article: 27 Good Christmas Gifts for 2023

27 Good Christmas Gifts for 2023

27 Good Christmas Gifts for 2023

It is that time of year again, it's Christmas! That means there is snow on the ground, hot chocolate brewing in homes, the smell of baked goods in the air, and of course, presents! Ah presents, they are the thing many people live for on Christmas and what even more dread trying to find throughout the holiday season. Never suffer searching to find good Christmas gifts ever again with gifts that are great for everyone, unique, capture the holiday spirit, and even customized for the person you’re getting them for. So, for this year, put Santa’s elves to work with these unique gifts that are sure to make it the best Christmas for anyone you get them for!

Unique Home Decor for Christmas

Good Christmas Gifts are Custom Signs

One of the best things good Christmas gifts can do is brighten up the house. Better still, they can be so good that they’re left out year-round. Make every home feel unique with this custom wine cellar sign! Not only does it embrace sharing a glass of wine during the holiday but it’ll have their name on it, making it the perfect piece of unique decor perfect for anyone’s home.

A Set of Good Christmas Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Smoke Box Whiskey Gift

Keep them warm inside with a set of cool Christmas gifts they’ve never seen the likes of before. Just like the chimneys on a cold winter’s eve, this gift set will be smoking! The smoker box set is a fantastic way to put a new flavor spin on someone’s go-to whiskey. Now, they can add things such as natural woods or herbs to elevate the taste of their favorite drink.

A Christmas Gift Basket with Everything They Need

Pint Glass Ammo Can Set of Cool Christmas Gifts

Use your Christmas gift as the perfect way to make an adult feel like a kid again with this engraved ammo can gift set! Rather than another year of socks or ties, when they open this ammo can, they’ll be greeted with all the beer supplies they could ever need. With a gift set this unique, they’ll be as excited as they were when they unwrapped their N64 all those years ago.

Cigar & Whiskey Set to Elevate their Holiday Spirits

Engraved Whiskey Stone and Cigar Flask Gift

Get a gift perfect for them to have some holiday cheer at home as well as some to take to go! This engraved cigar and whiskey gift set is the perfect way to celebrate as New Year’s passes with a celebratory drink from their new glass while also giving them a cigar flask that they can take with them to all the holiday parties this season!

A Unique Decanter Set

Ship Decanter Christmas Gift

While Santa may have his sleigh to see the world, the person you got for Christmas has this ship decanter set. Show them the world and the vessel they’ll get to cruise it on with a unique decanter that has not only a ship in the middle but comes with four globe glasses. How cool will it be sipping Lagavulin or Maker’s Mark by a warm fire with this set?


Help Keep off the Holiday LBS

Fitbit for Christmas

While keeping an eye on the holiday pounds isn’t a bad idea, that isn’t the only reason to get a Fitbit. Aside from being a cool and sleek watch, it also catalogs and tracks things like your heart rate, calories burned, calls, and even your sleep. For the health-conscious, this makes for a great gift under the tree or their stocking!

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Monogrammed Wooden Cutting Board

Everyone knows that most of the joy from the holidays comes from the kitchen. Between holiday hams, turkeys, baked goods, the joys of food are nearly endless! Make sure that the person who loves to cook is able to make their signature cookies or stuffing with a monogrammed cutting board that gives them plenty of room to get the job done!

Decanter Set Cool Christmas Gifts

Decanter Set of Good Christmas Gifts

Make them feel like Santa spent a little too much on them this Christmas with this amazing-looking decanter box set. With their name initial on each piece, they’ll immediately fall in love with the regal gift set. Maybe add in a bottle of Henry Mckenna Single Barrel or Knob Creek Cask Strength and they’ll be in the holiday spirit real soon!

Modern Wine Tumblers

Engraved Copper Wine Tumblers

Update and upgrade their wine cabinet with a set of glasses that they’ll wonder how they ever lived without with these personalized copper wine tumblers. Skip the stems and the glass and now you're left with these ultra-modern, stainless steel glasses that are super comfortable to hold as well as insulated to keep their white wines chilled even longer than it takes for the whole family to open their presents!

Chef-Quality Cookware

Stainless Steel Cookware

Everyone can always use an update to their kitchenware, especially when it is with a stainless steel set that is as good as this one. When you hand this gift out, even professional chefs will be jealous that they don’t have these gorgeous pots and pans in the kitchen for themselves. Better still, if you have an early Christmas, you know what Christmas dinner will be cooked in that night, this gift set of course!

A Humidor Set Full of Good Christmas Gifts

Personalized Cigar Humidor and Whiskey Gift Set

Don’t make any tough decisions when searching for cool Christmas gifts. If you’re stuck between a whiskey gift, a cigar gift, or even a badass gift, just combine them all with this custom ammo can humidor gift set! It’ll have them smoking light a chimney and enjoying a good whiskey right away. However, another great feature is the humidor is a fantastic way to ensure that even by next Christmas their cigars will be just as fresh as the day they bought them.

Personalized Beer Stein

Custom Beer Stein

Need a gift for someone but are struggling to pin down just what will wow them this year? Look no further than a custom beer stein. These make fantastic gifts for not just beer drinkers but also people who love to have unique decor around the house. So, whether they want to feel like a king as they enjoy their brewski or simply want a unique mantlepiece, this gift has them covered!

A Creative Couple’s Sign

Couples Sign for Christmas Gift

While many of these gifts so far work for one person, what if you have to get cool Christmas gifts for a couple? Start right here with this personalized couples sign! They’ll love the fun design that captures their spirit as well as the fact that it has their name and their anniversary year on it. You may as well add a hammer and nail to your sign gift because they're going to want to hang it up before the wrapping paper even hits the ground.

Season’s Meatings

Butcher Box Gift Box

While a good steak works around the holidays, a whole box set of meat is going to be the best Christmas gifts you can give! Not only is it a great gift, but now they’ll have fantastic cuts of meat from Butcher Box to create their Christmas dinner, New Year’s dinner, or any other meal that they want to enjoy delicious meats for!

Gift Them a New Taste of Whiskey

Whiskey Tasting Set of Good Christmas Gifts

The best thing about good Christmas gifts is that some of the best change the rest of their lives. Sure, new pajamas are cool but they will be lacking in comparison to how phenomenal it will be for the casual fan of whiskey to become the aficionado they’ve always aspired to be when they get ahold of this custom Glencairn box set! Now, instead of tasting the base flavors, this set will have them nosing and finding the most subtle flavors and aromas in their go-to drinks.


Cool Christmas Gifts are Heard Round the Globe

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Still in search of the coolest Christmas gifts? Want something unique? How many people have you seen that have a bar cart in their home? What about one that looks as cool as this vintage globe one? Make their year with a gift that looks like a nineteenth-century antique but is brand new! They can even use it for their New Year’s Eve party to give it a maiden voyage!

Custom Cognac Gift Set

Cool Christmas Gifts are Cognac Sets

There is nothing quite like sitting by the roaring fireplace when you’ve got your new cool Christmas gifts. However, the one thing that always makes it better, especially during the holidays, is a glass of cognac! Make this holiday full of far more holiday spirits than normal with this personalized cognac and cigar gift set that is as black as the coal Santa hands out to those on the naughty list but better than any gift he’s ever given to the ones on his good list!

Top-Quality Theragun

Theragun is a Good Christmas Gift

Good Christmas gifts are timeless items. While tech may not initially scream, “Timeless,” to you, there is a reason this Theragun makes so much sense as a Christmas gift. Nothing feels better than a massage or finally getting to that knot in your lower back and with this gift, they can relieve tension and give themselves massages whenever they like.

Classy Wine Set for the Holidays

Personalized Wine Box Set

Use your cool Christmas gifts as the perfect time to impress the winos in your life with these gorgeous stemmed wine glasses. Whether their go-to is a glass of red or they enjoy dabbling in all kinds of wine. This holiday season, these personalized glasses are sure to be the ones they reach for every time a wine cork pops out.

Bet on These Good Christmas Gifts

Embossed Poker Set

Playing board games around Christmastime is a holiday tradition for so many people. However, as kids become adults they may not want to play their traditional board games anymore, and that is okay! Just replace their board games with this amazing embossed poker gift set! Now, they can play Blackjack and Texas Hold ’Em with their family whenever they like, not just during the holidays.

Monogrammed Christmas Gift Box for Adults

Monogrammed Flask and Rocks Glass Set of Cool Christmas Gifts

There is nothing quite like opening a unique gift box full of cool Christmas gifts to put a smile on anyone’s face when they wake up early to open their gifts below the tree. Thanks to this monogrammed gift box, they’ll be able to enjoy their scotch or whiskey at Christmas dinner from a custom glass or even their flask if they have to go to the in-laws for dinner.

Keep Them Hot in the Dead of Winter

Hot Saucing Making Kit for Christmas Gift

Don’t let the chilly weather outside keep them from feeling the heat, instead, hook them up with their own hot sauce-making kit! If they love spice, few things will be more fun or prideful than creating a wicked hot sauce (as hot or mild as they like) that they get to put on all of their holiday meals or even to share with friends and family.

A Stocking-Stuffer a Cut Above the Rest

Engraved Hatchet Stocking Stuffer

While you may want to be careful putting this in a stocking so it doesn’t cut anything, this personalized hatchet is a fantastic gift for Christmas. Perfect for over the fireplace, in the man cave, or the garage, they’ll love that you took the time to get them such a unique and thoughtful personalized gift.

Flask Set of Cool Christmas Gifts

Custom Flask Box Set of Cool Christmas Gifts

Most people think that you can’t actually bring holiday cheer with you everywhere you go, well they’re just plain wrong! They’ve never seen this engraved flask gift set. Now, holiday cheer comes in the form of good spirits (get it?) and with this flask, their go-to spirits can go everywhere they can go! It even has a set of shot glasses included to raise the spirits, even more, when they’re home.

Next-Gen Gaming

Playstaion 5 is Coolest Christmas Gift

Take things to the next level with a Playstation 5 as the next gift that every household needs. From playing movies in crazy high definition to enjoying the next generation of gaming, this incredible system can do it all!

A Gift to Taste the Memories

Shadow Box Set of Cool Christmas Gifts

Good Christmas gifts don’t need to be all about the material, some, like this custom shadow box and beer taster gift set, also do a great job at creating memories. Give this set to the beer lover in your life, this way, when they snap the cap off a bottle of their go-to beer, they can save the cap inside the shadow box, creating a perfect visualization of all the good times they have had!

Engraved Watch Case

Engraved Watch Case

Over the holidays, everyone knows that one person that is super into their accessories. Whether it is rings, watches, cufflinks, you name it. Help them stay organized with all the accessories they had before plus all the new ones you just know they are going to get with this engraved watch case and valet tray! Getting ready and looking dapper has never been so easy!


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