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Article: 31 Unique Gift Baskets for Christmas 2023

31 Unique Gift Baskets for Christmas 2023

31 Unique Gift Baskets for Christmas 2023

This year, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect present for all of your friends and family. Instead, get them a gift basket that’s full of unique items! Gift baskets for Christmas are always a good idea because they’re not just one single gift and there’s a perfect gift basket for every kind of person. You can even get a themed gift basket that’s all about their favorite things, which makes the gift basket perfect in every way. Not sure what to get the person who has everything? Struggling to find a good gift basket for someone who is really picky? Want to find awesome Christmas gifts for 2023? Don’t worry, we found a variety of unique Christmas gift basket ideas so that you can find something for everyone on your list.

Impressive Whiskey Gift Baskets for Christmas

Engraved Whiskey and Cigar Gift Baskets for Christmas

Starting with an absolute stunner of a Christmas gift, this gorgeous personalized decanter set is one of the most impressive gift baskets for Christmas! Any of your friends or family members will be in awe of this beautiful set of glassware, especially since it will come with their name on each piece. Perfect for holiday drinks with loved ones and celebrating special occasions such as upcoming New Year’s, this exceptional decanter set is something they’ll use as often as possible!

The Best Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Grill Lovers

Custom Bamboo Grilling Tool Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

It may not be grilling season, but that doesn’t stop the grill lover in your life! They’re always making delicious BBQ for their family, even when it means being out on the patio in the snow to use their trusty grill. Make sure they’ve got the right tools for their BBQ by giving them this unique bamboo grilling tool set for Christmas! They will love how professional and lightweight these tools are, but their favorite part about this set will definitely be the handy carrying case that allows them to store and transport their trusty tools with ease.

Beer Drinkers Want This Basket for Christmas

Engraved Beer Mug Christmas Gift Box Set

Beer is always best served in a beer mug, but most people don’t have proper beer mugs at home and only get to enjoy their favorite brews in mugs while at the local pub. This Christmas, surprise all of the beer lovers you know with their own custom beer mugs! They will love how large and hefty these mugs are, especially since they’re uniquely engraved with their names. Now that they have their own beer mugs at home, they’ll be able to properly enjoy their favorite brews whenever they want!

Not Your Average Christmas Gift Basket

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Set

Not all gift baskets for Christmas have to come in a literal basket or a box. Sometimes, they can come in ammo cans! This rustic, unique whiskey ammo can gift set is perfect for the person who has everything because they certainly won’t have anything quite like this. From the custom whiskey glasses to the cigar accessories, everything in this gift basket is sure to be enjoyed right after they open up the ammo can from under the Christmas tree! Talk about the coolest Christmas gift!

Cognac Gift Basket is Perfect for Christmas

Personalized Cognac Box Set

Cognac is one of those spirits that is best enjoyed a certain way: in a warm snifter while you’re wrapped up in a blanket by the fire on a cold evening. With these cognac Christmas gift basket ideas, anyone you give this gift to can enjoy this luxurious spirit the right way. In fact, they’ll probably want to have a drink using their new personalized snifters as soon as they open their gift on Christmas Day, so make sure to get them a nice bottle of cognac to go with it. While you’re at it, grab a couple of cigars as well because nothing goes better with a glass of cognac than a stogie!


Classic Christmas Gift Basket

Holiday Sleigh Gift Baskets for Christmas

You’re here in search of unique Christmas gift basket ideas, and this adorable sleigh basket is full of holiday cheer! Perfect for couples and families, this amazing gift basket is packed full of holiday treats such as chocolate truffles, butter cookies, peppermints, caramel corn, and even a cute little ornament to hang on the tree! Once they’ve gone through the gift basket, the lovely sleigh is the perfect addition to their holiday decorations.

A Gift Basket That Makes Anyone Feel Special

Custom Decanter Set with Black Wooden Box

Want to give a gift basket to someone special this Christmas? Look no further than this unique personalized decanter set! The design on the entire set tells anyone who sees it that the person it belongs to is the original, coolest person ever. This unique whiskey decanter set is great for sharing drinks with loved ones, and Christmas Day is the perfect time to do so! In fact, it might just become a new tradition that they can look forward to doing every year on Christmas with their friends and family.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Beer Lovers

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas Beer Ammo Can Set

Looking for a great gift basket for the beer lover in your life? This ammo can set is one of the most unique gift baskets for Christmas they’ve ever seen and they will be speechless when they see all of the amazing items inside the personalized ammo can. Packed with cool personalized pint glasses, a bottle opener made from a real bullet, salty beer nuts, and tasty beef jerky, they won’t know which part of the gift basket is their favorite! Such an impressive gift is guaranteed to be their favorite gift they’ll get this Christmas.

Wine Gift Baskets Are Always Good Ideas

Custom Wine Bottle Gift Basket

When you are unsure about what to get someone for Christmas, a bottle of wine is always a good idea! Whether they use it for cooking or drinking on a special occasion, you know that the wine will be enjoyed no matter what. However, don’t just give them the bottle as-is, dress it up a little with this gift box! They will be amazed by the extra effort and care you put into your gift because it comes with all of the tools they need to enjoy their wine and the lid is even personalized with a custom message. Seriously, this will be your go-to Christmas gift for everyone who you’re stumped on what to get them this year!

The Best Christmas Gifts for Cigar Smokers

Cigar Humidor and Whiskey Christmas Gift Basket

Cigar aficionados are all about their stogies, but not all cigar smokers have a humidor of their own at home. That means, they usually only keep cigars in the home for special occasions. Well, you can change that this Christmas with this awesome cigar and whiskey gift basket! They will be in awe of the handsome cigar humidor and the uniquely engraved whiskey glasses because they’re so classy that they’ll feel like James Bond when they use them. Thanks to your incredible gift, they can enjoy a fresh stogie and a quality glass of whiskey whenever they want instead of only for certain celebratory events.

Thoughtful Relaxing Gift Basket

Relaxing Holiday Care Package

The holidays are the most stressful time of year for a lot of people, which makes this relaxing gift basket the perfect gift! Filled with soothing lavender goodies such as an eye mask, a calming candle and lotion, yummy cookies, and more, the stressed-out person who gets this gift will finally be able to unwind. They will love everything in this gift basket that they might just request it every year as their gift from you because it helps them relax during the craziness of Christmas!

Patriotic Beer Gift Basket

Military Beer Christmas Gift Basket

Do you know someone who is a military hero or is really patriotic about the US? Either way, this badass gift basket is one of the most unique gift baskets for Christmas out there. The cool pint glasses are perfect for sharing a beer with a friend or loved one on Christmas Day to celebrate the holiday, and they’ll be having the tasty beer nuts as well! The awesome bottle opener is one they’ll make sure never to lose, and the beautiful pocket knife will be their new go-to everyday carry knife. For someone who’s practical and passionate about their patriotism, you won’t find a more perfect gift than this one!

A Fun Cigar Gift Set

Cigar Lover Gift Baskets for Christmas

How cool is this cigar gift basket? The fun personalization on the wooden box will be the first thing they see on Christmas Day when they start opening presents and they will certainly get a kick out of the unique design. When they open it, they’ll be amazed by the stunning crystal glasses that come with engraved ashtrays, a lighter, and even a cigar cutter! The only thing that would make this gift set even more awesome is if you include a couple of their favorite cigars inside so that they can light one up and try out their cool new cigar gifts.

Unique and Practical Christmas Gift Basket

Custom Ammo Can Gift Basket with Tools

Do you know someone who is all about gifts that are useful and practical? Well, you won’t find any gift baskets for Christmas that are more practical than this one! Perfect for people who love the outdoors and working with their hands, this nifty ammo can gift set comes with a cool knife loaded with unique features, a handy little hatchet, a 2-in-1 cigar flask, and of course the ammo can itself is great for storing a variety of things. Each and every item in this set has more than one purpose, making it the most useful Christmas gift they have ever received!

A Gift Basket with a Little Bit of Everything

Monogrammed Variety Gift Basket

What do you do when you’re in search of a gift basket for Christmas that’s for someone who wants nothing? Get them one that’s full of a variety of items so that there’s a little bit of everything in it. This way, you cover your bases and ensure that there’s something in it they’re bound to love. Anyone will enjoy using their monogrammed rocks glass for a festive cocktail or spiking their Christmas punch with a little bit of their favorite liquor from the flask. Or, if they’re in the mood for a beer, the bottle opener will come in handy.


Beautiful Gift Basket of Christmas Cookies

Cookie Bouquet

Sugar cookies are some of the most popular Christmas treats whether they make them and decorate them at home as part of a family tradition or they enjoy bringing some to the Christmas party from their favorite bakery. Anyone who enjoys cookies will be ecstatic about this beautiful cookie gift basket, and it’s certainly large enough to share with friends and family! The variety of sugar cookies and classic cookies is perfect for bringing to the company Christmas party or giving as a gift to a neighbor.

Have Fun With Their Favorite Vices

Personalized Poker and Whiskey Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Some families have Christmas traditions of playing games together. While the games are usually Scrabble or Life, some families play poker instead! This unique poker gift set is the perfect Christmas gift for the poker-loving family and will make their annual tradition better than ever. They will love having their very own poker set that’s personalized just for them, especially since it includes plenty of dice and cards to use for other games such as Farkle or Go Fish. The unique insulated glasses are great for eggnog, a holiday cocktail, or Christmas whiskey alongside a cigar.

Warm Up with Some Brandy

Personalized Brandy Gift Set

The best Christmas gift basket ideas for brandy drinkers are brandy gift sets like this one! After all, there’s nothing like a warm glass of brandy by the fire with a loved one on a cold winter night. The large snifters allow them to enjoy a substantial serving of brandy and they can also have a nice cigar thanks to the handy cigar accessories. With everything else in the gift set in use, they can repurpose the gift box for storing keepsakes such as Christmas cards or photos!

Whiskey Tasting Gift Baskets for Christmas

Engraved Glencairn Christmas Gift Basket

Looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring connoisseur of whiskey? This Glencairn gift basket is perfect! Designed to be the ultimate whiskey tasting glass, they will be amazed by the amount of flavor and how powerful the aromas are in these Glencairn glasses compared to regular rocks glasses. They’ll want to have a whiskey tasting right away, so make sure you pick up a bottle or two of their favorite whiskey to try out in these unique glasses!

Give the Gift of Perfectly Chilled Wine

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

Whether they’re having some warm mulled holiday wine or enjoying their favorite Moscato, this wine tumbler gift set is the best way to drink it! The insulated stainless steel tumblers will keep their wine at the perfect temperature, warm or chilled, until they finish their drink so that they can enjoy every sip to the fullest. Plus, the steel prevents their hands from getting cold and wet from condensation that they usually have to deal with in a regular wine glass. Thanks to your excellent Christmas gift, their wine time will be better than ever.

Healthy Gift Baskets for Christmas

Fruit and Poinsettia Gift Baskets for Christmas

While the holidays are often centered around sweets and treats, not everyone has a sweet tooth. Instead of a typical Christmas gift basket of cookies and chocolates, get them one with fruit! This lovely fruit and poinsettia basket is beautiful and full of holiday spirit so it will look fantastic on display in their kitchen until they empty the basket. They will be so thankful that you kept their tastes in mind when choosing their Christmas gift because it will make them feel special and that you really took the time to pick out the perfect gift.

Impressive Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey and Cigar Decanter Set

Go all out for your loved ones this holiday season with this impressive whiskey decanter gift basket! The gorgeous decanter will look amazingly classy in their living room or home bar, and the crystal glasses with custom ashtrays are the perfect addition to their finest glassware. Anyone will love using the glasses and ashtrays for a nice drink of their favorite holiday liquor and enjoying a cigar in celebration of Christmas and other special occasions from now on!

Classy Christmas Gift Basket

Personalized Steel Beer and Flask Gift Basket

One look at this sleek gift basket and they’ll feel as cool and classy as George Clooney! This unique gift basket is perfect for people who have everything because they definitely won’t have a personalized stainless steel pint glass, a bottle opener made from a genuine .50 caliber bullet, or even a custom flask! They will be so excited to try out all of the cool items in this gift set that they probably won’t even pay attention to the rest of their Christmas gifts.

The Coolest Christmas Gift Basket Ever

Personalized Cigar Humidor Ammo Can

Have you ever seen a Christmas gift basket like this? Chances are, neither has the person you’re giving it to! This ammo can was once used by the United States military and has been converted into a personalized cigar humidor! Anyone you know who enjoys cigars will love this one-of-a-kind cigar humidor and will be so excited to store plenty of cigars inside that they can share with their friends. They can even take it on the go because the ammo can has an airtight seal to ensure their stogies stay perfectly fresh.


A New Way to Experience Whiskey

Monogrammed Whiskey Gift Baskets for Christmas

Looking for gift baskets for Christmas for the whiskey fan in your life? This monogrammed whiskey gift set is perfect! The unique glasses are designed to enhance the flavors of whiskey and deliver the perfect noseful of aromas to provide the most flavorful sip of whiskey possible every time. With the chilling stones and insulated stainless steel in the glasses, their whiskey will be that perfectly chilled temperature until the very last drop! Any whiskey drinker you know will feel like a bonafide whiskey connoisseur thanks to this incredible whiskey gift basket.

The Ultimate Golf Gift Basket

Golf Gift Basket from Twiggs Designs

Whether they’re an amateur golfer who goes to the course every weekend or they want to go pro someday, any golf fan will enjoy getting this ultimate golf gift basket for Christmas! Packed with all kinds of golf accessories such as practice balls, a putter holder, ball holder, tees, a bottle koozie, and even a cute picture frame, they’ll feel like a golf pro in no time thanks to this incredible golf gift basket.

Luxurious Whiskey Gift Basket

Crystal Whiskey Decanter Box Set

“Wow!” will be the first thing they say when they open up this amazing whiskey gift basket to find all of the classy glassware and cigar accessories inside. The gorgeous crystal Glencairn glasses and stunning personalized decanter will blend in seamlessly with your finest china that you’re using for Christmas dinner with the family. Perfect for celebratory holiday drinks and enjoying a couple of cigars, this luxurious set is sure to be enjoyed every Christmas, New Year’s, as well as during every special occasion.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas They Can Share

Engraved Flask Box Set

Flasks are always great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, but this flask gift basket is so much better than giving a single flask because it comes with shot glasses for sharing drinks with friends! This set is great for a round of holiday shots such as a Snowshoe or a Cinnamon Toasty with a couple of friends on Christmas Day. It’ll certainly come in handy at any holiday party because they can keep their flask on hand, and the shot glasses are easily portable as well!

The Perfect Christmas Gift Basket for a Cigar Lover

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Humidor Gift Set

No need to look any further, this cigar lover gift set is one the best Christmas gift basket ideas for someone who loves cigars, especially if they always have a couple of stogies to celebrate the holidays! The humidor will keep all of their stogies fresh so that they can enjoy one whenever they want, which they’ll want to do as often as possible because of their awesome new cigar-holding whiskey glass! Thanks to your amazing gift, they have a way to enjoy their favorite brands of cigars not only for Christmas, but all year long.

Tasty Popcorn and Movie Night Set

Popcorn and Movie Night Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

A lot of people have a Christmas tradition of watching Christmas movies with their family like Elf or Nightmare Before Christmas or even Die Hard. One of the best Christmas gifts for people who partake in this popular tradition is this popcorn gift basket! You can’t watch a movie without popcorn, after all, and this gift basket has everything a family needs for different kinds of tasty popcorn: a reusable popcorn popper, yellow and blue popcorn kernels, popcorn salt, truffle olive oil, hot sauce, and even a blend of garlic, chive, and gouda seasoning. Thanks to your thoughtful Christmas gift, they can enjoy their favorite holiday movies with gourmet popcorn.

Whiskey Christmas Gift Basket For Everyone

Engraved Bourbon Gift Baskets for Christmas

Christmas is the best time to share drinks with your loved ones. With these Christmas gift basket ideas, the person you give this amazing gift will have everything they need for a couple of quality drinks with their friends or family. The unique glasses are actually designed to enhance the flavors of the whiskey and the handy chilling stones will make sure their drinks stay chilled even if they forget about their drinks while they open presents. Every Christmas their family will look forward to having holiday cocktails and whiskey using this amazing decanter set!


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