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Article: 21 Glorious Gifts for Gun Lovers

21 Glorious Gifts for Gun Lovers

21 Glorious Gifts for Gun Lovers

Take Your Shot at Getting the Perfect Gifts for Gun Lovers with One of These Awesome Gift Ideas!

If you ask gun lovers what they want as gifts, they’d tell you a set of ammo would suffice, but you certainly know you can do better than that! For one, anything that has to do with unique a shooting-related experience or gun maintenance is always a good choice. Practicality hits the bullseye every time when it comes to gifts for gun lovers—think durable and useful items that would last them through years of hunting trips, target practice, and safe keeping. So, whether it's a sleek gun case, a decanter set, a cleaning kit, or some high-quality safety gear, gifting something that complements and enhances their every aim is sure to make their day. With that in mind, here are some fantastic gifts for gun owners that will surely hit the mark.

1. Chill Your Whiskey with Bullets

American Heroes Engraved Whiskey Bullet Set as Gifts for Gun Lovers

The gun lover in your life is the kind of person who enjoys going to the shooting range and having a drink afterward. Whether it’s whiskey or beer, there’s nothing like a cool refreshing drink after being in the warm range for a while. Make their after-range drinks even better with this unique gift set! The stainless steel whiskey stones actually look like bullets and will perfectly chill any liquor or cocktail without diluting the flavor. Feeling like having a beer instead? The awesome .50 caliber bullet bottle opener will be close by. This set is one of the coolest gifts for gun lovers for any occasion!

2. Lock and Load with a Bullet Whiskey Decanter

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Decanter as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Lock and load your gift-giving with something as unique as this bullet whiskey decanter. No one will be able to top a gift as badass as this since it has a real bullet embedded to the side of the whiskey decanter. Imagine the gun enthusiast toasting to a successful hunt safely at home or proudly showing the unique barware to his friends. This decanter is sure to be a conversation starter to every gathering and makes every pour a little more thrilling.

3. AK-47 Decanter Gift Set

AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses
AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

Don’t be subtle in your search for gifts for gun owners. This AK-47 decanter set is the perfect present that they’ve been needing in their lives. Taking shots will carry new meaning when they indulge in a drink from this rifle decanter as well as the glasses with shots in them! Perfect for their home bar or near their gun case, you can be sure this decanter and these glasses will always be put to good use!

4. Manly Must-Have Gifts for Gun Lovers

Ammo Can & Bullet Opener Beer Gift Set as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

As a gun lover, you’ve probably got an ammo box or two already, as well as a bottle opener and a couple of glasses. But are they as cool as these? Not likely! Finally, you can enjoy your beer in your own personalized pint glasses and store your rounds in a custom engraved ammo box that was once used by the US military. Plus, that .50 caliber bullet is actually a bottle opener. How awesome is that? Everything about these incredible gifts for gun owners screams “Manly!” The best part: you can totally customize the three lines of text on the ammo box and pint glasses. Score!

Happy shot of two men in the forest hunting

5. A Cool and Sturdy Range Bag

SMITH & WESSON Tactical Range Bag as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

This tactical range bag may look lightweight at first, but it’s actually built like a tank designed with the gun enthusiast’s needs in mind. It’s crafted from sturdy ballistic fabric with oversized zippers and rubber foot skids for added protection. Aside from its functionality, it looks pretty cool, too, and is always ready for action whether it’s hauling his gears to the range, prepping for an outdoor adventure, or storing his equipment safely, this tactical bag is locked and loaded.

6. An Impressive Decanter Set Every Gun Lover Needs

Shotgun Whiskey Decanter Set of Gifts for Gun Lovers

It doesn’t matter if the gun owner you’re shopping for is a whiskey enthusiast or only has a drink on occasion because this incredible decanter set is a must-have for any gun owner! By far one of the most impressive gifts for gun lovers, this handsome shotgun decanter set is the perfect centerpiece for their gun room, home bar, or office. They will love how badass the set looks when it’s on display, but they’ll love using it for drinks with their shooting buddies after a couple of hours at the range or relaxing with a drink in one of the cool shotgun shell glasses after a long day.

7. Classy but Subtle Gifts for Gun Lovers

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Besides wearing a gun-themed T-shirt or having a “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate, there are only so many ways to proudly show off your love for your guns. These unique coasters are a more subtle and decorative way to do so! Plus, they’ll keep your furniture safe from condensation. These coasters are made of stone and hand-painted to resemble the end of 12 gauge shotgun shells. Your guests will all be jealous when they see these unique coasters!


8. A Gift to Score 5 Points

Personalized Wooden Sign as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Most gun lovers feel like their hobby can only be enjoyed in the comfort of the great outdoors, with this gift, you can change that attitude in an instant! With a bit of humor as well as some badass styling, they’ll think this custom sign is one of the coolest gifts for gun lovers. Perfect for hunters both in and out of season, this will be just as prized as their largest trophy!

9. Show Off Your Prize Shots

Shotgun Shell Collection Box as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Are you a gun fan who is also into outdoor activities such as competitive shooting or hunting? Then you need a shadow box! You can finally show off all of the shells from your favorite shots and trips in a unique way. Simply drop the shells inside the convenient hole at the top of the shadow box and you’ve got a unique piece of decor and a cool collection all in one item. Shadow boxes make the best gifts for gun owners to show off their legendary shots, especially when there’s a great story behind each shell!

10. A Set of Novelty Gifts for Gun Owners

Pistol Gifts for Gun Lovers Decanter with Shot Glasses as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Looking for cool gifts for gun lovers but not something quite as luxurious as the shotgun decanter earlier? This little pistol decanter is perfect! It’s still a neat novelty gift and will look awesome on display wherever they put it in their home or office. The shot glasses are even embedded with bullets to make taking shots cooler (and more literal) than ever!

11. Saved By the Bullet

Custom Bullet Rocks Glass as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers
Custom Bullet Rocks Glass as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

Bet you’ve never seen a rocks glass like this before! This awesome glass is quite eye-catching and is sure to turn some heads when you casually pull it out and pour yourself a shot when your friends are over. The bullet is actually embedded in the glass! Don’t worry, it’ll stay there. Moreover, this unique glass is one of the coolest gifts for gun lovers whether they’re into collecting shot glasses or just enjoying novelty gun gifts. After all, that’s why you’re here! You can certainly make plenty of puns when giving them the glass like, “Now you can literally and figuratively take a shot” or “I got you a shot.” They’re sure to chuckle at the sight of this fun glass and use it all the time.

12. Gunmetal Beer Growler for a Gun Guy

Custom Gunmental Beer Growler

Celebrate his wins on hitting the target with the coolest gunmetal beer growler for marksmen! This one is a gun enthusiast's trusty sidekick for keeping his brews cold and fresh, complete with a badass gunmetal look that mirrors his passion. Ideal for backyard BBQs with friends, range days, or just displaying on the shelf, no other outdoor essential perfectly blends his love for firearms with the joy of a good beer.

13. Tactical Gifts for Gun Lovers

Tactical Survival Knife

Make sure he’s always prepared on his shooting expedition with a handy tactical survival knife. He may be all set with his gun and gear, but a survival knife offers extra protection out in the wilderness for when he wants to set up camp with ease, deal with emergency repairs, and have the edge for a just-in-case wilderness encounter. Whether he’s out trailblazing like a pro, hunting, or prepping for an adventure, this knife will always have his back.

Group of men surveying a map

14. The Rustic Gift for a Hunter

Monogrammed Liquor Flask

Shooting trips can get pretty extensive, and those long hours can take a toll. When he's out gunning it, he’ll want something to cheer or warm him up come chilly morning. With a custom leather liquor flask, he’ll have the smoothest shot in town to keep him company. It’s tailor-made for the gun guy who likes to enjoy the finer sips in life with style, as well as have a nice celebratory shot for hitting the game perfectly.

15. A Hunting Tumbler Unlike Any Other

Personalized 30oz Tumbler Cup - Black Insulated

Give the gun lover in your life a gift that's as ready for adventure as they are. This custom travel tumbler is perfect for those early mornings at the range or late nights at the campfire, whether he’s in the mood for a cold energy drink or something a little stronger like coffee. This nifty travel tumbler will not only keep his drinks at the ideal temperature so he’s always ready for action, but will also keep him happy and hydrated throughout his adventures.

16. A High-Tech Laser Sidekick

1800 Laser Rangefinder as One of the Best Gifts for Gun Lovers
Man setting up the laser rangefinder in his smartphone

The ultimate sharpshooter's sidekick comes in the form of this high-tech laser rangefinder. It boasts an impressive 1800-yard range that can be easily set up via a seamless Bluetooth connection to the ballistic app for the most accurate shooting solutions. Blending cutting-edge technology with the thrill of the hunt (or just an awesome day at the range) is one way to keep your favorite marksman happy.


17. A Vest That Hits the Mark

Shooting Vest as Gifts for Gun Lovers

What do you gift a gun lover who likes to hit the range or the great outdoors in comfort and style? This durable shooting vest hits the mark. This practical vest is loaded with pockets, straps, pouches, and holsters so he can easily load his shells and other shooting essentials in one place. It’s also made from premium material meticulously constructed to withstand the rigors and seasons of shooting. It’s one simple yet surefire gift to make any gun lover happy.

18. MacGyver of the Shooting World

Wrench Multi Tool Set

Make him feel like a bonafide MacGyver of the shooting world with this custom wrench multi tool set. It has two types of wrenches, a bottle or can opener, a file, a knife, and screwdriver bits to tackle any adjustments on the fly whether he’s at the range, in the field, or tinkering at home. He may have his handy gun with him, but sometimes, it's also about feeling prepared and looking the part of a true outdoorsman only a multi tool set can give.

19. Keep Him Safe and Seen

Customized Flashlight

A gun lover’s arsenal wouldn’t be complete without a tactical flashlight, and this personalized gift will be his beacon of light and trusty self defense tool, offering visibility in any shooting scenario. It’s perfect for late-night adventures, early morning hunts, or just finding his way to the camp; this flashlight is a handy companion that keeps him safe and seen. Throw in some extra batteries if you're aiming to brighten his day a little further so he always has a light when he needs it.

20. Gift Box for Gun Lovers

Engraved Wooden Gift Box

A gift box actually makes a fantastic gift for a gun lover. The great thing about a high-quality gift box is that it immediately sets high expectations for your gift, and they'll want to hold onto this box for years. Also, you can add something more personal inside, maybe a bit expensive, or truly anything that fits their wants! Give the most personal gift possible by combining your unique gift with this awesome custom box.

21. Gun Lovers Enjoy the Outdoors

Patriotic Cornhole Set of Gifts for Gun Lovers

Just because you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes guns doesn’t mean your gift has to be strictly gun-related. Gun lovers enjoy the outdoors, after all, and there’s nothing like playing a game of cornhole with your friends after a day at the shooting range or gun show! This custom cornhole set is one of the most unique gifts you can give anyone who enjoys the outdoors, but gun lovers especially will appreciate the patriotism of this awesome cornhole board set. Thanks to your awesome gift, they’ll start a new tradition or playing cornhole after every gun show or shooting competition!


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