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Article: 17 Extravagant Whiskey Gift Baskets

17 Extravagant Whiskey Gift Baskets

17 Extravagant Whiskey Gift Baskets

Celebrate Their Favorite Liquor in the Best Way Possible With a Whiskey Gift Basket!

A bottle of fine whiskey is already a great gift on its own, but we know there’s more to whiskey culture that goes beyond a good whiskey selection and the custom glasses that pair with it nicely. Some whiskey drinkers lean more towards drinking their spirits straight up or mix it with a bit of ice and soda, while others need a full bar and a set of tools to get the most out of their whiskey drinking experience. When scouting for the best whiskey gift baskets, you may want to consider the recipient’s taste, the food pairings that come with it, and the presentation. Try to go all out this time and give the whiskey lover you know an experience of a lifetime in a box (or basket). Whether as a birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift, or as a thank you gift, these boozy gift sets won’t surely disappoint!

1. The Ultimate Whiskey Gift Basket for Beginners or Connoisseurs

Personalized Bourbon Tasting Kit with Luxury Box as Best Whiskey Gift Baskets

Whiskey connoisseurs know that the glass really does matter. Certain glasses are better for cocktails, some are better for tasting, and some are better for specific kinds of whiskey. With this complete tasting set, any novice and connoisseur alike will have everything they need to properly enjoy whiskey. The set comes with two Glencairn glasses, nosing glasses, rocks glasses, and a set of whiskey stones. Each one has a unique purpose, and you’ll notice that your favorite brand tastes slightly differently in each one. This ultimate tasting set is by far one of the best whiskey gift sets you’ll ever find!

2. The Manliest Whiskey Gift You’ve Ever Seen

Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Basket

Like beer, whiskey is a very manly drink. Surely, you’ve had a glass of straight whiskey and regaled your friends with a legendary tale about catching the rumored monstrous catfish in the nearby lake. No? Well, it’s time to make that happen! With this manly gift set, you’ll be manlier than ever. The ammo can and custom whiskey glasses all declare you as the coolest guy in the world, and you’ve got to live up to it! Even if you don’t have a tall tale to tell, you’ll feel like a legend with this set. Also, you can give this incredibly cool and manly set to the manliest guy you know as a birthday gift and he’ll get a nice ego boost every time he uses the pieces in this set.

3. The Grandest Whiskey Set

DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit and Whiskey Smoker 24pc - Gifts for Whiskey Lovers
DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit and Whiskey Smoker 24pc - Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

The grandest kind of whiskey gift basket the whiskey lover in your life won’t dare refuse and love instantly. This whiskey and cocktail infusion kit has it all including jars of infusion ingredients, a whiskey smoker, smoker filter, smoker lid, three flavors of wood chips, a torch, and all other essentials he may need to play flavor scientist. With all the whiskey barware and ingredients in one place, he’ll have endless nights of experimentation with drinks he’ll gladly share with friends and with you, for sure.

4. A Classic Set Everyone Needs

Personalized Whiskey Stones and 6 oz Shot Glasses Gift Set

Whiskey gift baskets don’t have to be overly complicated or lavish, sometimes they’re best when they’re simple like this set! Whether they’ve been tasting whiskey for decades or just started, everyone needs a couple of old-fashioned glasses and whiskey stones. Moreover, the square shape of these glasses make them easier to hold, and they’re the perfect size for a classic scotch on the rocks. You can even customize the two lines of text on the box to match whatever occasion or the person you’re celebrating.

Happy group of friends on the couch drinking whiskey

5. For the Woodford Reserve Fan

Woodford Reserve Gift Basket

Besides glassware and whiskey accessories, you can give the whiskey lover in your life an edible whiskey gift basket! This awesome Woodford Reserve-themed basket comes with a bottle of the popular bourbon and all kinds of sweet and salty treats such as crackers, nuts, chocolate truffles, and pralines. Any fan of Woodford Reserve would be overjoyed to receive this as a gift whether it’s as a holiday gift for a friend or a promotion gift for a coworker.

6. Uniquely Personalized Whiskey Gift Basket

Custom Glacier Glasses and Whiskey Decanter Set with Ebony Black Box

Naturally, decanter sets make the most extravagant gift baskets. You can never go wrong with a decanter, after all! Decanters are both attractive to display in a home bar and can keep your liquor safer. In addition, the unique crystal whiskey glasses are a sight to behold with their glacier-like base that beautifully reflects light throughout the glass, showing off all of the amber hues of your whiskey. Having a matching set of glassware for your home bar is nice for aesthetic purposes, but they’re also quite impressive when using them to serve drinks to guests. This incredible whiskey decanter set is quite the showstopper, and a fabulous gift for your boss, husband, or client on any occasion!

7. His Own Smoke-Infused Whiskey Creations

Smoke Box Kit with Custom Whiskey Glasses Whiskey Smoker Kit
Smoke Box Kit with Custom Whiskey Glasses Whiskey Smoker Kit

Have the whiskey lover you know master the art of smoke-infused whiskey creations with this smoke box kit that comes with custom whiskey glasses. It’s unlike any whiskey gift baskets they’ve ever seen that lets them in on an entire sensory adventure, whether they’re entertaining guests at home or experimenting with a new concoction. Moreover, this will be a surprise to any whiskey connoisseur who thinks they’ve tasted it all but is actually missing a lot out on this nifty tool.

8. You Can’t Go Wrong with Novelty Whiskey Stones

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Know someone who’s into whiskey and guns? Then, this unique set is the best whiskey-themed gift you can possibly give them! They will love the novelty stainless steel bullet whiskey stones. At first glance, they might think they are actual bullets! But, thanks to your awesome gift, they can enjoy a refreshing and chilled scotch after spending a few hours outside shooting clays. In addition, the double old-fashioned glasses are great for a sizeable straight whiskey or a cocktail.

9. The Perfect Pairing of Whiskey and Cigars

Engraved Whiskey and Cigar Box Set

It’s common knowledge that whiskey is best enjoyed with a stogie because it creates a heavenly flavor combination that you just can’t beat. With this in mind, bring your whiskey and cigar game to a whole new level with this awesome whiskey basket! The main feature of the whiskey set is the unique cigar glass, which is a classic square whiskey glass that holds your cigar for you. How awesome is that? Now, you can puff and sip with one hand while surfing the web on your phone with the other. In addition, the whiskey decanter, lighter, and cigar cutter will make your favorite hobby even better. Such a suave gift set is the ideal gift for the gentleman in your life as a retirement or promotion gift.


10. Show Stopping Macallan Basket

Macallan Whisky Gift Basket

When it comes to whiskey gift baskets, the fancier the better. Macallan is one of the most popular top-shelf whiskey brands for a reason as it has a beautifully rich flavor and is perfectly aged. A gift basket themed around Macallan has to be just as spectacular, and this one certainly is! Along with a bottle of 12 year scotch are plenty of luxury sweets and snacks such as cookies, seasoned pretzels, gourmet cheese, and so much more, all topped with a lovely bow! Surely, such a luxurious gift is ideal for your boss or your husband as a special holiday or anniversary present.

11. Elegant Whiskey Gift Set with Spinning Rocks Glasses

Whiskey Gift Set with Spinning Rocks Glasses
Whiskey Gift Set with Spinning Rocks Glasses

Make his every sip more enjoyable with an elegant whiskey set, complete with spinning rocks glasses to add to that hypnotic whiskey experience. All he has to do is gently spin the rocks glass on the table and watch it go in motion to aerate his whiskey to perfection. In addition, this whiskey set comes with two stainless steel chilling stones for undiluted joy when it’s time to sample his whiskey. The emerald green box with a sleek leatherette finish sets the elegant tone of this whiskey gift basket—perfect for celebrating milestone celebrations.

12. The Perfect Whiskey Gift Set

Glencairn and Cigar Whiskey Gift Basket

One of the best gifts you can give is one that you put together yourself! Take this set, for example: it comes with two Glencairn glasses, a wooden box to hold cigars, a lighter, and a cigar cutter, so all it’s missing is a basket and a bottle of whiskey! The recipient of your thoughtful gift will think that you put together the entire set by hand and carefully selected each piece. Moreover, they will love having the best whiskey glasses on the market to enjoy all of the subtle flavors and every delicate aroma from their favorite whiskey. The cigar box can keep a couple of stogies safe and secure, or it can be used to store the cigar cutter and lighter for safekeeping. Whoever you give this incredible set to will want to pour you a glass of scotch and light up a stogie to thank you!

13. The Classiest Whiskey Set

Engraved Twist Whiskey Gifts with Ebony Box

Not a decanter person? A whiskey gift basket with just glasses and whiskey stones would be more ideal for you, then. These uniquely twisted glasses fit comfortably in your hand are as pleasing to look at as they are to drink from. Additionally, the graceful curves of the glasses allow you to appreciate the golden hues of your whiskey through the reflected light. They’re just the right size for a classic scotch on the rocks, as well. You’ll never want to use ice to chill your whiskey again after trying out the whiskey stones! They will ensure your drink is the perfect temperature without affecting the flavor as ice tends to do. All in all, this simple but classy whiskey glass set it a fantastic gift for whiskey lovers!

14. A Must-Have Set for Any Whiskey Drinker

Whiskey Glass Box Set with Axe

No other whiskey gift basket blends the sophistication of whiskey with the rugged charm of a custom engraved hatchet. If the whiskey lover you know is the outdoorsy kind who likes to go fishing or camping with a good whiskey set by his side, then this is the gift to give. This whiskey set comes with two rocks glasses and whiskey stones that lets him unwind and enjoy a good dram after he’s conquered the streams or mountain. With this gift in mind, he’ll not only have a good time doing so but he’ll also be prepared to tackle anything in the wilderness.

Happy men in suits having a whiskey toast

15. Enjoy Some Cigars with Your Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Gift Set

Whiskey and cigars go together like peanut butter and jelly, but having one without the other just doesn’t feel right. Make sure you never have to be without your favorite stogies and bourbon thanks to this complete set! The sturdy leather-wrapped cigar case will hold up to three cigars and comes with a handy attached cigar cutter that fits snugly in a little pocket on the front of the case. In this situation, you’ll always have fresh cigars ready to light up wherever you go. At home, you’ll always have the right glass, frozen whiskey stones, and cigar stand to make sure that you have the perfect glass of whiskey along with a fresh stogie every time.

16. Luxury Decanter Basket

DIY Decanter Set

Not seeing the perfect whiskey gift basket for yourself or the whiskey lover in your life? Create your own! This set is a mere example of what you could put together: a gorgeous crystal decanter, aerating decanter sticks that age your whiskey quickly, a set of handsome rocks glasses, and of course, an attractive box to put it all in. What makes a DIY gift all the more meaningful is the fact that you carefully selected the perfect items to make a one-of-a-kind gift just for them! It shows, on this occassion, that you really care about that person and making them happy with a unique gift.

17. A Gift Basket Unlike Any Other

Unique Whiskey Glass Gift Basket

Want to give a totally unique whiskey gift that no one else will have? You won’t find glasses like these anywhere else! Sculpted from the finest, thickest glass on the market, these works of art are quite breathtaking. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, your fingers will perfectly in the grooves of the glass. Holding this glass is not just comfortable as it feels like it’s made to fit your hand, but you will also have a much stronger and firmer grip so that you don’t ever accidentally drop your drink. Drop a couple of the whiskey stones in your bourbon and voila! You’ve got the perfect drink to share with a friend. The unique features of this glass set make quite a fantastic gift to any whiskey fan you know.


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