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Article: 17 Must-Have Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Cocktail Gifts

17 Must-Have Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

17 Must Have Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

Gifts for Cocktail Lovers to Make Their Next Party a Blast!

You have an important person in your life who definitely knows and loves their cocktails. You want to get them an awesome gift, but have no idea where to start. Well, your search is over because we have you covered with an outstanding selection of gifts that any mixologist will absolutely adore. The truth is, the most awesome gifts for cocktail lovers are classy, match their unique taste, and are highly useful to their refined craft. Cocktail lovers are quite particular about their drink and exactly how it is made, as most aficionados are. Whether they love a good old fashioned, a delicious mule, or even something more modern and complex, these must-have cocktail gift sets are guaranteed to excite anyone who enjoys a fine mixed drink, classy or modern. Do you want to know what to buy for someone who loves cocktails? Do you need to know what you bring to a cocktail party? Are you thinking, “What can I put in a cocktail gift box?” Then all of your answers are right here.

Add a Smokey Flavor to Every Cocktail

Glass Smoker Set of Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Your favorite mixologist has a lot of skills behind the bar. They make the spiciest bloody Marys and the boldest margaritas, but the one thing that they cannot do is add an authentic smoky flavor. Now, with this glass smoker cocktail gift set, they can take their favorite drinks to the next level. This fabulous gift isn’t just the ideal cocktail enhancer, it is perfect for all of the snacks that pair with them perfectly, creating a wonderful smoky experience for their next cocktail party. So, not only will they enjoy the finest cocktail of their lives with this unique gift, but their favorite cheeses, fruits, and meats will all share the delicious smoky flavor.

For a Good Laugh at Your Next Party

Extra Large Cocktail Shaker

Skilled mixologists love to entertain with their craft and put on a show for anyone lucky enough to enjoy their fine cocktails. The extremely large cocktail shaker is the ideal gift for cocktail lovers in a large party setting. Their skills may be incomparable, but it will be the best part of the whole evening to watch them rock the extremely large cocktail shaker, large enough to make ten margaritas at once! Whether they conquer this master shaker with style or if they are bested by this colossal beast, the sasquatch cocktail shaker is guaranteed to provide quality entertainment at their next cocktail party.

Home Décor Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Personalized Cocktail Bar Sign

Finding bar or glassware gifts for cocktail lovers can certainly be challenging, especially since they already have so much in their collection! So, skip the struggle and go with something that will bring their entire cocktail bar together with fun bright colors! The personalized cocktail bar sign is bound to be a hit and fit in beautifully with their home bar.

A Mini Home Garden

Terrarium for Home Cocktails

Give a gift that allows them to grow their own mint, rosemary, basil, or any of their favorite herbs for their prefered cocktails right at home. Not only is this beautiful terrarium a welcome addition to any home, but it is guaranteed to be one of the most unique gifts for cocktail lovers. They will certainly enjoy their time behind the bar even more with ingredients that they grew themselves, guaranteeing an extra fresh flavor to their favorite cocktails.

Enjoy a Gorgeous Gin

Cocktail Gift Set with Two Personalized Glasses

Any experienced mixologist knows that the quality of the glass matters tremendously when it comes to making the best possible mixed drink. From a delectable gin to a mellow mojito, the fan of cocktails in your life will enjoy the flavor even more in a glass designed to never sweat and engraved with their own name on it. The custom cocktail glasses gift set is ideal for any classic cocktail, but what makes it even better is that they will get to enjoy their favorite drink in a glass with their name on it.


Don't Pump the Breaks on Great Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Novelty Gas Pump Gift Set

People who love their mixed drinks may believe that their bar has all of the best knick-knacks for crafting premium cocktails, but nothing even compares to the retro gas pump dispenser. This is the ideal addition to any home bar because it can be filled with their favorite liquor or an already prepared mixed drink. That way, the pressure is off of them for the evening and guests are free to serve themselves!

To Beautifully Display a Mixed Drink

Custom Cocktail Gift Set of Two Pyramid Glasses

Any cocktail lover knows that a gorgeous display is a good indicator of the quality of their drink, and of course they love to create beautiful cocktails for friends, family, as well as themselves! That is why these engraved pyramid glasses are an ideal gift for any cocktail gift set. Every new creation will have an added layer of artistry when displayed in the unique design of these pyramid glasses. For years and cheers to come, they will always remember their favorite glasses were a gift from you.

Never Water Down a Cocktail Again

Engraved Wooden Box and Whiskey Stones Gift Set

It is a commonly known bar rule that cocktail drinks begin to die after only two minutes due to the melting ice. This is a problem that so many cocktail lovers must face, but not with this personalized whiskey stone cocktail gift set! The mixed drink lover in your life will be able to enjoy their cocktails all night long without any fear of them being watered down. This way, they can truly take their time and really enjoy their hard work and crafty skills.

Brighten Their Day (and Their Liquor Cabinet)

LED Liquor Display Shelf

A cocktail bar is simply not complete without a bold color pop and proper lighting. That is why this LED liquor shelf is one of the best gifts for cocktail lovers. This shelf is an enchanting addition to their home bar, and they will love having all of their collection on display. Having an LED liquor shelf serves a variety of purposes that they will absolutely love. It provides a beautiful display of all of their liquors, and it adds a fun mood lighting to their home bar. Last but not least, it overall brings an authentic feeling of being in a cocktail bar in the comfort of their own home.

Cheers Like Casablanca

Cocktail Gift Set of Casablanca Glasses

You simply cannot go wrong with two elegant Casablanca cocktail glasses as fantastic gifts for cocktail lovers. From martinis to margaritas, these glasses are extremely classy and uniquely designed for enjoying a vintage mix drink or toasting a wonderful champagne. They are an awesome gift because they will be a much sought after addition to their glassware collection and be the perfect accessory to their next lavish cocktail party.

Class the Joint Up a Bit

Personalized Martini Bar Sign

Speaking of dignified and classy gifts for cocktail lovers, this personalized, modern martini sign will make a gorgeous addition to their aristocratic home bar. This is the optimal décor for any Art Deco style home bar, and it fits in perfectly for a variety of elegant styles. Whether their bar is modern and sleek or refined and luxurious, they will absolutely love the personalized modern martini sign because it is stunning to look at and detailed with a variety of famous drinks.


Bring Back the Classics

Shot Glass Set of Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Shots hold a special place in the heart of every cocktail lover, and that is why this incredible set of Jack on water shot glasses is one of the best gifts for cocktail lovers. Prepared traditionally (Jack over water), these glasses provide a smooth and flavorful Jack Daniel’s shot without the harsh burn of drinking Jack straight. However, they also make for an awesome apple Jack shot, Jack and coke shot, Jaegar bomb shot, and so many others. Any home bartender that loves developing their own creative shots will have so much fun with these glasses. With a unique gift like this, they will be excited by the endless possibilities and love experimenting with cocktail shots that they simply could not find anywhere else.

A Gift That is Completely Self-Serving

Change to Bar Top Liquor Dispenser

For the flashy mixologist or the relaxed homebody, the revolving liquor dispenser is a top-tier gift. One night, they can gracefully spin it back and forth to create the perfect concoction, but another night they can have guests serve themselves! Not only is this a handy and highly sought after bar tool, but it brings an air of professionalism and class to any home bar.

Something Extra Juicy!

Citrus Juice Press

There is nothing worse for a fan of cocktails than a nasty piece of pulp to sully their otherwise perfect cocktail. In order to make nearly any mixed drink, they need a fresh piece of citrus as a vital ingredient. The citrus press cocktail gift set is a fantastic gift for the cocktail lover who wants the perfect splash of lemon or fresh orange mixer. They will definitely enjoy an addition like this to their home bar in order to make any beverage even better.

Shake Shake Shake Your Cocktail

Personalized Copper Cocktail Shaker

Yes, of course they already have a cocktail shaker, but they don’t have anything like an engraved copper cocktail shaker. Made from solid copper and engraved with their initials, the copper cocktail shaker is the top of the line tool for making drinks much colder than any typical shaker made from steel. Last but certainly not least, the copper cocktail shaker is an awesome gift for any cocktail lover because it will actually begin to enhance every drink as it naturally tarnishes and adds an age-old flavor. They will never want a drink outside of their own bar again thanks to this amazing gift.

Make Majestic Margaritas, Mojitos, and More!

Four Balloon Glasses Set of Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Any bartender knows that when it comes to quality glassware for cocktails, size matters. This set of four beautiful balloon glasses is a wonderful asset for any fantastic creation that they might come up with. This is the ideal gift for a cocktail lover who can’t get enough of their wine spritzers, margaritas, or daiquiris. These glasses are wonderful for sipping on a cold cocktail by the pool or celebrating at their next cocktail party, making them one of the most elegant gifts you can give your favorite home bartender.

Take the Party With You Anywhere

Ice Bucket and Glasses Gift Set

Whenever there is a need for cocktails, they are on it! However, sometimes the party is just not in the best location to make mixed cocktails. Well, that will never be a problem for them again because of the personalized ice bucket cocktail gift set! The best gift to give someone who loves cocktails is to make sure that they never need to compromise their favorite drink, wherever they are. With this gift, they can enjoy their favorite drink anywhere, anytime.


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