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Article: 19 Festive Holiday Gifts for Men

19 Festive Holiday Gifts for Men

19 Festive Holiday Gifts for Men

Amazing Holiday Gifts for Men Any Guy Will Love

When it comes to finding the perfect holiday gifts for the men in your life, shopping is never easy. Dad always says he doesn’t want anything, your brother has no idea what he wants, and your boyfriend or husband is picky about gifts. That is, until now! The best holiday gifts for men are cool, unique, and practical items that a guy can enjoy all year long and not just something to use during the winter season. Looking for Christmas gifts for the man who wants nothing? Struggling to find a good holiday gift for your husband? Not to worry, we found all of the best holiday gifts for men in your life!

Unique Holiday Gifts for Men They’ll Never Expect

Holiday Gifts for Men Whiskey Ammo Can Set

When the man you’re shopping for finds this personalized ammo can waiting for him under the Christmas tree, he’ll be so excited about it and all of the cool items inside that he won’t even look at the rest of his presents! By far one of the best holiday gifts for men, this custom ammo can and its matching whiskey glasses is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. The cool cigar accessories let him enjoy a stogie along with his whiskey whenever he wants, and he’ll love using the ammo can to store everything from the set inside it or for keepsakes instead!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Men Who Grill

Personalized Grilling Tools Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Just because it’s not currently grilling season doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy cooking his favorite BBQ in the snow! Make sure he’s fully prepared to cook up everything from burgers to bratwursts with these custom bamboo grilling tools. Once he opens up his Christmas gift, he’ll immediately want to grill up some tasty BBQ for the whole family using his cool new tools! He will especially enjoy the fact that he can take his trusty new tools anywhere with ease such as his parents’ house or the lake once warmer weather comes around, thanks to the carrying case!

Must-Have Beer Mugs

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set of Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Holiday gifts for men don’t have to be super fancy or expensive. Sometimes, they can be as simple as giving him something he doesn’t have, like these custom beer mugs! Most beer drinkers have a couple of pint glasses on hand, but beer mugs are not super common in most homes. He’ll love being able to gulp down his favorite lagers and ales with these awesome, hefty mugs so much that he won’t even want to drink beer any other way from now on.

Make His Home Theater Official

Personalized Home Theater Sign Christmas Gift for Him

Whether he’s already got an impressive home theater or he’s just starting to put it together, you can make it an official theater with this personalized sign! Designed to look like a classic cinema marquee, this amazing sign will make his home theater feel like he’s going to the movies for the first time as a kid all over again every time he sees it. As soon as he hangs up his new sign, he’ll definitely want to put on Elf or Christmas Vacation!

His Wine Will Always Be Cold

Insulated Wine Tumbler Box Set of Holiday Gifts for Men

Even though it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like a glass of chilled white wine after a long day. With these unique insulated wine tumblers, his wine will always be perfectly chilled! Made of double walled stainless steel, these tumblers are also virtually indestructible which makes them perfect for using outdoors or for traveling. He’ll love trying out these unique tumblers on Christmas Day with his spouse or with a friend, especially with the cool new corkscrew multi-tool!


A LEGO Set Unlike Any Other

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Christmas Gifts for Him

His face will light up like he’s a kid again on Christmas morning when he sees the LEGO box under the tree! This is no ordinary LEGO set, though, this incredible set is ideal for adults because they get to recreate their childhood console and an older TV set that actually works! That’s right, they can make Mario jump and stomp through the level with the crank on the side. Any man who has fond memories of building LEGO sets that he got for Christmas as a kid will revel in the nostalgia from this awesome kit.

Classy Holiday Gifts for Men

Cigar Humidor with Custom Whiskey Glasses

For a man who enjoys stogies and scotch, no set of Christmas gifts for men compare to this humidor gift set! He will be in awe of the handsome humidor and speechless from the uniquely personalized whiskey glasses. Thanks to your incredible gift, he can enjoy his favorite stogies whenever he wants and have plenty on hand to share with his friends! He’ll be sure to light one up in celebration of the holidays along with a nice glass of chilled scotch using his new glasses and whiskey stones.

Fun Christmas Gift for Him

Custom Poker Set is One of the Best Holiday Gifts for Men

There’s nothing like a friendly game of poker with everyone on Christmas Day! Surprise the guy in your life for the holidays with his very own custom poker chip set! Finally, he can replace his old poker set that he’s had since college and host Blackjack nights with his buddies again. He’ll be so excited to try out the whole set for poker, card games, and dice games that the rest of your Christmas Day is sure to be full of fun!

Help Him Become a Whiskey Connoisseur

Custom Glencairn Glasses Christmas Gifts for Men

Whether he’s just getting into whiskey tasting or he’s always wanted to try it, one of the best holiday gifts for men is this Glencairn gift set! He will be amazed once he tries his favorite whiskey in a Glencairn glass because it will be more flavorful and aromatic than ever before. In fact, he’ll be inspired to have a whiskey tasting with some of his friends so that he can share the fun experience with them! Thanks to your amazing Christmas gift, he’ll be on his way to becoming a whiskey connoisseur in no time.

Festive Beer Stein for the Holidays

Custom Beer Stein Christmas Gift for Him

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice, cold beer with your loved ones during the holidays. With this festive beer stein, the guy in your life can celebrate Christmas in style! He will love the traditional look of the stein, especially the decorated pewter lid and crest as it looks like it came straight from Germany. He’ll make sure to use this unique stein every year for Christmas from now on as part of his holiday tradition.

2-in-1 Headphones and Sunglasses

Bose Tempo Frames Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Tech gifts always make great Christmas gifts for men, and these Bose sunglasses are no exception! These Bose frames have built-in speakers and Bluetooth so that he can listen to his music with ease! Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, these frames won’t broadcast his music to everyone and only he will be able to hear it. How awesome is that? Instead, he can enjoy his tunes and podcasts in privacy while he runs, goes hiking, drives to work, and more without the hassle of actual earbuds or bulky headphones.

Legendary Holiday Gifts for Men

Personalized Whiskey Box Set of Christmas Gifts for Men

Looking for awesome Christmas gift ideas for the guys in your life? Look no further than this incredible whiskey gift set! Perfect for your brother, boyfriend, dad, or best bro, this awesome personalized box set declares him the most legendary guy in the world. He will feel mythical, too, as he sips on his favorite whiskey using the exquisite crystal glasses and stainless steel whiskey stones. Such a great gift will make him smile every time he uses it, giving him an instant mood boost so that even if he has a bad day, your gift will make it better.

Warm Up with Cognac

Best Holiday Gifts for Men Custom Cognac Box Set

One of the best parts of the holidays is enjoying a warm drink, like cognac, by the fire on a cold winter night. Make sure he has everything he needs for a proper glass of cognac with this unique snifter set. He will love how the snifters fit perfectly in his hands, absorbing the warmth and gently heating up the luxurious spirit. Once he tries his favorite brand of cognac in one of the snifters, he’ll never want to drink it out of a regular glass ever again! Thanks to your thoughtful holiday gift, he can enjoy this classic holiday liquor to the fullest.

New Holiday Decor

Personalized Wood Sign for Christmas

Christmas decorations are never bad gifts, especially when they’re as awesome as this personalized sign! Perfect for giving the guy who just got a new house or you just know he doesn’t have a lot of holiday decor, he will absolutely love this festive sign. The fact that you customized it just for him makes it even more special and ensures that he will display it with pride!

Flasks are the Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Engraved Flask Gift Set

Are you totally stumped on what to get him for Christmas? You can’t go wrong with a flask! Perfect for stashing in a stocking or giving as a gift set like this one, flasks are some of the best holiday gifts for guys because they’re cool and practical. He can bring his trusty flask to all of the Christmas parties and spike his eggnog, hot chocolate, or coffee so that he can enjoy his holiday drinks with a bit of his favorite liquor. He’ll especially appreciate having a flask on hand while he’s outside in the winter as a few sips of liquor will help keep him warm!

Something He Can Use Year-Round

Foosball Cooler Christmas Gift for Men

Christmas gifts for men don’t always have to be just for the holiday season, get him a gift that he can use year-round like this foosball cooler! Perfect for playing a few rounds of foosball with his bros and having a few beers or hanging out with family members at the holiday family reunion, this fun 2-in-1 foosball table and cooler is the coolest addition to any guy’s man cave or home bar. Starting on Christmas Day, he’ll be sure to play foosball every day and enjoy a nice, relaxing and cold beer after work.

Guys Love Novelty Gifts for Christmas

Baseball Decanter Set

The best holiday gifts for men are those related to his favorite things, like baseball! Any guy who enjoys baseball will love this awesome baseball decanter set. From the impressive baseball bat decanter to the cool glasses with a subtle baseball design on the bottom, this decanter set is the ultimate home run gift for a guy who loves the sport. He’ll be sure to display the whole set in his office or home bar and use it often for drinks with his buddies as they watch their favorite team play on TV.

The Ultimate Beer Christmas Gift Basket

Custom Beer Ammo Can Holiday Gifts for Men

When it comes to men’s Christmas gifts, the bigger the better! This incredible beer gift set is the ultimate holiday gift for guys who drink beer because they’ll get their very own personalized pint glasses, a cool bottle opener, some tasty beer nuts, gourmet beef jerky, and even a custom ammo can! He will love everything about this awesome beer gift set and will enjoy each and every part of it as soon as he opens up the ammo can on Christmas day.

The Best Way to Enjoy Cigars for Christmas

Cigar and Whiskey Box Set of Christmas Gifts for Men

Does the guy you’re shopping for have a holiday tradition of smoking cigars on Christmas Day? With this cigar and whiskey gift set, he’ll have a reason to enjoy luxurious stogies more often! He will be amazed by the classy crystal whiskey glasses and their engraved ashtrays that make it easy to enjoy a glass of scotch and a stogie at the same time. He’ll be sure to enjoy his traditional holiday stogie using this incredible gift set and will love that he can share the tradition with his dad or his brother since the set comes with two glasses!


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